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Nyaa links fixed

It was pointed out that a whole mess of our torrent links in the series database were pointing at, which no longer exists.  We’ve updated the index to point those links at one of the sites that popped up to replace it which had mirrored the files.  Sorry for the inconvenience the last few months.

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The bot is back

After wondering where the hell we’ve been for so long, we’ve finally gotten the [PreCure]AllStars IRC bot on Rizon back online (as of early Sunday morning) with everything Precure that’s subbed in English that’s worth knowing about.  The pack list is linked on the right ☛

This also means our subbing workspace is back, so hopefully we’ll have some releases soon!

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Where the hell has CureCom been?

Well, right here, really.  We were supposed to be moving the server which hosts our IRC bot and our subbing workspace to a new hosting provider back in April.  One thing led to another with our server admin’s real life getting in the way, and the hosting for the old server wound up being allowed to expire before the new server was online, and then a combination of things has led to a several month delay getting the new server up.

The good news? There’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  The new server is now online finally, and we are in the process of setting it up and restoring the backups from the old server.  With continued interference from real-life stuff, and the sheer volume of data to be restored (it’s over a terabyte) we’re expecting this process to take a couple weeks. But once it’s done we’ll be back in business (and you’ll be able to download stuff on IRC again).

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Wanted: Screenshots for older series

Most of you have probably already made use of our Series directory which has lists of links to all the episodes in every Precure series.  Kudos to CureGecko for initially putting that together and maintaining it.  Since Fresh or so we’ve been putting a screenshot from each episode on the directory entry for it.  Most of the series prior to that are pretty dull and bland because they’re picture-less.  If you happen to be watching one of the older series and see a scene which you think would make a great screenshot to represent that episode, it would be awesome if you could either tweet us @CureComSubs or leave a comment with the series and episode number, and either post that image somewhere and give us a link to it, or just give us the timestamp and a short description of the scene and we’ll find it and cap it.  With your help we can fill in all the blanks in the directory!

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WordPress status widget

The status widget I wrote for WordPress that we’re using in the sidebar on the right which shows the progress towards completing upcoming episodes is now available on GitHub in case anyone else wants to use it or help make it work better. 🙂


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Quick Status Update

So we’re really behind on Dokidoki at the moment.  Besides the usual people having real life issues, at least part of the reason for that is episode 14.  Rikka takes up Karuta, which is a very nuanced game with a lot of history.  We pretty much spent three weeks doing translation checks and cross-checking against Karuta and 100 Poets information to make sure we’d get it right (and hopefully we did).  It’ll probably be a few days yet at least for episode 14.  Most of that for typesetting.  And no, we’re not insane enough to typeset all the cards. 🙂  But there was a LOT of typesetting in episode 14 even not counting the cards.  15, 16, 17, and 18 are all near the front of the queue and will hopefully come out in rapid succession once 14 is out the door.  Sorry for all the delay!

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What are we waiting FOUR? It’s FPC 14!

No Nakewameke this week? Some direct confrontation instead? I can go for that!

HD Torrent
SD Torrent

TL: Kanmuri
TLC: Maceart
Timing: Namaiki
Edit: Maceart & PrecureJunkie

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YPC5GG DVD Volume 1 Batch

Okay, well now that 03 is out there, I can put up the first volume batch (Go Go is 16 DVD volumes with 3 episodes each. No reason not to follow suit, at least until we get to episode 16).

Batch | Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! 01-03 (DVD 1) | Website | Details

Chapters are included by request from tootbrush – this means a patch for episode 3. Get it here. Episodes 1 and 2 are also v2, but these are a different encode, for filesize consistency.

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CureCom was originally a loose-knit group of folks who ran into each other on the Precure Community on LiveJournal, and decided to sub Fresh Pretty Cure (and eventually a few other as-of-then-not-yet-subbed Pretty Cure franchises).  Most of our internal business happens on IRC these days, since LiveJournal seems to have been overrun by excitable tweenies the last few years. 🙂  Others who didn’t start out at LiveJournal have also joined in since then, and the operation is much more structured than it used to be.

At some point our site also turned into an index of all English-language subbed Pretty Cure, mostly because nothing like it existed yet.  So if it’s Pretty Cure and it’s subbed in English, you can find it from the “Series” tab above, whether we’re the ones that subbed it or not.

If you need to contact us, you can leave a comment here, or come find us on IRC (see the links on the right).

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