Wanted: Screenshots for older series

Most of you have probably already made use of our Series directory which has lists of links to all the episodes in every Precure series.  Kudos to CureGecko for initially putting that together and maintaining it.  Since Fresh or so we’ve been putting a screenshot from each episode on the directory entry for it.  Most of the series prior to that are pretty dull and bland because they’re picture-less.  If you happen to be watching one of the older series and see a scene which you think would make a great screenshot to represent that episode, it would be awesome if you could either tweet us @CureComSubs or leave a comment with the series and episode number, and either post that image somewhere and give us a link to it, or just give us the timestamp and a short description of the scene and we’ll find it and cap it.  With your help we can fill in all the blanks in the directory!

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