We have an IRC chat room.  Duh.  See the links over there –>

It has rulez.  Please observe them.  We also have some tips.  The rules are down below the tips.

General Tips

  1. When you click the “via browser” link, it will fill in “dokiguest” for your username.  Make up something unique to put there in place of that which identifies who you want to be known as while in the chat room before you hit the Connect button.
  2. If you’ve been on the Internet much at all, you probably know by now that there are people out there who like to troll users on purpose.  We have a few of those who hang out in our channel frequently.  We tolerate them because they do actively participate from time to time.  Try not to take it too personally.  They’re not the only ones in the channel and some of us are actually pretty nice.  Your best defense is to just ignore the trolls.  If you react negatively you’re just feeding them.
  3. The filebot is [PreCure]AllStars. You must be using a real IRC client (i.e. mIRC, irssi, XChat, etc.) in order to download from the bot. Mibbit will NOT allow you to download anything greater than 1MB. A list of what is hosted on the bot is located here. If you wish to download a file you will need to execute the command: /msg [PreCure]AllStars xdcc get <Pack #> from within a channel inside the IRC client. If you want to download multiple files in a batch then you would use the command /msg [PreCure]AllStars xdcc batch <beginning pack #>-<ending pack #> from within a channel inside the IRC client.
  4. We tend to discuss quite a wide range of topics.  Chat isn’t limited to Precure-related stuff.  It is, however, chat between people who all have a common interest in Precure.  Pokémon, Kamen Rider, current-airing anime, and pretty much anything Magical Girl related are all common topics.

The Rulez

  1. DO NOT post links to child porn or naked lolis (animated or otherwise).  Doing so will get you banned.  These are illegal in the “many years of jail time” sense in many countries, and in the less tech-savvy places people could get in trouble just for having them in their browser cache.
  2. Posting links to other adult content is okay, but you must say that it’s adult in the same line when you paste the link (Usually by putting “(nsfw)” after it – Not Safe For Work).  Precure Fans come in a variety of ages, and we do have younger kids on the channel occasionally.  It’s only courteous to give them the freedom to avoid clicking on the stuff they shouldn’t see (or to know which stuff isn’t safe to click when their parents are watching, for the rebellious ones).  Also, we have several older folks who often have kids around while chatting who don’t want to show such things to their kids.
  3. Try to be nice to each other.  It’s more fun for everyone if we don’t have to watch your drama if you pick a fight.  See tip #2 above about the trolls.  Point them out and they’ll get dealt with.  Don’t feed them.
  4. Don’t beg to be a channel operator.  We’re not hiring for that.  Doing so is more likely to get you banned for being annoying than to get you any privileges.
  5. Most of the fansub groups who sub Precure stuff actually have people hanging out here.  As with most fansub groups, the last thing they want to hear is “when will you release the next episode?”  The answer is always “When it’s ready” and you asking probably won’t change that.  Or it might change it to a week later because they’ll wait to release it just to spite you.
  6. We might make up other rules later as we see fit.  They’ll get added here if we do.