CureCom was originally a loose-knit group of folks who ran into each other on the Precure Community on LiveJournal, and decided to sub Fresh Pretty Cure (and eventually a few other as-of-then-not-yet-subbed Pretty Cure franchises).  Most of our internal business happens on IRC these days, since LiveJournal seems to have been overrun by excitable tweenies the last few years. 🙂  Others who didn’t start out at LiveJournal have also joined in since then, and the operation is much more structured than it used to be.

At some point our site also turned into an index of all English-language subbed Pretty Cure, mostly because nothing like it existed yet.  So if it’s Pretty Cure and it’s subbed in English, you can find it from the “Series” tab above, whether we’re the ones that subbed it or not.

If you need to contact us, you can leave a comment here, or come find us on IRC (see the links on the right).