Where the hell has CureCom been?

Well, right here, really.  We were supposed to be moving the server which hosts our IRC bot and our subbing workspace to a new hosting provider back in April.  One thing led to another with our server admin’s real life getting in the way, and the hosting for the old server wound up being allowed to expire before the new server was online, and then a combination of things has led to a several month delay getting the new server up.

The good news? There’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  The new server is now online finally, and we are in the process of setting it up and restoring the backups from the old server.  With continued interference from real-life stuff, and the sheer volume of data to be restored (it’s over a terabyte) we’re expecting this process to take a couple weeks. But once it’s done we’ll be back in business (and you’ll be able to download stuff on IRC again).

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