Quick Status Update

So we’re really behind on Dokidoki at the moment.  Besides the usual people having real life issues, at least part of the reason for that is episode 14.  Rikka takes up Karuta, which is a very nuanced game with a lot of history.  We pretty much spent three weeks doing translation checks and cross-checking against Karuta and 100 Poets information to make sure we’d get it right (and hopefully we did).  It’ll probably be a few days yet at least for episode 14.  Most of that for typesetting.  And no, we’re not insane enough to typeset all the cards. 🙂  But there was a LOT of typesetting in episode 14 even not counting the cards.  15, 16, 17, and 18 are all near the front of the queue and will hopefully come out in rapid succession once 14 is out the door.  Sorry for all the delay!

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