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Koe Girl 1+2 + Precure 15th Anniversary PVs

Cure CustardWe’ve hopped on board the Koe Girl train after all.  We’ve joined forces with SkewedS Translations to get the resources of both groups behind future releases of this series, and will be primarily releasing via SkewedS.  Curecom is providing TLC and editing resources.

This is a really fun show produced by TV Asahi for the 15th Anniversary of Precure.  It’s live action and follows the adventures of a group of aspiring voice actresses just getting their start in the anime voice acting business. Their talent agency requires they live together in a shared house, so that they can all help each other learn the business.

The main focus is on Kikuchi Makoto (played by Fukuhara Haruka, who also played Cure Custard/Himari in Kira Kira Precure À la Mode), the daughter of a greengrocer, who is scouted by a talent agent after she is witnessed putting on a mini performance for the neighborhood children using fruits and veggies for the actors. Her work occasionally crosses paths with Tomatsu Haruka (who plays herself in Koe Girl, and also played Cure Fortune/Iona in Happiness Charge Precure), who gives her little snippets of advice on how to improve her career.

Cure Fortune roll call pose

The show is of course filled with Precure references, and uses footage from various Precure seasons as backdrops for voice testing sessions and so forth. And at least one of the girls in the house is a Precure otaku, and spouts quotes from various series periodically.

You can find the main release announcement with the download links for ep1+2 on SkewedS’s website, and we’ll try to keep the links up-to-date for it in our Series Directory here on the CureCom site as well.

We hope you enjoy!

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DokiDoki! Precure Episode 22


This happened:


Which resulted in this:


Enjoy the episode!

HD Torrent

SD Torrent

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It finally happened! Dokidoki! Precure episode 21


And by that, we mean what’s in the screenshot, it’s a real one this time, not a joke.  Yep, it happened.  This is a kids’ show, right?

HD Torrent

SD Torrent

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WELP. Here we are again, but this time (we think) we’re going to finish it – DokiDoki! Precure Episode 20


Okay, I want to go ahead and release this, so I’m just typing stuff here so that we’ll have something in the blog which will probably get changed later Ipsum Lorum est, etc…

Anyhoo, below are the torrents and they’re also on the [PreCure]AllStars bot on Rizon.

HD Torrent
SD Torrent

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And just when you thought all was lost — DokiDoki! Precure episode 19

Pwnies doki19

Did you think the Ponies thing was a joke?  Well, no joke.  It really did get Rika back to editing for us.  But the part about us only doing Ponies now, well, I guess that part was a joke.  Now that we have Rika back, have some Precure!

Regina decides to make a game of it, and the last Royal Crystal is at stake.  Will Regina really play fair?  Who will win the game?

TL: Kanmuri
Timing: BillyG
TLC: Magenta
TS: PrecureJunkie
Edit: Rika-chama
QC: K.o.R

HD Torrent
SD Torrent

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Pwnies for your enjoyment


We know it’s been a while since our last release, and we’re sorry, but we’ve decided to switch gears from Precure to Ponies.

It was the most effective thing we could find to get Rika-chama to get back to editing for us. (Well, that, and Sakura Trick ended, which was otherwise occupying his time).

So here you go, episode 1 of the Japanese version of MLP (English subbed of course).

TL: Kanmuri
Typesetting: K-o-R / PrecureJunkie
Timing: PrecureJunkie
Edit: Rika-chama

Torrents:  HD | Magnet HD

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DokiDoki! Precure episodes 16-18 – gata-goto-chuu-chuu, pu-ri-kyu-a~

Gata-goto-chuu-chuu, gata-goto-chuu-chuu…

Happy New Year to everyone! We bring you some more episodes!

16 HD | SD
17 HD | SD
18 HD | SD

(Pu-ri-kyu-a, go!)

» Continue reading “DokiDoki! Precure episodes 16-18 – gata-goto-chuu-chuu, pu-ri-kyu-a~”

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DokiDoki! Precure episode 15


Yep, that’s us. Working tirelessly through the night to bring you this. Makopi would be proud. *whistles innocently*

HD Torrent
SD Torrent

OHGODWEARESOFARBEHIND Future episode status: ( TL -> Time -> TLC -> Typeset -> Edit -> QC -> Encode -> Release )
16-19: Edit
20: TLC
21-27: time
28-: TL

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DokiDoki! Precure episode 14v2


We had to issue a v2 b/c of an encoding snafu. This means that we won’t be able to issue a patch, so unfortunately you’ll have to re-download the episode to get the fixed version.  And now, the rest of the blog post:

And wow, was this ever an intense episode for us to subtitle.  Finally it’s here!  On top of the typesetting and research stuff mentioned in the previous post, we had “real life” happen to several people on the staff at inopportune times and so stuff sat and waited for extended periods as well.  But we finally got it all together, and here it is! We hope you enjoy it, since we had a lot of fun working on this one.

TL Note: There’s a scene right near the beginning where there’s a chart on the wall showing the top 10 scores on the recent exam.  Rikka is in second place, which shocks everyone because she’s always had the highest score, and this is the first time she hasn’t. You can’t see it unless you turn the subtitles off (since we re-typeset the chart in English) but what’s cool here is the name of the first place student.  His name is Tojou Hiroshi (十条 博士).  What’s so great about that?  Those kanji can also be read as “Juu Jou Hakase”, or “Ten List Expert”.  Thus a literal reading of the kanji with a liberal translation gives you “I’m the smartest guy in this 10-person list!”  Nice trolling, Toei!

HD Torrent
SD Torrent

Future episode status: ( TL -> Time -> TLC -> Typeset -> Edit -> QC -> Encode -> Release )
15: Typeset
16: Edit
17: Edit
18: Edit
19: Edit
20: TLC
21: Time
22: Time
23: TL

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DokiDoki! Precure episode 13

Mammo: 'Hah! What can you do with just a barrier?!'

Turns out, quite a bit.  Rosetta’s going to show us just that, and more!

HD Torrent
SD Torrent

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