Koe Girl!

Koe Girl! Title

For those that haven’t heard, Toei is producing a live action fictional TV drama following the daily lives of 5 voice actresses inspired by Precure, in honor of the 15th anniversary of Precure.  The main character is performed by Fukuhara Haruka (aka Cure Custard/Arisugawa Himari from Kirakira Precure), and features frequent appearances by Tomatsu Haruka (aka Cure Fortune/Hikawa Iona from Happiness Charge Precure) who plays herself, and occasionally provides advice to the main character.

It doesn’t look like anyone else has picked up subbing this yet, and we really want to see it done.  Our translator is pretty busy in real life these days, though, and won’t have time to do it unless we can find the Japanese captions.  Raws of this series also seem to be exceptionally hard to locate.  If anyone has a good source of raws for this, please contact us.  The 360p we’ve been able to find is not very good, to be honest, but it’s all we’ve got, and we’ll use if it we don’t find anything else.  Also get in touch if you’re willing to translate and have time to do it right.


Well, whadayaknow, someone else is subbing it after all, and it sounds like they might have found better raws, too.

We just want to see it done, so if they do okay with it, we’ll let them do it. 🙂

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