Fresh Precure Episode 41

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Translation by Vicequaizer
copied from LJ post
TLC Finished
(Not all changes will necessarily have notes attached, please check the history to make sure. For example, simple spelling errors.)

timed script

Part 1 -- Prologue through speech

Ino: Kento-kun?
Ken: Uh, hello, um...
Ino: What's wrong?
Ken: Um, Yamabuki-san.
Please accept this!
Ino: Huh?

Opening theme

Love: A cruise party!?
Ino: Yeah, this is an invitation letter to the party on the cruise ship "Princess" made by the Mikoshiba group.
Miki: That news was on the TV as well
Celebrities from various fields, athletes, actors, and more.
Apparently a very notable group of people are invited as guests.
Love: Wow!
Set: You should have a great time.
Miki: You gotta really get dressed up!
Ino: N-no way, I can't!
I'll get too nervous at a cruise party alone, and...I don't have any outfit I could wear to such a party.
Love: But it will be a waste to not go, Bukki!

Ino: This is...
Love: From Kento-kun, isn't it?
Girls: Wow!
Love: It's a dress for you!
Miki: He wants you to come to the party in this dress.
Ino: But I can't accept such an expensive thing...
...A clover?
Set: It's beautiful...
He must've picked it out just for you.
Love: Since Kento-kun invited you...
Miki: Go enjoy yourself!
Ino: But...

Title: Inori and Kento's Cruise Party!

Ken: Um...Yamabuki-san.
Ino: Y-yes?
Ken: Thank you for coming today.
Ino: Um, yes...
Ken: Ah, I'm glad...that dress really suits you.
(Changed to "that dress really suits you." See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Ino: Uh, thank you...

Ann: And now everyone, please look at the center stairwell.
And now a speech from the owner of this ship. From the Mikoshiba Group, Kento Mikoshiba!
(Part of this was missing, I added it and split it into two sentences for clarity. See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Please welcome them with a big hand!
Ken: Welcome to the cruise ship, "Princess", I am Kento Mikoshiba.
Please enjoy these dream-like moments.
(I think this fits better with what he actually said. See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
And now, cheers!
Crowd: Cheers!!

Part 2 -- circus

Love: I'm so envious of Bukki!
She's probably like a sparkling princess right about now.
(This is a bit more literal and closer to the original meaning. See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
Ino: This really isn't my type of place, after all...
(Added 'after all', as it emphasizes that a feeling she had before has been reinforced. -- Kanmuri)
Man: And now, here is the Animal Circus!
Here goes!
And here are the cub brothers riding a ball.
Ken: Where did Yamabuki-san go...?
Man: Now, for this next trick, may I have someone give a hand?
How about you, young lady!
Ino: Me?
Man: Yes, now please come forward!
Ino: Yes!
Ken: Yamabuki-san...

Man: Hmm, it might not be much longer that you are able to keep on smiling.
This white tiger isn't the most tame kitten around.
Tig: Now now, Miss...please don't be afraid.
Everything will be alright.
Ino: I believe you!
Man: Uh,, raise that circle high up!
(note- obviously he can't hear the tiger, so he's confused by Inori's reaction)
Ino: Yes!
Man: Are you still alright?
You aren't scared, are you?
Ino: Not at all!
He is a very polite white tiger.
Tig: Now, here I come!
Man: Go!
Tig: We did it!
Ino: Yup!
You really are cool, Mr. White Tiger.
Tig: Thank you, you look very beautiful too...Miss.
Ino: Oh my.

Wes: This is is even a bigger crew than I expected.
Once I take over this ship...everything will go as I plan!

Part 3 -- Talk with Kento

Ino: Wow, this is beautiful.
Ken: This location has the best view on the ship.
Ino: So it is!
Ken: Uh, um...please feel free to ask me anything about this ship.
I studied a lot.
Ino: Okay!
Ken: Um, Yamabuki-san.
Ino: Yes?
(Added this line, was missing. -- Kanmuri)
Are you enjoying the party?
Ino: Eh, uh...
Ken: Earlier, I suddenly lost where you were...
Ino: I'm sorry...
But I...I didn't know what I was supposed to do in such a gorgeous place.
Ken: Actually...I was too.
May I talk about myself for a bit?
In the future, I am going to have to become the head of the Mikoshiba group.
(Awkward translation was slightly changed. -- Kanmuri.)
This cruise party was planned by my parents to give me experience.
For today, I am the owner of this ship.
But, I was very unsure...
Ino: Kento-kun...
Ken: That is why I invited you, Yamabuki-san.
I thought I would able to be more confident if you were with me.
I'm sorry for dragging you into my issue...
I was only thinking about myself...ignoring your feelings.
Ino: Kento-kun is thinking a lot about me too.
This dress...I was really happy.
Ken: So you knew?
Ino: I was all nervous and couldn’t say it earlier, but…thank you for such a wonderful dress.
Ken: Yamabuki-san…

Part 4 -- Sorewatase to commercial

Lady1: What is your occupation?
Lady2: An actor? Or maybe an athlete?
(note- people may forget a LOT, but Wester’s original setting is a “muscular hottie”)
Wes: Do you want to know that much?
Ladies: Yes.
Wes: Then fine…
Sorewatase, show yourself!
Sor: Sorewatase~
Ken: Yamabuki-san, this way!

Tar: Hey, that’s a Sorewatase!
Set: It's rampaging toward the port!
Miki: Bukki and others are in danger!
Love: Miki-tan, Setsuna, let's go!
Change Pretty Cure! BEAT UP!
The pink heart is the sign of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
The blue heart is the sign of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
The crimson heart is the proof of happiness! Freshly ripened, Cure Passion!
(Changed per IRC discussion, see also notes for Ep 40. -- Kanmuri)
Wes: So you've appeared, Pretty Cure!
(No "the" here. Referring to the group as a whole, no plural -- Kanmuri)
However, it's too late.
Love: What do you mean!?
Wes: There are many humans on that boat.
Miki: The guests of the cruise party...
Wes: Yes, can you attack them?
Give up? If so, hand over Infinity.
(No "the" before Infinity. -- Kanmuri)
Tar: What, no way!
Love: We need to somehow rescue the people!
Miki: But how?
Set: Let me take care of it.
L/M: Passion?
Set: Using Akarun's powers, I'll teleport to inside the Sorewatase?
(note- she's calling the infested boat as a whole a sorewatase, hence inside)
Miki: Inside the can do such thing?
Set: I don't know, but I have to try it.
Peach and Berry, please keep Wester's attention.
L/M: Okay.
Wes: At last, Infinity is mine.
L/M: Double Pretty Cure Kick!
Wes: Aah! They're coming this way!?
Set: Akarun!

Commercial Break

Part 5 -- commercial to stopping the ship

Ken: Oh no, everyone is in a panic.
I must do something...
Ino: (What should I do? I can't transform in front of Kento-kun...)
Ken: Pretty Cure?
Ino: Passion!
Set: I've come to save you.
Ken: Ah, please calm down!
Please follow the directions of the Pretty Cure.
Set: Everyone is here, right?
Here goes...
Man: Wa-wait!
The animals! The circus animals are still in the container rooms!!
Ino: I'm going to go help the animals!
Ken: Yamabuki-san!
Set: Akarun.

Wes: What, no way...
Love: Passion!
Miki: You succeeded!
Set: Yes, but Bukki and Kento-kun are still on the boat.
L/M: What!?
Wes: Dammit, I thought it was a good idea...aah!
In this case, just crash into the port, Sorewatase!
Sor: Sorewatase!

Ino: Mr. White Tiger and the others...where are you?
Ken: Yamabuki-san, this way!
This path is faster to the container room of the animals.
Ino: Why didn't you escape with the others?
Ken: I am responsible for this ship.
I can not leave any of my precious guests in danger!
So, let's hurry... this way!
(Previous translation left out the "hurry" aspect. -- Kanmuri)
Ino: Okay!

Ken: are going to release those animals from their cages?
Ino: Don't worry, we will definitely save you...
Ken: Yamabuki-san, this really doesn't seem like a good idea...
Please, lets run!
Ino: Kento-kun, the animals are also this ship's precious guests!
You aren't going to leave any guests in danger, right?
They are safe, trust me!
Ino: It's fine, just a bit more...
I/K: Alright!

Ino: Thank you, Mr. White Tiger!
Change Pretty Cure! BEAT UP!
The yellow heart is the sign of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!
Miki: If we don't do something, the ship will crash into the port...
Set: There will be chaos.
Love: But we can't attack the ship!
Set: Bukki and others are still in it!
Love: We have to somehow stop it.
Tar: Oh no!
Wes: Hah, looks like this is the end, Pretty Cures.
No way...NO WAY!!
(note- ...And I'd like to repeat Wester....NO WAY!?!?!??)
Tar: Yeah, that's the way!

Ino: Everyone is trying to safely dock the ship.
(Port is not a verb used for ships. Changed to dock. -- Kanmuri)
Miki: Bukki is doing her best inside...!
Set: So we have to do our best too!
Love: We won't let you go any farther!
Wes: NO WAY!!!

Love: Alright, we stopped it!
Set: But the ship is still controlled by the Sorewatase.
Miki: We need to trust Bukki and Kento-kun.

Part 6 -- Battle inside the ship to end

Ino: Kento-kun.
Ken: Pine-san. Where's Yamabuki-san!?
Ino: Don't worry, Inori-chan is at a safe place.
Ken: That's a relief...but, what about the ship?
Ino: Pretty Cure safely stopped it at the port.
(Changed to just "Pretty Cure," see the talk page. -- Kanmuri)
But the bad guys still have control of the ship.
Ken: Oh no, then if it starts moving again...
Ino: It must have taken the most important part of the ship, and controlling from there.
If we can find out where that is, we can stop them!
Ken: The important part...what's moving this ship is the Engine room!
(note- ...I'm sorry, but Inori actually needs to be TOLD that the most important part of a GIANT CRUISE SHIP is the ENGINE?)
I'll take you there.
Ino: Please listen to Kento-kun.
Sor: Sorewatase!

Ken: Pine-san! You can't do it alone!
Ino: I want to save everyone!
Ken: Pine-san, we have to all cooperate!!
Sor: Sorewatase!
Ino: Heal, the harmony of faith! Cure stick, Pine Flute!
Evil and misery, begone!!
Pretty Cure, Healing Prayer Fresh!
(note- Its been a while since I saw the single move of her...)
L/S/M: Pine!

Wes: Darn, being big doesn't help either!?
Love: Bukki!
Miki: We're glad you're safe.
Set: Are you not hurt?
Ino: Yeah...but...
Um, Kento-kun...
Sorry for making this dress so dirty...
It was a precious gift from you.
Ken: No, you still shine the most for me.
Ino: Thank you.
Ken: I was naive.
Ino: Huh?
Ken: Yamabuki-san and Pine-san, you both gave your best.
(Removed "all". -- Kanmuri)
I will give my best effort too!
(note- ...for what? I'm not sure...being the future head of the Mikoshiba Group?)
Love: Ooh, Kento-kun that was cool!
Ken: And some day, I will invite Yamabuki-san and Pine-san to this cruise ship "Princess" again!
Love: ...Err, that...
Miki: ...Might be a BIT hard...
Girls: Yeah.
Ken: Oh, I won't easily give up! I'll do my best!!

Ending Theme:

Love: Miki-tan! Bukki! This is bad!!
Setsuna...Setsuna suddenly disappeared!
Ino: It can't be, that she...
Miki: She went alone to the Fortune Telling Mansion!?
Set: Miki... Bukki... and Love...
Thank you for all the memories...
...Good bye.
Love: Fresh Pretty Cure!
Invitation from the Labyrinth!
Let's get happiness together!