Fresh Precure Episode 15

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Retranslation completed -- Kanmuri

(This episode was completely re-translated.)

The preview needs to be timed and transferred to the script. -- Kanmuri

Part 1 -- Prologue

Miki: Love!
Inori: Love!
Love: Hi! Miki, Bukki, Hellow bow wow! (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Inori: What's up Love? Something good?
Miki: We don’t have Miyuki's lesson today.
Why don't we go hang out somewhere?
Love: Sorry, I actually have plans later.
Miki: What kind of plans?
Love: A date with Setsuna.
Inori: Setsuna?

Moebius: When the heck will you have Infinity?
Soular: We are extremely sorry, Lord Moebius.
Wester: However, it's all Pretty Cure's fault.
Moebius: Eas should be able to handle Pretty Cure.
Eas: Yes, sir! Cure Peach is even foolish enough to allow me into her heart. If I steal her Linkrun when I get a chance, she won't ever be able to transform into Pretty Cure again.

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- Setsuna and Love meet up

Souler: It seems you've become quite enamored with that pendant.
Setsuna: Don't say stupid things. It's just to keep her off her guard.
Love: Setsuna!
Inori: Hello.
Setsuna: You're not alone?
Love: Well you see, when I said I was going to meet you, they wanted to come with me. Seems you're popular.
Miki: Sorry to come so suddenly.
Setsuna: That's okay, it's more fun with more people.

Title: Setsuna and Love, the heart that cares for others!

Inori: I'm kinda hungry.
Miki: Well if it comes to that, look no further.
Love: Kaoru!
Setsuna (thinking): To steal her Linkrun, I need to somehow get alone with Love.

Miki: Hey, isn't it awfully busy today?
Inori: I wonder what's up?

Girl 1: Old man, one donut.
Girl 2: Give me a donut too.
Kaoru: Okay, okay. Man, I'm surrounded by cute girls. My blood pressure's shooting up. The dounts are too, hah!
Love + Inori + Miki (LIM): What's going on?

Inori: Ferret Taru-yan's
LIM: Miracle Illusion show?
Tart: Exactly. Two performances per day, and I get paid in all the donuts I can eat.
That's the contract I made with Kaoru. That doesn't mean I have to do it every day, though.
Love: Two performances per day, you say...
Inori: Amazing.
Miki: You certainly are a pro, aren't you?
Kaoru: Thanks to you, proceeds have gone up.
Oh yeah, and since you've spoken in front of another girl, she might "freak up" now too.

Miki: Huh?
Love: Another...
Inori: ...girl?

Tart: Well, it's too late now.
Inori: Umm, you may have thought that you just heard a ferret talking.
Love: But he's really an extremely rare talking ferret.
Miki: So please don't freak out. But, it's a secret from everyone.
Setsuna: Got it. Your secret is my secret. Because we're friends, right?
Setsuna (thinking): Guh, I want to hurry up and steal that Linkrun and return home.

Part 3 -- Souler and Wester's conversation to eyecatch

Wester: 5001... 5002...
Souler: It's sweet.
Wester: So what have you been reading with such enthusiasm lately?
Souler: This? It's acutally quite interesting.
Wester: Lemme see... What? It's all words. What's so interesting about that?
Souler: The humans of this world have both a public face and their hidden true feelings. (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Everyone has thoughts in their hearts that they can't express. Instead they just say inoffensive things and laugh.
If everyone knew each other's true feelings, human relations and the like would immediately collapse.

Miki: So where should we go next?
Love: Bowling!
Miki: Bowling, hmm? Sounds like fun.
Inori: I'm in! How about you, Setsuna?
Setsuna: Bow...?
Love: Could it be you've never been bowling before?
Setsuna: No, I haven't.
Love: Well, that settles it then. It'll be interesting!
Tart: Yeah, that sounds like it'll be fun.
Inori: Does Tart want to come too?
Tart: But I've still got my second live performance to do.
Inori: Ah, that's right, isn't it?
Setsuna (thinking): Where else do they plan to go?
Much more of this and...

Setsuna: Um, sorry, but before that, is it okay if I get Love's email address?
Love: Of course, let's exchange addresses.
Miki: Hang on, I want to as well.
Inori: Me too, okay?
Love: What's wrong?
Setsuna: You three match.
Love: Oh, is that it?
Inori: That's kinda weird... isn't it?
Miki: Well, don't worry about it too much.
Setsuna: You three really do get along well. I'm envious.
Setsuna (thinking): What!?

Chiffon: Love, let's play.
Love: Hey, wait a second!
Inori: It's been a while since we've seen one of Chiffon's pranks.
Tart: Umm... how are you going to explain this one?
Inori: Setsuna, that's an extremely rare... rare... What should we do Miki?
Miki: Please, just don't ask...
Setsuna: I... I got it.
Setsuna (thinking): Again with that sweets kingdom guy. Was it chance, or...?

Miki: Hey, Setsuna.
You gave love a fortune-telling that said it was better for her not to meet with Myuki again.
Love: Hey, Chiffon!
Setsuna: Regretfully, I did.
I really wish I hadn't.
But, it's okay now. Her fortune has changed.
Miki: Hearing that's a relief.
Inori: Yeah.

Souler (thinking): I've been probing for them, but I haven't turned up an good Nakewameke raw materials yet.
Woman: Hello, manager.
Store manager: Ah, thanks for everything.
Woman: I've always wondered, can this parrot speak?
Manger: Yeah. Hey, say something.

Parrot: On my mind. On my mind. I want to date that woman.
Woman: This is your...
Manager: No, that's wrong. Surely some other customer unknowingly...
Parrot: I'm the manager. I'm the manager. I always say this time I'll ask that woman out.

Souler: I've found it. Switch over!
Nakewameke, do my bidding!

Part 4 -- Eyecatch to end credits

Souler: Shallow humans. It would be good if their true feelings were exposed to each other.
Nakewamake: Otaakesaan! (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Woman 1: That bag is so lovely.
Woman 2: Those western clothes are lovely too.

Woman 1: But, those western clothes don't match your bag.
Woman 2: Same to you.

Woman 3: You ate my secret pudding, didn't you?
Man 1: But you ate my hidden beef buns, right?

Wife: Taking an occasional rest is okay. (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
Husband: Thanks for letting me rest.

Wife: Even though we promised to split the chores...
Husband: I'm tired from work.

Tart + Kaoru: Mmm... delicous.
Tart + Kaoru: Mmm... delicous.

Souler: This is great. More and more confessions of your true feelings.

Love: All right, you raring to go?
Miki: It's been a while.
Inori: I wonder if I can bowl well.
Setsuna (thinking): I have to steal her Linkrun somehow.
Souler: Let's leave Pretty Cure to Eas.

Love: This is definitely the one for me.
Miki: This one's for me, then.
Inori: I'll take this one.

Inori: Your divination made Love sad.
Miki: That's unforgivable.

Miki: Wait, no...
Inori: Why did I...?

Love: What? Why did you two say that?
Miki: I don't know. On its own, my mouth just kinda...
Inori: I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to say that.
Setsuna (thinking): Souler did this, hmm? And he's letting me use it...

Setsuna: That's cruel... so cruel...
Love: Ah, wait! Sorry, let me take care of Setsuna.

Love: Those two are just worried about me, so please don't mind them.
Setsuna: Okay, I won't worry about it any more.
Setsuna (thinking): Causing people to utter their true feelings and making them unhappy, what a Souler-ish tactic.
So, it's your turn to say your true feelings. After all, even if it's you, you're actually distrustful of me, aren't you?

Love: Thank goodness! I'm glad Setsuna forgave them. Setsuna's a good person, thanks!
Setsuna (thinking): Those are her true feelings?

Inori: We really hurt Setsuna's feelings, didn't we?
Miki: Yeah, and we didn't apologize afterwards.
Huh? Bukki, there's something in your back.
Inori: Ah, in yours too, Miki.
Miki + Inori: Bird feathers?

Love: Miki and Bukki still aren't here, are they?
Setsuna: Before those two come back, want to go ahead and show me how to bowl?
Love: Sure!
Setsuna (thinking): This girl really should be a little suspicious of me.
Love: I'll show you my bowling form.
Right now I'm in bad form.
Setsuna: Isn't that cell phone on your hip in your way?
Love: Oh, is that it? Yeah, okay.

Love: Woah, a strike!
That was really good, Setsuna! Is it really true this is your first time bowling?
Setsuna: It really is. That was just a fluke.
Setsuna (thinking): It's about time for me to try and set my trap.

Love: Setsuna! Are you okay!?
Setsuna: Yeah, I'm just a little dizzy. Love, I know this is bad of me, but could you go buy me something to drink?
Love: Sure, got it. Wait here a bit.
Setsuna: It surprises me that she is so frank.

Girl (Couple A): I thought you might be like that.
Guy (Couple A): That's my line.
Girl 1 (Pair B): I don't know you any more.
Girl (Couple C): Farewell!
Guy (Couple C): Same to you!
Girl (Couple D): Bye bye!
Guy (Couple D): Later!

Inori: Everyone's got those feathers.
Guy at counter: All right, I'm going to show my girlfriend a good time.
Girl at counter: I'm actually bad at bowling.
Woman behind counter: Ah, I want to hurry up and go home.

Inori: That's...
Miki: Souler!
Souler: Sorry, but I won't let you interfere.
Nakewameke: Otaakesaan!

Love: What? That's... Labyrinth!

Miki: Those feathers are your doing, aren't they?
Souler: I'm just making it so these shallow human beings can speak their true feelings.
Love: Miki, Bukki, let's transform!
Miki + Inori: Right.
Love: Ah, wrong thing.
Miki: Love!
Love: I'll go get it!

Inori + Miki: Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!

Inori: That was originally a parrot!
Berry: What should we do?
Inori: I think I can do something about it with my power.
Berry: Got it. I'll stop its movement.
Pine: Right.

Berry: Pine!
Pine: Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Healing...
Nakewameke: Parroting! (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Setsuna: Finally, her Linkrun... with this she'll no longer be able to transform into Pretty Cure.
Love: Setsuna!? Are you okay!? Are you still feeling bad?
Setsuna: No, I'm fine.
Love: Please stay here! You musn't go anywhere!
Souler: It's about time to give you the finishing blow.
Love: I won't let you do that! Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!

Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Peach: Let's...
Peach + Berry + Pine: Pretty Cure!

Nakewameke: Otaakesaan!
Berry: Now!
Pine: Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Healing Prayer!
Parrot: Thank you!
Inori: Thank goodness.

Peach: Carry, melody of Love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!
Lov: Evil and misery, begone!
Pretty Cure Love Sunshine... Fresh!

Souler: You may have defeated the Nakewameke. But there's no way of mending relationships once they are broken.

Woman 1: I'm sorry I said your western clothes didn't match.
Woman 2: Me too, I'm really sorry.
Woman 1: Rather, wouldn't this match better?
Woman 2: I think so too.

Woman (Couple): Let's eat beef buns together next time, okay?
Man (Couple): Yeah, and pudding too, k?

Wife: It's good that I was able to hear your true feelings.
Husband: We can discuss anything with each other from now on.

Store manager: If it's okay with you, would you like to go eat with me sometime soon?
Woman: Yes.

Tart + Kaoru: Mmm... delicious.

Girl (Couple A): I'm sorry.
Guy (Couple A): Sorry.
Girl 1 (Pair B): I'm sorry.
Girl 2 (Pair B): Me too, I'm sorry.
Girl (Couple C): I'm sorry.
Guy (Couple C): Sorry.
Girl (Couple D): I'm sorry.
Guy (Couple D): Sorry.

Souler: Why? They know each other's ugly true feelings, so why?
Peach: Humans have hearts that sympathize with each other.
Because of that, when they have fights over their true feelings, they can repair their relationships!
Souler: That wasn't written in that book.

Love: Setsuna!
Setsuna: Love...
Love: Sorry to leave you alone like that. How are you feeling?
Setsuna: I'm fine now. Thank you.

Inori: I'm sorry for earlier.
Miki: I'd also like to apologize. I'm sorry.
Setsuna: That's okay, don't worry about it.
Inori: I'm sure it was because Setsuna was also seriously thinking about Love, when she took it upon herself to say such a painful thing.
Love: Of course! Because Setsuna and I are friends who can tell each other all of our true feelings.
Along with Miki and Buki!
Setsuna! From here on we'll become much, much closer friends!

Part 5 -- Preview

Love: Yay! It's finally come! The cultural festival!
What's our class doing? Thanks for asking!
It's a place with the presence of stuff like skeletons and ghosts that look forward to the fun of greeting you friendly.
What's it called? A haunted house!
But... the skeleton has disappeared!

Fresh Pretty Cure!
Cultural Festival of Fear!
Echoing footsteps in the night school!!

Let's get our happiness together!