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Credit - spinflowers

Nozomi: Syrup, hurry!
Syrup: No need to tell me, I'm hurrying-ropu!
Nozomi: Rin-chan!
Rin: I'm okay.
Coco: A critical situation in the Palmier Kingdom...what in the world happened-coco?
Nuts: I hope they're all okay-natsu.
Doughnut: They won't be if we don't take emergency measures-dona.
Karen: You don't need to tell us that!
Urara: Yeah. Coco and Nuts are doing their best.
Doughnut: Doing their best isn't enough-dona! If a monarch leaves his kingdom, he can't protect its people-dona! They don't understand the basic responsibilities of a king at all-dona!
Komachi: Even with that...
Coco: Komachi! Don't worry about it-coco.
Doughnut: I still don't acknowledge you as the rulers of Palmier Kingdom-dona!
Milk: Coco-sama and Nuts-sama...did they get my letter-miru?
Papaya: Hey, Milk!
Milk: Papaya-sama!
Papaya: Hurry up and pass out food to everyone-papa. Concentrate on your work-papa!
Milk: I can't concentrate if I'm worrying about Coco-sama and Nuts-sama-miru!
Papaya: Don't talk back! We must support our hometown while our rulers are away. That is another job belonging to a caretaker-papa.
Oh, the delivery boy-papa.
Milk: Syrup!
Syrup: Hey Milk, cut it out-ropu. You write letters every single day-ropu.
Milk: As caretaker, naturally I need to inform Coco-sama and Nuts-sama of the Palmier Kingdom's needs-miru! It's my job to write letters-miru. Now, let me see what you delivered-miru! It's a letter from Coco-sama and Nuts-sama, right-miru?
Nozomi: Hey, Milk!
Coco: Milk!
Nuts: Milk!
Milk: I missed you guys-miru!
Nozomi: Me, too! Milk!
Milk: Coco-sama! Nuts-sama!
Let's Go! Palmier Kingdom!
Anacondy: What is it, Nebatakos-san?
Nebatakos: Oh my, how cold. I've brought you some rare game. Item number 85 on the list, a Nanawa. Hurry up and appraise it. It's the real thing, right?
Anacondy: Yes, that is certain. But it seems considerably weak at the moment.
Nebatakos: Well, I only cared for it a little.
Anacondy: I always request that you take caution in the treatment of items. They'll become part of the Curator's important collection.
Nebatakos: Don't comment on my practices. I only bring what's on the list. Oh, yes. The Rose Pact has been found, right? Has someone finally seized it?
Anacondy: No, not yet.
Nebatakos: I'm going to take it.
Anacondy: I spoke with the Curator. He says the Rose Pact is currently in Palmier Kingdom.
Nebatakos: Thank you for your concern.
Papaya: YOU IDIOT! What were you thinking, writing about a made-up critical situation to their majesties-papa?!
Milk: Everyone was lonely without the rulers. That created a critical situation-miru!
Papaya: Milk.
Coco: Well, it's great that nothing happened-coco.
Nuts: We were thinking about what time to come back, too, so it'll be fine like this-natsu.
Milk: See?! Both of them are happy-miru!
Papaya: Don't you understand that your selfishness put the two of them in danger-papa? What would they do if they were hit on their way here-papa? On top of that, you've caused trouble to all the Pretty Cures...
Milk: I just wrote the letter with all my effort-miru!
Karen: Milk!
Papaya: No controlling it, I'll let her think it over herself-papa.
Coco: Put it here.
Nozomi: Like that?
Coco: Yeah, that's great.
Nozomi: Hey Coco, it's because of you that the Palmier Kingdom looks so nice, right?
Coco: It's a bit of a shame.
Nozomi: What is?
Coco: Nothing, really...I promised I'd show you Palmier Kingdom when it was restored, so...sorry.
Nozomi: I'm happy! I got to go to Palmier Kingdom and help you out like this...I'm extremely happy.
Coco: That's right. Since you came to help, it's like I have a hundred people.

Komachi: Are you worried about what King Doughnut said? The others and I are all working hard with you and Coco-san, so I want you two to cheer up.
Nuts: Thank you, Komachi. But I think what King Doughnut said was right. Coco and I haven't grown up yet. So we should put more effort into being mature.
Rin: Oh, what you're saying is good, Nuts.
Urara: It's wonderful that you're being positive!
Nuts: Because of you guys, people have always just seen me as stupid.
Rin: Karen-san, did you find Milk?
Karen: Milk...where could she have gone?
Syrup: We'll take a rest here-ropu.
Milk: Syrup, I was here first-miru! Go over there-miru!
Syrup: Where I sleep is for me to decide-ropu. You don't seem like a very good caretaker apprentice with that attitude-ropu.
Milk: I'm not an apprentice-miru! I'm a legit caretaker now-miru!
Syrup: Is it okay for a legit caretaker to be goofing off in a place like this-ropu?
Milk: Just because you want me to goof off doesn't mean I will-miru!
I became a caretaker so I could be close to Coco-sama and Nuts-sama-miru. Even so, they left me behind and went to Nozomi and her friends-miru! I was lonely-miru.
Syrup: What, you wrote that bullcrap letter because of your own loneliness-ropu? That's not thinking about them-ropu.
Milk: Syrup, I don't want to talk to you-miru! Go over there-miru! Syrup, are you okay-miru?
Syrup: I'm just a bit tired-ropu. I was flying really fast when Nozomi and the others were riding on me-ropu.
Milk: It's because I wrote in the letter that there was a critical situation-miru.
Syrup: I'll be better soon if I rest like this a bit-ropu.
Milk: Um...I'm sorry-miru.
It's rude to sleep when someone's talking to you-miru!
Five: It's delicious!
Rin: They're sweet!
Komachi: They're juicy!
Urara: And they're not tough! And...!
Karen: They're so relaxing...
Nozomi: A dessert after work is exceptional!
Komachi: What does this fruit come from?
Nuts: The Palmier Tree-natsu. As the name suggests, it's the symbol of Palmier Kingdom-natsu.
Coco: The seeds we all planted have started growing, and we can finally eat them-coco.
Karen: It's great to eat something so important.
Coco: It's quiet thanks from the Palmier Kingdom to you-coco.
Nozomi: All right! I'll plant a seed, too! Now, GROW!
Rin: That's not how you get it to grow...

Coco & Nuts: Something's here-coco/natsu!
Milk: What's going on-miru?!
Syrup: Over there-ropu!
Coco & Nuts: Eternal!
Nebatakos: Now, let's start having some fun!
Nebatakos: Which one of you has the Rose Pact? I know it's here.
Nuts: How do you know-natsu?!
Nebatakos: Of course we at Eternal would know!
Nozomi: We won't give you the Rose Pact!
Nebatakos: Well, that's just fine. I'll take it from you by force!
Coco: The Palmier Tree!
Nozomi: The important tree you all took care of!
Nebatakos: It's that important of a tree?
Nuts: Stop-natsu!
Nebatakos: This is fun!
Nozomi: Let's go, everyone!

All: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose!
Nozomi: The great power of hope, Cure Dream!
Rin: The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!
Urara: The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Komachi: The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!
Karen: The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!
All: The power of hope and the light of the future! Five hearts flying with elegance! Yes! Pretty Cure 5!

Crowd: Pretty Cure!
Nebatakos: Let me take a look at how skilled the legendary warriors really are.
Nozomi: We have to stop him!
Coco: Nuts and I...
Nuts: ...Will evacuate everyone-natsu!
Hoshina: Hoshina!
Coco: Now, evacuate while it's distracted-coco!
Komachi: He's fast.
Nuts: Hurry up and evacuate-natsu!
Palmieran 1: Our legs are shaking and we can't stand up-toto!
Nuts: Everyone, take a deep breath-natsu! All of you repeat after me-natsu! Are you okay now-natsu? Try to stand up-natsu.
Coco: Everybody hurry! Hurry-coco! Are you all right-coco? Try to get yourself together and get up-coco!
Palmieran 2: Okay, Coco-sama.
Coco: Hurry! Hurry-coco!

Milk: Coco-sama! Nuts-sama! We can take the rest of them with us!
Coco: Great job, Milk-coco! Both of us are useless-coco!
Nuts: We still need you and Papaya transporting everyone to have peace of mind-natsu!
Syrup: Hey, we still have to save them all-ropu!
Coco: Save them, quick-coco!
Nuts: Milk, Syrup, I'm begging you-natsu!
Milk: Leave it to us-miru!
Syrup: Don't have a choice-ropu.
Doughnut: I can't bear to look at it-dona. Without doing a thing for everyone else...
Papaya: Everyone in both Palmier Kingdom and Doughnut Kingdom are happy-papa. Regardless of what land, the monarchs are important to its residents-papa. Those feelings are what make us the most happy-papa.
Nebatakos: Which one of you has the Rose Pact?!
Nuts: I won't allow you to put a hand on anyone-natsu!
Coco: If you want the Rose Pact, then come and get it-coco!
Nebatakos: What? Do you have it?!
Nozomi: Coco!
Nebatakos: Now, what'll ya do? The Rose Pact will be mine! Or else...!
Coco: I don't have one of those-coco!
Nebatakos: What?! You didn't do it intentionally to distract me, did you?!
Coco: I won't let you lay a finger on anyone-coco!

Milk: Coco-sama!
Nozomi: Coco!
Nebatakos: I think I'll make everyone hear you cry!
Nuts: Stop-natsu!
Nebatakos: Hand over the Rose Pact!!
Doughnut: I won't let you get away with it-dona!
Nebatakos: It's so bright!
Nozomi: Now's our chance!
Four: Yes!
Nuts: King Doughnut!
Nozomi: Are you okay?
Coco: Dream!
Urara & Komachi: Aqua!
Nebatakos: What?!
Karen: Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow!
Nebatakos: Dangit...I want to tear you all to shreds!
Nozomi: We won't let you cause any trouble! Pretty Cure Shooting Star!
Nebatakos: Pretty Cure, I look forward to seeing you again.

Coco: You used up too much power even though he hasn't recovered his strength yet-coco. Why did you force yourself to do that?
Doughnut: Because of everyone's caring state of mind, I wanted to join in-dona. That's why came to help you-dona.
Coco & Nuts: Thank you so much!
Palmieran 3: You're leaving-momo?
Coco: We're very sorry we couldn't reach everyone-coco.
Nuts: But trust us when we say you'll see us again soon-natsu.
Milk: Coco-sama and Nuts-sama are working hard from far away so they can save the rulers of the other kingdoms-miru! Everyone cheer them on-miru! Even if they're not here with us, Coco-sama and Nuts-sama are always thinking about Palmier Kingdom-miru. We'll all work hard, too-miru! We'll be eagerly awaiting your return-miru. Please do your best-miru!
Coco: Thank you-coco!
Nuts: Make sure to look after the kingdom-natsu.
Milk: Karen... take good care Coco-sama and Nuts-sama-miru.
Karen: Of course. I'll try my hardest to do your part.
Nozomi: Take care of the Palmier Tree seed I planted once it's started growing.
Milk: You can just leave it to me-miru!

Nozomi: Bye-bye!
Milk: Syrup, be careful-miru!
Syrup: Yep, see ya-ropu!
Milk: this-miru?

Papaya: Keiichi Sonobe
Nebatakos: Bin Shimada
Citizens of Palmier Kingdom: Yukiko Hanioka, Kokoro Kikuchi, Rieko Yoshimoto
Screenplay: Yoshimi Narita
Key Animation: Hiroyuki Kawano, Hideki Nagashima, Takahiro Fujii
Art: Makoto Suwada
Animation Director: Hiroyuki Kawano
Director: Tatsuya Nagamine
Nozomi: A letter's been delivered! Let's read it right away...wait, why is there food inside it? What is this?
Komachi: This must be a very important message.
Nozomi: Maybe it's "We've got all-you-can-eat sweets, so come on over quick!" or something.
Komachi: I don't think so.
Nozomi: Then let's go directly to the sender! It's decided! Wait, who is the sender?
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! "Syrup and the Mysterious Letter." Watch it, watch it, watch it, kay?