Yes Precure5 GoGo Episode 06

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Credit - spinflowers

Nozomi: Rin-chan, you seem tired.
Rin: Yeah. Yesterday...I stayed up through the night.
Nozomi: What? You didn't sleep?! Then you should be sleeping at home!
Rin: I can't do that. Nuts' House is opening today. I have to help out properly.
Nozomi: Good morning! You came to help out a bit too, right, Syrup?
Syrup: Why would I...?! This came in from Milk, so I came to deliver it quickly.
Nozomi: What?!
Urara: Nozomi-san, the Rose Pact lit up all of a sudden!
Karen: What's going on?
Komachi: I wonder what it could be!
Nuts: Perhaps...this is...
Coco: K...King Doughnut!
Nozomi: The king...the king woke up!
Doughnut: HEY! What are you staring at-dona?! It's incredibly rude-dona!
Doughnut: What are you planning to do with me-dona?! I am king of the Doughnut Kingdom-dona!
Nozomi: Hello, your majesty! I'm Nozomi Yumehara. Nice to meet you!
Doughnut: That is to say, you're from Eternal-dona! Somebody! Anybody-dona! Show yourself! Show yourself!
Coco: Y-You're mistaken. I'm Coco from the Palmier Kingdom-coco!
Nuts: And Nuts-natsu!
Doughnut: Prince Coco and Prince Nuts?
Coco: Thank goodness you're oka--
Doughnut: This is all your fault-dona! It's because you took part in the ceremony that I was attacked-dona!
Nuts: Our most sincere apology-coco!

Doughnut: You! To go so far as yawning when I have something important to say...! Your etiquette is completely unacceptable!
Syrup: Man, this guy is annoying.
Doughnut: Listen, now is not the time to talk nonsense with you-dona!
Urara: I don't think he's a very peaceful king...
Doughnut: If I don't get back to the Doughnut Kingdom right away, the citizens will be left waiting for my return-dona!
Nuts: Don't go-natsu!
Scorp: Anacondy-san. After staying up for six days, I've finally finished the report.
Anacondy: Your efforts are appreciated. Scorp-san...Scorp-san! What do you have to say for yourself? First of all, the report needs to be sealed. Then you forgot the table of contents. Furthermore, this doesn't have page numbers. And there are eight typos.
Scorp: My apologies.
Anacondy: We can't get any data about Pretty Cure from something like this.
Scorp: Yes, m'am.
Anacondy: This is the same thing I got last time. Please redo the whole thing, and include the information from last time.
Scorp: I can't...
King Doughnut Awakens!
Doughnut: Must I be contained in such a narrow space?! Release me from here at once-dona!
Nuts: Y-You'll be able to get out once you've recovered completely-natsu. Until then, the Rose Pact will protect you-natsu.
Doughnut: What are you talking about-dona?! Look at me! I'm entirely healthy-dona!
Nozomi: Are you okay?
Doughnut: I feel dizzy...
Karen: It looks like he really hasn't recovered. We shouldn't let our guard down.
Komachi: I wonder if we should feed him something.
Nuts: Yeah-natsu! Karen, give him the apple you shot earlier-natsu.
Karen: Okay!
Komachi: It's a cute little apple.
Nozomi: Looks good, too!
Urara: What's wrong?
Nozomi: You won't get better if you don't eat it.
Doughnut: Like I'm really eating it-dona! I still don't completely trust you-dona! And on top of that, you can't protect your own kingdom-dona! I can't even acknowledge you as the rulers of Palmier Kingdom-dona! And giving me something like this...
Karen: Well, let's go. We have to prepare the store, too.
All: Sure.
Urara: Um...Rin-chan is asleep...
Nozomi: Let's just leave her like that.

Syrup: We're passing out all of these?!
Urara: Passing out flyers is the foundation of advertisement! Advertisement is the most important thing if we want other people to know about it!
Karen: Y-Yeah, we need to let other people know.
Nozomi: Well, everyone do your best! I want all of them passed out before the shop is open! It's decided! Here you go.
Syrup: Why do I have to pass out flyers for this store?!
Nozomi: Come on, don't be like that.
Syrup: I won't do it. If you need manpower, you could always ask her over there.
Nozomi: Rin-chan needs to sleep!
Syrup: Why?
Nozomi: She was busy with sports, helping around the house, and designing accessories, and stayed up all night.
Karen: I had no idea. Rin never said anything like that.
Urara: Nozomi-san, did you ask her?
Nozomi: Nope.
Syrup: Then how do you know?
Nozomi: I just know. Because Rin's worked like that for as long as I've known her.

Nozomi: We're Nuts' House!
Komachi & Karen: Opening today!
Urara: Please take one!
Nuts: Please take one.
Coco: Make sure to stop by!
Syrup: I'm not going to pass out flyers. But why do I have to stay behind at the shop again? I just came to deliver Milk's letter.
Rin: Huh? Where is everyone...?
Syurp: They're out distributing flyers.
Rin: I have to go!
Syrup: And you still fell asleep.
Text: To Rin-chan - Leave the flyers to us and take it easy! - Nozomi
Rin: Nozomi...
Syrup: You stayed up designing accessories?
Rin: Yeah, how did you know?
Syrup: Nozomi told me.
Rin: I see. Nozomi figured it out herself.
I'm such an idiot. With practice after school, trying to take care of my brother and sister, and having to help out at my mom's shop when she's busy...I didn't have time to myself, so I just stayed up all night... But in the end, I couldn't design anything, and I didn't help pass out flyers. At this rate, everything will end up halfway finished.

Rin: You heard from Nozomi, right? You're amazing, Syrup. You always work so hard toward your goal of going to the Cure Rose Garden.
Syurp: N-Nah...I don't really...I don't work very hard compared to you.
Doughnut: How admirable-dona!
Syrup: You were listening?!
Doughnut: "Rin," is it? In a challenge, worry and thought are important-dona. Like this apple. It's moist, yet it burns red just like when I was young-dona!
Syrup: He actually ate it...
Doughnut: Anyway, Rin, only by thinking and worrying can you move forward-dona.
Rin: Thank you, your majesty.
Doughnut: Make an effort to work ha--
Rin: I forgot! I have soccer practice!
Karen: I wonder if Rin is sleeping all right.
Komachi: Yeah. Rin-san always puts so much effort into everything.
Nozomi: I feel like that when I look at her. Whatever challenge she faces, I want to do something for Rin-chan. I want to support her!
Doughnut: Rin's a nice one-dona. She's unusually hardworking for someone so young-dona.
Syrup: Not just her...all the others are, too.
Doughnut: And yet, you being the only one to stay home is also praiseworthy-dona.
Syrup: I don't really...I was worried about the Rose Pact.
Doughnut: But you and they both...the people of this world sure know a lot about the Rose Pact-dona.
Syrup: Huh? You didn't know it was me?
Doughnut: You-dona! Syrup the delivery boy, who has such a poor reputation in the kingdom-dona!
Syrup: S-Saying I have a poor reputation is unnecessary-ropu!
Player: Rin! Rin, what's the matter?
Rin: Sorry about that! Not getting enough sleep has really left me in a bad state...
Scorp: Are you tired? Could I have the Rose Pact?
Scorp: If only I had the Rose Pact, then I wouldn't have to write the report and I could get some sleep.
Nuts: Something's showed up!
Scorp: Hey, here's your ball back!
Hoshina: Hoshina!
Rin: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!
Syrup: You okay-ropu?
Rin: Thanks.
Scorp: You actually brought the Rose Pact with you intentionally?!
Syrup: The Rose Pact!

Scorp: Wha...
Doughnut: I won't allow someone as insolent as you to touch the Rose Pact-dona!
Scorp: King Doughnut? You were in there the whole time?! I've been looking for you for a long time.
Doughnut: Further, I won't let you take me lying down-dona! If you mess with me, then I'll...
Scorp: With King Doughnut, the Rose Pact will increase in value.
Syrup: Stop it-ropu!
Nozomi: Hold it right there!
Rin: Nozomi! Everyone!
Nozomi: We won't let you meddle with the king!
Four: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose!
Nozomi: The great power of hope, Cure Dream!
Urara: The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Komachi: The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!
Karen: The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!

Doughnut: Those girls are the legendary Pretty Cure warriors-dona!
Scorp: There's no escape, your majesty.
Rin: Stop right there!
Coco: King Doughnut!
Nuts: Hide somewhere safe, quick!
Rin: Lemonade!
Urara: Thanks a lot.
Karen: We can't get close to it like this!
Scorp: You've started to put great effort into saving your companions since before. Saving all of them on your own will be impossible! Most of your actions are completely useless, so everything will only be halfway finished!
Rin: Halfway...finished...
Coco: Rouge!

Komachi: Rouge, are you okay?
Karen: You're not on your own.
Urara: Right. We'll always be together.
Nozomi: Rouge, no matter the situation, always challenges it, smashes away any obstacles she comes across with all her strength, and works with her utmost effort! That's why we'll always support her.
Rin: Everyone...
Scorp: I'm so bored I could fall asleep right here. Hurry up and give so I can rest!
Nozomi: Pretty Cure Shooting Star!
Rin: Even though muster up my power for everything and try it with all my strength, I'm not alone! As long as we're all together, we can definitely do it! Pretty Cure Fire Strike!
Scorp: I wanna go to sleep... I'll have to write this in the report, too.

Nozomi: You did it, Rouge!
Rin: Thank you, everyone!
Komachi: You're welcome!
Karen: We'll always have your back, Rouge.
Doughnut: Supporting a worried friend and encouraging one another...what a superb team! But...I know the Rose Pact has the power of the red rose, so where could the power of the blue rose be?
Komachi: Nuts' House is finally open.
Nuts: Thanks to your help. Thank you.
Doughnut: I could get used to life here...this world and its people really are terrific-dona.
Nozomi: Coco works as a teacher here, too.
Doughnut: That's commendable-dona.
Karen: You must get a lot of praise, too, your majesty.
Doughnut: Then again, I still don't acknowledge them as rulers of the Palmier Kingdom-dona.
Urara: He's really stubborn.
Nozomi: Now, since we passed out a lot of flyers, let's do a lot of work from now on! Everyone do your best!
All: Yeah!
Nozomi: Syrup, you do it, too.
Syrup: I told you, I'm not going to help! I came with a special delivery from Milk!
Coco: A special delivery?
Nozomi: What is it, what is it?
Rin: It must be a letter congratulating us on the opening of Natts House.

Nuts: What's wrong?
Nozomi: "Palmier Kingdom is critical situation-miru. We need everyone's power-miru. Come to Palmier Kingdom soon-miru."
Karen: A critical situation?
Komachi: What on earth could it be?
Nozomi: Anyway, we have to go to Palmier Kingdom, quick!
Coco: But...
Nuts: How would we get there now...
Syrup: No, I'm not doing it! I won't take you there!
Rin: But it was a special delivery! It must be really urgent!
Urara: Milk is waiting for us!
Karen: And it's not just Milk!
Komachi: I think everyone in the kingdom is waiting!
Coco: Please, Syrup.
Nuts: Take us to Palmier Kingdom.
Syrup: I won't do it.

Doughnut: Everyone! Prince Coco and Prince Nuts' request is dependent on Syrup-dona.
Rin: Wait a minute, your majesty...!
Syrup: He's right! And I'm definitely not doing it!
Doughnut: But Syrup...wouldn't it be nice for you to deliver their feelings?
Or do you not have the confidence to take them there?
Syrup: What are you saying?! There's nothing I can't deliver! Man, guess I don't have a choice... Did you want me to take you all to Palmier Kingdom or what?
Nozomi: Thank you, Syrup!

Nuts: Opened and then quickly closed again-natsu...
Nozomi: Nuts, we're going!
Syrup: Rin, press here-ropu.
Rin: Okay.
Nozomi: All right then, let's depart to the Palmier Kingdom!
Nozomi: All right, everyone! Let's go-go to the Palmier Kingdom!
Karen: Now is not the time to have fun! What on earth could have happened?
Nozomi: Milk's letter said there was a critical situation.
Karen: There's no way...did Eternal attack them?
Nozomi: What?! That's terrible, that's terrible! We have to hurry!
Karen: ...Huh? For some reason it looks peaceful...
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! "Let's Go! Palmier Kingdom!" Watch it, watch it, watch it, 'kay?