Yes Precure5 GoGo Episode 05

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Credit - spinflowers

Nozomi: Hurry, hurry!
Karen: It's all right. No one from the student council is here at this hour.
Nuts: Urara, is King Doughnut still asleep-natsu?
Urara: Yeah. He's just been sleeping since yesterday.
Nuts: He might awaken if you project him into the Rose Pact-natsu.
Urara: All right.
Nozomi: He got in! Huh?
Komachi: Looks like he's still sleeping.
Nozomi: Hey, your majesty!
Rin: Doughnut King! Wake up!
Nozomi: Nice to meet you! I'm Nozomi Yumehara.
Nuts: He still hasn't recovered from when Eternal attacked him-natsu.
Coco: Nozomi, lay him on the futon you got a snapshot of before-coco.
Nozomi: Yep.
Rin: Wow! So this is how you use what you shot.
Urara: I hope the king wakes up quickly.
Nozomi: All right! Either way, if we snapshot lots of Palmins and find the four monarchs, we'll be able to go see Flora! Let's do our best!
All: Yeah!

Student: Madam President! President Minazuki, we got a lot of suggestions.
Rin: What are these?!
Karen: Written suggestions from the students. We've been collecting academy opinions from this month in the suggestion box.
Text: Suggestion Box
Urara: Suggestion box?
Komachi: Oh, speaking of which, Karen...I heard you say before that they want to hear a lot of different opinions to make spending time at school easier.
Karen: Right.
Bunbee: I've got your tea. I'll put it here.
Where could this be, Scoop-san?
Scorp: It's Scorp. And it's your job to look for it.
Bunbee: Oh, I see. But why can't we obtain the Rose Pact just by knowing where it is?
Scorp: It's quite difficult to obtain rare and valuable items.
Bunbee: Difficult? So you've given up, and now you're writing the report.
Scorp: Are you trying to say it's something you can do?
Bunbee: No, no. I just came here, so if you can't do something, it'll be too much for me. How could I get the Rose Pact, right, Scoop-san? Oh, you're Ketchup-san...
Scorp: My name is Scorp! Don't get it wrong again.
Bunbee: He's still inexperienced.
A Letter to Student Council President Karen
Karen: What's the next suggestion?
Student: A request to add more novels to the library.
Karen: What is the library committee's opinion?
Komachi: Now that you mention it... There have definitely been a lot of students checking out novels lately. It seems that a lot of people have already read the existing books.
Karen: Is this year's budget still enough?
Komachi: Yes.
Karen: In that case, let's increase the amount of novels a bit. I'll put together a list for you.
Komachi: Got it.
Karen: Well then, next?
Student: Someone suggested decorating the hallway.
Karen: Oh yeah, speaking of which, the art club said they want a place where they can display their work regularly.
Student: Yes. Then I'll try to talk to the art club. I think they'll all be happy.
Karen: Next?
Student: A suggestion to put flowers in the courtyard.
Text: Estimated Site of Flowerbed
Urara: Good morning, Komachi-san.
Komachi: Good morning.
Rin: Hurry! Hurry up!
Nozomi: Just barely safe!
Rin: Why do you always oversleep, Nozomi?
Nozomi: Because, I was super busy last night, and I didn't get a lot of sleep.
Urara: What are those?
Nozomi: Written suggestions! I wrote a whole bunch! Like "Please make summer break longer." And "Please double the size of the yakisoba bread." And then, and then...
Rin: Is Karen-san going to read these, too?
Komachi: Y-Yeah. She said she wants to hear what everyone has to say, but...
Rin: Really...will Karen-san be okay?
Urara: If she works too hard for everyone, will it be too much for her?
Nozomi: Hey, I just thought of a great idea!
Rin: A great idea?
Komachi: Will this be okay?
Karen: Yep.
Komachi: You got so many new novels! I think everyone will be happy.
Karen: We got a request for flowers in the courtyard, and when I consulted the vice principal, he made us a flowerbed.
Komachi: If it's that easy, it'll definitely be beautiful.
Karen: I'm glad. When I don't notice something by myself, everyone tells me about it.
Komachi: That's good. Karen, I was worried you were doing too much at once...
Karen: I'll be fine. All of the student council is helping me.
Komachi: That's true!
Text: To President Karen Minazuki
Syrup: Those girls really...
A letter sent to Karen-ropu?
Syrup: Here it is.
Lunch Lady: Oh, sorry! Could you bring that back for me?
Syrup: Sure.
Lunch Lady: Thanks. There's a lot of the same over there...
Syrup: Me?
Lunch Lady: I have other things I need to do here, so can you take care of it?
Syrup: It's heavy...!
Karen: Let's see..."During lunchtime there's always a very long line at the coffee machine. Could you shorten the wait time?" This one's for the lunch lady.
Syrup: Why do I have to do all of this...
Lunch Lady: You were a big help. Thanks a bundle! Huh? By the way, haven't I seen you before? What are you doing at the school?
Syrup: Oh! The letter!
Lunch Lady: Oh yeah! I should give you something in return.
Syrup: What are these?
Lunch Lady: They're hotcakes. Now, don't just sit there, dig in!
Syrup: Delicious!
Lunch Lady: You sure eat a lot!
Syrup: More, please!
Lunch Lady: Sure, sure! As much as you want!

Karen: Ms. Lunch Lady. About the menu, I need to discuss... ! Syru...
Sy...uh...if it isn't Shiro!
Syrup: What are you talking about? My name is...
Karen: Shiro! Your name is Shiro!
Lunch Lady: Oh my, you know him, Minazuki-san?
Karen: Yes, I do!
Text: Student Council Office
Syrup: I get it-ropu.
Karen: You scared me. Why are you at school, Syrup?
Syrup: I came for my delivery job-ropu.
Karen: This is a suggestion from one of the students.
Syrup: It came from Mailpo-ropu.
Karen: Why did Mailpo have the suggestions that were mailed to the suggestion box?
Syrup: If Mailpo gives me a letter, he always has a reason-ropu.
Karen: A reason?
Syrup: Anyway, you'll know once you read it-ropu.

Karen: "The student work that was left in the art room is missing. Moreover, it's only the big things." That's strange. It couldn't have been easy to carry if it was just the heavy things.
Syrup: What-ropu? It's common to report lost items-ropu. This is weird-ropu. This letter was from Mailpo-ropu.
Karen: If we don't investigate soon...Syrup, why don't you come with me?
Syrup: Why-ropu?
Karen: Don't you want to know why Mailpo specially gave you this letter?
Karen: Here's the art room.
A lot of everyone's the work was clearly on display here just a few days ago! What on earth happened?
Who is that?!
Bunbee: This is pretty heavy...
Karen: What are you doing?!
Bunbee: Huh? Pretty Cure!
Karen: It was you! What are you planning to do with everyone's important work?!
Bunbee: Everyone's work? You see, uh...oh! It's true! Once I look closely, none of it is on the list! Surprisingly, it's stuff you made. It has absolutely no value?! I'll show you how much energy I wasted! You'll give me the Rose Pact to make up for it.
Give me the Rose Pact!
Syrup: What are you doing-ropu?! Quick, run away-ropu!
Karen: Put back everybody's work!
Syrup: That won't have any effect-ropu! We have to hurry up and run away now-ropu!
Karen: I can't! It's everyone's important things!

Karen: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!
Hoshina: Hoshina!
Coco: What showed up?!
Bunbee: Hurry up and give me the Rose Pact.
Syrup: Hurry up and run already!
Karen: I can't run. That letter was delivered to me! They delivered it to me saying they wanted me to resolve it! That's why I want to answer that request with all my power!
Syrup: That really is impossible-ropu!
Karen: It's not impossible. And because of that, I...
Nozomi: You're not alone! Aqua isn't alone!
Karen: Everybody!
Nozomi: Are you okay?
Karen: Yeah.
Nozomi, Rin, Urara, & Komachi: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose!
Nozomi: The great power of hope, Cure Dream!
Rin: The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!
Urara: The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Komachi: The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!

Bunbee: That building will be better torn down!
Karen: The art club room...!
Bunbee: Oh, you're so afraid of that being destroyed? In any event, some of the stuff is already damaged. It wouldn't matter if those sorts of things were gone!
Karen: Don't joke around!
Bunbee: What?!
Karen: There is nothing in this academy that wouldn't matter if it were gone! Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow!
Bunbee: Treat today as if it never happened!

Nozomi, Rin, Urara, & Komachi: Aqua!
Komachi: Are you okay?
Karen: Yeah.
Coco: Thank goodness you're safe-coco!
Syrup: You were too reckless-ropu!
Karen: You think so?
Syrup: It was a good thing Dream and the others came. If you had kept going on that rashly by yourself, I don't know what would've happened-ropu!
Karen: It's fine. Because you were there with me, Syrup. I wasn't by myself. But thanks for coming to help me, you guys.
Nozomi: You're welcome!
Syrup: The reason I delivered the letter to Aqua...was because she strongly wanted to answer the request?
Urara: Looks like the line is gone, but...
Komachi: It seems like there's more people.
Syrup: Sorry for the wait.
All: Huh?!
Syrup: What's up with you guys?
Nozomi: Did something happen?
Syrup: No, not really.
Lunch Lady: Oh yeah, I should introduce everyone. This fella's going to be helping me out starting today...Shiro Amai-kun!
Nozomi: Shiro Amai?
Rin: Helping out?
Karen: If you want to make lunch less crowded, I'd recommend Mr. Cocoda to you, Ms., Ms. Lunch Lady.
Lunch Lady: That's true! I'd be relieved if I were introducing Mr. Cocoda!
Syrup: Don't butt in. Well, I won't have a lot of free time, either...that is, I'll be busy helping out during the afternoon.
Lunch Lady: Yep! For all the hotcakes you can eat!
Syrup: I told you to keep that a secret!

Student: Madam President!
Karen: Oh, what is it?
Student: These are all thank-you letters for you!
Lunch Lady: Well, isn't that something!
Coco: Isn't that great?
Karen: So many...
Urara: Huh? There's a new menu, too.
Rin: Oh, the new menu has hotcakes on it!
Nozomi: It does?!
Urara: There are all kinds of things!
Nozomi: Wow, really?!
Karen: This is...
Text: Do your best, Karen-san!
Karen: Letters sure are great.
Nozomi: The new Natts' House opens next time! I'll work real hard to help! Oh, Rin-chan?
Rin: I-I'm fine. I have to do it well.
Nozomi: Don't overdo it! The king is sleeping, so you have to rest too, Rin-chan!
Rin: Thanks. In that case, I'll take it easy inside the Rose Pact, too...i-it's opening!
Nozomi: What?! Why?!
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! King Doughnut Awakens!
Watch it, watch it, watch it, 'kay?