Yes Precure5 GoGo Episode 04

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Credit - spinflowers

Syrup: Hey. I've got letters.
Urara: I have to go! I've decided to go on my own for my dream. Thank you...thank you for everything you've done for me. I'll be waiting for you on the next train. (Can't quite hear the rest, is anyone else able to make it out?)
Syrup: What?
Coco: Hey, Syrup.
Syrup: Here. They're from Milk.
Nuts: That many again...
Coco: Must always be boring.
Syrup: Not really. It's my job, after all.
Komachi: Urara-san.
Urara: Yes?
Syrup: What's that all about?
Coco: She's practicing her performance.
Syrup: Performance?

Urara: I see...
Nozomi: Oh, Syrup! Morning!
Syrup: Y-Yeah. What's with this "practicing a performance" thing?
Nozomi: Today's the last audition for a movie. We're practicing for that! Urara was one of the best ten out of 5,000 people nationwide! Isn't that awesome?!
Rin: And if she does well today, she'll be in the movie's starring role.
Urara: This is my big chance to fulfill my dream of becoming an actress!
Syrup: And what's an actress?
Nozomi: Someone whose job is to perform in movies and TV shows.
Syrup: Their job?
Nozomi: Urara's dream is to be an actress and perform really great, so everyone who watches it will be happy! Now, Urara, let's get practicing!
Urara: Okay!
Karen: Well then, let's do it from the beginning again.
Syrup: She's doing her job...
Bunbee: Well, the Pretty Cure I know is slightly different from this one...
Anacondy: This is very interesting. All the information you're collecting is important. This time please record all of the events in the report. Try to write as many details as possible, please!
Bunbee: This much is gonna be tough...oh! Scorn-san!
Scorp: Who are you?
Bunbee: Who am I, Stamp-san...won't you tell me what to put in the reports?
Scorp: Shut up! I'm busy.
Bunbee: D-Don't say that, Slipper-san. You sure are unpleasant, Skunk-san...
Scorp: I'm going to seize the Rose Pact from here on. Also, can you remember? My name is Scorp!
Bunbee: The best of luck, Slump-san.
Deliver Urara's Script!
Urara: I have to go! I've decided to go on my own for my dream!
Komachi: Urara-san.
Urara: Yes?
Nozomi: Urara is really working hard!
Rin: Yeah. Komachi-san's advice is really easy to understand, too.
Komachi: Wouldn't it be nice if you said this with more anticipation?
Urara: Oh yeah. Thank you.
Coco: A Palmin's presence!
Nuts: Let's go find where it is.
Nozomi: Really? We've got to snapshot it!
Komachi: You stay here, Urara-san.
Urara: But...
Rin: You need to get ready for the audition.
Nozomi: Leave the Palmin to us!
Coco: Nuts, that way!
Nuts: Got it.
Coco: Syrup, go over there!
Syrup: Right.

Text: My Mark ~Door to the Heart~
Urara: The Palmin?! I should get a snapshot!
Washio: Urara-chan! Are you ready to go?
Urara: Washio-san!
Washio: What is it?
Urara: N-Nothing! I'm all ready! Let's go, quick! We can't be late!
Washio: Urara-chan, you're so motivated!
Nozomi: Oh, Urara. You're going?
Urara: Yep!
Syrup: Hey!
Rin: It got away...
Washio: Huh? What did?
Urara: C-Come on, let's go!
Nozomi: Urara! Do your best!
Urara: Okay!
Text: My Mark ~Door to the Heart~ Audition Venue
Washio: This is really the final selection. Everything up to now has been different.
Urara: Y-Yes. Huh?
Karen: What's wrong?
Rin: This is...
Nozomi: Urara's script!
Komachi: She must've forgot it as she was leaving...
Nozomi: Urara...even though she practiced so much for today...
Oh yeah! Syrup! You always come to deliver things!
Syrup: No way. I don't deliver anything outside of my job.
Rin: Just this once, please!
Syrup: No means no.
Nozomi: We might still be able to catch up. Let's deliver it ourselves.
Coco: Is it okay for you to not go, Syrup?
Syrup: I don't deliver anything outside...
Nuts: Aren't you worried about Nozomi's Rose Pact?
Syrup: Aw, man... Hey! Wait up, you guys!
Coco: You think Syrup wanted to be with Nozomi and her friends a bit?
Nuts: Yeah.
Man: Good morning! You'll be passed out one of these numbered tickets.
Syrup: Wait...are we really going to climb all these?
Rin: We don't have a choice! This is the shortcut!
Syrup: You're kidding...this can't be it! Hey, listen to me! Man...why did I have to go with you guys?
Nozomi: Because if we don't deliver it, Urara will definitely be worried.
Syrup: But we won't be able to catch up with her!
Nozomi: To be an actress and make lots of people smile...that's Urara's dream. We all want to keep Urara's feelings important!
Syrup: You...
Nozomi: Yeah, and that's why...
Syrup: Hey!
Nozomi: We'll definitely catch up with her! Rin-chan, wait for me!
Rin: Nozomi, hurry up!
Syrup: Wait up, you guys!
Man: Number 5, please!

  1. 5: Yes!

Urara: One after the other, it gets closer...
Nozomi: I can't climb anymore!
Rin: Hey, Nozomi, hang in there!
Nozomi: We gotta hurry...
Scorp: Where are you heading to in such a rush? I will get the Rose Pact today.
Nozomi: Get out of our way! We're in a hurry!
Scorp: Until I have the Rose Pact, I'm not moving, either.
Hoshina: Hoshina!
Rin: At this rate, we'll never get to the audition in time.
Karen: Syrup, we can't do anything from here, so...
Komachi: Deliver the script to Urara!
Nozomi: Please. Deliver Urara's wish and our feelings! Please!
Syrup: Man.
Scorp: "Deliver"...that'll be too much for you. Come on, let me take that for you.
Syrup: I'm a delivery boy! I'll show you I can deliver it better than anyone!
Nozomi, Rin, Komachi, & Karen: Syrup!
Scorp: You don't know when to give up! You little...!
Nozomi: Hey, you! We won't let you get in Syrup's way!

Nozomi, Rin, Komachi, & Karen: Pretty Cure...Metamophose!
Nozomi: The great power of hope, Cure Dream!
Rin: The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!
Komachi: The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!
Karen: The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!
Scorp: All right, then. I'll soon make you lose your hold.
Syrup: I don't deliver anything outside of my job, so...why am I...
Man: Number 6!

  1. 6: Yes!

Urara: I'm next...
Nozomi: Huh?

Scorp: Now, this is where it ends. Pretty Cure team.
Rin: I wonder if she got the script...
Nozomi: It's okay. Syrup will take care of it.
Scorp: Do you understand your situation right now? Well, I don't care either way! Hand over the Rose Pact at once!
Nozomi: It's not like that! Urara's on the verge of her dream!
Karen: It's important to Urara, and to us!
Scorp: You forced yourselves up...!
Komachi: This isn't something a bunch of selfish people like you could understand!
Scorp: I don't care about your cute little speeches...just hand over the Rose Pact right now!
Syrup: I made it.
Urara: Syrup!
Syrup: Your delivery.
Urara: Thank you, Syrup!
Syrup:'d better...hurry up and get in there.
Urara: It's okay. I practiced earnestly with all of you. I've already remembered all the lines and notes.
Syrup: So you don't need the script?!
Urara: I do. Everyone's advice is stored in here. With this script, it's like they're all with me. It gives me courage.
Syrup: Gives...courage...they went that far for something like that...
Urara: Is something wrong with Nozomi-san and her friends? Syrup! What happened to Nozomi-san and her friends?!
Syrup: Well...they...
Urara: Nozomi-san and everyone else...oh, no...!
Man: Number 7, please!
Syrup: It's okay. The most important thing for you right now is the audition, right?
Urara: But...
Syrup: It's fine, go!
Urara: ...Excuse me.

Urara: ...I have to go. I'm worried about my precious friends.
Judge: Your...your line...
Urara:'m sorry!
Judge: What happened?
Urara: Nozomi-san! Everybody!
Syrup: Hey!
Scorp: This is the end!
Urara: Everyone, are you okay?!
Nozomi, Rin, Komachi, & Karen: Urara!
Nozomi: How did the audition go?
Urara: I'm sorry. I was worried about you guys after all, and...
Nozomi: Urara...
Rin: Gracious!
Scorp: The remaining person? How will all five of you do together?
Urara: I won't let you hurt everyone any more!

Urara: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Scorp: One or more, I will defeat you!
Why?! Why is it that, no matter how many times I bring you down, you're able to get up again?!
Rin: There's aren't any special tricks. Urara and our...
Komachi: Important desires...
Karen: And important feelings...
Nozomi: We want to protect them! That's all there is to it!
Urara: I definitely won't forgive you for hurting everybody! Pretty Cure Prism Chain!
Scorp: I'll have to write another report...
Nozomi: This is Lemonade's new power...
Nozomi: But it really is a bummer about the audition.
Rin: Well, don't say that!
Urara: I really am sorry.
Nozomi: No, it's not your fault, Urara.
Washio: Urara-chan!
Urara: Washio-san! I'm sorry! My big chance...I...
Washio: I heard. You were worried about your friends.
Urara: Yes...but I must've made you look bad for this audition...
Washio: Well, there are times when that happens. Next time you'll do perfect, so let's both do our best!
Urara: Okay!
Washio: Oh! Hey, my cellphone already! Yes, hello, this is Washio! Oh, hi, hi!

Syrup: What the heck? She only needs a script to for courage and important feelings...
Coco: Nozomi and her friends are always considerate about each other's feelings.
Syrup: Considerate?
Nuts: This has to do with it, so...
Coco: Milk has learned a lot from them, too. Reading about the Palmier Kingdom, and looking at everyone's's all thanks to Nozomi and her friends.
Syrup: Thanks to them, eh?
Nozomi: Oh, a Palmin!
Urara: Leave it to me, please!
Coco: The king of the Doughnut Kingdom!
All: Huh? The king?!
Nozomi: Karen-san, what's this?
Karen: The student suggestion box. This way the academy can share their opinions.
Nozomi: Just what I'd expect from the student council president! In that case, here's a letter from the art department.
Karen: Let's see..."Recently everyone's work has been disappearing one after the other"...what does that mean?
Nozomi: This is a scandal! It's decided to investigate it with Syrup!
Karen: Why is Syrup still here?!
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! A Letter to Student Council President Karen. Watch it, watch it, watch it, 'kay?