Yes Precure5 GoGo Episode 03

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Credit - spinflowers

Nozomi: A letter?
Nuts: Yeah. It's a letter to Milk.
Coco: We think she'll be able to tell us the situation in the Palmier Kingdom.
Karen: That's right, what do you think is going on in the kingdom now?
Komachi: I'm worried.
Coco: ...Mm-hm.
Nozomi: Coco...

Syrup: Yo.
Nuts: Syrup.
Coco: You came just in time. Send this letter to Milk in the Palmier Kingdom.
Syrup: They're from Milk of the Palmier Kingdom.
Nozomi: You mean - all of these?!
Syrup: Yup.
Rin: There's so many.
Urara: Syrup, did you deliver all these letters?
Syrup: I'm a delivery boy. I deliver everything. But even with that, this is just too many!
Nozomi: This is great! With these we'll know everything about the Palmier Kingdom. We should answer Milk properly.
Coco: To all of these letters?!
Nozomi: Of course!

Coco: Erm...that's...
Nuts: I'm going to be busy preparing the store.
Urara: If you're preparing the shop, then I guess we should all make tea and snacks.
Rin: Sure thing. Or we could bring them from home.
Nozomi: That'll take too long! Starting now, why don't we all go shopping today?!
Rin: stupid...wait...well, guess there's no choice.
(Urara: What should we buy?
Nozomi: Curry...and...oh...I want to eat fried eggs!)
Syrup: I'll deliver it in no time.
Syrup: I have to take this until I can live in the Cure Rose Garden. Otherwise...who would be in a place as annoying as this?
What is it, Mailpo?
Where's it from? What?! From Milk again?! I just delivered those!
You've gotta be kidding-ropu! Why should I do that for them-ropu?!
Naturally, she's going to decide to send one again soon. If that's the case, it should be fine to stop sending the others.
Syrup the Mailboy's Friend
Syrup: Mailpo...!
Nuts: Why did we come along...?
Coco: Hey, come on. If we go out, we'll be able to find a lot more Palmins.
Nuts: Are your trying to get out of sending a response to Milk?
Coco: Ah...n-no, nothing like...
Rin: Let's see...this is Karen-san's grape juice, right? Urara, don't drink this juice. It's for Karen-san. She always remembers who drinks her juice besides herself.
Urara: Really?
Karen: No way! Rin, keep saying stuff like that and I won't buy your orange juice!
Rin: I was just buy it.
Nozomi: Um...after that...
Komachi: After that is Nuts' bean daifuku. I'll bring some from my house.
Rin: She said they're for Nuts!

Komachi: What's this? Is it for me?
This is from Milk-san...
Nozomi: Komachi-san! I'll come with... Huh? Another letter?
Komachi: Yes. It looks like it's a letter from Milk, but that thing...
Where could it have gone...?
Anacondy: The legendary Pretty Cure warriors, you say? As I look over the report...I see. They seem to be a somewhat capable opponent.
Scorp: No, they aren't tough to handle. It's just...all five of them were everywhere...
Bunbee: That's the secret to Pretty Cure's strength.
Anacondy: Oh. You and your colleagues knew of Pretty Cure, correct?
Bunbee: Please ask me anything you want know about Pretty Cure.
Anacondy: I am very interested. And you will write out a report for us immediately?
Bunbee: Right away, m'am!
Anacondy: Pretty Cure's power, techniques, goals, personalities, weaknesses...why don't you use those as your starting point? If you please.
Bunbee: That's...!
Anacondy: We still require much more data to analyze Pretty Cure.
Bunbee: I understand.
Anacondy: To start with, face Pretty Cure once to collect data.
Bunbee: Just leave it to me! I will defeat Pretty Cure and obtain the Rose Pact without fail!
Anacondy: And that is?
Bunbee: Oh! Uh...I think I know what to gather for the report. (?)
Nozomi: That was weird.
Komachi: It sure was.
Nozomi: Huh?
Komachi: Syrup-san?
Syrup: Did Mailpo come this way?
Nozomi: Mailpo? Who's that?
Syrup: That's...
Komachi: This letter?
Syrup: Mailpo must've given that to you.
Komachi: So that thing is your friend, Syrup?
Syrup: He really went to deliver them himself. In that case, where's Mailpo?
Komachi: He gave me the letter and disappeared right after.
Nozomi: What's going on with Mailpo?
Syrup: He left and hasn't come back. In this unfamiliar town, all by himself...if something were to happen to Mailpo...
Komachi: Syrup-san...
Syrup: I have to find him, quick!

Komachi: Syrup! Wait! We can direct you around the town.
Syrup: I'll look for Mailpo by myself-ropu!
Nozomi: Mailpo is your friend, right, Syrup? Then he's our friend, too. Let's all look.
Syrup: Nozomi...
Nozomi: If we search from the sky, finding him will be easy. Let's go together!
Syrup: I'm going alone-ropu. I don't want you to ride on me if there isn't any need for it-ropu.
Nozomi: Komachi-san?
Komachi: You don't have to let us ride on you. But let us help look for him, too. We want Milk's letters to be delivered.
Syrup-san. We'll look on the ground, so you take care of the sky. Let's go.
Nozomi: Okay.
Syrup: Wait-ropu. Hurry up and get on-ropu.
Nozomi: Syrup!
Komachi: Is it okay?
Syrup: You two are really weird-ropu. Now then, use the power of the Palmier Kingdom's butterflies-ropu.
Komachi: The butterflies' power?
Rin: They're late.
Urara: They sure are.
Nuts: This presence is...
Coco: A Palmin's presence!
Bunbee: Wait, wait up. Do you want to deliver a letter? It's a special delivery.
Komachi: Do you two always do your delivery work together?
Syrup: Yeah-ropu. Mailpo collects them, and I deliver them-ropu. He always comes along with me-ropu.
Komachi: Is that why your letters always arrive so quickly?
Syrup: Exactly-ropu. Mailpo and I are always together-ropu.
Komachi: Syrup-san...
Syrup: I'm terrible-ropu. I said I wouldn't deliver them, so Mailpo...
Nozomi: Let's hurry up and find him, okay, Syrup?
Syrup: Mailpo!
Nuts: You're going to miss it-natsu!
Coco: Hurry up and snapshot the Palmin-coco!
Karen: Got it.
Urara: Looks like it wasn't a monarch.
Coco: But next time it'll definitely help-coco.
Nuts: So it's important-natsu.
Rin: Even if you say that, we're just...huh?
Syrup: Mailpo!
Nozomi: For me? It must be from Milk again...
Komachi: What's the matter?
Nozomi: This letter...
Coco: Something's come here-coco!
Nozomi: Look at this!
Bunbee: Did you get the letter I sent you?
Nozomi: You're...
Bunbee: It's been a while...Pretty Cure.
Bunbee: I'll say it again. It's been a while, Pretty Cure.
Nozomi: Why are you here?!
Coco: Nightmare should've already perished-coco!
Bunbee: Why? To defeat you and obtain the Rose Pact, of course.
Karen: Rose Pact...
Komachi: It couldn't be...
Bunbee: Exactly. Bunbee-sama is no longer with Nightmare, but Eternal. Yes, on that day...
Bunbee: It can't end like this!
Bunbee: At that point, when I was blown away by Kawarino, I miraculously grabbed onto a window and remembered that I can fly! And to defeat Pretty Cure...that is why I appear once again! Now, won't you hurry up and hand over the Rose Pact?!
Karen: It'll be the same thing no matter how many times you show up!
Rin: We won't...
Urara: Give the Rose Pact to you!

Bunbee: Oh, so you really did lead me to Pretty Cure.
Syrup: You would go so far as to exploit Mailpo-ropu?!
Bunbee: Aren't you a bold little delivery boy!
Komachi: Mailpo-san...
Syrup: Taking advantage of Mailpo like that...
All: Syrup!
Coco: Are you okay-coco?!
Nuts: Hang in there-natsu!
Komachi: Syrup-san!
Bunbee: Oh, where are your manners? You're forgetting not to judge a person so quickly.
Nozomi: To go so far...
Komachi: As to take advantage of Mailpo...
Nozomi: And hurt Syrup...
Bunbee: I stand above all of you, Pretty Cure...!
Nozomi: Let's go, everyone!

Nozomi: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The great power of hope - Cure Dream!
Rin: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The red flame of passion - Cure Rouge!
Urara: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The bursting scent of lemon - Cure Lemonade!
Komachi: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The green earth of tranquility - Cure Mint!
Karen: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The blue spring of intelligence - Cure Aqua!
All: The power of hope and the light of the future! Five hearts flying with elegance! Yes! Pretty Cure 5!
Bunbee: Your power has increased, eh?
I see. Take this!
Hoshina: Hoshina!
Nozomi: Everyone!
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: Yes!

Bunbee: How's it going?! Looks like you're the only one's who haven't powered up. Now, won't you give me the Rose Pact?
Coco: We won't give it to you!
Nuts: Yeah-natsu!
Bunbee: These two useless animals...
Syrup: I won't let you hurt Mailpo-ropu!
Bunbee: Don't get in the way!
Komachi: Syrup-san...
Bunbee: Oh my...I think I really do want to capture you. Yes.
Komachi: Mailpo-san! Syrup-san...Mailpo-san...
Bunbee: You do have the Rose Pact, don't you? Hm? Answer me!
Komachi: Let Mailpo-san go!
Nozomi, Rin, Urara, & Karen: Mint!
Komachi: Syrup-san and Mailpo-san always do their best together! They care for each other even when it hurts or when they're troubled! Taking advantage of their caring feelings for each other...I can't forgive that!
Bunbee: What are you doing?!
Komachi: Pretty Cure Emerald Saucer!

Nozomi: Wow...
Bunbee: Don't do that! Crap!
Syrup: Mailpo!
Bunbee: Dang...this is really gonna be tough...
Nozomi: Syrup and Mailpo delivered letters with their utmost effort. We want to return the favor to them however we can! Pretty Cure Shooting Star!
Bunbee: Well, whatever. Today is only the beginning. Next time...
Nozomi: Are you okay, Syrup?
Syrup: Uh...thank...
Rin: What was that?
Syrup: Can it-ropu!
Coco: And...and after that comes-coco...
Nuts: T-Take care of yourself-natsu...
Nozomi: You're already done answering?!
Rin: R-Really all of those?
Urara: Looks like it.
Karen: Apparently Coco and Nuts haven't slept for three days.
Komachi: They really worked hard!
Syrup: How am I going to deliver these? I refuse to do so.
What are you thinking?! Hold on! Mailpo! I definitely refuse to do it!
Nozomi: Urara, you're finally auditioning for a movie?! This is your big chance to become the heroine!
Urara: Yes! But I'm nervous about performing...
Nozomi: It's okay! Just leave it to us! We'll help you practice performing, and if you forget your script we'll bring it to you. And when Eternal comes...
Urara: What? They came?!
Nozomi: Don't you dare bother her!
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! "Deliver Urara's Script!" Watch it, watch it, watch it, 'kay?