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From: Revisions have been thoroughly applied.

Nozomi: Coco, how are you? Here everyone is doing their very best.
Rin-chan is drawing a bunch of accessory designs.
Urara seems busy with her job every day, too.
Komachi-san is writing a new novel, and Karen-san is working as the student council president and studying to be a doctor.
Oh, me? I'm doing fine, too. But without you here, Coco...I can't help but be lonely. The time I spent with you, each and every moment...I miss those times.

Text: I want to see you, Coco.
Text: Palmier Kingdom

Rin: You wrote a letter? Even though there's not much to it, you really tried hard, didn't you?
Urara: What did you write?
Nozomi: N-No, don't! I don't want anyone to see this letter!
Komachi: You have lots of things you want to tell Coco-san, huh?
Nozomi: Somehow I want to deliver this to Coco, but...
Karen: How would you deliver it?
Urara: I'm not sure, either.
Nozomi: LETTER, BE DELIVERED! Ehehe...guess it's not that easy...

Syrup: I can deliver it. I can deliver it anywhere with ease.
You're Nozomi Yumehara-san, right?
Nozomi: Yes, but...
Syrup: Here. A letter.
Nozomi: A letter?
A rose...?
YES! Pretty Cure 5 GO GO! (Go!)

I'm waiting for everyone's support
Now let's go forward and shout together
Our feelings as one!
YES! Pretty Cure 5 GO GO!

A dreaming flowerbud (Go!) doesn't give up (Go! Go!)
Even when it seems it'll fall (Go!), it believes and goes (Go! Go!)

The pure drops of tears (Pretty Cure, oh yeah, oh yeah)
Like the smiling morning dew
On a newly bloomed rose (Yes!)

Now! A chance flying with elegance
With our cute hearts everyone's
Strong courage will come together
Now you and I will aim
Because there's a future, together
We'll try to get their after our struggle!
'Cause that's the eternal, indestructible (Yes!) Pretty Cure (Go! Go!)

An audacious full throttle
There are no absolute limits
Let's go, girls!
YES! Pretty Cure 5 GO GO!

Masayuki Nishide (ABC)
Rika Tsuruzaki (ADK)
Shinji Shimizu

Masayuki Kameda (ABC)
Kazuhiro Aso (ADK)
Ten Washio

Original Creator: Todo Izumi

Serialized in Kodansha "Nakayoshi"
Manga: Kamikita Twins
"Tanoshii Youchien"
"Otomodachi" etc.

Series Organizer: Yoshimi Narita

Music: Naoki Sato

Theme Songs

"Pretty Cure 5, Full Throttle GO GO!"
Lyrics: Natsumi Tadano
Composition: Kouji Mase
Arrangement: Masaki Iehara
Vocals: Mayu Kudou with Pretty Cure 5

"Te to Te Tsunaide, Heart mo Link!!"
Lyrics: Kumiko Aoki
Composition: Yoshiro Iwakiri
Arrangement: Hiroaki Kagoshima, Koichiro Kameyama
Vocals: Kanako Miyamoto
Chorus: Young Fresh

Marvelous Entertainment

Production Chief: Kazuo Sakai

Art Design: Shinzo Yuki
Color Design: Toyoji Sawada

Character Design: Toshie Kawamura

Series Director: Toshiaki Komura

Produced in cooperation with TOEI

Toei Animation
Nozomi: What's this? Nothing's written on it.
Syrup: I told you, it's a letter.
Rin: But how did you know where Nozomi would be?
Urara: Could it be that you're an acquaintance of Nozomi's?
Nozomi: Mm-mm. I don't...
Syrup: It's our first meeting.
Komachi: So how did you know she was Nozomi-san?
Karen: Even though there wasn't an address.
Urara: How'd you know she'd be at school?
Rin: And who are you in the first place?
Nozomi: Who are you?!

  • blabber blabber*

Syrup: One at a time!
Nozomi: Sorry. Um, by the way, who is this letter from?
Syrup: Well...I don't know the sender. I'm a delivery boy, so I just deliver them. See ya.
Rin: Are you gonna open it? So you know what it is?
Nozomi: Yeah.

Nozomi: What's going on?!
Flora: Nozomi Yumehara-san?
Nozomi: Uh...yes!
Flora: I wanted to contact you by any means, so I sent you this letter.
Karen: Who on earth are...
Flora: I am Flora...although before long I may disappear. But before that, there is something I must do. To do so I need your power. A crisis is already drawing near. Please, brave it with all your power.
Nozomi: Okay! Leave it to us!
But she seems really distressed, and we have the ability to do it, so let's try it!
Flora: Thank you. I'll be waiting for you all in the Cure Rose Garden.
Syrup: Cure Rose Garden?!

Urara: What...
Komachi: In the world...
Karen: Is this?
Syrup: The Rose Pact...! There's no mistaking it!
Nozomi: H-Hey!
Syrup: This is the Rose Pact!
All: What are you talking about?!
Karen: What's the Rose Pact?
Rin: What's the Cure Rose Garden?
Komachi: What exactly happened just now?
Urara: Who is Flora-san?
Nozomi: Are you a friend of hers?

  • blabber blabber*

Syrup: SHUT UP!
Other Four: Wait! Huh? Nozomi!
Resurrection! Pretty Cure 5!
Syrup: Up here we can talk in private...all right...keep your ears open.
Nozomi: What a nice view!
Syrup: "Nice view"'re not scared?! Even this high up?!
Nozomi: Nope. It's totally fine!
Syrup: You're a weird girl...well, whatever. Tell me! Why were you chosen to receive the Rose Pact?
Nozomi: Amazing! Up here in such a short time...
Syrup: What do you know about the Cure Rose Garden?
Nozomi: Hey, how'd you get us up here?
Syrup: I want to go to the Cure Rose Garden--
Nozomi: This is awesome! A delivery boy can do all sorts of stuff!
Syrup: Well, hehe...LISTEN TO WHAT I'M SAYING!

Nozomi: Besides that, you found me even though we've never boys are really amazing!
Syrup: Well...that's really easy. I'm one of the best delivery boys.
Nozomi: You can deliver to anywhere?
Syrup: Naturally.
Nozomi: Then can you deliver this, too?
Syrup: Who's this for?
Nozomi: I want you to deliver this to the Palmier Kingdom.
Syrup: Easy. To Palmier Kingdom, for Coco...Coco of the Palmier Kingdom?!
Nuts: They're starting to get impatient-natsu! They're all waiting to see the kings-natsu!
Coco: I know-coco.
Nuts: Looking out again-natsu.
Coco: The buildings and greenery are making progress every day-coco.
Nuts: It's all because of everyone's effort-natsu.
Coco: We should finish this quickly, I want to see Nozomi and everyone-coco!
Nuts: Before you start with that, we're officially kings now-natsu. King Coco and King Nuts-natsu. It seems like we wouldn't satisfy the monarchs of the other four kingdoms-natsu.
Coco, what are you doing-natsu?!
Coco: We'll do our best together-coco. We'll face any problem head-on, no matter how hard-coco!
Nuts: I agree-natsu!
Syrup: Is this guy a friend of yours?
Nozomi: You know Coco? So can you deliver the letter?
Syrup: This is the wrong type.
Nozomi: Why?
Syrup: I'm not too fond of this guy.
Nozomi: You really...can't deliver it...
Syrup: I can deliver it! But I don't want to deliver it.
Hey! What happened?!
Nozomi: The letter...!
Syrup: Is it important to you? Man, I don't have much definitely can't part with it if it's that important to you. It'd be terrible if you ever lost it.
Nozomi: Thank you.
Syrup: You're welcome. But I still won't deliver it.

Syrup: What came here?!
Nozomi: Where have I heard that line before?
Scorp: I see you...
Nozomi: Who's that?
Syrup: Hurry up and run.
Scorp: What's this? We've only just met, you shouldn't run.
Coco: Those are...
Nuts: What happened after all this time-natsu?!
It happened again-natsu?!
Coco: The kingdom lounge!
This is...

Milk: Coco-sama! Nuts-sama!
Coco & Nuts: Milk!
Coco: Are you all right-coco?
Milk: Yes-miru. But this weird guy appeared out of nowhere...I was scared-miru.
Nuts: How is the rest of the kingdom-natsu?
Milk: They were attacked, and it seems like they all disappeared one by one-miru!
Nuts: What sort of person attacked?
Milk: It sounded like it was called "Eternal"...
Coco & Nuts: Eternal?!
Syrup: Well...pleasure seeing you're Scorp from Eternal, aren't you?
Scorp: I've been looking for you, Syrup.
Nozomi: So your name is Syrup? I'm Nozomi Yumehara!
Syrup: I know that! So, what is it you need today?
Scorp: Recently we've been collecting rare items. What information do you have?
Syrup: Oh, what a shame, I don't have any good info.
Scorp: You're worried about her, aren't you?
Syrup: Hey, hold on to the Rose Pact, okay?
Nozomi: You mean this? Rose Pact!
Syrup: Why did you take it out?! When I said hold onto it, I didn't...
Scorp: The Rose Pact? It can't be...I can't believe it! The best item in the collection! I've found it...the Rose Pact!

Scorp: What now? Don't you have it?
Syrup: This is just for show...
Nozomi: It's the real thing. 'Cause Flora-san gave it to me.
Syrup: I told you to stop talking!
Scorp: Real or fake, we'll know when it's appraised at Eternal. Won't you give me the item at once so we can properly appraise it? You must give it to me.
Nozomi: That's okay! This is definitely the real thing!
Scorp: Others are concerned about you. Wouldn't it be better if you listened to me?
Nozomi: Thanks, but we're fine.
Scorp: Ah...I see.

Rin: It can't be! Over there!
Urara: You're right. There's no mistaking them!
Karen: On top of the tower?!
Komachi: Nozomi-san...

Scorp: Syrup...what is the meaning of this? Do you know what will happen if you continue to get in the way?
Syrup: Hold on tight!
Scorp: You will not escape!
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: Nozomi!
Rin: Is he a bird, or maybe an airplane?
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: I have no idea...
Nozomi: What's this? Syrup, you're amazing!
Syrup: Now is not the time to celebrate-ropu!
Scorp: I will not let you escape!
Syrup: Nozomi! Hold on tight-ropu!
Nozomi: You did it!
Scorp: Too bad.
Nozomi: Are you okay? He got so small...

Rin: Nozomi!
Nozomi: Everyone!
Rin: Nozomi, are you all right?
Urara: Thank goodness you're safe.
Karen: Is that thing what you were flying on before?
Nozomi: Yeah, I was riding on Syrup just a minute ago.
Rin: It's another weird creature.
Urara: He's a cutie!
Komachi: He must be the boy from before.
Nozomi: Correct! Ding-ding-ding!

Scorp: May I interrupt? I apologize for disturbing you.
Nozomi: You're the one who wanted the Rose Pact! The one who fought Syrup before!
Scorp: That's not true. The Rose Pact was actually supposed to be delivered to us. Syrup was just fooling around.
Syrup: That's bullcrap-ropu!
Scorp: Is it all right to resist such a large organization like that? Anyway, since you're not part of any organization, who's going to a believe a delivery boy like you?

Nozomi: I believe him!
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: Nozomi-san!
Nozomi: Syrup caught my letter for me.
Syrup: You definitely can't part with it if it's that important to you.
Nozomi: Syrup knew the letter was important to me, and he believed me! That's why I believe Syrup, too!
Scorp: Your kindness made you seem unprepared.
Nozomi: You hurt Syrup without a second thought to get the Rose Pact! You tried to harm someone else for your own gain! I definitely cannot forgive you!
We've decided to go to the Cure Rose Garden! We promised Flora-san we would!

Scorp: I see...that's too bad. In that case...Eternal's only activity will be to obtain the Rose Pact! Hand over the Rose Pact at once!
Nozomi: We won't let you do whatever you want! Let's go, everyone! RUUUUUN!
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: Yes!
Rin: We've been drawn into these weird events again!
Komachi: It's been a while since it was last like this...
Urara: But what should we do?!
Karen: Now we don't have any way of fighting back!
Syrup: What are you talking about-ropu?!
Scorp: Now, hand over the Rose Pact!

Nozomi: Coco...!
Coco: Nozomi...
Nuts: Coco. Save the greetings for later.
Scorp: The Rose Pact...
Karen: Could this...
Urara: Be...
Rin: It couldn't be!
Komachi: It's new powers!
Scorp: Well, whatever! I'll destroy every one of you!
Nozomi: Let's go, everyone!
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: Yes!

Nozomi: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The great power of hope, Cure Dream!
Rin: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!
Urara: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Komachi: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!
Karen: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!
All: The power of hope and the light of the future! Five hearts flying with elegance! Yes! Pretty Cure 5!
Syrup: Pretty Cure-ropu?
1, 2, love love
3, 4, 5, Pre! Cure!
1, 2, love love
3, 4, 5, Pre! Cure!

Let's link hand in hand
And transmit our energy
We have the power
Of a nodding smile!

1, 2, love love
3, 4, 5, Pre! Cure!
1, 2, love love
3, 4, 5, Pre! Cure!

Even if you search around the world
For an undiscovered key
Your brow wrinkled, your arms folded?!
That's just too much! Too much!
Open up your hands
Laugh from the bottom of your heart
"Rani-rani chu! Chu! Open"
The secret magic words

Let's link hand in hand
And link our hearts, too
Let's all make the impossible
Become possible!
A young girl's heart in full bloom
Is the Pretty Cure type

1, 2, love love
3, 4, 5, Pre! Cure!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, yes!

Screenplay: Yoshimi Narita

Voice Casting
Nozomi Yumehara: Yuko Sanpei
Rin Natsuki: Junko Takeuchi
Urara Kasugano: Mariya Ise
Komachi Akimoto: Ai Nagano
Karen Minazuki: Ai Maeda

Coco: Takeshi Kusao
Nuts: Miyu Irino
Milk: Eri Sendai
Syrup: Romi Pak
Flora: Yuko Minaguchi

Scorp: Takehito Koyasu

In cooperation with: Toei Academy

Key Animation:
Mitsuru Aoyama
Naoko Yamaoka
Shinmei Saito
Mika Hironaka

Hiroyuki Kawano
Terumi Nishii
Hiroki Tanaka
Hideki Nagashima
Paul Ano-Nuevo
Keiji Takemura

Toshie Kawamura
Chiori Matsuda
Yuki Hayashi
Yoshihiko Umakoshi
Naotoshi Shida

Marie Ino
Aiko Ranbe
Shouko Nakamura
Mitsuko Baba
Emiko Miyamoto
Chuji Nakajima
Dai Imaoka
Mayuko Kato
Hiromi Sahara
Genichiro Kondo

Animation Compilation:
M.S.J. Musashino Works

Tatsuro Iseri
Makoto Suwada
Ryutaro Masuda
Emiko Nagai
Nerissa Sisson

Digital Coloring:
M.S.J. Musashino Works

Color Assignment: Toyoji Sawada

Digital Photography:
Toei Lab Tech
Takahiro Morita
Masaichi Fumoto
Seiji Hanaoka
Kiyoko Baba

CG Designers:
Emiko Nishida
Satoko Toyokawa

CG Advancement: Masaki Sakurai

Editing: Masahiro Goto
Recording: Kimitaka Kawasaki
Sound Effects: Takahisa Ishino
Music Selection: Sayaka Mizuno
Documentation: Naoko Sawai
Recording Studio: TAVAC
Online Editing: TOVIC

Music in cooperation with Toei Animation Music Publishing

Production Assistant: Yuta Tanaka
Production Advancement: Yasushi Oikawa
Art Advancement: Masato Nishimaki
Finishing Advancement: Takahiro Kawamoto
Acting Business: Takumi Kohama

Art: Shinzo Yuki

Image Director: Mitsuru Aoyama

Director: Toshiaki Komura
Rin: It's nice to see Coco and Nuts again.
Nozomi: Yeah! But I'm not sure about Coco.
Rin: Nozomi...
Nozomi: I transformed with everyone again and got to see Coco, and I'm really happy. But...
Rin: Coco is certainly afraid of you entering this sort of danger.
Nozomi: Even so, I'll do my best for Coco and his friends.
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! Nozomi and Coco - A Troubling Reunion. Watch it, watch it, watch it, 'kay?