Fresh Precure Grand List of Corrections

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Okay, so once we finish every episode of FPC - stop laughing in the back there - it's gonna be necessary for us to do a whole lot of corrections. This is for mistakes and consistency and making sure we're using correct spellings of names and such. Consistency is mostly covered on the Fresh Precure Common Terms page, so only errors need to be noted here.

Specific Episodes

Episode 5

Westar: "Have my cover been blown?"

Episode 6

Love: "sorry we supected you" <- suspected

Episode 7

(and possibly others)

At least one instance of "Momozono Love" instead of "Love Momozono", so we need to double-check name ordering.

Episode 10

Tarte: "Inori, let's change!" should be transform?

Episode 30

When Yoshida describes the two mammals that lay eggs, the second one is an echidna, not a porcupine.

Episode 36

At least one instance of "Sauler". There are probably more in other episodes, too...

~/$ grep -il sauler *
[CureCom] Fresh Pretty Cure! - 01v4 [HD][D5F14B26].ass
[CureCom] Fresh Pretty Cure! - 34 [HD][FDDA9130].ass
[CureCom] Fresh Pretty Cure! - 35 [HD][442CE68D].ass
[CureCom] Fresh Pretty Cure! - 36 [HD][7511A57D].ass

Episode 38

at 24:15: Cure Berry says "That's right, Chiffon. The blue heart is the emblem of hope. I am Pretty Cure. I am Cure Berry! I will never give up!" The last sentence at the end should be "I will never lose hope!" (you can clearly hear きぼ in there when she says it)

All Episodes

references to Chiffon's gender

Earlier episodes refered to Chiffon as 'he' and so forth. Toei's fault - they left her gender ambiguous until about halfway through the show. Need to make sure she's referred to as a female.

references to Chatspike

Our IRC channel was on Chatspike when we started. Any references to it need to be changed to Rizon. :)

"Peachy," etc. in Tarte dialog

Some early eps had Tarte's -han suffix rendered as a cute suffix for the girls. It's not meant to be cute. -han is Kansai-ben and functionally equivalent to -san. As such, it should just be dropped and not translated. (Wanted to draw special attention to this one, which is why it was added here and not just to the common terms page. -- Kanmuri )

"Denizen of Labyrinth"

  • ラビリンス総統・メビウスさまがしもべ is not: "A denizen of Labryinth and servant of Lord Moebius!"
    • 総統 is "supreme ruler", not "denizen" or anything of that sort.
    • Instead it should be: "A servant of the supreme ruler of Labyrinth, Lord Moebius!"
    • (Again, this is something I added to the common terms page as well, but wanted to point out here as well. -- Kanmuri)

Nakewamake summoning

In the first 4 episodes, and the ones TLed by VQ (basically anything before I started TLing), has the Nakewamake summoning wrong. Due to a mishearing by the first TL, it was translated as something like, "Nakewamake, unleash your evil!" instead of the correct TL of "Nakewameke, do my bidding!" -- Kanmuri