Fresh Precure Episode 49

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From kavee_sinji via email

Fresh Pretty Cure 49

Peach: Change! Pretty Cure…..
Pretty Cure: Beat Up!
The white heart is the symbol of everyone’s hearts,
Flapping fresh! Cure Angel!
Berry: Everyone’s feeling.
Pine: Everyone’s hearts.
Passion: All into one.
Peach: Pretty Cure won’t lose, because this is everyone’s power. We are definitely wins.

Opening theme
Episode 49 "The Surprising Truth! Moebius's True Self!!"

Norclyne: Cure Angel?
You all shall go to hell.
What are you really think?
There’s no way to be like this….
No way! Impossible!!
Passion: This is bad! We must do something.
Berry: Leave it to me.
Peach: Berry!
The girls: Do your best! Do your best, Pretty Cure!
Labyrinth: Do your best! Pretty Cure!
Peach: Everyone….
Wester: Everything’s they keep trying finally success.
Souler: Is this the power of everyone’s happiness? Am I right?
Tart: Yes! Of course.
Norclyne: How come? This world isn’t belongs to you. How come you have this much power?
Passion: This is not our power. This is power of everyone in Labyrinth.
Pine: Even though each person has a little power, but if we combine feelings of each person…..
Berry: When power combine into one. We won’t lose. It will be a great love’s power.
Peach: This is the reason why everyone’s gather here!
Norclyne: It’s useless!
Lord Moebuis won’t let’s this happen. We won’t let you get into our way either.
Peach: Girls, Let’s go!
Forward all the feelings.
Pretty Cure, loving true heart!
Northa: Lord Meobuis…
Clyne: We are sorry. (P.S. I am not sure what Clyne’s said it has the word “go” when he speaks so I put “We are sorry” instead, so it looks better.)
Wester: Is this?
Souler: Northa and Clyne true form.
Tart: Everyone!
Peach: Tart! Azukina!
Pine: We are so glad.
Azukina: Everyone’s did best.
Peach: Yes… but…
I guess it comes from everyone.
Berry: Wester, Souler.
Passion: How could you escape from Delete Hole?
Wester: Well….
Souler: To tell you the truth we’re not really sure.
While Wester and I floated without destination in there… suddenly…
Wester: There was the warm light appeared above us.
Souler: It appeared with the sound of music.
Wester: Within that abnormal light it’s also has a baby voice.

Chiffon: ~ Cure.. Cure.. Puri~Pu!! ~

Peach: ~ Cure.. Cure.. Puri~Pu!! ~
Wester: Cure… Cu…. P…P.. Something…
Passion: That’s must be Chiffon.
Berry: But Chiffon still be Moebuis’s prisoner.
Souler: I guess there must be something connection between, and that music box would be the point.
Tart: Yeah! That must be it.
Azukina: Tart-sama
Can you remember while Peach-haan and Pine-haan were in trouble? Clover box saved them, and Chiffon returned her a bit consciousness after we played Cover box.
Wester: Then….
Souler: Why you girls saved us?
Peach: Because actually both of you have a kind heart.
Passion: Because both of you are an important person that Labyrinth’s want, that’s why Chiffon saved you guys.
Wester: We are….
Souler: Important… Person….
Souler: Because of you.
Berry: Me?
Souler: I am your enemy, but you won’t let go my hand.
Berry: Well, if I do anything it must be perfect.
Wester: This is?
Tart: Time to eat donut.
Wester: A talking ferret.
Tart: Everyone’s always call me CUTE! CUTE! Ferret! …
Wester: Brother….
Tart: At Peach-haan world we also have one more brother.
Sweet heart!
Wester: Is the symbol of delicious!
Wester+Tart: Fried Fresh! We are donut brothers!
Tart: How is it?
Wester: I love it.
Azukina: Whatever Tart-sama done! He’s always look cool!
Souler: I absolutely won’t join your group!
Wester+Tart: No way!!
Peach: The top direction….
Berry: Where Moebuis lived…..
Pine: Chiffon must be there with him too.
Passion: We better go.
Wester: We will go with you too.
Souler: To reach and fight Moebuis isn’t easy. I think you need our help.
Pine: Tart-chan and Azukina-chan would be safe if you stay here.
Tart: No!! I will go too!
Passion: Eat donut waiting for us here would be better for you.
Tart: I won’t do that! I am worried and want to save Chiffon same as all of you.
Because… Because…
I… I…
Peach: Tart…
Tart: I will go with you no matter what!
Azukina: I will go too.
Peach: I understand. Everyone’s going.
Berry: To reach Moebuis should takes a while. The tower is higher than we thought. How can we take everyone there?
Souler: Let’s us take care of it.
Passion: Will you use Nekewameka?
Souler: Nekewameke? That’s name doesn’t exist anymore.
Hohoemina! Release you power!
Hohoemina: Hohoemina~ Nico~ Nico~
Peach: Nico~ Nico~
Girls, just only one left.
Let’s go.
The girls: Pretty Cure!


Pine: What? It’s a creepy here, so quite.
Tart: I can see the light.
Peach: Let’s toward there.
Tart: T…This place is?
Moebuis: Welcome, Pretty Cure and gentlemen.
Berry: Moebuis!
Peach: Let’s Chiffon go now.
Tart: Chiffon!
Moebuis: I won’t give Infinity to anyone.
Passion: Lord Moebuis! Please! Stop!
Peach: Passion!
Passion: The world of Labyrinth that you create, It’s a real mistake.
Moebuis: Shut up! People who betrayed someone who treat them like a family. They are moron!
Passion: Lord Meobuis….
Moebuis: This is your punishment!
Passion: Berry!
Berry: Passion isn’t a moron!
Pine: She’s a kind person. She is our comrade.
Passion: Pine.
Moebuis: Weak…
Passion: This is my comrade who makes me smile and enjoyable. No matter what! I won’t let you hurt my precious friends!
Moebuis: Enjoyable, Smile, Comrade.
It’s useless!
Peach: Girls! Time to combine our powers!
Passion: Wait!
Berry: Passion…
Passion: Let… Let me handle this by myself.

( Passion Harp attack)

Passion: I have learned a lot of various things from the world outside Labyrinth.
To see many kind of people stay together and trying to grab what they want.
That’s call “Happiness”.
The precious thing that make people alive.
And that’s what Labyrinth’s lack of.
To understand in each person.
You’re too, Lord Moebuis!
Lord Moebuis….
Moebuis: I am Moebuis…. I am….. AHHHHHHHHHH!!
Wester: No way!
Souler: That’s Moebuis…..
Moebuis: That’s not my true self.
Berry: What do you mean?
Peach: Moebuis! Stop hiding! Come out if you dare!!
Moebuis: I never hiding anywhere!
I am in front all of you all time.
Right here! Right now!
Peach: Impossible!
Berry: Moebuis’s true self…..
Pine: Is a giant computer…..
Moebuis: That’s right! I am great Lord Moebuis!
Passion: What do you mean?
Wester: That’s mean all time we were governed by thing that human created.
Souler: No way, but how?
Moebuis: It’s according to what your human wish.
Passion: Our wish?
Moebuis: Now! Come to take Infinite back if you can.
Peach: Let’s go.
Pine: That’s…..
Pretty Cure: Chiffon!
Tart: Everyone!
Berry: What’s that?
Pine: What a heavy! We can’t fly!
Passion: He’s controlling the atmosphere this area.
Moebuis: Now! Come to take Infinite back if you can.
Berry: What’s it again! That’s me!
Souler: That’s the illusion which created by Meobuis.
Peach: Chiffon! We’re going to help you now.
Moebuis: It’s bored if I let’s them pass here easily.
Monster: Everything we done for our great Lord Moebuis!
Tart: What is that?
Moebuis: Are you still keep trying?
Passion: You told us about govern by human wish. What do you mean by that?
Moebuis: If you want to know I will tell.
Long time ago, Labyrinth…..
Was the same as the world that Pretty Cure live.
The peaceful world was suddenly changed.
Because the human want to have a convenient life, so they made a computer for the governed.
To responded their passion. The professional of Labyrinth’s successfully made the main computer call “Moebuis”.
That’s me.
To spread though the Labyrinth, but a incredible program that was too great inside me.
Peach: Too great.
Moebuis It made human stupid. They can’t think by them self.
They always do thing followed by what computer evaluate.
It made me think that human didn’t suppose to govern this world anymore.
I take over everything by controlled all human heart.
All human being that lived in Labyrinth.
To be a big president must have a body so I made my body from a robot.
And made honest servants. Clyne from a lizard DNA and Northa from a plant DNA.
I am not done yet, so I have to plan to take over all parallel world.
I must be the top of everything and everything will be as my wish.
Passion: I can’t believe Moebuis’s lie to me.
Moebuis: It’s time to start game again.
Wester: This is?
Tart: Pole?
Azukina: Tart-sama!!
Wester: brother!
Souler: Wester!
Tart: Brother!
Moebuis: I won’t let you.
Passion: Wester!
Tart: Hohoemina! Brother!
Azukina: Wester-haan! Put yourself together!
Peach: Wester!
Moebuis: You think that I will let you pass here easily.
Pine: Cable is surrounding us.
Souler: Hurry! Run!
Passion: Souler!
Souler: Don’t look back! Move toward, Pretty Cure!
Berry: Souler!
Moebuis: Finished another one.
Peach: Moebuis! Unforgivable!
Tart: Peach-haan…..
Moebuis: To control all the parallel world…
Everything is ready according by my plan.
However… PRETTY CURE!!! My obstacle.
You deceived my servants to be your comrade.
Passion: No! No one deceived me.
I learned from Love, Miki, Bukki and more people.
In every person are different.
Spend your life in the better way from the failed experience.
Tried to do best! That’s what precious thing in human life.
Peach: Let’s go! Go grab happiness that will make everyone smile back!
Moebuis: What are you thinking to do again?
Love: Chiffon!
Moebuis: Now! Finish them!
Tart: Pretty Cure!
Moebuis: You stupid!
Tart: Everyone…..
Azukina: Tart-sama! Look over there!
Moebuis: You shall die in this darkness!
The Girl: Pretty Cure, PRETTY CURE!!!


Peach: Wake up! Please! Open your eyes! Come to play with everyone again.

Fresh Pretty Cure
Episode 50. “Full of Smiles! Everyone Will Get Their Happiness”
Receive it!!
Shiwase Get dayo!

Heartcatch CM:

Blossom: The flowers blooming on the earth! Cure Blossom!
Marine: The flowers blowing by the ocean! Cure Marine!
Pretty Cure: New perform. Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Blossom: Start Sunday 7 February 8.30 am.

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