Fresh Precure Episode 47

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Translation by Kanmuri

Translation complete -- Kanmuri

Part 1 -- Prologue

Tarte: Chiffon!
Azukina: In such a hidden place... {あないなとこに… Best guess here.}
Tarte: Chiffon! Wake up!
Open your eyes, Chiffon!

Tarte: Leggo of Azukina!

Klein: 97...
Congratulations, Lord Moebius!
All parallel worlds are now under your complete control.
I am Moebius, the sovereign of all worlds.
Everything for Lord Moebius.

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- I'm kinda peckish

Title: Change the world! The Miracle of Donuts!

Northa: Cure Peach, Cure Pine...
Peach + Pine: Northa...
Northa: Welcome.
And now, goodbye, Pretty Cure.

Passion: We should find where Peach and Pine are as quickly as possible. {今は いっこくも早く ピーチとパインのところへ}
Berry: Right.

Tarte: You okay, Azukina?
Azukina: Yes.

Tarte: Where are we?
Looks like we're back in the middle of the city again.
I'm not gonna be discouraged by something as trivial as this.
Wait for me, Chiffon.
Let's go, Azukina.
Azukina: Okay, Tarte.
Tarte: What was that sound?
Azukina: Just a little insect in my stomach. {"Just a rumbly in my tumbly." xD -- Kanmuri}
Tarte: Is that all? You surprised me there. {Can I just re-iterate how annoying translating Kansai-ben ferrets is? Twice as annoying when there are *two* of them. xD -- Kanmuri}
Azukina: I'm awfully sorry.
Tarte: That's fine. If you're hungry...
Let's eat some donuts.
Azukina: Such a gentle taste.
Tarte: My bro made it for me.
Azukina: Your brother?
From the Sweets Kingdom?
Tarte: No, no, my strong and funny bro from Clover Town.
Azukina: You've been whiling away the days in an amazing and wonderful way, haven't you?
Tarte: Yeah, even though it's all been beyond my wildest fantasies, every day has been a blast. {Yeah, I'm getting a bit colloquial here, but that's how Kansai-ben feels to me. -- Kanmuri}

Tarte: Oh hey, did you need us for something?
I don't really know ya, but you seem kinda lifeless.
Oh yeah, I'll give you a donut.
Here, go ahead and eat it.

Kid: It's not time for food right now.
We haven't been ordered to eat, either.
Wakeup - 6:30
Meal - 7:30
Also, donuts aren't on the menu today.

Tarte: That don't matter, just try one. {Please correct if I'm going too hick here. xD -- Kanmuri}
When you're feeling down, donuts are the best. They're delicious!
Kid: What's... delicious?
Tarte: You don't know what "delicious" means!?
Azukina: Anyway, go ahead and eat it.
Kid: Delicious...
Azukina: Exactly, like that.
Tarte: If you're having trouble, just think about it for a bit.
Delicious things bring a smile to your face and perk you up.
Kid: This is delicious...
Tarte: That's right.
Kid: Delicious.
Tarte: Uh huh.
Kid: Delicious!
Tarte: Of course!
These are the donuts that Pretty Cure and I love to eat every day.
Kid: Pretty Cure?

Part 3 -- Peach and Pine perpetually punching plants

{Battle, grunts, cries, etc.}
Peach: Pine!
Northa: So unsightly. Let me explain something for you.
It's already too late for what you're trying so hard too accomplish.
Peach: What do you mean?
Northa: This. {snaps fingers}
People: Everything for Lord Moebius!
Everything for Lord Moebius!
Everything for Lord Moebius!
{Okay, throughout this entire scene, the people are saying that same line over and over again, do we really need to subtitle it *every* time? -- Kanmuri}

Peach & Pine: This is... no way!
Northa: That's right, all the parallel worlds are already under the control of Lord Moebius.
Peach: That's a lie, it has to be!
Pine: Then, the people in Yotsuba...!?
Northa: Oh, you mean this? {snaps fingers}

People: Everything for Lord Moebius! {etc.}
Peach: Daisuke!
People: Everything for Lord Moebius! {continued.}

Peach: No...
Pine: Everyone there too...
Northa: Everything is under the control of Lord Moebius now.
The world you know no longer exists!

Azukina: Tarte.
Tarte: It's the Pretty Cure.
Girl: They're Pretty Cure?

Northa: Bitter? Painful?
But it's your own fault that it's this way.
Peach: What are you saying?
Northa: You chose to to become Pretty Cure.
You chose to come to Labyrith.
And you've persisted in this way of life.
So that's why you're having such a difficult time.

Tarte: Peach! Pine!
Northa: If you'd just let Lord Moebius take control and gone on with your lives,
You wouldn't have to think about anything, or deal with any troubles.
Failures, regrets, and sorrows could not happen.
Lord Moebius' way of life is very easy going. It's wonderful.
That's why you should give up already.
Give up being Precure, and give up defying Lord Moebius.

Pine: No.
Peach: No way!
Northa: Stop it!
Give up and give yourselves over to the control of Lord Moebius!
I'm telling you to give up already!

Peach & Pine: We won't give up!
Double Pretty Cure kick!
Wh-Why won't you give up!?

Peach: We have no need to give up!
Pine: It's okay to regret your choices.
Peach: Time after time, you may mess up and lose your way, then have to make it back to the right path.
Peach & Pine: Even after taking alot of detours, it's okay if you keep walking forward! {Yeah, taking some liberties with this bit here, mostly just adding a few extra glue words here and there to try and avoid translationese. -- Kanmuri}
Peach: By doing so, there's a wealth of strength to be had from the path we've chosen.
Pine: And many smiles to be born along that abundant path.
Northa: Disposal, then.

Tarte: That's right, Pretty Cure!
Azukina: Peach! Pine! Don't give up!
Girl: The Pretty Cure are so cool!


Part 4 -- Give up already, Pretty Cure!

Northa: Cut it out and give up already, Pretty Cure!
Give yourselves over to Lord Moebius's control, Pretty Cure.
Peach: No way! No matter what great tribulations come our way,
Pine: we're going to take them on,
Peach & Pine: and come out on the other side! {Also considered, "and see them through to the end." -- Kanmuri}

Tarte: That's right, Peach and Pine!
Girl: Pretty Cure!
Pretty Cure!
Man: Pretty Cure?
Old Man: Pretty Cure...
Pink-haired woman: What's "Pretty Cure?"

Northa: It's about time I ended this, Pretty Cure!
Oh dear, what's the matter? You seem to be suffering quite a bit.
Peach: By experiencing suffering and sadness,
Pine: we're able to know feelings of happiness all the more!
Northa: Meh, I'm tired of listening to you!

Azukina: When did the crowd here get this big?
Tarte: This is wonderful. This is a wonderful thing, Azukina.
Azukina: Huh?

Tarte: Look around. At a time and place of only their own choosing, the people of Labyrinth have stopped walking and of their own volition are standing here.

Northa: Quickly disappear, Pretty Cure!

Azukina: The Pretty Cure are in a pinch! {or "bind" if you wanna be less literal -- Kanmuri}
Tarte: I... what can I do to help the Pretty Cure.
What in the world can I do?
Azukina: Tarte, have you come up with something?
Tarte: Please, reach them somehow.
Girl: You want Pretty Cure to hear this?
Tarte: Yup.
Girl: I hope it reaches them.
Tarte: Yeah, come on, reach them!
1st Man: You want those girls to hear this?
Tarte: Yeah, that's right.
2nd Man: Can't you turn up the volume?
Tarte: Would if I could.
I'm pooped.

1st Man: If you hooked it up to that huge TV's speakers, wouldn't that make it louder?
3rd man: Hmm? What's up?
Oh, you want the sound from that music box to come out of the TV's speaker?
Hey, is there someone who knows more about electronics here?
4th man: I do.
Woman: I know where the speaker cables run to.
1st Man: Alright, let's split up and see what we can do!
Crowd: Yeah!
? Man: Plug in to all the speakers in the city.
Gather all the mikes, too!

Girl: And I'll play the music box.
Tarte: B-but...
Girl: Please let me help, your donuts really cheered me up!
Tarte: Please do, then!
Girl: Everyone, let's reach the Pretty Cure with the melody of this music box!
Crowd: Yeah!

Peach & Pine: This melody is... from Tarte!
Berry & Passion: We can hear the music box's melody.
Berry: What's that!?

Klein: What the...? The people have started acting unexpectedly.
Moebius: Is this Pretty Cure's doing as well?
Klein: Yes sir.

Tarte: Aaah! The power was cut!
Dangit... {そんなアホな… same as そんなバカな -- Kanmuri}
Azukina: Tarte, look!
Tarte: That light coming from Moebius' tower... {"tower" is what I changed "HQ" to in 46's TLC -- Kanmuri}
It can't be.... did it reach Chiffon too!?
Azukina: Yup, no doubt about it!
Tarte: Yahoo!
Azukina: Your wish came true thanks to everyone's help.
Tarte: It really did.
Girl: Thank goodness.
The music box's melody reached them, didn't it?
Tarte: It certainly did.
Azukina: Thanks to your help! {Complete guess here. ようおきばりやした! Azukina's worse than Tarte. :P -- Kanmuri}
Tarte: You all made a miracle happen.
Thank you.
Azukina: Here you go, Tarte.
Tarte: We're gonna get Chiffon back for sure this time.
Girl: Thank you!
Thanks for the donuts!
Tarte: Eat in good health everyone! {Substituted Japanese expression for English one -- Kanmuri}
Girl: Delicious!
Tarte: When we come back, we'll tell you where the donut shop is!
You can even have them delivered! {Realized I'd missed these two lines. orz -- Kanmuri}

Berry: Peach!
Passion: Pine!
Peach: Berry!
Pine: Passion!
Peach: Thank goodness!
Pine: Looks like you to are fine.
Berry: Yeah, we're okay. But....
Soular and Westar...
Passion: To save us, they were swallowed up by the delete hole!
Peach: Then, those two are...?

Northa: Of course trash should be disposed of.
Pine: Calling them trash, that's horrible!
Berry: Weren't those two your comrades?
Passion: Westar and Soular... {Missing verbs orz. -- Kanmuri}
Peach: Don't talk about your comrades like that!
Northa: I'll send you off to join them soon enough.

Peach: Carry, melody of love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!
Berry: Resonate, rhythm of hope! Cure Stick, Berry Sword!
Pine: Heal, harmony of faith! Cure Stick, Pine Flute!
Passion: Sing, rhapsody of happiness! Passion Harp!

Peach + Berry + Pine: Evil and misery, begone!

Pine: Pretty Cure Healing Prayer...
Berry: Pretty Cure Espoir Shower...
Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine...
Pine + Berry + Peach: Fresh!

Passion: Roar, oh storm of happiness!
Pretty Cure Happiness Hurricane!

Northa: I'm going to finish this now, Pretty Cure. {そろそろ終わりにしようか プリキュア…}

Berry: Northa's....
Peach: Is that Northa's true form!?

Ending Theme

Part 5 -- Preview

Peach: No way!
Even with our four hearts as one, our attack has no effect!

Fresh Pretty Cure!
The final battle! {最終決戦!}
The birth of Cure Angel!! {キュアエンジェル誕生!!}

Let's get our happiness together!

{Heartcatch teaser -- I grabbed Doremi's translation for these phrases from a random HC ep [ep 10 to be specific], went with a slight variation on Marine's though. -- Kanmuri}
The flower that spreads throughout the land, Cure Blossom!
The flower that flutters in the ocean breeze, Cure Marine!

The new show "Heartcatch Precure!" starts Sunday February 7th at 8:30 AM.