Fresh Precure Episode 45

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Fresh Pretty Cure Episode 45

Chiffon - Love!!
I am Infinity… The endless memory….
Moebuis - Finally, Infinity is in our hand. Good job Wester, Soular, and Northa.
Wester+Soular+Nor - Yes! Everything we done for our great Lord Moebuis.
Clyne - The system is ready Lord Moebuis. The memory of the Infinity has been set.
Moebuis - Good! Finally the last piece is in my hand.
Everything I want. Not for long all parallel world will become mind.


Man fish shop - Hey! More left! Left!
Old woman candy shop - Don’t just give order. Do it yourself.
Man fish shop - Oh! You don’t need to be so strict.

Remi - I wonder what’s wrong with Miki?
Inori mom - Usually our girls must help us arrange thing here every year.
Ayumi - Yeah. I wonder what’s wrong with our girls.

Episode 45 "We are Four Pretty Cures! Separation in Christmas!!"

Love - I am so sorry, Tart.
Inori - We can’t protect Chiffon.
Miki - As Pretty Cure. We are totally failed. I am so sorry.
Tart - What? I didn’t say anything.
Setsuna - Face the truth, we are totally failed.
Tart - …………….
Love - I wonder how is she now?
Chiffon - Love…
Love - Chiffon…

Moebuis - It’s time! Soon parallel world will become mind.
Soular - What’s is this?
Wester - An Earthquake?

Love - Instead of sadness, there must be the way out for us!!
Miki - That’s right! I got it.
Tart - I think I will go to Sweet kingdom to inform the elder and my dad about everything that happened here.
Love - Let’s hurry toward to Sweet kingdom.
Inori - Could this be the elder might know the solution right?
Tart - Yes! Hurry! There is no time left.
Passion-Han, Teleport!
Setsuna - OK!
Sweet Kingdom! The elder!

Tart - What’s happen?
Miki - Is This place really… Sweet Kingdom?
Setsuna - It’s totally different from the last time we visited.
Inori - Look! Someone there. Is that the elder?
Tart - Oh! That him!!
Love - But I really wonder this place is really…..
Setsuna - Sweet kingdom….
Tart - The elder! What happen here!!!
O…Oh!! Hello! Hello!
The elder - I am Tiramisu… the servant of great Lord Moebuis…
Tart - W-What?!!!
Miki - What did he just say?
Setsuna - The servant of great Lord Moebuis?
Inori - No way! Why?
Tart - Get yourself together, the elder!!
Azukina - Tart-Sama!!!
Are you alright?
Tart - Azukina!! What’s happened here!!
What’s really happened to Sweet Kingdom!
Azukina - Well…..
Setsuna - Watch out, We got busted!
Miki - What’s the meaning of this?
Tart - Mom!! Daddd!!
Tart’s Dad - I am Waffle…. The servant of great Lord Moebuis….
Tart - Dad too?
Azukina - Everyone here is in under Labyrinth control already.
Tart - Really?
Tart’s Dad - Arrest them!
Soldier - Everything we do for only our great Lord Moebuis!
Love - Setsuna, take us out of here!
Setsuna - Yes! Clover Town Street, Love’s bed room.
Tart - Under Labyrinth control? How come? What was happen?
Azukina - It began with….
many groups of cable, suddenly come inside sweet kingdom… The King tried to get everyone to the safe place.
But not for long Sweet kingdom population and the element cover by darkness.
Then… a group of cable came to me.
The elder?
The elder - Sweet Kingdom is in under Labyrinth control already.
But everything cannot be control!!
Azukina - Labyrinth?
The elder - Yes! Hurry, run!!
Azukina - Yes!!
Then, to save myself… I am not looked back and waited for all you there.
Setsuna - That’s mean they are moving….
Moebuis turn Chiffon into Infinity and use the memory.. Then, all the parallel world will be in there control as they wish.
Tart - Dad… Mom… Elder…
Love - It’s alright, Tart.
We will help everyone.
Let’s go! Go to Labyrinth!
Tart - Peach-Hannn.
Love - Chiffon is waiting for us, and we must help everyone.
Inori - That’s right!
I am not afraid of anything, and Chiffon is our precious friend.
Miki - OK!
Let’s go to Labyrinth, Let’s see how tough Moebuis is.
Love - Setsuna?
Setsuna - Sorry… but I…
Miki - What’s wrong?
Setsuna - I.. I am not so sure…
I used to be Labyrinth people. If I have to go back there again… I afraid that I will return to Eas again.
Love - Don’t worry Setsuna.
Miki - Yes! You are not alone.
Inori - We will be together.
Setsuna - Love… Miki… Bukki…
Love - That’s why there are nothing to worry about.
Setsuna - I got it, Thank you.
Tart - YES!!! Let’s go Labyrinth!! Let’s destroy them!!
Love - Sorry, Tart. You have to wait.
Tart - Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why not?
Love - Well, because this is a really important part. So I… I need to tell my mom before I leave.
Inori - Love-Chan?
Miki - I understand. Let’s go.


Inori’s mon - What’s wrong Inori?
Remi - What so suddenly you call us to gather here?
Ayumi - What is that?
Kaoru - I guess… The most important secret will be open today.
Love - So, Sorry tart! Pretty Cure will be no more secret.
Tart - I understand.
Love - Let’s see this! Mother and all of you.

( Change! Pretty Cure, Beat up! )

Daisuke - No way….
Peach - We are Pretty Cure.
Berry - We are the one who fight will evil Labyrinth.
Pine - Now, Our precious friend has been stolen.
Passion - That’s why we have to save our precious friend.
Peach - That’s why we have to tell all of you before we leave.
Ayumi - No way!! This is….
Remi - What is this? It’s Suddenly….
Inori’s mom - You want us to understand this easily?
Dr. - The important thing like this why don’t you tell us earlier?
Pine - We decided to keep it secret.
Ketaro - What’s this! You better tell us for a long time!
Tart - It’s all my false! I want them to keep a secret from you!
Yuki - Wahhhh! A ferret!! Speaking!!
Peach - I am so sorry! But we have to leave. A danger is coming in our world.
Miki - We have to try harder and harder!
Pine - Now we have to go!
Passion - Akarun!
Ayumi - No! I won’t let you go!
Remi - Don’t go Miki!!
Berry - Mama….
Inori mam - Please! Don’t put yourself in danger…
Pine - Mom…
Ayumi - If two of you don’t cancel this! I won’t let go two of you!
Peach - Mom!!
Tart - Pretty Cure…..

TV 1 - live…. Weird cable
TV 2 - is all around everywhere….
TV 3 - There are some darkness surround…..

Ketaro - Is this the dangerous you were talk about?
Setsuna - It is just a beginning.
Ketaro - Well… it’s mean it will be bad…
Ayumi - A…. meeting at Remi house? Ok! See you.

TV Children - Mama Mama!!
Ketaro - Mom?
What’s wrong?
Ayumi - Remi-San want us to go meeting at her house.
Ketaro - I see.
Ayumi - Love, Set-Chan. We will leave home not for long, you two don’t go anywhere as an order! Got it?

Inori mom - I really want to understand what was really happen…. But…
Remi - I want to understand them but why they suddenly tell about Pretty Cure to their mama like this.
Dr. - Hahahah! Yes!
Inori mom - Hey! This is not funny.
Dr. - Yes! It’s my false.
REmi - What are we will do next?
Ketaro - That’s why everyone gather here and thinking.
Miki - Love, Are you in line?
Love - Yes! I am!
Miki - Bukki and I have made a decision. We will leave home quietly while our parent are on meeting. I know this is bad…. But we have no choice.
Love - Setsuna and I think so too.
Miki - So, That’s it.
Love - Ok!
Miki - See you on the stage where we have dance lesson. Bukki are on her way.
Love - Um… I got it!
Miki - See you.

Remi - I denied!!
Inori Mom - I don’t want our girls to be in danger!
Dr - I agree

Miki - I am so sorry… mother…
Kazuki - Are you leaving?
Miki - Kazuki!! Please! Keep it secret to mother!
Kazuki - I understand, I am on your side anyway, sister.
Miki - Thank, Kazuki!
Kazuki - Do you best.

Setsuna - What’s wrong, Love?
Love - Sorry!
I still have one more thing to do.
Tart - What is it now!!
Setsuna - I understand. So, Everyone will wait for you at the same place. OK?
Love - Thank.
Daisuke - Hi!
Love - I am so sorry… about what happen …
- Listen… Daisuke…
Daisuke - Suddenly, about you are pretty cure, it’s so suddenly.
Love - Sorry
Daisuke - My sister also known about this all along. It’s seem a lie to me.
Love - Sorry
Daisuke - Damn. I said I like you in front of Cure Peach. It’s was embarrassing.
Love - Sorry…
Daisuke - Wahhhhhhh… this is bad
Love - It’s not that bad….
Well, about my answer….
Daisuke - Stop! I will wait for your answer when you come back.
Are you leaving right? You have to go somewhere and this is not the right time.
You must come back, because I will wait for you here.
Love - Thank! Daisuke!
Ahhhh! Snow!!
Well, I will go now. Setsuna and the girls are waiting for me.
Daisuke - Ok!! Let’s destroy the bad guy!!
Love - You can count on me!!

REmi - And so, what is the result?
Inori mom - What you think?
Dr - I think this is our girls decision. No matter what they will go.
Ayumi - Our girls…. Decision….
Dr - Yes! I think we can’t do anything about this too.
Remi - How come can I understand about this so fast.
Ayumi - That’s right… our girls told their identity to us could it be more than that…. Let’s our girls do what they want that better.
Ketaro - I think the same.
REmi - I got it.

Love - Sorry to keep you waiting.
Miki - Finish?
Love - Um….
But our mothers… I think they will be very angry…
Inori - That the way it is.
Miki - Think positive, We will come back to everyone safely.
Setsuna - That right?
Love - Let’go girls.
Ayumi - Love!
Love - Mom! Dad!!
Well…. This is…
Ayumi - You can go
Do it as you believe.
Love - Mother…
Ayumi - But you have to promise no matter what happen you must come back, because everyone are waiting for you.
Man fish shop - Take good care of yourself, Love-Chan!
Love - Everyone….
Thank you.
Ayumi - It’s alright.
Ketaro - please! Protect our world, Love!
Love - Yes!

( Love, Miki, Bukki, Setsune transform into Peach, Berry, Pine, and Passion)

Kaoru - Take this! a miracle donut from brother.
Tart - You are always kind Kaoru-Hannn, Thank you!!
Peach - Well, We are going now.
Ketaro - Our fate is in their hand.
Ayumi - They can do it.


Passion - Wester, I understand you feeling and me either, but Moebuis use you for his benefit. Wake up! Wester!
Berry - Each people have different happiness, but Labyrinth why is it so weird. What’s your happiness, Soular?!

Fresh Pretty Cure!
"Soular and Wester: Battle of the Last Stand!!"

Shiwase Get Dayo!
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