Fresh Precure Episode 40

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Translated by: Vicequaizer
Copied from LJ post.
(TLC Complete, please read the comments here and on the talk page.)
Draft ass script


Nor: The misfortune of others is such a sweet thing.
(lit: like honey -- Kanmuri )
Grow strong with despair...
Grow strong with sorrow...
(these two lines were reversed -- Kanmuri )
Ah…the fragrance of misfortune.
Infinity... This time I will have you for sure.
(Original sounded awkward, and left out the statement of certainty. See talk page. -- Kanmuri )

Opening theme

First Scene (before title screen)

Love: You're really good at this!
Ah, is this Setsuna’s bracelet?
Ayu: Yup, Set-chan likes red, doesn’t she?
Love: It's obvious, isn't it?
Ayu: Of course!
Everything including her toothbrush and handkerchief are red, right?
I hope she’ll like this...
Is Set-chan enjoying school?
(More literal translation that still fits. -- Kanmuri )
Love: Yup! She's doing well in both classes and sports!
(Love just says studying and sports, nothing about popularity. See talk page -- Kanmuri )
Ayu: That’s good to hear.
But Set-chan has a tendency to hold back her true feelings, so that worries me...
Love: Thanks... you really care about Setsuna.
Ayu: Of course I do.
After all, I’m her mother right now.

Title: Setsuna and Love! Mother is in Danger!!

Scene Two (grocery store and restaurant)

Love: So what’s for dinner tonight?
Ayu: For tonight, it is…ta-daah!
Stuffed peppers and carrot salad.
L/S: Ehhhhhh~!
Ayu: You two have a problem with my choice?
Love: We don’t have…
Set: …any problem.
Ayu: Ah, good.

Love: Man…this is too harsh…
Set: I’ll do my best to eat them!
Ayu: Good girl! And I’ll do my best to cook them.
Oh…hey, want to take a break there?
Love: YAY!
Set: Of course!

Love: Hey Mom, when did you get that skirt?
Ayu: Ah, this?
It’s something I got when I was young.
How does it look?
Love: It’s real good. Lovely colors!
Set: You look really good in it.
Ayu: Really? That’s flattering.

Nor: I found you…
Other’s misfortunes are a sweet thing…
Ayu: Huh?
Nor: “Mo-ther”...
(Doesn't really say "hello," actually. Just "O-ka-a-san," dragging out the word "mother." Changed per IRC discussion. -- Kanmuri)
Now…show yourself, Sorewatase…

Ayu: Okay, we are going home now.
Love: Already? Let’s stay a bit more.
Ayu: We don’t have such time to waste.
Right? Let’s come again, some other time.
Love: Alright…

Scene Three (back at the house)

Ayu: So…what is Chiffon-chan doing right now?
Love: Oh? She’s playing upstairs---
Set: Tart seems to really enjoy playing with that stuffed doll!
Tar: Ooh, yeh getting good at walking.
(I assume this "yeh" is reflective of Tart's accent and not a typo. -- Kanmuri)
Chi: Goody wah-king!
Love: Ah yeah, right!
...Mom, why do you know Chiffon’s name?
Ayu: Oh? Love, you mentioned it before.
Love: Oh...I did?
Ayu: ...Oh. Are you done eating now?
Love: Eh, I don’t have to eat the carrots!?
Set: I will eat all the green peppers.
Ayu: Ah, of course. We have to eat everything.
Love: Awwwwww…
Ayu: Oh, Love…

Nor: I see…so you have successfully infiltrated.
Then, after everyone has fallen asleep... steal Infinity.
Ayu: As you wish, Northa-sama.
Nor: Beware of the Pretty Cures’ presence.
Ayu: Understood.
Set: (That is…Northa’s symbol!?)
Ayu: No matter what it takes, I will obtain Infinity.
Set: (Infinity!? That is not the real Mrs. Momozono!
Then...where can she be!?)

Kei: I’m home!
Huh, something wrong, Set-chan?
Ayu: Ah, welcome home! You must be tired from working overtime!
(See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
Oh...what were you doing here?
Set: Uh, nothing!
Kei: Man, I’m so hungry.
Set: (Chiffon is in danger.
But if I make a reckless move, then Mrs. Momozono would be in danger...
What should I do...!?)

Love: Ahh...Chiffon...
Set: You are from Labyrinth!
(Removed "the" here, and from in front of "Infinity" elsewhere. See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
Ayu: Hand over Infinity.
Set: I won’t let you!

Love: …Setsuna?
What’s going on, Setsuna?
Set: I won’t give you Chiffon!
Love: What are you doing!?
Set: Love, she is...!
Ayu: How cruel! I was doing my best to be like a real mother...
Set: No! You are not my mother!!
Ayu: But why...
Love: How dare you say such thing!
You don’t even have a clue how much Mom cares about you!
Ayu: ...It’s alright.
I just ignorantly assumed she was my daughter myself...
Set: No...that’s not right! Love, this is ...!!
Love: Don’t ever say such cruel things to Mom again!
Set: ...I need to find the real Mrs. Momozono.
Love: Setsuna...

Miki: A Sorewatase!?
Set: I’m sure of it.
Ino: Is Love-chan safe?
Set: Its motive is to get Chiffon, so as long as Chiffon is with us, Love should be safe for now.
Miki: Then, where could the real Mrs. Momozono be?
Set: The Sorewatase must have switched places with her somewhere!

Set: We did our grocery shopping for dinner here…
Miki: Was she normal then?
Ayu (flash): Ah, good!
Set: She knew what I and Love disliked, and mentioned that she was going to make dinner with green peppers and carrots…
Ino: That’s so like her...
Set: Yeah...she isn’t here.
(Mrs. Momozono...
Please…be safe!)

Commercial Break

Scene Four (searching for Ayumi)

Love: What happened to Setsuna…
Set (flashback): No! You are not my mother!!
Love: I got mad and yelled at her, but... Setsuna isn’t a person who says such things...
Tar: Yeah...
Love: Man...I don’t understand anymore.
Ayu: Hey...where is Setsuna-chan?
Love: (Huh...not Set-chan?)

Miki: This is the last place you came?
Set: Yeah, we had some tea here.
Then, Mrs. Momozono went to the restroom, and returned…
Ayu (flashback): We don’t have such time to waste.
Set: That’s when…!
Miki: She’s not in here.
Ino: Then, where could she…
Set: (Somewhere…that’s not here…)
I found her!
She’s in there.
Miki: A mirror?
Set: To the inside of the mirror.
(note- …Okay, ever since it first came out Akarun’s ability seemed like a cheat, but come on…if you can get inside the world of mirror, while looking for the Clover Box or Chiffon, couldn’t she have done something like “to where CB / Chiffon is” or something? /end random rant)
Thank goodness…
I’ll take Mrs. Momozono home.
Please take care of Chiffon.
M/I: Okay.

Love: Mom...are you worried about Setsuna?
Ayu: Of course I’m worried about her.
After all...she’s with Chiffon-chan, right?
Love: ...Mom?
Ayu: Your favorite Chiffon-chan...where can she be?
Love: Oh yeah, Mom. Thanks for this red bracelet.
Ayu: Huh? Ah of course, you really look good in that color.
Ayu (flash): Set-chan likes red, doesn’t she?
Love: You are not my real mom.
(The real mom sounds odd, she'd say "my real mom" in English. -- Kanmuri)
Ayu: Oh Love, what are you saying?
Love: This red bracelet is what Mom made for Setsuna.
My real mom would know that this is Setsuna’s bracelet!
Ayu: ...Hmph.
Tar: Who exactly are you!?
Set: The real one is here!
Love: MOM!!
Set: Don’t worry, she’s just unconscious.
Ayu: Such troublesome should’ve handed over Infinity quietly.
Sore: Sorewatase!

Love: Sorry Setsuna, I…!
Set: It's okay, Love. Don't worry about it.
(See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
L/S: Change Pretty Cure! BEAT UP!
The pink heart is the sign of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
The crimson heart is the proof of happiness! Freshly ripened, Cure Passion!
(あかし and しるし are not the same. Changed あかし to "proof" per IRC discussion. -- Kanmuri)
(Changed "red" to "crimson." 赤い is red, 真っ赤 is more crimson.)

Scene Five (battle and denouement)

Nor: Infinity has appeared.
Go, Sorewatase!
Love: We won’t let you!
Chi: I am Infinity…
Miki: You can’t, Chiffon!
Chi: The endless memory…
Ino: Chiffon-chan!
Sor: Sorewatase!
L/S: Double Pretty Cure Punch!
(note- I STILL get the temptation to write Sekiha Love Setsu Tenkyoken ©G Gundam…)

Set: Peach!
Sing, the rhapsody of happiness! Passion Harp!
Roar, the storm of happiness!
Pretty Cure, Happiness Hurricane!

Chi: I am Infinity…
Tar: Chiffon!
Ino: Please take care of her!
Tar: Sure thing!

M/I: Change Pretty Cure! BEAT UP!
The blue heart is the sign of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
The yellow heart is the sign of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!
(いのり [inori] is prayer, not faith. Faith kept per IRC discussion. See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Sor: Sorewatase!
M/I: Double Pretty Cure Kick!
L/S: Double Pretty Cure Punch!
(note- to compensate for lack of easy internet these days, after watching the episode a few times I copied only the audio part of the videos to carry around, so I can’t exactly tell who’s talking.
That being said…listening to fight scene without picture is…boring)
(Hey, you guessed right! :D -- Kanmuri)
Sor: Sorewatase!
All: Pretty Cure Quadruple Punch!

Sor: Sorewatase!
Love: Everyone, let’s go!
Others: Okay.
Love: Clover Box...please lend us your power!
Pretty Cure formation!

Set: Happiness Leaf, set!
Ino: Plus one, Prayer Leaf!
Miki: Plus one, Espoir Leaf!
Love: Plus one! Lovely leaf!
All: Lucky clover, grand finale!

Tar: Good job, Pretty Cures!
Set: Thank goodness...

Ayu: This is a gift from me.
Do you like it?
Set: Yes.
Love: Look, it matches mine!
Ayu: You both are my precious daughters, after all.
Love: Thanks, Mom!
Ayu: You’re welcome. I’m glad you liked it.

Set: ...Thank you.
Ayu: Huh?
Set: Thank you...Mother.
Ayu: Set-chan. Love.
As your Mother...thank you.
(note- A bit hard to tell, but she’s basically saying “if anything, I want to thank you two for being my daughter” without all the extra words)
(For a suggestion, see the talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Ending theme:

Love: You’re invited to a cruise party!?
Ino: Yeah, by Kento-kun. But...
Love: What’s wrong?
Ino: I’m not it a place where someone like me can go...?
Love: Don’t worry! And look, its great!
There are musicians, celebrities, Labyrinth, and even an animal circus!
Fresh Pretty Cure!
Inori and Kento’s Cruise Party!
Let’s get happiness together!