Fresh Precure Episode 37

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Translation by Kanmuri

Translation complete -- Kanmuri

Part 1 -- Prologue

All 4 girls: Chiffon!
Tarte: Oopsie-daisy.

Miyuki: What's wrong? Your dancing is all over the place today!
4 Girls: Sorry.
Miyuki: You all seem to be worried about Chiffon.
Did something happen?

Love: Well, the truth is...
There's a new enemy from Labyrinth named Northa, who's aiming for Chiffon now that she's become Infinity.
We were completely outmatched by her strong power.
At that time, thanks to Chiffon, we were somehow able to defeat it, but...
Setsuna: She is from Labyrinths upmost echelon.
She has no problem with using even more cunning and cowardly techniques than Soular and Westar.

Miyuki: So that's why you're worried about Chiffon.
Miki: We want to become stronger, so we can protect Chiffon.
Love: For that reason, we've talked about needing training, but...
Inori: We don't really know what kind of training would work.

Miyuki: If that's the case, leave it to me!
Love: To you, Miyuki?
Miyuki: Yeah.
I know a great place for training.
Miki: But, that's a bit...
Miyuki: Don't worry about it!
I am your coach after all!
And in this case, not just for dance!
I'll become your Pretty Cure coach too!
Tarte: Thanks a bunch, Miyuki!
As expected from the one who at one time was thought to be the 4th member.
Miyuki: It's just that I also want to protect Chiffon.

Love: Miyuki...
Setsuna: That's right.
Miki: Chiffon...
Inori: Everyone's...
Love: ...gotta protect her, right? {Stupid split sentences. xD -- Kanmuri}
Other 3: Yeah.

Part 2 -- Pretty Cure, beat up stuff!

All 4: Change!
Pretty Cure, beat up!

Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!
Passion: The crimson heart is the proof of happiness! Freshly ripened, Cure Passion!
Peach: Let's!
All 4: Pretty Cure!

Peach: What in the world is this place?
Miyuki: The Mikoshiba Group... They produce everything from home appliances to space-faring rockets. They are a top class industrial family, and this is their estate. {While zaibatsu technically could be used as a loanword, I didn't feel including it untranslated was consistent with the established style for this series, so I translated it as "industrial family." -- Kanmuri}

Peach: Incredible!
Tarte: That's a really huge mansion there.
Peach: Speaking of which, where have I heard the name Mikoshiba before?
Passion: Miyuki, how do you...
Berry: ...know such an amazing industrial family?

Kento: It is a pleasure to meet you, Pretty Cure!
Welcome to the Mikoshiba residence.
Maids & Butlers: Welcome!

Peach: Oh, so this is...
Pine: ...Kento's house.
Miyuki: That's right, and they let Trinity use their training facilities here before for our lessons.

Yuuki: Awesome, it's the real Pretty Cure!
Daisuke: They really came after all...
Peach! Long time, no see!
I can't believe you and my sister actually know each other.
Peach: Th-thanks.
Daisuke: We have the pleasure of helping out with your training today.
Peach: Th-thanks, Daisuke.
Daisuke: Huh? You said my name?

Miyuki: I told her it!
I'll make the formal introductions now.
This is my younger brother Daisuke, and his friends Yuuki Asawa and Kento Mikoshiba.
3 guys: Nice to meet you.

Peach: Uh... Um, I'm Cure Peach!
Pine: I'm Cure Pine.
Passion: Cure Passion.
Berry: I'm Cure Berry.
4 girls: Nice to meet you.

Daisuke: Peach really is wonderful, isn't she?
Yuuki: I'm firmly in the Berry camp.
Ah, but my heart has already chosen Miki.
Kento: I-I'm for Pine... Umm... Though Passion is nice too.

Miyuki: Okay, this way!
The training area is this way.
Peach: All right, let's give this training our best!
All 4: Yeah!

Title: Protect Chiffon! Pretty Cure's new power!

Kento: Right this way, Pretty Cure. Welcome to the Mikoshiba family's secret underground training facility.
Miyuki: First we need to gather data on your physical abilities.
Peach: Data?
Miyuki: Right.
You four should each have your own unique strengths.
After figuring those out, we can decide on your training.

Peach: Oh! That's me!
Miyuki: Peach is good at punching. {パンチ力, basically meaning that her power, or her strength is punching. Similar for the others. -- Kanmuri}
Berry -- kicking. {I wasn't sure how to properly format these, but think of it like listing of ordered pairs when speaking. What links them is in the first sentence, and then the following two follow the same pattern, just the stuff in the middle implied. -- Kanmuri}
Pine -- endurance.
And Passion is a sprinter.
Those are the individual strengths of the four of you.

Pine: I see now.
Peach: I never realized it.
Passion: So if I'm to make my sprinting...
Berry: And my kicking stronger... {Will you girls please stop finishing each other's sentences? ;_; xD --Kanmuri}
Miyuki: Yeah, we can make up separate training regiments for the four of you, but...
Peach: Please, let us try the training!
Pine: We want to become stronger as quickly as possible...
Berry: ... and protect Chiffon!
Passion: We'll give it all we've got!
Miyuki: Okay, I get it.

Door: Kicking training room
Yuuki: Okay, here I go Berry!
Berry: Don't hold back. Send them as fast as you can.
Yuuki: You're amazing, Berry! Perfect!

Door: Endurance training room
Pine: Speed it... up... please!
Kento: Right.

Door: Sprinting training room
Miyuki: Here I go!
Passion: Yes, please do!

Door: Punching training room
Daisuke: Okay, here I go!
Peach: Please do!
Daisuke: Seems that Pretty Cure is gonna get stronger this way.
Miyuki: Yeah, but just this isn't enough...

Northa: The misfortune of others is such a sweet thing.
Grow strong with despair...
Grow strong with sorrow...
Oh look, it's done. Heheheh... {I'm *almost* tempted to put that as 'Tehehe' but that's a bit too girly for Northa, I think xD -- Kanmuri}

Westar: 9996! 9997!
Soular: No matter how much of that weight training you do, you won't be able to defeat Pretty Cure.
Westar: Shaddup!
Ahhhhh! You made me forget what number was next!
Northa: 1000.
Westar: Ms. Northa {I'm making a point of him calling her Ms. Northa because of a scene in an earlier episode where he called her "Northa" and she corrected him to "Northa-san". -- Kanmuri}
Northa: Just as Soular said, you can't defeat Pretty Cure with brute strength.
Use this.
Westar: Huh? Th-this is...
Soular: A Sorewatase seed.
Northa: Please try your best to not be utterly worthless.
Wester: That... That goes without saying!
Northat: Westar!
Westar: Yes?
Northa: You forgot something.
Now go.

Door: Underground training facility
Miyuki: And now the final touch.
Peach: Miyuki...
Berry: That's... no way...
Miyuki: That's right, last is four-person dance practice.
Daisuke: Pretty Cure's going to dance?
Yuuki: Can they really dance?
Peach: Well... yeah, kinda.
Pine: But, why dancing?
Miyuki: If you try dancing, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Berry (thinking): Miyuki.... why?
Passion (thinking): This isn't the time for this...
Pine (thinking): We've got to become stronger...
Peach (thinking): So we can protect Chiffon! {They complete each other's thoughts, too! xD -- Kanmuri}
Pine: Girls! {No, we wouldn't say "everybody" or "everyone" in this context, so I went with "girls" for my translation of みんな -- Kanmuri}
Berry: Gimme a break.
Peach: Sorry!
Miyuki (thinking): It's just like I thought...
If they keep on forgetting about that summer day and training separately, they'll never get stronger.
Miyuki: Today's training is over.
Pretty Cure will get stronger through dancing.
I'd like to have you dance tomorrow as well.
Peach: Miyuki...
Berry: Why dancing?
Passion: And here I thought I could do training to get stronger.
Pine: This way is no different than our normal practice.
Berry: I'm gonna ask to return to my original training tomorrow.
Passon: But, what if she's on to something?
Berry: Oh, and what would that be?
Pine: P-please don't talk so harshly...
Berry: I'm just asking because I don't understand!
Passion: So why don't we just ask her directly?
Pine: But asking her directly is a bit...
Berry: Well then, how should we do it?
Tarte: Hang on a sec! Girls!
Peach: Gah! Everyone cut it out!
Chiffon: Don't fight!
Peach: Sorry Chiffon. Everyone's fighting was bad.
Chiffon: Not fighting?
Peach: Right.
Everyone this is no time to be arguing...
Pine: You're talking like this is all our fault...
Peach: Huh? I didn't mean it like that.
Berry: Wasn't it mostly your yelling that caused Chiffon to cry?
Peach: That is... um... I'm sorry.
Passion: Anyway, let's go our separate ways and think about what to do about tomorrow's training.
Pine + Berry: Yeah.
Peach: Ah, wait a sec! Girls...


Part 3 -- Ya just gotta dance!

4 Cures: Good morning!
Miyuki: Morning!
Okay, so let's do dance training again today!
Berry: I'll pass and do kicking training.
Passion: I'll do sprinting training as well.
Pine: I want to up my endurance too.
Miyuki: Well, if you're going to be that stubborn...
Peach: What's up, girls?
Let's dance together!
Berry: Right now what we need...
Pine: ... is not dancing.
Passion: It's training!
Peach: Girls...
Miyuki + Peach: Chiffon!
Chiffon: I am Infinity, the infinite memory.
Tarte: This is bad, we need a lullaby!
The lid won't open!

Westar: Hah, I found you, Infinity!
4 Cures: Labyrinth!
Westar: Sorewatase, show yourself!
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!
Westar: Quietly hand over Infinity!
Peach: What're you saying?
Like anyone would hand her over to the likes of you!
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!
Miyuki: Leave her to me.
Peach: Please take care of her.
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!
Peach: We won't hand over Chiffon!
Berry: I will protect Chiffon!
Passion: Leave this to me!
Pine: No, me!
Sorewatase: Sore! {Leaving this untranslated, because it's like pikachu saying, "pika!" -- Kanmuri}

Berry: Come on...
Passion: Don't just suddenly jump in front!
Pine: Sorry... but...

Tarte: Girls...
What in the sand hill are you doing? {Sorry, couldn't resist. Is that even the right expression? I'm not sure, but I was going for something rustic to match Tarte's accent. xD -- Kanmuri.}

Sorewatase: Sorewatase!
Tarte: What're they doing?
Sorewatase: Sore!
Berry: It's no use!
Pine: If this keeps up...
Passion: ... our training will have been pointless.

Westar: Pretty Cure are naturally like helpless babes before the might of a Sorewatase!
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!

Sorewatase: Sorewatase!

Tarte: What should we do?
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!
Peach: That's...
Berry: ... our dance...
Miyuki: Girls! Remember your feelings from that day!
When you formed the new four-leafed Clover! {I this case I believe the "leaves" serve double meaning as representing the four members of the dance team "Clover," hence the capitalization of Clover -- Kanmuri}
Those feelings!
Peach: That day...?
Miyuki: That was the first time your hearts became as one.
Remember! What's the most important thing for dancing as a group?!

Berry: That's right...
Passion: It's not sprinting...
Pine: It's not endurance...
Peach: To dance as a group, our hearts have to be as one!

Pine: What have we been doing?
Peach: Just thinking about ourselves.
Passion: We forgot the most important thing.
Berry: We're all thinking the same thing...
Peach: The one we all want to protect is...
Chiffon: I am...
All 4: Chiffon!

Westar: Wh-what the!?

Berry: This is...
Pine: How is this happening?
Passion: My entire body...
Peach: ... feels like it's overflowing with power.

Westar: Go! Sorewatase!
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!

Passion: Pine and I...
Pine: ...will draw his attention!
Berry: While he's distracted...
Peach: ... Berry and I will attack him!

Sorewatase: Sore?
Pine: This way!
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!
Sorewatase: Sore?
Passion: I'm over here!
Sorewatase: Soresoresoresore!
Soresoresoresoresoresoresoresore {I dunno if these all need to be subbed or not xD --Kanmuri}

Miyuki: Yeah, that's great!
Sorewatase: Sorewatase!

Westar: Hah, don't take that Sorewatase lightly!

All four: As long as the four of us are together, we will never lose to the likes of you! {I gave up trying to split that between speakers. orz -- Kanmuri}

Tarte: Girls...
Peach: We'll make our hearts as one!
Other 3: Yeah!

Peach: Clover Box, lend us your power!
Pretty Cure formation!
Ready... GO!

Passion: Happiness leaf, set!

Pine: Plus one, prayer leaf!

Berry: Plus one, espoir leaf!

Peach: Plus one, lovely leaf!

All 4: Lucky Clover Grand Finale!

Peach: What amazing power...

Westar: What was that power!?
Never heard of anything like it!

All 4: Chiffon!
Chiffon: Love
Pretty Cure... all together?
Love: Everyone's together.

Miyuki: I was really surprised though.
That such an amazing power came out of your hearts becoming one.
Tarte: That power!
That the Clover Box's power would inevitably become necessary...
The Elder said as much, and so it was. {Eh... best stab at this... plz to fix if wrong, TLC? -- Kanmuri}

Love: Now we can protect Chiffon, right?
Miki: Naturally! Of course, we're perfect now!
Inori: I have faith that we will definitely be able to protect her!
Setsuna: Let's make our hearts as one, and give it our best shot!
Love: We'll get Chiffon's happiness!
Other 3: Yeah!

Part 4 -- Preview

Love: The Clover Box has disappeared?
Miki: Sorry, it's my fault.
Setsuna: What do you mean?
Miki: It's my fault.
Inori: But, there must be some reason, right?
Miki: It's my fault!
Love: Miki, tell us what you mean!
Setsuna(?): Without the Clover Box, Chiffon will...

Fresh Pretty Cure!
Look for the Clover Box!

Let's get our happiness together!