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Vicequaizer's translation from

(take it or leave it)

FPC episode 26 full script draft. (aka Passion arc part 4 of 4)

Along with mahjong, another thing that isn't that good when multi-tasking with translation: watching baseball. Too exciting especially when you are watching the Yankees @ Angels game, and the weekend is not really any better in terms of stress, considering it's NYY vs BOS. On a random note, shortening Miyuki's name is an issue, considering its so similar to Miki's when in alphabet...

Quick Notes:
Nothing = dialogue. () = monologue. ** = writing.
Video used: 2444 on veoh.
Why episode 26 after doing 23~24, but not 25? Because I liked this one better than 25, and wanted to do it first.
Since I decided to do the whole Passion arc at once, I think I will do 25...I think.

Fresh Pretty Cure 26

(0013) Miy: I asked you all to gather today for a reason.
I've been seriously thinking about it ever since, but...
I think it is impossible to keep up with dancing and be a Pretty Cure.

Ino: No please...
Miki: But we...
Love: Still haven't given up on...!
Miy: I'm sorry...
You three's efforts are very appreciated, but...
I can't become a Pretty Cure!!

L/M/I: ...Huh?

Miki: Not about us, but...
Ino: About Miyuki-san.
Tar: Totally forgot about it...
Love: Err, umm...!

Love: Let us introduce our friend, she is Setsuna Higashi.
Set: Hello, I'm Setsuna.
Miy: Ah, I'm Miyuki.
Love: Also known as!
Cure Passion.
Set: I'm Passion.
Miy: Ah, so you're Cure...

Ino: A lot of things happened since then, and we didn't have a good time to mention!
Miki: About Miyuki-san potentially being the fourth Pretty Cure...
Tar: Was a complete mistake!!

L/M/I/T: We're so sorry!

Miy: ...I see.
Good for you guys.
I'm so glad, you finally found your fourth.
Love: Miyuki-san...
Miy: Setsuna-chan, right?
Nice to meet you!
Set: Yes, me too.

Love: Also today, we had a request for you, Miyuki-san.
Miy: About the dance lesson?
Love: Yes, now that we found our fourth, we got some time to spare, so...
Miy: I see.
If that is the case, sure, we can continue it.


Love: I'm so glad!
Ino: We can continue our lessons now.
Miki: Let's go for it!

Love: Hey! Setsuna, you should join in this too!
Set: What!?
Love: Come on!
Ino: That's right. Since there's four of us, we can be the four-leafed clover!
Set: But wait! I can't really dance...!
Love: Okay, so watch us!
Dancing is really fun!
Miki-tan! Bukki! Here we go!!

Opening theme (okay, now THIS is a super natural entrance into the opening theme...and tells you why the pre-OP was so long)

(356) Love: Ugh...
Ino: Wh...why?
Miki: We are...not perfect at all...
Set: Is that...really fun?
Love: Yeah it's fun! ...No, seriously...

Miy: All three of you.
L/M/I: Oh ooh!
Miy: Did you girls work out at ALL during the vacation? (note-keep in mind this is end of summer vacation)
Miki: Erm...
Ino: Not really...
Miy: This isn't going to be easy to catch up to where we were.
Love: Is there anything that can be done?
Miy: There is...but it will require some determination.
Love: Determination?

Miy: It is the time for...
L/M/I: The time for?
Miy: A concentrated workout in a summer dance camp!

Title: The Four Hearts! I want to dance too!!

Ayu: So please, take care of them.
Miy: Of course.
It is a studio of the company (note- I guess Trinity's management company), and there is a superintendent there too.
Pets are allowed as well.
Love: It's so exciting! A dance camp at a studio on the beach!!
Miki: This isn't a vacation. You didn't forget your lesson cloth, did you?
Love: Of course not!
What about you, Bukki?
Ino: Eh? Yeah, I packed it.
Miki: Okay. Chiffon's sunburn protection is perfect as well!
Love: Yup, we are all set!
Setsuna, lets give it our best!!
Set: Um, Love...I...
Miy: Okay, we're heading to the station now!
Love: Alright.
Let's go!
Set: We'll be back.

(531) Wes: Summer.
A crowded beach, eh...
(The summer beach...)
(The blue skies! A shining sun!)
(And a Nakewameke!)
(If we make the tourists all unhappy, the FUKO gauge should fill up in a great pace!)
Lady1: I wonder if he's planning to go to the mountains dressed like THAT.
Lady2: I don't know...

Tar: It should be safe now.
Love: What's wrong?
Tar: Well you see...
Ino: I know! Bathroom, right?
Tar: Yeah, thought I'd take care before the train ride...NO IT'S NOT!
Ehem. Ya know there's an easier way than the train.
Passion-han, ya able to call Akarun?
Set: Call Akarun?

Tar: Yup. With Akarun's power, you can teleport!
Love: Really!?
Set: the dance studio...
Tar: Good good! It's working, huzzAGH!

(647) Crowd: Ow ow oww....
Miy: Everyone, are you alright?
Love: I guess...aha!
It's the beach!
Set (? not positive): We really got to the beach...

Crowd: Thank you for letting us stay.
Love: Wow, it's so huge!
Ino: Wow.
Miki: It's a professional studio.
Love: Hurry hurry! Let's start practice!
Set: Say...
Don't you feel like we are forgetting something?
Love: Eh, you forgot something?
L/M/I: ...Ah.

(739) Love: Sorry...
Tar: You guys took way too long to remember!
Set: Anything else?
Miki: Sorry, I think I forgot my shoes...
Set: This?
Miki: Thanks.
Love: I think I also forgot my beachball...
Set: Do you use that for dance practice?
Love: Not really. It's for playing in the beach after practice.
Set: Oh geez...

(806) Set: Where is it...?
Ayu: Oh my!
Love left such a mess!
Set: Phew, that was close.
There wasn't a ball anywh--
Love: Oops, sorry Setsuna!
I actually had brought the beachball.
But instead, I forgot my swim noodle... (note- it's actually a swim ring, but dunno if that's an oft used term in USA)
Set: Easy for you to say.
Love: Eh?
Set: I am NOT going to go get things again!
Love: Omph! Nice throw there!
Set: Give me a break!
Tar: Is Passion-han mad?
Miki: I think she's quite enjoying it.

Miy: Stop there.
Before going to play in the beach, you have to memorize these.
Miki: This is...
Love: The new dance of Trinity!
Ino: It is!
Miy: Trinity is a group of three, but this is arranged for a group of four.
Set: Four...

Miy: Now, change into your practice wears and we'll start the lesson!
Set: Love, I...
Ino: No way!
Love: Bukki, did you forget something?
Ino: Eh!?
Um, you see...
Set: I am NOT going back again.
Ino: Ah...I thought I forgot my towel, but I found it! See?
Miy: Okay, we're starting the lesson!
Everyone ready?
L/M/I: Yes!
Miy: I won't hold back, so be prepared for it!
Love: Okay everyone, let's do this!
Miki: Yup!

(947) Love: Huh, Setsuna?
Set: I think...I can't dance.
Love: Huh?
Hey, Setsuna...
Miy: Love-chan, it's not good to force people.
Hey, why don't we just observe practice for now?
Set: Observe...
Love: Yeah Setsuna! Do that!
Set: Alright...

Commercial Break

(1330) Wes: The beach...
Man: What's the matter, young one?
Wes: Ah, where is the beach!?
Man: The beach? Hmm...
I'd guess, that way?
Wes: I see...

Miy: Love-chan your arms aren't moving!
Love: Yes!
Miy: Miki-chan, your steps are wrong!
Miki: Yes!
Miy: Inori-chan, you are late!
Ino: Yes!
Ah! Sorry!
Love: Don't worry.
Miy: If you have time to apologize, return to your spot!
Ino: Yes!

Love: Ah, Setsuna?
Miy: Right now, focus on practicing as three!
Okay, done for today!
L/M/I: Thank you very much!

Love: Phew, that was a workout.
Tar: Good work, all.
L/M/I: Thanks.

Love: I wonder what Setsuna is doing...
Miki: "If she really wants to dance, she will come on her own"
You said that before, remember?
Love: Oh yeah.
Ino: Huh?
Miki: You see, when you at first rejected the offer to dance together, Love said that and was waiting for you, Bukki.
Ino: Oh, really?
Miki: This is the same case.
Love: Yup!

Miy: Everyone.
It's almost time for dinner.
We have a barbeque for tonight!
L/M: Yay!
Ino: I...
I'm going to go get Setsuna-san.

Ino: Setsuna-san.
Set: What brings you here?
Ino: It's almost dinner time, so I came to get you.
Set: I see.
You seem to have been looking at me during the lesson as well...why?
Ino: That is...
...At first, I didn't have the courage to dance in front of others, so I rejected Love-chan's offer.
But Love-chan believed in me and waited for me.
She said if I really wanted to dance, I'd come on my own.
Set: On...your own...
I guess it's the same for me.
Ino: a dancing book?
Set: It's not that I don't want to dance.
It's just that there wasn't any music or dancing in the Labyrinth, and...
...I'm not fully confident about smiling in front of people yet.

(1335) Ino: Hey Setsuna-san.
Let's try dancing with just the two of us for a bit?
Love: Those two are late...
Ino: Wow, you are good!
Set: Really?
Ino: Look!
Setsuna-san, you are smiling!

I see, so that is the beach!
And now...SWITCH OVER!
Nakewameke, unleash your evil!

Wes: Tadaah! (note-when he landed)
Go! Bring misfortune to the humans!!
...And no one's here...
Oh well, I'll just attack somewhere that might have people...!

Ino: During fun times, people just naturally smile.
Set: But...
Inori, what made you decide to dance?
Ino: Me? Well I...
Um, I was going to say it before practice, but actually, I forgot something...
Set: Something?
Ino: Yeah, can I ask for Akarun's help one more time?

Love: Labyrinth!
Miki: Here!?
Set: Love!
Ino: Miki-chan!
Love: Yup!

L/M/I/S: Change Pretty Cure! BEAT UP!
Love: The pink heart is the sign of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Miki: The blue heart is the sign of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Ino: The yellow heart is the sign of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!
Set: The red heart is the sign of happiness! Freshly ripened, Cure Passion!

Love: Let's!
L/M/I/S: Pretty Cure!!

(1946) Wes: Pretty Cures are here too!?
Ugh, I guess there's no choice. Go!
(1722) Miki: What is this!?
Wes: Wow, that's so pathetic!
L/M: What did you say!?

Love: Thanks!
Miki: What's with that thing!?
Love: Wait! If we go from the front again, that wind will...!
Let's split up!
M/I/S: Okay!

Wes: Don't be fooled!
Take care of those two first!

(1817) Ino: Heal, the harmony of faith! Cure stick, Pine Flute!
All bad beings and things be gone!
Pretty Cure, Healing Prayer Fresh!

L/M: Pine!
Set: Pine!
Ino: Okay!
Now's your chance!
Set: Okay!
Sing, the rhapsody of happiness! Passion Harp!
Outburst, the storm of happiness!
Pretty Cure, Happiness Hurricane!

Wes: I hate the beach!

Miy: Everyone, are you alright?
Love: Yes, we are!
Tar: That's a relief.
Set: Oh by the way, didn't you say you forgot something?
Ino: Ah! Can you please?

Set: This must be it.
This is...
Ino: Setsuna-san's late...
You wore it!
Set: Well, I guess it's not too bad. (note- TSUNDERE! TSUNDERE!!)
Love: It matches our jerseys too!
Miki: Bukki, your preparation is perfect.
Ino: Not really.
I overslept and forgot it at home...
Set: You stayed up late yesterday making this...why?
Ino: Well, the reason I was able to start dancing, was because these matching jerseys gave me courage.
So I wanted to give you the same courage too...
Set: The courage...I felt it.
Dancing...I'll give it my best!
Love: Hurrah!
Miki: Welcome, Setsuna!
Set: Thank you, Bukki.
Ino: Setsuna-chan!
Miki: So the four leaf clover is formed!
Love: Yup! Let's get happiness with the four of us!

Ending theme

Veoh crashed/froze on me three times (I had to use another file for the last 3 mins or so, grr), damn I hate you, crappy connection!