Fresh Precure Episode 22

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From kavee_sinji via email

Fresh Pretty Cure Episode 22

Love: This is Linkrun.
Miki: We can transform into Pretty Cure by this item.
Inori: Pirun, Kurun, and Kirun.
Love: Nice to meet you.
Miyuki: Nice to meet you too.
Love: About we are Pretty Cure, Please! Keep in secret.!!!
Inori: Love-chan, you talked so loud.
Miki: Yes! It’s so too loud.
Miyuki: I… I understand.
Love: Oh! Boy.
Miyuki: I have one more thing to tell you too. Dance lesson will take a break for a while.
Love: We will do best both Pretty Cure and dance lesson.
Please! Teach us more.
Miyuki: I understand that you are trying your best.
Love: Well….
Miyuki: If you are exhausted again. You will get nothing.
You want to have a happiness, right?
That’s why I want you to take good care of yourself.
Love: Take care of myself?
Miyuki: I told you because I am worried about you.
Love: Miyuki-san.
Miyuki: The dance contest was postpone, now the time for take a break. You got it?
Miki: Isn’t that our dream will come to an end.
Inori: Let’s try again.
Tart: Finally, Dancing thing is passing.
If Miyuki-haan become the forth Pretty Cure.
Teamwork will power up, and then Labyrinth will be just a piece of cake.
Inori: Tart-chan, you talked too loud!
Miki: This is a secret.
Tart: About what you told me. Am I really Pretty Cure?
Miki+Inori: Miyuki-san!
Tart: I never wrong!!
Love: I will be happy if Miyuki-chan become the forth Pretty Cure!
Miki: Why Akarun won’t appear yet?
Inori: Do you know how to recall it?
Tart: Yes! Yes! Do you remember the first time that you transformed into Pretty Cure?
Peach-haan obstructed a Nekewameke which it destroyed the dance performed and yelled “DANGER”, and then Pikrun appeared, so she became Pretty Cure.
Love: That’s right!
Tart: Berry-haan also obstructed a Nekewameke too.
Miki: I can remember.
Tart: Pine-haan too.
It was same situation.
Inori: Are you investigating it?
Tart: If anyone of you is in danger! Pickrun will appear.
If Miyuki-haan become a Labyrinth’s target, which means Pickrun will show itself and Miyuki-haan will transform into Pretty Cure!
Miyuki-haan! Please do it as I said.
Miki: Tart! What are you talking about?!
Inori: It’s too dangerous!
Tart: This is all the data about the forth Pretty Cure that I can find.
Right now you have to decide what you have to do.
Miyuki: What am I suppose to do?
Love: From now we will be your bodyguard. You can count on us!

Opening theme!

Moebuis: If you use this card you will receive the great power, but there must be something exchange.
Eas: Exchange?
Moebuis - The one who use this card will receive the painful that you can’t image.
- Which is dangerous to the one who use this card very much.
- Well, I don’t think it good for you. I don’t want you to face with this painful.
Eas - I can handle it. If this for my great Lord Moebuis. No matter how painful I will destroy Pretty Cure.

Eas - If I use the one last piece of the card….. Am I really can defeat them?
Lord Moebuis….
Lord Meobuis!!
Clyne - Long time so see, Eas!
Eas - Clyne? Tell me your business.
Clyne - My duty is to check up how’s everything on Lord Moebuis’s plan that’s everything is in under control or not.
Eas - Lord Moebuis’s ordered is under controlled. You no need to spy on my work.
Clyne - You job to use the card destroy Pretty Cure.
This ordered has judged by Lord Moebuis. You suppose to do best and success.
Eas - If your work is to check up everything. I guess you need a works to inform Lord Moebuis.
Clyne - Of course.
Eas - You can tell Lord Moebuis that Pretty Cure…..
Will be destroy today!!

Episode 22 “Setsuna and Love, You are Eas!”

Miki - Miki in line. The process before Trinity perform here is under control.
What’s about you?
Inori - Chiffon-chan!!
Miki - What’s wrong?
Inori - Nothing to worried. What about Love-chan?
Love - This is Love! There’re nothing to worried here too. The audience will be here in a minutes.
Everyone must be ready for….
What? I am talking business to my friends.
Police - what a suspect person.
Hey! What are you doing in such a weird acted around here?!.
We are not allowed other people in come inside.
Love - I am a staff…. I am a Trinity’s bodyguard.
Police - Body guard? Really?
Love - Yes!
Police - Any prove?
Love - Yes! I have…. Oh! While I was busy I forgot it at home!!
Please! Let me go!
Police - Sure! I will let you go outside.
Miyuki - Excuse me! That girl is my staff.
Inori - Are you alright?
Miki - What’s kind of bodyguard catch by the police?
What have you done?
Love - Is this a process of bodyguard, right?
Inori - It more like spy.
Love - Ah…..
Miyuki - Sorry, I put you busy on your summer holiday.
Love - It’s alright! I am really happy that I become a bodyguard for “Trinity” my favorite band.
This concert! Do you best!
Miyuki - Thank you. You are really strong.
Love - We don’t know that Labyrinth will attack from which way.
Let do our best!
Girl - Cool!!
Old man also so cool!
Kaoru - Um. I know that. Today’s my special day.
Tart - Never thought that perform during summer will be totally hot.
Kaoru - Hey! It’s look like your ferret performance is level up already.
Tart - I have to try something new, so customer won’t get bored on the show.
But, are you alright to doing all donut alone?
Need my help?
Kaoru - it’s fine. Summer holidays, Trinity concert, Ferret performance, Kaoru-chan’s donut always……….. Kaoru-chan donuts always out of sale.~Guha!
Setsuna Pretty Cure..... Lord Moebuis…. Lord Moebuis! Lord Moebuis! Lord Moebuis! Lord Moebuis!!! Lord Moebuis!.... Please! Look at me. Lord Moebuis!
Man Voice Are you alright?!
Miki I am staff here! What happened? Setsuna! Are you alright? Setsuna? What’s this?
Love Miki-tan. Setsuna! Setsuna What’s wrong?
Miki Well…, Hello?
Inori This is bad, Chiffon-chan suddenly disappear. Please help me find her, Miki-chan.
Miki But I….
Love Miki-tan. I will take care of Setsuna. You go help Bukki.
How are you?
Setsuna Where Am I?
Love Nursing room.
Setsuna was here in Trinity Concert but suddenly you fall.
How’s your feeling?
Setsuna I’m fine. I was just a bit tired.
Love But you look really exhausted I think you should take more rest.
Setsuna I don’t have time to rest… because I have thing to do.
Love …haha
Setsuna What?
Love I can understand your feeling.
I forced myself too much into dance lesson, I didn’t take care of myself that’s why she was angry at me.
Setsuna too, You must take care of yourself, because people are you are worries about you.
Setsuna Yeah.
Love Trinity concert is about to start. It so cool. I myself… I must dance like that someday.
Setsuna So sad for you, that the dance contest must be postponed.
Poor Love. She does her best on it.
Love It’s alright.
Setsuna Why? Isn’t the dance contest is your dream?
Love … But now I understand what is important.
I just moving forward to the thing I want to do without thinking. Behind me there are a lot of people who cares and worries about me. That is what I understand now.
Don’t you think this is a really gratefulness.
Setsuna You should go, there are a lot of people who are worries about you out there.
Love I can’t leave you alone I am worried about you.
Hey! Some water? Refresh yourself.
Setsuna Enough… Enough!!!!
Love Setsuna? Setsuna!!!
Setsuna What’s with this girl? I… I am… Servant of Labyrinth who serve great Lord Moebuis!


Clyne There is only one card left.
I guess it time for Eas to die.
Moebuis Forget about her.
Setsuna Switch Over.
Moebuis there are a lot of people to replace her position.
Tart Hey! Chiffon? Why are you alone?
Inori Chiffon-chan!
Miki We found you.
Inori What’s wrong?
Tart Chiffon is crying…. Maybe….

Eas Pretty Cure, Today is your last day!
Inori Love-chan.
Miki Love! That girl….
Eas Transform now!!
Love Miki-tan, Bukki
Miki Okay!

( Transform)

Eas That’s right! Destroy Pretty Cure!
Miyuki Everyone don’t be afraid! Stay clam. Look over there!
Audience Pretty Cure
There are saving us.
Trinity Stay clam, we have a safe place for all of you.
Everyone! This way!
Tart Miyuki-haan
Miyuki Tart-kun
Tart What are you doing here? Why don’t you escape?
Miyuki But Akarun didn’t show itself yet!
Tart Akarun!
Miyuki You said If I am in danger it will appear.
Tart I said so, but you can’t.
If you get injure it will be in trouble. Forget about Akarun and run away.
Miyuki Tart-kun.
I got it, you too don’t force yourself too much.
Peach Pine! Berry!
Berry Goshhh!! Cruel.
Wait… I think this is a bit strange.
Pine Dome is break down.
Peach That girl is in pain.
She is painful.
Eas Destroy Pretty Cure!!
Peach Enough! Why you have to do right this?
Eas It’s Lord Moebuis ordered.
If this for Lord Moebuis. I will do anything, even if it has to takes my life.
Pine What’s that?
Berry She is in a real pain!
Pine She is losing herself.
Eas What? Let’s go my hand.
Peach No!! I… I am really angry. You make everyone scared and destroyed the wonderful concert, I won’t forgive you.
But you are crying!!
Eas Crying?
No matter how painful. I can forbear, then why would I have to cry.
Peach You are crying. Are you sure? Within your heart isn’t it crying? The truth is you never think to exchange with your life or anything. ENOUGH!!
Clyne Lord Moebuis… this is….
Moebuis The power that can stop the card. The power…..
Peach Chiffon!

(Cure stick attack)

Peach Are you alright? I so glad that you are safe.
Eas Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Switch Over!
Peach Setsuna? Why’s Setsuna……?
Berry Peach! That girl is our enemy. Setsuna work for Labyrinth!
Peach No way! Lie… Setsuna is my friend. No way….
Setsuna I have only one objection. That is….. destroyed all of you.

Peach First met Setsuna, the time to spend with Setsuna, Setsuna’s voice, Setsuna’s action, Setsuna’s smile, Setsuna’s tear. SETSUNA!! I WILL FIGHT WITH YOU! Because we are still friend.

Fresh Pretty Cure!
Episode 23 “The end of Eas! Cure passion is born!”
Shiawase Get dayo!