Fresh Precure Episode 21

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From kavee_sinji via email

Fresh Pretty Cure Episode 21

Ayumi - Miyuki-San, make yourself comfortable.
- We have to go back home.
Love + Miki + Bukki - Yes!
Miyuki - It’s seems you still need some rest.
Love - Yes.
Miki - Sorry that we make you worried.
Inori - The dance lesson must be stopped.
Miyuki - Let’s forget about that.
- Right now I want everyone of you to forget about dance lesson.
Love + Miki + Bukki - …………………..
Miyuki - If your bodies still not recover…
- Your unhealthy bodies cannot be enter the dance contest.
Love - We sure we will back to healthy again.
Miki - Please! Don’t stop teach us.
Inori - We will try harder than before.
Miki+Inori - Please!
Love - Please!
Tart - Oh… What should I do about this?

Opening theme

Miki - One two one two, put your hand up!
Inori - One two one two….
Love - Left right left right….
Well, what’s next?
Inori - Next step is move your wrist.
Love - Ah!! That’s right!
What are you doing, Tart?
Tart - It’s seems you are really forgot something.
Love - What’s that? We are busy, you know?
Tart - I don’t see the reason why you have to put yourself in such a busy thing like this.
- Are you trying to take a dance lesson along with being Pretty Cure, right?
- Are you not worried about this world? If this world don’t have Pretty Cure everything will turn out worst.
- Stop dance lesson and doing only Pretty Cure duty.
Love - Dance and Pretty Cure… We can’t choose.
Tart - What?
Love - That’s why we chose both of them.
- I chose both dance and Pretty Cure, because all these thing. I met Miyuki-san, Tart and Chiffon. It’s makes me happy everyday and every night.
- Right? Miki-tan, Bukki.
Miki+Inori - Yes!

Episode 21 “The Forth Pretty Cure is You”

Tart - I don’t understand… I really don’t understand what’s Love-haan and the girls are thinking?
- If this continue I have no choice!
Kaoru - Hey! Donut
Don’t worry! Don’t worry!
What? What? What is on my face?
My nose? My mouth?
Ah…. My butt? hahah
Miyuki - Well, I never thought that my dance lesson could make those three exhausted.
- We danced together everyday. Why I never noticed?
- I think I put too much view point as their senior.
Kaoru - Um… I guess they must be very enjoyable.
- When those girls have a dance lesson with you.
Miyuki - But my lesson make them exhausted.
Kaoru - Smiling of the customer when they eat donut and feel the real test of it.
- It is the same smile. It is a smile that you can understand immediately.
- If those young ladies thought that they force themselves into your dance lesson. They won’t smile. Right?
Miyuki - I guess… Maybe….
Kaoru - That must be it! Everything will be alright.
Miyuki - Um…….
Tart - Kaoru-haan!!!
Kaoru - Oh! Brother! Welcome!
I got you donuts.
Tart - Let’s eat later.
Kaoru - What’s wrong?
Tart - Nothing. Chiffon don’t play around.
Miyuki - A-A-A-A ferret speaking?
Kaoru-chan? What does it means?
Kaoru - w….well…
Miyuki - What? I heard you talk to ferret!!
Kaoru - An old man like me never think about this small thing. Sorry.
- Oh! No time left! I have to go prepare donuts.
Tart - Miyuki-haan.
- I have one thing to please you! Miyuki-haan! Can you become Pretty Cure by not asking anything?
- It’s true that I suddenly ask you a question that difficult to make, but.. Please! Please!
Miyuki - Wait! What are you talking about?
Tart - You are Pretty Cure! You are a forth Pretty Cure that we are searching for.
Miyuki - Me?
Tart - Yes! Your power is needed now.
So, Please! Awaken you power!! Help us!
Miyuki - What’s so suddenly….
I wonder what’s really going on?
Tart - Just wait! After you can call out your Pickrun. Miyuki-haan can transform into Pretty Cure.
- Akarun! Where are you? Come out now! Hey! Akarun!!! The forth Pretty Cure is here!
- Oh! Maybe it’s hides in donut like last time.
- Hey! Where! Where is it hiding?
Miyuki - Mr. Ferret.
- This is an important thing, right?
Tart - Yes, it is!
Miyuki - I am also known the Pretty Cure. I see them in Newspaper, and myself have a chance to met them. They are wonderful girls.
Tart - You are Pretty Cure too.
Miyuki - Impossible.
Even if it possible….
I can’t be Pretty Cure.
I am Trinity leader. Even if you choose me to be Pretty Cure.
- I can’t handle dance and Pretty Cure at the same time.
Tart - Can’t do both things at the same time…
Miyuki - I never have an idea to quit “Trinity”.
Tart - So, What do you want me to do?

Love - Setsuna, visit us?
Eas - How are you?
Love - Not fully recover. I guess.
Eas - She looks so weak.
I have warned you.
We should looking for something to play together.
Love - Really! Cool!
Eas - Hi!
Love - Taro-Card?
Eas - Let’s try fortune telling.
Love - You are Setsuna! It’s sound fun.
Eas - About we talked yesterday, let’s do it again.
Love - About we talked yesterday?

Eas - “So much to do, so little done”
- It means “ If you want to do anything you can’t be good in everything”
- In the end you will get nothing.
Love - Yes! Please!
Well, what’s the answer?
Eas - It’s still difficult now, but it’s alright to try in both side. Like this….
Love - Really?
- Thanks, Setsuna! I feel fresh now!
Eas - Just do whatever you want till satisfy!
Inori - Setsuna-san? But last time isn’t you told her that she have to choose right?
Miki - What the answer this time so different!
Eas - This is a normal pattern of fortune which it can change all time.
- That’s why you can’t aspect the answer to be the same as always.
Love - I think it’s the same as us.
- Enjoy, sad, love, hate. Everything always change little by little right?
Eas - T-That right!
Love - Yes! From now I will eat a lot, after I recover I will try harder and harder.
- On the competition day make sure you can come to cheer us.
Eas - Of course.
Tart - I… What should I suppose to do?


Love - Yes! Finish the dance step with right leg!
Um. I feel good.
Miki - Miyuki-chan is a special committee today too. We must do our best!
Love - That’s means I can’t make a mistake in front of her!
- Oh! What should I do! I think I have a headache.
Inori - Me too.
But everything will be alright.
Miki - I am sure we will perfect in our step.
Inori - I also believe that everything will turn out good.
Love - That’s right! We will win and debut into professional.
- We have to practice on dancing more and more!
Tart - So that were you all thinking?
Love + Miki + Inori - Wagggggggggggggggg! No! It’s gone!
Love - Where’s my suitcase!!
Miki - No way!!
Inori - I think I just saw it minute ago.

Tart - Everyone, please forgive me. If I didn’t do it you don’t stop.
Chiffon! Stay in the suitcase don’t get out!
It’s really a hard day today.
Until now the forth Pretty Cure still in silent. This is bad.
Since the first time I thought that to searched for Pretty Cure is really bored to me.
If I can find them all I will go home immediately.
What are you doing Chiffon?! Stop annoying! I still talking about important thing.
Important thing…..
For those three danced lesson is what they like. I understand it in the first place.
But I want them to be Pretty Cure only.
I want to try my best along with everyone.
But all just want them to do Pretty Cure duty….
Because since I met Peach-haan and the girls it makes me happy all day all night.
Love - I chose both dance and Pretty Cure, because all these thing I met Miyuki-san, Tart and Chiffon. It’s makes me happy everyday and every night.
Tart - What am I doing?!
I have to be strong, Tart!
What Peach-haan and the girls choose I have to be respect.
Everyone!! I’m going to see you now!!!
No way!! I’m in hurry!!
Eas - What’s wrong?
Tart - MY ANGEL!!

Announcer - All competition please! Gather on the stage.

Miyuki - What Love-chan and the girls doing?
Miki - Hey! Can you find it?
Eas - Love!!
Love - Setsuna!
That’s my suitcase!
Tart - I am sorry! I do thing without thinking.
Inori - Tart-chan took it.
Tart - You girls are tried because of me.
Love - It’s alright!
It’s a good warm up!
Good job, tart!
Miki - Can’t help it, however the suitcase is back.
Inori - I was shock.
Eas - What’s this strong relationship?
Tart - Everyone.
Love - Now, Let’s go to the stage.
Inori - And change dress.
Love - Thank you, Setsuna.
About fortune telling, tart, and cheer us today.
I will grab the winner to show you. Just watch.
See you later.
Eas - So bad! But you won’t get a chance to be the winner!
Switch Over!
Just now, I will destroy everything.
Love + Miki + Inori - What?
Love - Miyuki-san!
Miyuki - Girls.
Miki - Love
Miyuki - Girls, Are you alright?
Eas - You all suppose to afraid of losing hope and future!
Miyuki - No!
Eas - Is she the forth Pretty Cure?
Miyuki - I won’t allow you to destroy these girls dream!
Eas - You are the one to interfere!
Miyuki - I will finish you the first one! Go!
Love+Miki+Inori - Miyuki-san!
Miyuki - You all should run away!
Love - Miki-tan Bukki transform.
Miki - Okay!

( Pretty Cure transform in front of Miyuki)

Tart - Peach-haan!
Peach - Please! Stay here.
Miyuki - Are you Pretty Cure?
Peach - Thank you, Miyuki-san.
Miyuki-san’s courage turns into the power for us.
Tart, Chiffon, Please! Take care of Miyuki-san!
Miyuki - Everyone.
I never thought that these girls are Pretty Cure.
I am really an idiot.
Love-chan and the girls are keep trying to do best both dancing and Pretty Cure.
I am the one who weak.
Love-chan, Miki-chan, Inori-chan.! No! Pretty Cure! Do your best!
Pretty Cure - Miyuki-san!!
Miyuki - Let’s take care of that monster!
- Your dream is waiting for you.
Pretty Cure - Yes!
Eas - Finish them!
They still got power left! I can’t believe it.
Peach - Because everyone is cheering us for both Pretty Cure and Dancing
Even if the way we choose is tough than we thought.
But if we happy and enjoy with it. It can changes into power for us to handle everything.
Eas - Shut up! Shut up! I don’t get your point!

( Cure stick attack )

Eas - This is just a bit pain.

Kaoru - I feel so regret for you that the contest have to postpone.
please! Enjoy.
Miki - Everyone’s practice hard.
Love - I want to dance.
Miyuki - It’s alright, I am sure you will have a chance to enter the competition again.
Until then, we can level up on our practice to make our dance skill more perfect.
Well, about you are Pretty Cure. How come?
If you won’t tell us today I don’t know the situation will turn worst than I thought or not.
I thought we are in the same team.
Love - Well… that…
Miki - about that….
Inori - Tart-chan, please! Explain….
Tart - Ahhh!! Me?

Souler - Our fate was decide by Lord Moebuis since birth.
Or now you just think about the something new that in your hand…

Eas - If I use this card. I can finish them.
But what will happen to my life?
Peach - Eas! I will not forgive you for everything.
But you are crying.
Eas - Crying? I am not crying.
Peach - Your heart is screaming and crying!!

Fresh Pretty Cure
Episode 22 “Setsuna and Love! You are Eas!”

Shiwase Get Dayo!

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