Fresh Precure Episode 19

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Re-Translated by Kanmuri

Translation complete, ready for TLC. -- Kanmuri

Part 1 -- Prologue

Love + Miki + Inori: A dance tournament?
Miyuki: Once a year, dancers from all over the country gather at it.
It's the biggest event of the year.
Love: That's where Trinity made their debut, isn't it? {Not sure if "their" is appropriate, considering she's talking to the leader of Trinity directly about it. I'll leave that up to the editor. -- Kanmuri}
Miyuki: That's right.
Because we were the tournament champions, we were scouted and able to go pro.
Love: Champions?
Miki: Scouted?
Inori: Go pro?
I have faith that if we combine our strengths there's nothing we can't do.

Miyuki: What do you plan to do?
Going to try entering as a three-person team?
Love: Of course!
Love + Miki + Inori: The three of are going to enter together!
Miyuki: That's what I wanted to hear!
If you're going to enter, you'll need to think of a team name.

Love: Team name?
What should we use?
What should we use?
Inori: You okay, Love?
Miki: You're bouncing around too much.

Love: Sorry, sorry.
Miki, Buki, let's give it our best shot.
Our target is to be champions of the dance tournament!
Miyuki: If you're aiming to be champions of the dance tournament, the lessons are going to have to become much harsher. Are you ready?
Love + Miki + Inori: Yes!

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- You got me a card? You shouldn't have!

Eas: The sorrowful voices of humans, that can't help but cry out in anguish. Such weak beasts.
It would be better for them to cry out for all eternity.
You won't find me crying, though.
If I were to show such weakness, it would be just my luck for Lord Moebius to witness it.
Because of that, no matter what happens...
Lord Moebius!
Moebius: Eas, why isn't there enough in the sorrow gauge yet?
Eas: It's because of Pretty Cure. If those three ceased to exist, the humans' sorrow would be overflowing in the blink of an eye. So, how should I defeat them?
Moebius: I feel the same way, so here is a new card that we have created.
With just one piece of this card, the strength and power of a Nakewameke will be greatly increased.
Eas, I will bestow this card upon you.
Eas: Me? Thank you very much.
Moebius: However...

Title: A new card! Eas' new power!!

Miki: We've decided on a team name.
Inori: Since the three of us live in Yotsuba...
Love: We'll be the dance team "Clover"!
We'll get the happiness of being champions!

Miyuki: No, no. You're swinging your arms, but out of sync.
Blond Trinity girl: You need to stay conscious of the fact that you're not dancing alone, but in a group. {No, I don't know her name, if she has one. Nor do I know the name of the other girl who has the next line. -- Kanmuri}
Brunette Trinity girl: What's important is breathing as one. {「だいじなのはさんにんなこきゅうよ。」 「大事なのは三人な呼吸よ。」 First is what I heard, second is the kanji I used. 呼吸 is breath or respiration, but it's also knack, trick, or secret (of doing something). I went with the former. -- Kanmuri}
Love: Breathing?
Miyuki: Watch.

Love: Amazing! That was tight! {ぴったり is used to mean "perfectly" or "neatly", but it's also used to mean "tightly" as in "The shirt fit tightly." So inspired by that, I went with "That was tight!" for my translation. ;) -- Kanmuri}
Miki: You didn't look at how each other was moving, at all.
Inori: How were you able to sync your movements so well? {Yes, this is a slightly liberal translation. She more literally said, "Why were you so perfectly fitting like that?" Another translation I considered was "How did you perfectly match each other like that?" -- Kanmuri}

Blond: If you depend on what your eyes see, your timing will be off.
Feel the movement of the air, and the presence of your partners.
Brunette: Focus on becoming able to do that during your practice.
Miyuki: A group of dancers breathing in sync is more powerful than a single good dancer. Make teamwork your top focus, okay? {「ひとりのうまいダンサーおどりよりも、いきのあったすうにんのダンサーがおどるほうがパワフルよ。チームワークをだいじにね。」 「一人のうまいダンサー踊りよりも、息の合った数人のダンサーが踊る方がパワフルよ。チームワークを大事にね。」 Had to transcribe out this long sentence to be able to fully grasp it for translation. Here it is in case you need it for TLC. -- Kanmuri}
Love + Miki + Inori: Yes.

Miyuki: Love, your arms are too low.
Love: Yeah!
Miyuki: Miki, step higher.
Miki: Okay!
Miyuki: Inori, you're one beat behind. {She says ワンテ, which I'm assuming is short for ワンテンポ which is a wasei for "one beat" -- Kanmuri}
Inori: Right! {Sorry, it felt blah having the same translation for "Hai" for all three girls in a row. Feel free to change it of you don't feel it's appropriate -- Kanmuri}
Miyuki: Come on, you need to sync your breathing better! One more time!

Tarte: She doesn't seem to be waking up at all.
Peach, if you don't hurry and wake up, you're gonna be late!
Peach! Peach! Come on Pea-gahk! {He's cut off half-way through ってば, so with the English word order for the sentence, I cut it off halfway through "Peach" -- Kanmuri}
Crud, she won't wake up.
She's always woken up before. This just kinda snuck up on us. {.... Yeah, plz to be checking this line, TLC. It's entirely an educated guess. --Kanmuri}
Love: Ow, my head hurts.
Chiffon: Morning Love.
Love: Morning, Chiffon.
I had a weird dream. I was flying up into the air and suddenly woke up.
Tarte: More like gradually... and then you fell.
Love: What time is it?
AHHHHHH! I'm late, I'm late! {For a very important date! ..... Sorry xD -- Kanmuri}

Inori: I got my homework done, but I forgot it at home.
Teacher: It's certainly rare for you to be forgetting something, Yamabuki.
Inori: I'm sorry.

Tarte: You're making me tired. {plz to check thx -- Kanmuri}
You two are really drowsy, aren't ya?

Chiffon: Tired
Tarte: Hey Chiffon, isn't Pine supposed to be feeding you lunch?
But she's sleeping instead.

Kaoru: Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. When you're tired, a little something sweet is just what you need to perk you up.
Love: Thanks
Kaoru: If you eat one, it'll take you to paradise. A second one, to heaven! Just be sure to come back.
Huh? No reaction.
Love: Huh?
Miki: Did you say something, Kaoru?

Kaoru: You really are tired, aren't you?
Wouldn't it be best to skip your lesson today and go home?

Love: No, we're fine. Because we love it and it's fun, we can still get through it. {I wanted to use "persevere" instead of "get through it" but I felt that was a bit too wordy. -- Kanmuri}
Miki: Ahhhh!
Inori: What? What is it?
Miki: It's time for our lesson!

Love: Ack! We gotta go!
Tarte, since it's so late today, please go on home with Chiffon ahead of us, k?
See ya, Kaoru!
Kaoru: I'll be here if you want some donuts. {Yeah... that's the best I could make out of ドーナツもってけば -- Kanmuri}

Tarte: Will they really be okay? I mean, they're gonna have a rough time using their powers when they henshin.
They're sweet girls who are trying to stick it out, but they really should take a rest. {Have I mentioned I hate 関西弁 ferrets yet? xD -- Kanmuri)

Setsuna (thinking): Please wait for me, Lord Moebius.

Miyuki: No, no, you three are still breathing out of sync. Once more!
Love + Inori + Miki: Right.

Moebius: If you use this card, it will bring forth a strength and power much greater than that of a Nakewameke. However...
Setsuna: However...

Love: All right! We did it! Yahoo!
Miki: We were perfect!

Setsuna: They're really idotic. All they think about is dancing.
This was so I could steal her Linkrun, I don't need it anymore.

Love: Setsuna!
Setsuna: Love!

Setsuna: A dance contest?
Love: Yeah.
Miki, Buki, and I are entering as the team "Clover."
We've got a lot of steps to memorize, so we have to practice every day.
Setsuna (thinking): And yet she's smiling... {Not sure if she's thinking to herself or saying this out loud. I'm going with the thinking to herself though, because although Love's expression seems to change when she says that, she's probably reacting to Setsuna's facial expression. -- Kanmuri}
Love: Huh?
Setsuna: Seems like a lot of trouble. You shouldn't push yourself too hard.
Love: I'm fine! 'Cause dancing's really fun.
Setsuna (thinking): Has she no self-awareness of her role as a Pretty Cure?
There's no time for dancing. Furthermore, with her lax nature, she doesn't seem like she would be an enemy of Labyrinth, or anything else, for that matter.

Miki: What was that just now?
Love: Setsuna? What's wrong?
Setsuna: Huh?
Love: Is something bothering you?
Setsuna: Why do you say that?
Love: Just looking at you like this, you always seem to be alone, so you're probably lonely.
Setsuna: Lonely?

Miki: Ah, it's 6 o'clock!
Inori: We've got to head home.
Love: Setsuna, we're here every day for dance practice, so you can come see us anytime, k?
See you later!
Setsuna: Lonely!? Don't take me for a fool! Switch over!
I am Eas, a denizen of Labyrinth and servant of Lord Moebius!

Love: I wonder if Setsuna's okay. I got the feeling she really wasn't very happy.
Inori: I think you were able to get across to her that you cared for her, so I think she'll be happy.
Love: Really?
Inori: Yeah.
Love: I hope you're right.
Miki: Speaking of Setsuna, where does she live?
Love: Huh? What's this all of a sudden?
Miki: She seems to be about our same age, and if she lives around here, she should be going to one of our schools.
Love: Now that you mention it, she's never told me.
I'll ask her next ti-
Miki: What's going on?
Nakewamake: Gasket! {I think it's saying something like パッキン, which means a non-metal seal, like a washer or a gasket. Either that or ばっけん, which would mean to draw a sword. Plz to check, tlc? -- Kanmuri}

Love: Miki! Buki!
Miki: Ok

Love + Inori + Miki: Change! Pretty Cure, beat up!
Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!
Peach: Let's!
All 3: Pretty Cure!

Nakewameke: Snap-crackle-pop! {I think what it's saying is パチパチ, which is "a pleasant clapping sound," sound of something hot bursting open, or incessant blinking. So... I came up with that translation based on the second definition there. ;) -- Kanmuri}

Eas: A Nakewameke really is too weak.


Part 3 -- With great power comes great.... what are those vines doing to her?

Moebius: This card will bring forth great power.
However, it requires a sacrifice. {Sacrifice is what I settled on for 代償(だいしょう) which basically means in this case a payment extracted from the user of the card in exchange for its power. He explains as much in the next line. --Kanmuri}
Eas: Sacrifice?
Moebius: It extracts a price of the from the user of the card. Unbearable pain, and at the worst it may shorten your life.
{Eas gasps}
Moebius: As I thought. I probably shouldn't have shown this to- {Sounds like she cut him off, so I cut off his sentence in the TL, too. -- Kanmuri}
Eas: I can bear it! For your sake, Lord Moebius, no matter what pain I must endure I will not fail to defeat Pretty Cure!
Even in exchange for my life! {Treating this as an extension of the same thought from the flashback. --Kanmuri}

Berry: What the...?
Peach: It's changing!

Eas: Rise, and show them the power of this new card!

Berry: It's fast!
Pine: Berry, behind you!
Eas: It's combined such magnificent speed and power!

Peach: I can't summon the strength...
Pine + Berry: Peach!

Eas: This pain in my arm means nothing if I am able to quickly defeat Pretty Cure! {Please check this line for me, TLC. I think I got the general gist right, but I'm not sure. Thanks. -- Kanmuri}

Berry: Such incredible power...
Pine: At this rate...
Peach: Let's do this like we're dancing. Miyuki said so, didn't she?
Miyuki (flashback): A group of dancers breathing in sync is more powerful than a single good dancer. Make teamwork your top focus, okay? {Yes, this is a copypasta from the original line in the script. -- Kanmuri}

Berry: Two is better than one.
Pine: And three is better than two.
Peach: One of us alone can't do it, but the three of us together can!
Berry: The important things are breathing...
Pine: ... and teamwork!
Peach: Let's go!
Pine + Berry: Right!

Berry: Peach!
Pine: Now!
All 3: Triple Pretty Cure Kick!

Peach: Carry, melody of love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!
Berry: Resonate, rhythm of hope! Cure Stick, Berry Sword!
Pine: Heal, harmony of faith! Cure Stick, Pine Flute!

Eas: I can bear it! No matter how painful! Go!

All 3: Evil and misery, begone!

Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine...
Berry: Pretty Cure Espoir Shower...
Pine: Pretty Cure Healing Prayer...

All 3: Fresh!

Eas: This time for sure. Everything for Lord Moebius, even my life!

Peach: It's weakening!
All 3: Now's our chance!

Eas: What?

Love: Chiffon! Tarte!
What's wrong, Chiffon?
Tarte: Chiffon felt like something was wrong.
Did those Labyrinth guys show up again?
Love: Yeah, it was a bit rough, but we're fine.
We beat 'em with teamwork.
Inori: No need to worry about us.
Tarte: What? Have you forgotten how tired you've been?
Miki: This is no time for us to get depressed over something this trivial.
Love: Yeah, we've got to do our best tomorrow onward.

Eas: With the power of this card, I will definitely be able to defeat Pretty Cure. Please wait a bit longer, Lord Moebius. Without fail, all will be as thou desirest. {Sorry, I just felt like throwing in a "thou"... it seems to fit okay, I think. xD -- Kanmuri}

Ending Theme

Part 4 -- Preview

Love: Everywhere I look I see the Dance Contest. Strong guys keep showing up, and Pretty Cure stuff has become a bit troublesome, but we're fine! When the three of us combine our strengths, we'll definitely be able to do both Pretty Cure and dancing! Watch me Setsuna, I'll show you I can hang in there and do it!

Fresh Pretty Cure!
Dance or Pretty Cure...
Which will you choose?

Let's get our happiness together!

On Screen: The fourth Pretty Cure will appear soon!