Fresh Precure Episode 18

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Re-translated by Kanmuri
Translation in progress -- Kanmuri
There is a caption script available for this episode.

Part 1 -- Prologue

Love + Inori: Cuuuuute!
Miki: Great, isn't it? With Blurun's power, I can dress her up like this.
Inori: Are there any other outfits?
Love: I wanna see more!
Miki: Of course there's more. The next one's like this!
Love + Inori: Active wear! {Yeah... they're literally saying, "Active!" but that's meaningless in English. xD So I went with my best guess. -- Kanmuri}
Chiffon: Miki, more!
Miki: Okay, okay.
Love + Inori: Wild and beautiful! {Lit: "Wild and beauty" in Engrish -- Kanmuri}
Miki: I know, right? {Trying to go with translations that sound more like natural English for stuff like this. -- Kanmuri}
Tarte: Doting parents, they're like doting parents. {If you've got something that sounds better than "doting", I'd welcome it. --Kanmuri}
Love(?): Yeah?
Remi (Miki's mother): Miki, something's happened. {Other candidates I considered for たいへんよ were "it's an emergency" and "something terrible has happened", but I thought that "something's happened" fit best. -- Kanmuri}
Kazuki collapsed at school and was taken to the hospital.
All 3: What!?

Kazuki: Sorry to worry you.
It was just a light case of anemia, so I'm okay to go home now.
Miki: Are you sure you're okay?
Did they check you out thoroughly?
I think you should check into the hospital for a bit just to be sure.
Kazuki: That's a bit much, sis.
Love: Miki's just worried about you.
Inori: It's good that it wasn't serious, though.

Chika's Mother: Chika!
Chika: Such a cute bear!

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- Wester's... reading?

Soular: Oh? It looks like Wester is finally understanding the joy of reading the printed word. {活字 is "printing type," which I translated as "the printed word." -- Kanmuri}
Westar: The printed word? What's "the printed word"?
More importantly, look at these three!
Soular: "Popular with kids."
"Follow in Pretty Cure's footsteps." {「プリキュアのすがたを追え」 -- Kanmuri}
Huh, they're a big deal right now, aren't they?
Eas: How annoying.
Westar: Why in the heck? Why am I being treated like this?
Eas: Oh that...
Soular: But this might be your chance to redeem your tarnished reputation.
With as popular as they are, if you were to defeat Pretty Cure in front of those children...
Westar: If I were to defeat them...?
Eas: I see...
You could fill the Sorrow gauge in one shot, right?
Westar: Of course! That's a great idea.
So...? Hmm? Hmm?
How should I do that?
Westar: Would it really do any good for me to say anything further?
Eas: Think about it on your own for a bit.
Westar: You two have been really cold towards me lately.
Westar (thinking): What should I do?

Title: I want to meet Pretty Cure! The little girl's wish!!

Chika: So this little bear is called "Chiffon."
I'm Chika, nice to meet you.
Chika's Mother: I'm sorry.
Chika, please return the bear to these girls.
Chika: No! Just a bit more, please?
Love: O-Okay.
Miki: Can Chiffon keep motionless like this?
Inori: If we're here, it should be fine.
Love: Yeah. Kazuki and the others already went home earlier, too.
Chika, we'll go ahead and let you play with Chiffon for a bit.
Chika: Yay! What should we do?
Hmmm... Oh yeah! I'll give you something nice.

Love: What are you making?
Chika: Well, to finish you just push here and...
Here you go, Chiffon.
How's it look?
Inori: Oooh.
Miki: Cute!
Love: Nice. Can we make some too, Chika?
Chika: Sure.

Tarte: Why am I the only one who couldn't go in?
Nurse: Sorry, but animals aren't allowed inside.
Tarte: That's completely wrong!
I'm not an animal; I'm a cute, cute fairy!

Inori: Finished.
This suits me quite well, I think.
Miki: I'm flawless as usual. {Sounds more natural to me with the "as usual" than just "I'm flawless/perfect." -- Kanmuri}
Love: I'm done, I think.
Chika: Love's is kinda wierd.
Chika's is prettier.
Right, Chiffon?
Love: P-p-p-Pretty Cure! Just kidding...
Chika: That's wrong! Pretty Cure is much cooler!
Love: That's m- {Cut it off at 'm' because I don't know for sure if it would have been "me" or "my" -- Kanmuri}
Inori: Oh, you have something like that.
Miki: Those are well taken.
Love: That's incredible, Chika.
You really love Pretty Cure.
Chika: Yeah, so I wrote a letter to Pretty Cure.
Love: A letter?
Miki: To Pretty Cure?
Inori: So, what'd you write?
Chika: I wanted them to come meet me.
Nurse: Chika, it's time for your exam.
Chika: Uh... O-okay.
Love: What? Chika has surgery tomorrow?
Chika's Mother: Yes, and she's really scared about the operation.
That's why she wrote that letter to her beloved Pretty Cure saying, "I want you to come meet me." {I'm not entirely sure about "beloved" on this line, it's accurate in one sense, but in another it sounds like a romantic relationship. XD -- Kanmuri}
But how in the world am I supposed to get it to them? I have no idea.
Inori: If Pretty Cure would come; if they would cheer her up...
Chika's Mother: I think Chika might become a little less scared of the operation.

Chika: Hey Chiffon, I wonder if Pretty Cure really will come...
Nurse: Chika, we're here to pick you up. {Alternative I considered, "Time to head back to your room." Went with the more literal translation. -- Kanmuri}
Love: Hey Chika, how about we go for a walk together?

Chika: Is that right?
Love: Yeah, yeah.
It's really a secret, but we're friends with Pretty Cure.
Inori: Love!
Miki: Love!
Chika: You three... really?
Love: Really, right?
Miki: Okay... I suppose?
Inori: Okay... I guess?
Love: It's fine, it's fine!
I can ask them, "Please come Pretty Cure, come before the operation."
Chika: Really for real?
Love: Really for real.
Chika: They'll definitely come?
Love: Since they're Pretty Cure, they'll definitely come.
Chika: Okay, I understand. I'll be waiting.

Tarte: So that's how it is.
I thought that since you were taking so long something must have happened.
Miki: So what are we going to do about what you said back there?
Inori: Transform and head back to meet her now?
Love: No, just meeting up with her would be a bit boring.
Since she's waited so long for it, we should cheer her up much, much more than that!


Part 3 -- Cheer up Chika

All 3: Change! Pretty Cure, beat up!
Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!

All 3: 1, 2, Fresh! {The "1, 2" is the best I have for せーのっ -- Kanmuri}
Love: All right!
All 3: It's finished!
Love: If we get this autograph card to Chika before her operation she'll be really happy.
Inori: Yeah, I'm sure she'll be able to hang in there.
Miki: For Love, there was alot of thought put into this.
Love: Hey, what do you mean by that!?
Tart: With this, you can stop worrying about her, right Chiffon?

Chika: Chiffon.
No way.
Awesome, I'm flying! {Saying "awesome" twice just didn't seem right in English, even little kid English. -- Kanmuri}
Chiffon: Chika.
Hang in there.
Chika: Thank you.

Chika: Chiffon?
Was it a dream?
You came to see me after all.
Oh yeah. I should make some for Pretty Cure, too.
'Cause Pretty Cure's coming to see me today.

Peach: I wonder if we'll make Chika happy?
Pine: If we make it in time for the surgery, probably.
Berry: It isn't until evening, so we should be fine.
Peach: Chika, wait for us okay?

Westar: I've thought long and hard, if I do say so myself.
And finally, I've come upon the best method ever!
Nakewameke! Do my bidding!
Nakewameke: On air! Digital OTA-A-A-A-A... {「オンエア~ 地デジジジジジ!」 地デジ is an abbreviation that means "Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting" what we might call digital OTA, or "over the air" broadcasting. -- Kanmuri}
Westar: Show yourselves, Pretty Cure!
If you can see me, come immediately, Pretty Cure!
Peach: Westar!
Westar: If you don't hurry up and come, I'm gonna wreck this city!
Are you really okay with that?

Berry: He just had to show up at a time like this.
Pine: Even though Chika's waiting for us.
Peach: It's okay, we'll definitely make it in time.

Nurse: Chika, it's gonna be time to get ready soon.
Chika: Wait, Pretty Cure hasn't come yet.
Chika's Mother: Then I'll wait for them outside the hospital for you, okay?
Chika: Okay.

All 3: Cut it out!
Westar: You came, Pretty cure...
The real broadcast starts now.
Nakewameke: On air! Digital OTA-A-A-A-A... {Don't forget to change this one too if you change the one above -- Kanmuri}
Westar: Preparations complete.
Do it!
Nakewameke: On air!
Westar: You're aiming at me!?
Damn you, Pretty Cure!
Peach: This cannot be happ-AHHH! {そなのあり~ I'm pretty sure that was a cut-off あり得ない --Kanmuri}
Tarte: Peach!

Chika's Mother: Chika.
Chika: Where's Pretty Cure?
Chika's Mother: Sorry, but it looks like they still haven't come yet.
Chika: I don't wanna do this, I'm scared.
Chika's Mother: You've got to stay strong.
Chika: Wait, just a bit longer and Pretty Cure... Pretty Cure will come...

Westar: Let's do it again!
Fill the children of this town full of sorrow!
Peach: What do you mean?
Westar: It's quite simple. These events are being broadcast live on TVs throughout the city.
This means that when the children see your defeated figures, their sadness will greatly fill the Sorrow gauge.

Peach: Oh really? Well if that's the case...
Westar: What!?
Berry: Well, that gives us even more reason why we can't let you defeat us!
Pine: I'm sure they're all cheering for us!
Peach: Let's go you two!
Peach: Let's...
All 3: Pretty Cure!

Chika: I don't wanna do this, I'm scared. I'm really scared, Mama.
Nurse: Chika, look at this!
Chika: Ah! Pretty Cure!

Westar: Go! Silence them!
Nakewameke: On air!

Chika's Mother: Chika, it's Pretty Cure!
They're doing their best to fight the bad guys right now.
Chika: Yeah, go for it! Go for it, Pretty Cure!
Westar: Hey, w-wait a sec!

All 3: Triple Pretty Cure Kick!

Westar: Aaaah! Ow!
Peach: Let's go!
Berry + Pine: Right.

Peach: Carry, melody of love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!
Berry: Resonate, rhythm of hope! Cure Stick, Berry Sword!
Pine: Heal, harmony of faith! Cure Stick, Pine Flute!
All 3: Evil and misery, begone!
Pine: Pretty Cure Healing Prayer...
Berry: Pretty Cure Espoir Shower...
Peach: Pretty Cure Love Sunshine...
All 3: Fresh!
Westar: Damn them... and I thought it was such a great plan too! I'll get you next time! {I'll get you next time Gadget! Next time! ... Sorry, couldn't help myself xD -- Kanmuri}

Chika's Mom: Chika, Pretty Cure did their best, didn't they?
Chika: I'm gonna do my best too.
Peach: Let's hurry!
Berry + Pine: Yeah.

Chika: Chiffon, I get to see you again!
Miki: Chika, how was the operation?
Chika: It really wasn't that scary at all.
Love: Oooh?
Inori: That's great, isn't it Chika?
Chika: Yeah.
Here, this is for you.
Love: Woah, they're so pretty.
Chika: Give some to Pretty Cure and the rest are for you.
Love: Thanks Chika.
Pretty Cure will get their happiness too!
Miki: That's right.
Inori: Yeah.
Chika: This one's for Chiffon. Don't forget it again, okay?
Love: Let's play again when you get out of the hospital.
Chika: Okay.
Love: See you again, bye-bye!
Chika: Bye-bye!
Chiffon: Bye-bye!
Chika: Let's play again Chiffon.

Ending Theme

Part 4 -- Preview

Love: Hey, Setsuna is there something bothering you?
You look kinda lonesome, and you're always alone.
If you'd like, you can talk with me about anything.
We're best friends after all.

Fresh Pretty Cure!
A new card!
Eas' new power!!

Let's get our happiness together!

On Screen: The fourth Pretty Cure will appear soon!