Fresh Precure Episode 17

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Re-Translated by Kanmuri

Translation complete -- Kanmuri

Part 1 -- Prologue

Tarte: Lotsa people have been comin' to mah illusion show lately.
Love: So you've been able to eat all the donuts you want? I'm jealous.
Inori: You're quite skillful, aren't you Tart?
Tarte: Well, yeah...
I've been trying to come up with some new tricks, but I dunno what I should do yet.

Chiffon: Love, food!
Inori: You're hungry, aren't you Chiffon?
Love: What would you like to eat today, Chiffon?
Inori: She says, "A sweet chocolate cake."

Love: Here you go, Chiffon.
Inori: Now, now, don't make a mess.
Love: You're getting it all over your face.

Inori: What's wrong, Miki?
Love: If you don't want your donuts, can I eat them?
Tarte: You've already eaten too many, Peach. And you had three earlier.

Miki: Why am I the only one that hasn't had her Pickrun appear yet?
Back then, when I couldn't summon my Cure Stick, I screwed up.
Hey Tarte, could you tell me why a Pickrun comes out?
Tarte: I really couldn't tell you as I don't rightly know myself.

Miki: Hey maybe...
Love: What's up Miki?

Miki: Hey, do you two remember? When your Pickrun appeared?
When Pirun appeared, Love kept on trying for Chiffon's sake.
And when Kirun appeared, Inori was giving it her all to help Chiffon, right?
It seems that when each of you gave attention to Chiffon, that's when your Pickrun appeared.

Inori: It does seem that way...

Tarte: So, if Berry was to take care of Chiffon a bit more, her Pickrun might show up?
Miki: Exactly.
I've decided. I'm gonna take care of Chiffon for a little bit.
That okay with you, Chiffon? (I think this fits the spirit of よろしくね, if not the letter(s). -- Kanmuri)

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- Miki's in over her head

Miki: Okay, Chiffon, welcome to my room.
It's nice and big.
Yeah, that's a good girl.
Ah! Chiffon!
What are you doing, huh?
Ah, sorry, I overreacted.
Aw, come on, I said I'm sorry already.
Please stop crying.

Title: Leave Chiffon to me! Berry's new power!

Miki: Nicely done. I'm perfect as usual.
Remi (Miki's mother): Oh, that smells wonderful. But isn't it a bit early for dinner?
Nah, I was just thinking about what kind of meal a baby would like.
Remi: A baby!? Why!?
Miki: Crud, I forgot I need to keep Chiffon a secret from mama.
It's practice, of course, practice. For when I become a mother in the future.
Remi: A mother...? What?

Miki: Here you go Chiffon, food.
Doesn't it look delicious?
Go ahead and dig in.
In exchange, could you please make my Pickrun come out?
H-here, this is good for you.
I mixed some Cure Vitan with vegetable juice, to make Miki's special Cure Vitan.
I don't care if you like it or not, drink.
Hey, come on.
Ack! Stop it, Chiffon!
And these are some of my favorite clothes, too.
This better come out. (Yes, I'm kinda shooting from the hip here. -- Kanmuri)
Looks like it won't come out by making food for Chiffon like Pirun did.

Love: I wonder Miki's Chiffon care time is going well.
Inori: Hey, isn't that Miki?
Love: Miki's hair is all messed up.
Inori: She's always kept it perfectly groomed.
Love: Definitely, her Chiffon care time...
Love + Inori: ... isn't going well at all.

Miki: If it's gonna be like this... I'm gonna show them how much of a Chiffon care master I can be.
Ayumi (Love's Mother): Huh? Isn't that Miki?

Remi: What? Our Miki?
Ayumi: Yeah, she was standing there, nose into a childcare book, reading it with this serious expression on her face.
Remi: O-oh really?
Miki (flashback): Nah, I was just thinking about what kind of meal a baby would like.
Remi: A baby... what'd she mean by that?

Miki (Talking to herself): Okay Miki, you need to change your character around to one completely likeable by a baby.
Miki: Hey Chiffon! It's me Miki!
Hey! Let's play together!
I've got lots of toys, too! Look!
Here, won't you pick a toy you like and cheer up?
Chiffon: Where Love? (Yes this is intentionally stilted as it's baby talk. -- Kanmuri)
Miki: Not Love, Miki!
Chiffon: Where Inori?
Miki: Not Inori either, Miki!
Chiffon: Love! Inori!

Miki: Ugh, the childcare books said this would work.
Why won't this kid listen to me?
Chiffon: Love! Inori!
Miki: Well, this is certainly a problem.
Hey Chiffon!
Whee, we're going up high!
Come on, stop crying.

Remi: A baby!
Where is it?
Miki: Hey, what's going on, mama?
Remi: Where's the baby?
Miki: Don't just burst into my room all of a sudden like that, you startled me!
Remi: I'm sure I heard it just now. Miki, are you hiding something from your mother?
Miki: I'm sure you're just hearing things, mama.
Remi: But I heard a baby crying....
Miki: It was just your imagination.
It's nothing, don't worry about it, mama.

Photographer: That's good, Miki
Turn this way.
A little more.
Yeah, just like that.
Now turn a little that way.
That's a good expression, yeah.
Okay, and once more.

Miki: Geeze, mama even came to my photo shoot. Looks like I didn't fool her one bit with my excuses.
But I can't tell her about Chiffon, either.

Photographer: Hey, hey, Miki. You need to turn this way.
Miki: Right
Photographer: Yeah, just like that.
Miki: Chiffon, no!
Photographer: What's wrong Miki?
You feeling bad or something?
Miki: No, nothing's wrong.
Photographer: If you say so. Let's take a break anyway.
Miki: S-sorry.

Miki: Chiffon! You shouldn't be doing stuff like that.
You need to wait here quietly.
You're probably still hungry, aren't you?
How about this?
Sorry Chiffon, there's no time.
Please eat this and wait here quietly.
I guess you really won't eat my cooking after all.

Remi: Hey Miki, can I have a moment?
Miki: Mama?
Remi: Miki dear, are you really not keeping something from your mother?
Don't worry, I understand and am on your side.
Miki: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you have the wrong idea, mama.
Remi: I'm sure you have your own reasons. (きっと ふかい じじょう ある よね.)
Miki: No, no, it's not like that.

Remi: Speaking of which, it was just like this back then, too...
When you were still a child, there was a time when you disappeared.

(These are guesses as to who's speaking.)
Inori (child): What do we do, Ms. Aono? (おばさん, I don't think "ma'am" fits, so I put Ms. Aono. May even be best to just drop it completely. -- Kanmuri)
Love (child): We were playing hide-and-seek, and we couldn't find her!
Remi: Miki! Miki!

Remi: I searched high and low for you, and finally found you at the nearby park.
You were all alone there in that dark park, still hiding.

Remi: Miki!
Miki (child): Mama!
Remi: Are you okay?
Miki: I'm fine, it's me! (Something like "Since I'm me, I'm fine" or "Since it's me we're talking about, I'm fine. -- Kanmuri)
You don't need to worry about me.

Remi: To think that my little Miki has reached the age of motherhood...
Miki: Motherhood? What are you talking about? (Yes, motherhood instead of just "mother" to fit with the previous sentence. --Kanmuri)
Remi: But it's not easy to care for a baby... when did you start carrying such a heavy burden?
Miki: Caring for a baby? Heavy.... Oh, what are you saying, Mama!?
Remi: But... I heard a baby crying...
Miki: A baby crying? That was Chiffo-er, that was a doll.
I'm way too young to be a mother. (はやってる from はやい early, as in too early. So I extrapolated from context. -- Kanmuri)
Remi: A doll?
Oh thank goodness. Why didn't you tell me so earlier?
Miki: Oh mom, it's 'cause you were so convinced there was a baby.
Miki (thinking): Where's Chiffon?


Part 3 -- Lost Chiffon

Girl on bench: I made sandwiches for lunch.
Guy on bench: Woah, thanks! They look delicious. Yahoo, let's eat! (Yes, I think it sounds dumb and badly written in Japanese too. XD --Kanmuri)

Westar: A date in the park, hmm?
I've heard that green means tranquility to humans, but looking around for sorrow in this place is doubly difficult.

Miki: Excuse me.
Have you seen a white plushie around here anywhere lately?
Westar: N-no I haven't.
Miki: Thank you.
Westar: No prob. (He says いえ here, but that really means something like, "don't mention it" or "no need to thank me". -- Kanmuri)

Where'd you go?
Chiffon! (I think that's the right number of "Chiffon!" there -- Kanmuri)

I just decided to take care of Chiffon on a whim... but at this rate...

Miki: I'm sure a lost child is lonely all by herself.
Now that I think of it, back then when we were playing hide-and-seek... I waited alone for a long time, hiding.
The truth was that I was lonely and scared.
I wanted someone to hurry up and find me.
Chiffon: Love!
Miki: At that time, when mama found me, I was so relieved.

Remi: Miki!
Miki (child): Mama!
Remi: Are you okay?
Miki: I'm fine, it's me! (Copypasta from earlier, if you change that one change this one too for consistency, please. n.n -- Kanmuri)
You don't need to worry about me.

Remi: What are you saying?
I've been worried sick about you.
I'm so glad you're alright, Miki.
My precious Miki.

Miki (thinking): I'm sure Chiffon must be feeling the same way.
I've got to find her. Because right now...
Miki: I'm her mama!
I found her!

Love: Ah! Miki!
Inori: We came to see your photo shoot, and ended up feeding Chiffon.
Miki: Chiffon!
Why'd you run off like that?
I'm sorry....
I'm sorry, Chiffon.
It's all my fault.
You were lonely, weren't you?
You were hungry too, right?
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry...
I'm so glad you're alright.
Chiffon: Miki
Miki: Pickrun!

Love: That's awesome, Miki!
Inori: Looks like your feelings got through to Chiffon.
Miki: Thank you, Chiffon!

Love: What?
Inori: Labyrinth? Here?

All 3: Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!

Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!

Peach: Let's...
All 3: Pretty Cure!

Nakewameke: Papa bread! (ぱぱんがぱん is what he's saying over and over again. The best I can come up with is that it's some kind of bread pun with ぱぱん just being a slangy "papa." --Kanmuri)
Pine: That's horrible, the trees are all being knocked down.
Berry: It's messing up this beautiful park.
Westar: So you've appeared, Pretty Cure.
Nakewameke, behind you!
Nakewameke: Papa bread!
Peach: No good, it won't budge.
Nakewameke: Papa bread!
Papa bread!
Peach + Pine: Double Pretty Cure Kick!
Pine: Got it!
Nakewameke: B-b-bread
Westar: It's not over yet, go!
Nakewameke: Papa bread!
Berry: Peach! Pine!
Westar: This is great! We've made a Pretty Cure sandwich!
Nakewameke: Fruit sandwich!

Pine: Chiffon!
Berry: Chiffon!
Pine + Peach: Berry!

Berry: It's okay, I'll protect you.
Please Blurun, lend me your power!
Resonate, rhythm of hope! Cure Stick, Berry Sword!
Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Espoir Shower... Fresh!

Love: It's great that your Pickrun finally appeared, isn't it Miki?
Miki: Yeah.
Yeah, it wasn't going very well at first, but then Mama taught me something very important.
Tart: Something important? What was that?
Miki: That my mom loves me very much, and just like her, I need to give my love to Chiffon. I get it now.
Tarte: That's true, isn't it? The most important thing when dealing with kids is love, definitely love.
Love: Yeah. But at first weren't you only interested in your Blurun?
Miki: Yeah, but the feelings of love for Chiffon are what's most important, right?
Tarte: In the end, Berry found her own reasons to love Chiffon. (最後には、ベリーはんの愛情が自分に.... Leaving out the よかった from direct translation, as it just feels awkward and forced in the English sentence.)
Miki: Yeah, Chiffon and I have become much closer.
Chiffon: Love you, Miki!
Miki: I love you too!

Inori: Well, I guess that completes Miki's Chiffon care time.
Miki: Most certainly not! My real caring for Chiffon is just starting.
Tarte: Ah, a childcare book!
Miki: I want to take perfect care of Chiffon at least once a day. Being to lenient is unacceptable, strictness is love too.
Love: She's really gotten into it.
Inori: Well, that's Miki for you.
Miki: Where are you going, Chiffon?
I've got plenty of love to give you.
Hey, get back here, Chiffon!
Tarte: Please forgive her, Berry!
Miki: Can't do that, sorry! (Yeah, liberal interpretation of ダメ. --Kanmuri)

Ending Theme

Part 4 -- Preview

Love: We just happened to meet this little girl at the hospital.
Miki: That girl says she's a big fan of Pretty Cure.
Inori: She seems a bit scared, though.
Love: Alright then, we'll just have to help wipe out those fears tomorrow.
Inori: Yeah, but what should we do?
Love: Well, we're going to transform into Pretty Cure and go meet her, of course!
Inori + Miki: What!?

Love: Fresh Pretty Cure
I want to meet Pretty Cure!
The little girl's wish!!

Let's get our happiness together!