Fresh Precure Episode 16

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Translating from scratch with no caption script.

Translation completed, mostly needs some help from TLC on a couple of lines -- Kanmuri

Part 1 -- Prologue

Love: Man, you two really saved my bacon coming with me.
Inori: Don't mention it. But really, going by yourself to do the shopping for the cultural festival would have been hard.
Love: It's because I was picked to be in charge of the cultural festival.
Miki: But didn't you volunteer?
Love: Well, yeah.
Miki: Thought so.
Anyway, there's alot of stuff here. What've you got in this bag?
Miki: Konjac? (See Konjac on Wikipedia -- Kanmuri)

Text on package: Straight from the mysterious beyond!!

Inori: These are a fishing rod and a flashlight.
Miki: So, what's Love's class planning on doing?

Love: Well, that's....
Daisuke: Hey!
Love: Wow, awesome!
You got it! Perfect!

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- Westar is dumb

Westar: Mmmmmm... this is so good!
Ahh.... Donuts are so magnificent.
I'd be happy to spend my life eating them.
Oh yeah, speaking of that, I've still got to find Infinity.

Inori + Miki: A haunted house?
Love: Yeah, our class is doing one. Daisuke and I are in charge, right?
Daisuke: Huh? Oh, yeah.
Miki: So that's why you need all this scary stuff.
Inori: How'd you get that stuff?
Daisuke: I asked Miyuki for it.
Inori: You got it from Miyuki?
Love: Yeah, Miyuki borrowed it from a TV studio.
Miki: Ah, a homicidal woman.
She looks really well made.
Love: Doesn't she?
With this our haunted house will be a hundred times better.
Don't you think that's just what you'd expect from the power of Trinity?

Westar: ...nity?
Miki: So when are you meeting up with the others, soon?
Love: Yeah, everyone's working hard.
Westar: Is that it?
Love: Anyway, definitely come see us, okay?
I'll make sure to make you nice and lonely.
Miki: Umm... that's...
Inori: ... probably not very happy.
Love: Aww, you shouldn't say something like that, I'm doing my best.
Miki: Well, good luck!

Daisuke: I guess it'll be okay in my pocket.

Westar: I'm sure Infinity is in that box.
Westar: Oh yeah, I don't know what kind of thing Infinity is.
So, I'm sure that's right. Yeah, definitely!
Ah! Crud, I was saving that for a special occasion!

Title: Cultural Festival of Fear! Echoing footsteps in the night school!!

Part 3 -- Setting up for the festival

Love: Just a little to the right.
Ahh, too far. Back to the left.
Yeah, right there.
The haunted house is finished!

Yuuki: That Love girl is sure full of energy.
Kento: Yeah, but it's sure a good thing we put her in charge.
Yuuki: No kidding, if it was Daisuke, we'd never get finished in time.

Daisuke: Ah, you've got the signboard finished. Nicely done.
Yuuki: "Nicely done," he says. Daisuke, you haven't done anything, have you?
Kento: Momozono's done practically everything.
Yuuki: Where the heck have you been slacking off at?
Daisuke: I haven't been slacking. I've been taking out the tra...

Unnamed girl: Oh no! Are you okay, Love? (Does she sound like Setsuna to anyone else? -- Kanmuri)
Love: Why didn't you help me hold it up just now?
Daisuke: Shaddup! (Ah... tsundere Daisuke, just making things worse as usual. -- Kanmuri)
It just fell down, okay?
Why are you being so serious about this?
It's good if ..... beforehand. (Note to TLC: I have no flippin' clue what he's saying here... halp! See talk page -- Kanmuri)

Kento: Daisuke, that's a bit...
Love: So then, why'd you decide to be in charge of it with me?
Daisuke: That is...
Daisuke (thinking): Since you're here, I can't say it...
That's also ..... (Same as above... halp! See same note on talk page. -- Kanmuri)
I r-really didn't want to do this anyway. It's a bother.
Love: Oh really. Then it would have been better for me to do it alone.
Daisuke: Oh, I see. My bad, sorry to get in your way.

Kento: Goodbye, Momozono.
Yuuki: Cya tomorrow!
Love: Yeah, let's have a fun day tomorrow!

Love: Oh, rain.
Yuuki: Crud, let's hurry home.
Daisuke: Yeah...
Love: Oh, right!
Westar: Here's my chance.

Love: The window really was left open.
Was it like this, perhaps? I think...
Daisuke: Hey, Love.
Love: Daisuke? Why are you here? I thought you went home already.
Daisuke: You too. What are you doing here all alone?
Love: What am I doing? My job, of course.
Daisuke: Well, then I'll do it too.
Love: No, that's okay. After all, you think it's a bother, right?
Daisuke: That was... gah!
Love: Daisuke, is it possible that you're afraid of thunder?
Daisuke (thinking): She's gonna laugh at me. She's definitely gonna laugh at me.
Love: Are you okay?
Umm... What should I do in this situation?
Oh, right. Use tissues as earplugs.
If the sound of thunder is what's scaring you, then this should make it a little less scary.
Daisuke: You're not going to laugh?
Love: Why?
Daisuke: Because I'm scared of thunder.
Love: Why would I do that? Everyone has one or two things they're scared of.
I have thinks I'm scared of too. Midterms, finals, homework, reading aloud in class.
Daisuke: Why are you scared of those?
Love: What, you're not scared of any of them?
That surprised me.
Daisuke, you probably should use these for earplugs after all.
Daisuke (thinking): She's trembling.
Perhaps she's scared of thunder too?
Daisuke: Gah!
Love: Daisuke!?
Daisuke: All right! Love, let's hurry up and fix it!
Love: But..
Daisuke: It's fine.
What are you staring at?
Let's hurry up and split this annoying job.
So we can have a fun day tomorrow.
Love: Yeah.

Daisuke: Hey, tape this for me.
Love: Okay, don't move.
Daisuke: No, not there, here.
Love: Ah, sorry!
Daisuke: All right, here's good. Next is...
Why are you laughing?
Just feels like the two of us are both in charge of this now, right?
Daisuke: I-I guess....

Westar: That's kinda sweet.... (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
I can't think about that now, since I've got to get Infinity.
The target is that boy's pocket.
Switch over!
Nakewameke, do my bidding!

Love: Did the skeleton fall over again?
Huh? It's gone.
Daisuke: That's odd.


Part 4 -- Scary school

Nakewameke: Bones, bones! (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Love: This was done by Labyrinth.
Daisuke: Let's run!
Love: Wait a sec, Daisuke!
Westar: They're running away?
We'll chase them down no matter where they run.
Nakewameke: Bones, bones, Aaaahhh!
Love: Daisuke, it's dark!
Daisuke: Calm down, Love!
Love: The inside of the school's become a haunted house.
It's no use, since Daisuke's here, I can't henshin.
Let's split up, Daisuke!
Daisuke: What are you saying? What can you do on your own?
Anyway, let's head outside together.
Love (thinking): Dangit, if we don't hurry up and split up, I won't be able to henshin.
For now, I'll just message Miki and Buki.
Daisuke (thinking): I... I will protect Love.
Are you okay, Love?

Love: Ugh, what happened?
What? You're annoying me.
I wonder where that skeleton went.
Gah, I sad stop it already.
Cut it o-
Nakewameke: Right here. (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Daisuke: That way!

Love: D-d-don't scare me like that!
Change the school back to normal!
Daisuke: Love, hide!
This way!

You okay?
Love: Uh... Uh-huh.
Daisuke: Are you hurt?
Love: No.
Daisuke: Thank goodness.
Love: Were you worried about me?
Daisuke: Of course I was. You just disappeared suddenly.
Love: Sorry. Oh, and thanks for helping me afterwards.
Daisuke: Oh, Uh... Sure. (Implied "you're welcome" -- Kanmuri)
Love + Daisuke: No way!
Daisuke: They've multiplied!
We can exit out there, it's an emergency exit!

If we've made it this far...
Westar: If you've made it this far.... then what?
Your escape ends here.
Now, hand it over, boy.
Daisuke: Hand over what?
Westar: Don't play dumb with me.
Love: Daisuke, let's get out of here.
Daisuke: No, I won't.
Love: Come on, Daisuke!
Why? You've been wanting to run up 'till now.

Daisuke: Before I was running to protect love.
Love: Huh?
Daisuke: But now, to protect Love, I won't run!
Love: Daisuke...
Ah, he's fainted.
Oh right, that thunder just now probably scared him so bad he fainted.
He pushed himself too hard.
But, thanks anyway.

Nakewameke + Westar (thinking): That's kinda sweet...

Miki + Inori: Love!
Love: Miki! Buki!
You came!
Miki: Of course!

All 3: Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!
Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!
Peach: Let's...
Peach + Berry + Pine: Pretty Cure!

Westar: Go! Bring me that boy!
Skeleton 1: Bones!
Skeleton 2: Bones!
Both: On a stick! (On a steeeek! XD See talk page -- Kanmuri)

Pine: Peach, take care of Daisuke!
Berry: Leave these two to us.
Peach: Okay.

Skeleton 2: Bo-bo-bones!

Peach: Pine!
Skeleton 2: Bones. Bones.
Peach: Pine!

Pine: Heal, harmony of faith! Cure Stick, Pine Flute!
Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Healing Prayer... Fresh!

Berry: Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Espoir Shower!

Peach: Crud!
Westar: Got it!
Peach: Give us back Daisuke!
Wester: I'll return him right now.
Skeleton 1: Bones, bones!
Peach: Daisuke!

Pine: He stopped!
Berry: Chiffon! Tarte!
Tarte: That was dangerous, Peach!

Westar: So she saved you again, boy? Pitiful.
Peach: What'd you say?
Daisuke isn't pitiful at all.
He tried to look after me with out regards to himself, and that's 100 times stronger and cooler than you'll ever be!

Peach: Carry, melody of love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!
Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Love Sunshine... Fresh!

Westar: Hahaha, I'll forgive you for today, Pretty Cure!

Tarte: What's up with him?
I have no idea what he's thinking.
Berry: Why?

Westar: This is... Infinity.
Box: You've been scared by Trinity!
You've been scared by Trinity!
Westar: I-Inifi- no, T-t-tri....

Love: Awesome, right?
Really scary, right?
Inori: I has a kinda .... feeling. (Halp! -- Kanmuri)
Miki: Yeah, it does.

Yuuki: Did you say that Miki's come?
Kento: Yuuki, wait! That's....
Love: Hey, I've told you that the monsters can't be coming outside the haunted house.
Ah! He's trying to skip out again!
Daisuke: Ack! I've been foun-
Inori: You okay?
Love: Uncool...

Daisuke: Shaddup!
Love: W-why are you telling me to shutup?

Yuuki: Those two are at it again. Causing trouble, right Miki?
Miki: Why?
Why... am I the only one?

Ending Theme

Part 5 -- Preview

Miki: Why am I the only one whose Pickrun hasn't come out?
Love: It'll come out sometime!
Miki: I hate just waiting!
I need to be proactive!
Inori: What'll you do?
I'll take care of Chiffon for a bit.
So I can show you my perfect Pickrun getting skills!
Love: Will that be okay?
Inori: I think I'm a little worried.

Love: Fresh Pretty Cure!
Leave Chiffon to me!
Berry's new power!

Let's get our happiness together!