Fresh Precure Episode 14

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Translated by Kanmuri

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Translation completed -- Kanmuri

Part 1 -- Prologue

Chiffon: Love
Love: Ye~s
Chiffon: Miki
Miki: Wha~t?
Chiffon: Inori
Inori: Ye~s?
Chiffon: Love you!
Love + Inori + Miki: Cute!!

Tarte: Chiffon, and I'm...?
Tarte (thinking): Why? Why won't you say my name?
When I think about it, it's been many months and years since we set out on this journey from the sweets kingdom. (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
On rainy days, and windy days, we silently stood together in a nook in the city. Even though it you continued to stare at only me.
Tarte (talking again): It's too... too cruel.

Love: But that's good for Bukki.
Miki: Because she has her yellow Pickrun, she can better understand Chiffon's words, right?
Inori: Actually, that's not all.
Love: That's not all? What do you mean by that?
Tarte (mumbling to himself): Isn't this world such a cold, cruel place? (See talk page. -- Kanmuri.)

Inori: Yeah, it the weather really is nice.
Love: Huh, no way Bukki!
Miki: You understand sparrows? (Lit: The words of sparrows.)
Inori: Not just sparrows, if I have my Pickrun, I can understand all sorts of animals.
Love: That's amazing!
Miki: In other words, you can understand the animals that come into your family's animal clinic?
Inori: Right.
I can understand what's wrong with them, it's helped me out alot. (Lit: saved me)
Love: Oh really?
Inori: I'm happy that all the animals seem to have opened their hearts to me.
Tarte: Regrettably, it seems that my hard heart is shut tight.

Miki: That's nice, Love's and Bukki's Pickrun have come out.
Love: It'll be fine.
Since Mine and Bukki's have come out, I'm sure your Pickrun will come out too.
Right Tarte... Tarte?
Tarte: Ah... yeah that's right. It hasn't come out yet? Well, it will sooner or later.

Love: What are you sulking about?
Tarte: I'm not sulking.
I'm just sure that my heart is shut tight.

Chiffon: Pirun....
Blurun... (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Love: Hey look, she can say something else perfectly too.
Mine's Pirun.
Inori: Mine's Kirun.
Miki: Then mine's Blurun, isn't it? I want it to come out soon.
Love: Yeah! So if you put them all together, you have Pirun, Kirun, Blurun, Akarun!
Love + Inori + Miki: Aka?! (See talk page -- Kanmuri.)

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- Akarun??

Love: Chiffon, you said "Akarun"?
Chiffon: Akaru~n
Inori: She's saying, "Where's Akarun?"
Love: What's that mean? Hey, is there another pickrun, Tarte?
Tarte: I dunno, leave me alone. I dunno...
Miki: It's no use, he's completely withdrawn right now. (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
Wait, if there's four pickrun...
Love: No way!
Inori: That means there's...
L+I+M: four Pretty Cure!? (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Title: The Fourth Pretty Cure!? Search for Akarun!

Love: When I think about it, we all met our pickrun around Yotsuba. For me, it was at the event hall in front of the train station.
Miki: Mine was at the nearby family restaurant.
Inori: Mine was along the riverbank near the city.
Love: The fourth pickrun probably isn't far from Yotsuba then.
Miki: And near that forth pickrun...
Inori: Is definitely the fourth Pretty Cure.
Love: Let's go look for it!
Inori + Miki: Yeah.

Westar: I heard that. I thought if I lied in wait for them in this park they often show up in, I'd be able to discover a weakness.
One time I was a hunk that was aiming to become a musician.
Another time I was a hunk in an oversized character costume handing out tissues.
And yet another time I was a hunk housewife spreading gossip.
I've been lying in wait, carrying out this perfect inconspicuous masquerade, for a week.
It could be said that I've been through many hardships.

Kaoru: Hey Mister.
I don't really know why, but you've been busy day after day.
If you'd like, you can eat this.
Westar (thinking): No way! I've been found out?

Part 3 -- Labyrinth discussion

Eas: A fourth Pretty Cure?
Soular: Why do you say that?
Westar: What part don't you get? That there's not just three of them, there's one more?
Soular: So?
Westar: Think about it! Right now there's three of us and three of them!
If that one shows up, we'll be at a 4 to 3 disadvantage when it comes time for a team battle!
Eas: Team? You can't possibly think we're a team, can you?
Give it up already, I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole. (See talk page --Kanmuri)
Westar: Then give back the donuts you ate! Give them back now!
Eas: "Team," and "teamwork," you say such things because you have no confidence in your own power by yourself. Only cowards say such things.
Westar: What did you just say!?
Eas: However...
The reality is that I also can't stand thinking about the Sorrow gauge and how Pretty Cure has been in the way up 'till now.
Soular: It's best to pluck out weeds early, wouldn't you say?
Westar: So you guys went along with it after all!?

Part 4 -- Searching for Akarun

Miki: I said we should search for it, but we've just been aimlessly wandering around.
Inori: It should be somewhere around Yotsuba, but it's a big city.
Of course! Hey, let's ask the animals for information.
Miki: The animals?
Inori: Yeah, using the power of my Kirun, I can ask the animals that we always see flying around and passing through the city.
Maybe one of them has seen Akarun.
Love: Of course! That's brilliant, Buki!
Ah, this one, this one!
Look, he's always looking outside. Isn't he cute?
Miki: I like him too!
Love + Miki: He's so cute!
Love: Buki, try and ask him right away.
Inori: Right.
Hi, we're looking for a fairy like this one.
Would you happen to have seen it?
Love + Miki: So cute!
Hamster: A fairy? Do I know anything about that?
Buki: Huh?
Hamster: And if I did know, would I tell you? (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Ya know, in general, guys don't go for being called cute.
Rude young women, seriously!
Anyway, it's not easy to listen to all these people, do something about it, will ya?
Ah well, I guess it's just me fretting over the rough waters of society.
Love: What's he saying, Buki?
Inori: T-to put it simply, he's saying, "Dunno, but good luck," or something like that.
Miki: Thanks!
Inori: L-let's go onto the next one.
Miki: You okay, Love?
Love: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Miki: Hey, Buki, does that bird really know about Akarun?
Inori: Yeah, it said it's seen it.
Miki: So, in exchange for telling us...
...we have to feed these chicks?
Inori: We seem to be doing alot of "childcare" recently. (See talk page -- Kanmuri)

Chicks: Huh, where's mom?
Could it be that this person's taking care of us today?
Woah, are you serious?
Nah, I think she's just feeding us.
I'm starving!
Yeah, give us some grub! (Yeah, I just gave this part my best shot -- Kanmuri)

Miki: Buki, what are they saying?
Inori: I can't say it. The words just can't come out of my mouth.

Miki: Buki, that guy?
Inori: Yeah, he's trying to take over this cat's territory.
Miki: So if we drive him out, then he'll tell us where he saw Akarun, right?
Inori: That's what he said.
Love: Can't be helped! This is so we can find our fourth member! (Yeah, I didn't even try and figure out how to work in the ニャs. -- Kanmuri)
Miki + Inori: Love!

Love: Wait... this match is just getting started...
Inori: Love!
Miki: Love! Let me help too!
Love: No! You two just stand there and watch!
A model's face is her life!
It would be horrible for you to get your face scratched up.
Inori: Then I'll--
Love: I can't make the Buki who's such good friends with animals get into anything like a brawl with one.
That's why I must try and defeat him on my own!
Inori + Miki: Love!

Love: Gah, he got me-ow! This sucks! I lost! (Well, at least I managed to work one of the ニャs in that she keeps adding to her speech here. -- Kanmuri.)
Miki: But you did your best...
Love: Next time-ow I see him, I'll pulverize him!
Inori: Love, you've lost sight of our goal. (See talk page -- Kanmuri.)
Hmm, what?
Uh huh....
Oh, really!?
Love: What's she saying?
Inori: She says she's found Akarun.
Love: What!?


Part 5 -- Akarun found and lost

Sign: Amusement Yotsuba

Miki: Prism Catcher...
Love: What? Don't tell me that the swallow saw these plushies and thought they were Akarun?
Miki: Was she mistaken?
Inori: Wait a sec... hey look!
Love: No way!
Miki: That's definitely it.
Love: Yay! Hey Akarun!
Miki: She's not waking up. What should we do?
Love: It's obvious, we've got to get her! (See talk page -- Kanmuri.)
Inori: Good luck, Love!
Miki: Relax and take your time.
Love: Akarun Ge-.... (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Miki: That's a bad sleeping position.
Inori: Certainly energetic, isn't she?
Love: O-one more time! This time for sure.

Miki: She... she can't be doing this on purpose, right?
Hold it...
Love: Where are you going?

Westar: So they've found it? Those three have met together alot. The one they'll have to fight before the fourth one shows up is me! (Yeah... not so certain on this one. See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Miki: Huh? Yotsuba City Park?
Inori: Maybe she's looking for someone?
Love: Then, does that mean the fourth Cure is up ahead?

Kaoru: Oh, welcome!

All 3 girls: Wha?!?
Inori: No way! Kaoru's our fourth member?
Cure Kaoru: Freshly given! (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
All 4: Let's Pretty Cure!

Love: Oh! That might be right!
Miki: Sorry... let me think about it for a bit...
Love: Huh? You don't think he's suave enough, Miki? (See talk page -- Kanmuri)
Miki: That's not the problem...

Miyuki: Oh, hey girls.
3 girls: Huh? Oh, Miyuki!

Inori: We don't have our practice today...
Love: So why are you here?
Miyuki: Today I've had TV recording, dance lessons, and stuff since this morning.
I'm exausted already, and was craving something sweet, and Kaoru's donuts are the best in Japan.

Miki: Then, is is possible...
Inori: ... that Miyuki is...
Love: ... our fourth member?

Kaoru: Here, it's freshly made!
Miyuki: Thanks!

3 girls: Akarun!

(Note Miyuki's Magazine: NattsHouse Vol 7 XD )

Eas: That's far enough.
Certainly your fourth member would have to be someone with deep ties to you three, and this girl who's always teaching you dancing certainly fits.
Soular: We thought we'd know for sure if we followed your movements, and bingo.
Westar: Hang on a second! Don't tell me it was that easy for you guys!
Eas: You just suck at it!
Westar: Shutup! Switch Over!

Miyuki: What the heck are you?
Westar: Hand her over!
Love: Miyuki!
Kaoru, please take care of Miyuki!
Kaoru: Me?
Inori: Hurry!
Kaoru: Well then, why don't you go eat some donuts with me?
I know a good shop.
Miyuki: Ummm, but...
Kaoru: A date with a cute young lady. This will be fun, heh.

Westar: Wait!
Love: We won't let you pass!

3 girls: Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!

Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!

Westar: If you're going to get in our way.
Soular: We won't take it easy on you.

(Hooray for fight scenes with sparse dialog! XD -- Kanmuri)

Westar: Weak...
Weak, weak!

Eas: Oh, it's over already?

Soular: I'm just chewing through you like you're not even there. (See talk page -- Kanmuri)

Westar: Come on, give me a little more fun.

Berry: It's fruitless... (Yes, pun intended XD -- Kanmuri)

Pine: Not even a scratch...

Peach: It'll be okay.
We're sure to win if the three of us combine our power.
Pine: Peach!

Eas: So are you admitting that you can't beat us one-on-one?
Up until now, you've interfered with our plans time and time again, but that ends now.
We'll finish you here and now, and once we're done with your fourth member, Pretty Cure will be finished!

Peach: Miyuki...
Berry: We won't let you...
Pine: ... mess with Miyuki! (Yeah, completing each other's sentences again... gah... technically these should be reversed, but that doesn't make sense grammatically in English. ;) -- Kanmuri)

Peach: Let's go! Berry! Pine!
Berry + Pine: Okay!

Eas: Looks like you're giving up.
After all, your hands are tied in one-on-one.

Peach (thinking): They think they've got us isolated from each other.
Berry (thinking): On the contrary, we're just leading them along...
Pine (thinking): ... so that they come together in one location.

Westar: You're finished!

Peach: Carry, melody of love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!
Pine: Heal, harmony of faith! Cure Stick, Pine Flute!
Peach: Berry! Pine! Let's go!
Berry: Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Espoir Shower!

Pine: Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Healing Prayer... Fresh!
Peach: Evil and misery, begone! Pretty Cure Love Sunshine... Fresh!

Soular: Pull back. (Retreat? Whichever sounds better to you -- Kanmuri)
Westar: What are you saying?
The real fight's just getting started!
Soular: We've lost track of the red one, continuing this further would be pointless.
Eas: You win this round... (Onore Eas!!! See talk page -- Kanmuri)

Love: Where'd Akarun get to?
Miki: She probably went with Miyuki.

Miyuki: Love! Miki! Inori!
3 girls: Miyuki!
Miyuki: Are you okay? I came back because I was worried about you.

Kaoru: When I thought hard about a delicious donut shop, I realized it was here, heh.

Miyuki: Wh-what?
Inori: Huh? Akarun's gone.
Since Akarun's gone, we can't really tell Miyuki anything, can we?
Miki: We might be wrong.
Inori: We can't decide that yet.

Miyuki: What are you whispering about?
3 girls: Nothing.
Miyuki: Hey, since I'm off for the day, do you want to do a special lesson?
You can watch me try out this new step I just learned.
3 girls: Sure!
Inori: If Miyuki was our fourth member...
Miki: ... we'd be really happy, wouldn't we?
Love: Yeah, that'd be awesome.

Ending Theme

Part 6 -- Preview

Miki: Because you said Love and Miyuki shouldn't meet anymore...
Inori: Because the results of your fortune telling were that Love and Miyuki should separate...
Miki: You hurt Love, and for that we can never forgive you!

Love: Huh, what's up with you two?

Miki: My mouth just suddenly...
Inori: I didn't mean to say something like that...

Love: Fresh Pretty Cure!
Setsuna and Love
The heart that cares for others!

Let's get our happiness together!