Fresh Precure Episode 13

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Translated by Kanmuri

Posted directly to wiki.

TL complete -- Kanmuri


Name abbreviations

Dropping the abbreviations, too annoying to keep track of. ;)
Also switching to labeling the lines by Cures when henshined by their Cure names.

Part 1 -- Prologue

Old Woman: Sorry doctor.
Hey! Be quiet Chiro.
Dr. Yamabuki (Tadashi): Oh, please don't get mad at him. Chiro's just being wary of someone he's just met.
I won't do anything to hurt you. I promise.
So, will you let me feel you over for a bit? Okay?
It'll be over soon.

Man: How's it look, doctor?
Tadashi: Looks like constipation.
Man: Constipation?
Mrs. Yamabuki (Naoko): Cats have narrow pelvises, so they get constipated easily.
Man: Oh.
Tadashi: All right, I'll get this cleared up for you right now.

Tadashi: That should be it.
He should be fully healed after about a week's worth of rest.
Woman: Thank you so much, doctor.
Tadashi: "Thank you," you say? You're welcome.

Inori: Dad's really awesome. It's like he really understands what the animals are saying.
Animals come to him with their pains, and he's able to diagnose them in the blink of an eye.
Miki: Bukki's dad does have a reputation as a skilled veterinarian.
Love: It's awesome that he can cure animals without understanding what they're saying.
Inori: In the future, I want to become a veterinarian just like Dad.
Love: You can do it! Because you love animals, they love you, and you really understand pet's feelings.
Miki: Yeah, I think becoming a veterinarian perfectly suits you.

Kaoru: Jyuui (Veterinarian)? I was also Jyuui (10th place) a long time ago.
(This is a horrible pun that's impossible to translate! >.> See talk page.)
So, I tried hard and reached 8th place! I was really happy!
All 3 girls: What kind of story is that?

Kaoru: I've had my eye on 1st place for a bit. Watch the shop for me!
Love: You're going to the restroom again?
Kaoru: Looks like I'm a bit constipated.
Inori: C-constipated?

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- After opening theme to title card

Tart: Yes, I did it! I beat the game!
This feeling of achievement...
I stuck with it all night...
It's about time for the girls to get home.
Chiffon, wanna come go get some donuts, too?
Huh? Are you still asleep?

Tart: Emergency, emergency!!
It's Chiffon, Chiffon!
Love: Chiffon, what's wrong?
Inori: Where does it hurt, Chiffon?
Miki: It looks like he's trying to say something, but...
Love: I got it!
Come on, Chiffon, drink up.
Oh? That's not it?
Miki: She doesn't seem to have a fever.
Love: What should we do?
Miki: Tart, do you have any ideas?
Tart: It's no good, I thought that the Elder of the Sweets Kingdom might know something, but I can't get ahold of him.
Miki: There isn't anyone else who might know?
Tart: No, I'm afraid there isn't.

Love: Oh! We've got Bukki!
Inori: Huh, me?
Love: Yeah, because a veterinarian can treat animals without understanding their words, right?
Miki: Is that really a good reason to treat Chiffon as you would an animal?
Tart: Actually what Peach said is right. Please help Chiffon, Pine.
Inori: But...
Tart: I think you can save Chiffon just as you are.
Inori (Thinking): Chiffon looks like she's in pain.
Inori: I understand.

Title: Chiffon is sick!? Pine's new power!!

Part 3 -- Title card to park scene

Miki: Sorry we can't sick around to help. Please take care of Chiffon, okay?
Inori: Of course, I'll try my best.

Tart: What are you doing, Pine?
Inori: Palpation. Feeling around to see if there are any bad spots.
Chiffon, does it hurt here? How about here?
She's so fluffy, I can't really tell anything.
Tart: How is it? Can you hear anything? Pine!
Inori: Shh, quiet.
Tart: Sorry.
Inori: It's no use. I'm copying Dad, but I just don't know what's wrong.
Inori (Thinking): If I ask Dad, he might know something.
Inori: Dad...
Naoko: Ah, Inori. I was thinking of calling for you just now.
Because I'm heading out to where your father is.
Inori: Where did Dad go?
Naoko: To a farm in a neighboring town.
A cow is giving birth. Seems like it'll be a difficult delivery that will take a long time.
I'm also going out there to help him.
Naoko: Since it's a difficult delivery, we might not be able to come home tonight.
Dinner's in the fridge, so heat it up in the microwave, okay?
Inori, what's wrong?
Inori: Nothing. Take care!
Naoko: Okay, I'm off then.

Tart: Chiffon, aren't you hungry?
You haven't drunk anything since this morning. Come on, drink the Cure Vitan.
You won't have any strength if you don't drink. So try your best to drink.
It's no use. She's just not in the mood to drink the Cure Vitan.
Pine, how was it?
Inori (Thinking): If Dad were here, I'm sure he'd definitely know what Chiffon is trying to say.
But, I just can't figure it out.
What should I do?

Part 4 -- Park scene to eyecatch

Guy 1 (Game player): What!? A game over after I came so far?
Guy 2 (Game player's friend): Hahaha, why don't you try again?
Guy 1: All right, I'll beat it this time!
Souler: Oooh, it's so easy to restart, hmm?
If you screw up, when you reset it, it returns and can be resurrected any number of times. Do I have that right?
Guy 1: Of course, because it's a game.
Souler: Do you two find games interesting?
Guy 2: We play them because they're interesting.
Souler: That's perfect.
Switch over!
I'll turn the fun of playing games into misery.
Nakewameke, do my bidding!
Guy 2: What the?
Souler: The game starts.

Inori: This isn't it. Nor is this...
None of these fit Chiffon's condition. (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
Tart: Pine, hurry up and do something. You can see that she looks like she's suffering.
Inori: Sorry, but I'm still researching.
Tart, I can watch Chiffon. Go ahead and sleep.
Tart: Don't say stupid things! Because Chiffon's hurting inside, I can't easily sleep!
Tart (sleeptalking): Chiffon, get ahold of yourself.

Inori: It seems I was wrong.
Just because I watched Dad treat animals doesn't mean I can.
I'm sorry, Chiffon.
I just don't have the power needed to help you.
But, I'll stay with you. There's nothing I can do, but I'll stay here with you the whole time.
So please, get better. Chiffon!

Love: Sorry to get you up so early in the morning.
Miki: It's okay, I'm worried about Chiffon too.

Inori: Morning.... Chiffon! Chiffon!
What should I do? What should I do?

Woman: What is that?
Love: That is...
Miki: egg?
Love: Why is it floating there?
Miki: It cracked!
Love: Something... something's being born! (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Part 5 -- Eyecatch to end credits

Man in the crowd: Hey!
Nakewameke: Phoenix!
Love + Miki: Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!

Peach: The pink heart is the emblem of love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Berry: The blue heart is the emblem of hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Peach: Let's...
Peach + Berry: Pretty Cure!

Nakewameke: Fushichou!
Peach: What's going on?
Berry: That was way too quick.
Souler: Game start.
Nakewameke: Phoenix again!
Berry: It was resurrected!
Peach: How?
Souler: Games are fun, aren't they?
Peach + Berry: Souler!
Souler: If you reset, you can restart any number of times you want.
No matter how many times it is defeated, it can be revived.
He is immortal.
Nakewameke: Phoenix!
Peach: This time too...
Nakewameke: Phoenix again and again!
Berry: No way, there's just no end to them.
Souler: A game continues eternally. It'll only be over once you collapse.

Random Man: Pretty Cure are no match for it.
Random Woman: What should we do?
Souler: Today is the end for Pretty Cure. There's noone left to save you. Noone.

Nakewameke: Phoenix!
Inori: Peach! Berry! I've got to go.
But, I can't just leave Chiffon here.
Even though I said I'd given up, I promised...
Sorry, Chiffon, if only I had more power.
Right now, all I can do is just have faith.
Faith that Chiffon will definitely be okay, faith that Chiffon will certainly get better.

Chiffon: Inori...
Inori: Chiffon talked?
Chiffon: Go... I'm okay... Go...
Inori: Chiffon...
Chiffon: Go...

Inori: To be thinking of me like that while you are suffering...
Thank you.
Tart: Wha-What's going on?
Pickrun: Key!
Inori: Pickrun!

Nakewameke: Phoenix!
Peach: Already my power is...
Berry: At this rate...

Souler: Hahaha, playing a game with you two has been fun. How about a "Game Over" now?
Inori: No, not yet!
Souler: Hmm?
Inori: It's not over yet! I won't let it be over!
Peach: Bukki
Berry: Bukki

Inori: Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!
Pine: The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!

Wester: Hahaha, so one more has arrived, but it makes no difference. Go!
Nakewameke: Phoenix!

Peach + Berry: Pine!
Nakewameke: Phoenix!
Peach + Berry: Pine!
Tart: Pine!
Pine: Chiffon!

Chiffon: Pretty Cure!
Peach: Chiffon...
Berry: ... spoke

Pine: Chiffon!
Chiffon: Go for it!
Pine: Chiffon!
I won't lose! I won't!
Nakewameke: Phoenix!
Souler: What?

Pickrun: Key!
Pine: Heal, harmony of faith! Cure stick, Pine Flute!
Peach: Let's go, Berry!
Berry: Okay

Nakewameke: Phoenix!
Peach: Pine!
Berry: Now!
Pine: Evil and misery, begone!
Pretty Cure Healing Prayer...

Souler: I told them it was useless and they just don't get it.
What!? They can defeat it by purifying it!?
Yet another new power... Pretty Cure!

Chiffon: Love. Miki. Inori. Pretty Cure.
Love: She really is talking.
Miki: When did she start talking?
Tart: That's the yellow Pickrun's power.
Two-way conveyance of feelings.
Pine and Chiffon's feelings can reach each other now.
Inori: Chiffon, where does it hurt? Can you please tell me?

Chiffon: Poop...
Poop... won't come out.
Love: Poop? That poop?
Miki: "That" poop? What other poop is there?
But that's why, Chiffon?
Love + Miki: Is that all?
Tart: That's just constipation!
Inori: Don't make light of constipation!
It kills appetite, causes nausea, and if it's serious, can require gastrointestinal surgery.
Love: Oh!
Miki: It seems that it was certainly painful.
Tart: Chiffon...
Inori: It'll be okay, just leave it to me.
Miki: What a cheerful face, I'm glad that's cleared up.
The cause of the constipation was staying up late and disturbing her normal biorhythm.
Also I've thought about a lack of exercise.
Love: Now that you mention it, Tart's really been into that game lately.
It seems that Chiffon's been staying up all night with you, and hasn't been out on walks lately right?
Miki: Is that right?
Tart: I'm really sorry! I've just been really engrossed and...
Love: Tart!
Miki: Tart!
Tart: My bad!
Love: He ran away!
Miki: Wait, Tart!
Love: Hey, Tart!
Tart: Please forgive me! Chiffon!