Fresh Precure Episode 12

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Translated by Kanmuri

Posted directly to wiki.

TL complete, not translating preview, it's not in the caption script and Love is speed talking through the entire thing. orz -- Kanmuri


Name abbreviations

Keeping all names to three characters or less.

Lov: Love
Ino: Inori
Mik: Miki
LIM: Love + Inori + Miki
I+M: Inori + Miki
L+I: Love + Inori

Tar: Tart
Kei: Keitarou Momozono, Love's Dad
Tad: Tadashi Yamabuki, Inori's Dad

Eas: Eas
Wes: Wester
Sou: Souler

TVR: TV reporter
TVA: TV athlete

Oba: Old woman
RM1: Random man 1

RK1: Random Kid 1
K1M: Random Kid 1's mom

Nak: Nakewameke

RG1: Random Girl 1
RG2: Random Girl 2

RK2: Random Kid 2
RK3: Random Kid 3

Ob2: Old woman 2
CSL: Candy Store Lady
Oji: Old man

Kds: Kids

Part 1 -- Prologue

Lov: Wow, today is piping hot soup.
Tar: Hey, that looks kinda good.
Lov: Eep, a giant hairball!?
Tar: I'm not a hairball! It's me, it's me!!
Lov: Why do you look like that, Tart?
Tar: How do I look?
Lov: (Laughing.)

Tar: Why are you laughing? This is the latest style!
Kei: Tart! So that's where you went off to.
Lov: Dad? Don't tell me you...
Kei: Ah, I'm developing pet wigs for work.
Tart's trying one out for me.
Lov: Oh... seems kinda strange.

Kei: Heh heh heh... Your judgment of his appearance is troubling.
I've tested alot of ideas for pets, and the ideal form is within sight!
Lov: Oh really....
Kei: Anyway, please help me, Tart! There's still alot of prototypes left to test!
Let's do our best together, Tart! Yeah!
Lov: Oh, dad... well, it's started, hah!

TVR: A commment please.
TVA: You'll get pumped up too!

Part 2 -- Labyrinth mansion

Sou: A rare sight, isn't it? To see you worried like that.
Eas: Whatever brought that on?
Wes: Shutup! I'm thinking.
I don't have any good ideas of how to quickly fill the misfortune gauge.
Sou: Is that so? Among the three of us, Wester has the worst track record, doesn't he?
Eas: Even though he's ventured out many times for that purpose.

Wes: As I thought... I really can't do this!!
Please lend me your wisdom!
Eas: I thought it was something like that.
Sou: Did you really just say that?
Wes: Aaaahhh... How can I face Lord Moebius like this?
That is... I'm really frustrated, but, I'm okay. I'll keep trying...
Please help me with this! Please!

Title: Transform Together! The Great Tuft Tactic!

Part 3 -- Kaoru's donuts truck

Tar: So for that reason I was trying on various animal wigs yesterday.
I wonder if I was a bit obsessed with changing my appearance. It was so much fun wearing all those wigs.
It was unexpectedly good for an animal.
Kao: I see. You were looking too hard for a fresh appearance!
I wonder if this old man can do that too. I want to be less suave... I'm too much of a man, it's so troublesome. Hah!

Ino: Love's dad works for a wig maker, right?
Lov: Yeah, whenever he comes up with a new idea, that's all that he sees. Even when I was small...
Kei: This isn't it, nor this... how about this?
No. As I thought, this is... No. No. No.
Hmm... Hmm....
This isn't it... No, not this...
Hmm.... Wrong.... Hmmm...
This... hmmm.... Ahhhh!
Lov: Dad's kinda weird when he thinks about work. Hmph!

Mik: Is that so?
Lov: Huh?
Mik: Alot of fashion wigs have been delivered to my family's store by your dad.
My mom says that if it's about wigs, your dad knows everything.
Lov: Oh? Even so, at home he only has staring contests with strange wigs.

Ino: But, it seems that pet wigs are becoming popular.
Hey, like over there...
Lov: What's wrong Bukki?
Ino: Wh... What is that...?
Lov + Ino: Dad?!

Part 4 -- Labyrinth again

Oba: Thanks for your hard work, it really helped.
Wes: By the way, I have a question for you. Has there been anything that you felt was unfortunate lately?
Oba: Unfortunate? Not that I can think of...
Thanks to your helping me with my bulky trash, I'm happy.
Wes: I see...

Eas: Well, if you want to search for misfortune inspiration, it's best to go out into the neighborhood.
Sou: It seems to be okay to just casually ask the people of this world.

Wes: What Eas and Souler said was good, but somehow it seems to be going badly.
RM1: Hey mister, help me the collection over here.
Wes: Ah, yeah... I'm coming.

Part 5 -- Back at the park

Tad: Well, your suprise isn't unreasonable.
Lov: Really! I didn't know you were working with Bukki's dad on making pet wigs.
Kei: Well it's not like I was trying to keep it a secret. I thought I'd tell you when I'd properly finished it.

Ino: But, why you two?
Tad: Well, on a hot day in summer when Inori wasn't there...
A dog that was brought in suffering from heat stroke was brought in wearing a pet wig.
The dog was fine internally, and it was a weak heat.
The wig it was wearing for the sake of fashion was putting a strain on its body.
Kei: I listened to Dr. Yamabuki's story. Then I thought that if the two of us, a vet and an employee of a wig maker can combine our expertise, we can certainly make a pet wig that's easier on a pet's body!
Tad: So, with materials with good breathability, and focusing on it being lightweight, after trying prototype after prototype over and over again, we have created...
Kei: This!
We call it...
Tad: Casual!
Kei: Thrilling!
Tad + Kei: Pet-kun Mark II! (See talk page, please. >.> -- Kanmuri)

Lov: What... that name is...
Mik: Quite embarassing, isn't it?
Ino: You said Mark II, was there a Mark I?

Kei: That name is very precious!
If you put alot of love into it like this and call out to it, it's like you can hear its voice.

RK1: Mama!
K1M: Shh... (Subtext here is "Just ignore the crazy man." -- Kanmuri)

Kei: Look here, it says, "Wear me! I want everyone to be happy!"
Lov: The voice of a wig and the like... I can't believe this...
Ino: Can you really hear it?

Tad: Well, it's the same thing as hearing animal's voices.
Mik: But, what do the animals who wear the wig think?
Tar: I had fun!
Ino: I think there's alot of those who enjoy it like Tart, but I think there's also those who wouldn't.
You know, forcing them against their will and stuff...
Lov: Yeah, yeah. Forcing them to wear a wig even if they hate it, is unfortunate, isn't it?
Mik: Right, it certainly does seem to be unfortunate.

Kei: Ah, but that's why we're aiming for the ultimate wig that will bring happiness to animals!
Oh, right! Would you like to help us, Love?
Lov: Erk... Help you....?
I say, this is good. Quite agreeable, quite.
Tar: I could make a habit of this...
Lov: Hah, no I'll pass!
Kei: Well then.... how about Miki and Inori?
Lov: Geeze, you won't drag them into any weird things! We're going!
Ino: Love!
Mik: Excuse us!

Kei: Oh, see you later!
Mik: Hey, stop pushing, Love!
Ino: Love!
Lov: It's fine... (See notes on talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Wes: Heh heh heh, I've finally found it. If I force people to wear something called a "wig" everyone will become unhappy. (See talk page.)

Kei: Well, that's it for today. I'll be in touch with you again.
Tad: Right, I'm counting on it.
Kei: Wierd things... huh?
Tad: Don't worry about it! It's Love, she'll understand someday.

Wes: I'll be taking that misfortune! Switch Over!
Nakewameke, do my bidding! (See talk page! -- Kamuri)

Nak: Wig!
Wiiiiig.... Wig!
Kei: What the...?
Tad: My hair's become a flowing mane! (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Wes: Let's go!
Nak: Wiiiig... Wig!
Wes: Yeah, do it, more!

RG1: What kinda hairstyle is that?
RG2: You too, that looks good on you, really cute!

RK2: Bach!
RK3: Mozart!

Wes: Once more!
Nak: Wiiiig... Wig!

Ob2: Oh my, Maru, it made you cute.

CSL: Well this is certainly a problem. You've become considerably more manly.
Oji: You have a lively hairstyle too.
Where are you the princess of?

Kds: Wigs! Wigs! (Continues...)
Wes: What's going on? Why aren't they unhappy?
Kds: (Continuing...) Wigs! Wigs!
Wes: That's what all of you are wearing!

Wes: Grrr.... Once more!
Nak: Wig!

Wes: Once more!
Nak: Wig!

Wes: Once more!
Nak: Wig!

Wes: Once more!
Nak: Wig!

Wes: Let's change locations.
Nak: Wig...

Tad: The Casual and Thrilling Pet-kun Mark II!
Kei: We have to get it back somehow!

Part 6 -- Wig rampage

Ino: I wonder if our dads are still working on that?
Mik: They seemed to be having fun.
Tar: Yeah, you could really feel their enthusiasm.
Lov: Really...? I still think its weird.
Nak: Wiiig... Wig!

LIM: Eeek!
Tar: What the?
Mik: Ah, cute!
Ino: Woah, that really suits you, Miki!
Lov: Wh... why is it just me.... that's like this!?

Ino: Well, that is that...
Mik: How should I put it...

Lov: Right! This is very convenient for playing with Chiffon!
LIM: This isn't right!
Lov: Everyone!
Ino: Right!
Mik: Okay!

LIM: Change! Pretty Cure, Beat UP!

Lov: The Pink Heart is the emblem of Love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Mik: The Blue Heart is the emblem of Hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Ino: The yellow heart is the sign of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!

Lov: Let's!
LIM: Pretty Cure!

Wes: So, you've appeared, Pretty Cure!
Nak: Wig, Wig!

I+M: Double Pretty Cure Kick!
Mik: Are you okay?
Ino: Yeah, but...
Lov: It's so fluffy that we just keep bouncing off!
Wes: Do it!
Kei: Pretty Cure! Please stop attacking that wig!

Lov: Wig? It can't be...
Ino: That wig is...!?
Mik: No way...
Nak: Wig!

Kei: Stop! The Casual and Thrilling Pet-kun Mark II...
Tad: Mr. Momozono!
Kei: It wasn't born just to be damaged by you! (See talk page for notes on this section. -- Kanmuri)
We researched and tried over and over again!
Aiming for the lightest fit and best breathability...
We brought it to life to make alot of animals happy!
So please, return to your original form!
Tad: Mr. Momozono...

Wes: It's useless! Your words won't reach it now!
Nak: Wig!
Lov: Stay here, please!
Nak: Wig!

Love: What should we do?
Ino: To return it to normal, we have no choice but to...
Mik: Fight it after all!
(This split sentence is a pain, see talk page. -- Kanmuri)
L+I: Berry!
Ino: Th-thanks...

Nak: Wig!
Kei: Sorry, we couldn't just watch you fight...
Tad: Leave the rest to us!
Ino: We can't do that!
Mik: Why are you doing this?

Kei: This... our Casual and Thrilling Pet-kun Mark II...
Is like an irreplaceable child to us!
Tad: It may be pushing things a bit too much, but we...
Kei: If it has to be fought, let it be by these hands of ours that created it.
Nak: Wig!

Kei + Tad: Pretty Cure!
Lov: You don't need to worry!
We'll get back your precious thing for you!
Ino: Please leave it up...
Mik: To us! (Another split sentence, see talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Ino: Huh?
Mik: It's extremely light!
Love: Alll riiiight!
Nak: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!

Lov: Carry, melody of love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!
(Adjusted this per IRC discussion. Thanks for the feedback, Magenta. ^_^ -- Kanmuri)
Lov: Evil and misery, begone!
Pretty Cure Love Sunshine...
Wes: Guess I better skedaddle.

Part 7 -- Aftermath

Lov: I'm sorry.
Kei: It's okay. So, this is what's left. If it's like this, I can fix it up.
Lov: It really... is important to you, isn't it?
Kei: You understand my feelings? Sorry, I was off in my own little world there, it's kinda embarassing.
I freak out my daughter too...
Hmm? Oh, that's right, this is...
Tad: What's up?
Kei: Why didn't I notice it before?
I didn't think about what would happen when it got wet before!
Tad: Oh, right! We need to take into account its water resistance.
Kei: Thank you, Precure! Thanks to you I can make something that's even better!
Lov: Th-that's good to hear.
Ino: Good luck!
Mik: Have fun!
Lov: Umm... I think your daughter understands her dad's feelings just a little bit... Probably!
Kei: Thanks!
So, let's get started immediately, Dr. Yamabuki!
Tad: Yeah, pile up a mountain of them, Mr. Momozono!
Kei: We've still got alot of challenges ahead!!
Kei + Tad: We're just getting started!

Lov: Our dads were just a bit cool today.
Ino: Yeah!
I never thought they'd do something like face off against a Nakewameke with a shovel. I was shocked!
Mik: Yeah, but it's good right? They're people you can depend on when you've been knocked to the ground. (See talk page. -- Kanmuri)
Lov: I guess, but I still think it's kinda weird and don't understand it.
Mik: I think it's just like Love.
Lov: Huh?
Mik: You take dancing seriously. Your dad takes his job seriously. Both of you put all you have into it!
Lov: Th-this and that are different...
Mik: Hehe, there's no difference!
Lov: No way!
Ino: Yeah, they're the spitting image of each other!
Lov: Wha? No we're not!
Wait up you two! Hey!

Eas: Oh, you're back early.
Sou: The Misfortune Gauge hasn't risen by a single drop, did you have some trouble?
Wes: But, I followed your advice!
Eas: I think the best advice for someone like you is that it's hopeless.
Sou: I'll go report this to Lord Moebius.
Wes: Aw, man... this sucks! (See talk page -- Kanmuri)