Fresh Precure Episode 06

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Translated by Kanmuri

Posted directly to wiki.

Translation in progress -- Kanmuri


Name Abbreviations

Keeping all names to three characters or less.
Meb: Moebius
Eas: Eas
Wes: Wester
Sou: Souler

Lov: Love
Mik: Miki
Ino: Inori
Ayu: Ayumi (Love's Mom)

Part 1 -- Prologue

Meb: I am Moebius. I will rule all worlds.
Come before me, my servants.
Eas: You called for us?
Wes: Our great ruler, Lord Moebius.

Meb: (Something about an Infinity reaction, fuko, etc... can't make it out right now, see talk page.)

Eas: Yes, sir!
Wes: That is what we are here for.

Eas: The power of three... Pretty Cure...
Wes: Lord Moebius really does see everything.
(Souler Laughs)
Eas: Souler? What's so funny?

Sou: Excuse me... (Why does Labyrinth have to be so stupidly hard to understand? :P Meh, tired... coming back to this later)

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- Grocery store