Fresh Precure Episode 05

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Translated by Kanmuri

Posted directly to wiki.

TL complete, still not entirely confident on some lines, but none are missing that I know of now. It should be ready for TLC -- Kanmuri


Name abbreviations

Keeping all names to three characters or less.

Dai: Daisuke
Ken: Kento
Yuu: Yuuki
3S: All three

Wes: Wester

Ino: Inori
Mik: Miki
Lov: Love
3G: All three girls
M/I: Miki/Inori

Pho: Photographer
RG1: Random girl 1
RG2: Random girl 2
RGs: Both RGs

Kid: Child who calls Wester weird
Mom: Mother of that child

Nak: Nakewameke

Kao: Kaoru

Part 1 -- Prologue

Dai: What kind of place is this again?
Yuu: Fortune telling.
This place is seriously messy, maybe we should just leave.
(Very unsure of this line, see talk page. -- Kanmuri)

Wes: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Yuu: Umm, I... I want to take this girl I like to an amusement park. What would be the best way...?
Wes: I can see everything.
3S: Ooooooh....

Wes: So, let's start.
I have seen it! From my point of view, it's okay to be a bit assertive when it comes to women.
Well, that's my theory, but...

Yuu: Oh, just what I'd expect from a fortune teller!
(Not sure exactly how to approach this one, the literal translation is a bit too wordy, I think. See talk page)
Dai: That's not a really a fortune, is it?
Wes: Go and do it with that thought in mind. A wonderful happiness should visit you.

Yuu: All right! Thank you, fortune teller!
Wes: Good luck.
A place called an "amusement park," hmm? There's probably alot of humans there. I probably could quickly fill up the Fuko gauge, couldn't I?

Yuu: I'll definitely make this a successful first date!
Dai: It's a good thing we came, isn't it Yuuki?
Ken: We'll do what we can to help.
Yuu: Wait for me, Miki-sa~n

Ino: What's wrong, Miki-chan?
Mik: Um... I felt a little chill down my spine just now.

Opening Theme

Part 2 -- Invitation to the amusement park

Yuu: Miki-san! Uh... ummm... Will you... will you... Will you go to the amusement park with me?
Mik: Sorry, no.
L/I: That was fast!
Dai: Wait a second! Love, come with me for a second.
Lov: Huh?
Dai: Please, help me here Love.
It's for the sake of my classmate. That Yuuki, he's serious about Aono-san.
If he's turned down this time, it'll be 100 consecutive defeats!
Lov: What?!?
Dai: Look here! This is his love stamp card. His defeat record.
Lov: Oooh! The dream's big defeat is after only one more!
Dai: He hasn't taken a new girl to the amusement park yet. Let's go with everyone! Please convince everyone!
Lov: B-but, even if you say that...
Miki-tan has a boyfriend...
Dai: That is true...
I thought that would be the case.
Lov: Then why are you doing this?
Dai: Hey, don't you get mad at me! I won't give up. So, just this once, please. It will be Yuuki's best memory, so please make it happen!
Lov: His best memory, hmm?
Hey, how about we all go to the amusement park? If we all go together, it'll defintely be fun. Buuki thinks so too, right?
Ino: If Love-chan says so.
Lov: How about you, Miki-tan?
Mik: That's true, if I go with Love and the others, it should be fine.
Yuu: Really? All right! Thank you so much, Miki-san!
Lov: So, that's settled, then!

Part 3 -- Love wakes up

Lov: Gah!! I overslept! What should I do? (x3) What should I wear?
What are you doing, Tart?
Tar: If Peach-han is going on a date, then I need to dress up.
Lov: Not a date, a group date. I'm an extra.
Tar: So, this is your first date?
Lov: That was rude.
Tar: It was?
Lov: Of course it was.
Tar: Ah... If you call it a date, it brings back memories. My first love... how many years has it been? She was such a cute girl...
Lov: Thanks, Chiffon!

Title: Racing Hearts at the Amusement Park! That Exciting Date Feeling!?

Lov: Wow! Amazing! It looks like fun!
Mik: Chiffon is sound asleep, isn't she?
Lov: Yeah.
Ino: Where's Tart-san?
Lov: Tart? ... I forgot! Sorry, Tart!
Dai: Hey! Let's start off by riding that!

Yuu: Here's the plan. Let's split up now. I'll go with Miki-san, just the two of us.
Ken: I'll go with Yamabuki-san.
Dai: I guess I'll go with Love. Guess it can't be helped.
Let's all go have some fun!
???: You too!
(Not sure if it's Yuuki or Kento.)

Part 4 -- splitting up, Miki and Yuuki

Mik: Seems like we've lost sight of each other, doesn't it?
Yuu: This is no good, I've got to pull myself together! Remember the fortune-teller's words.
Wes: It's okay to be a bit assertive when it comes to women. (Flashback)
Yuu: Miki-san, since we took the trouble to come here, let's completely enjoy it together, okay?
Mik: Of course.
So, let's go.
Yuu: Follow me.
(The last two lines are said at the same time.)
Mik: That way's the exit.
I've been here before. Would you like me to accompany you?
Yuu: Y-yes!

Yuu: What is this place?
Mik: You can change into various costumes and they'll take your picture.
Let's try it once.

Mik: Ta-da! How do I look?
Yuu: Truely flawless!

Pho: Splendid!
Hey you, do it properly.

Mik: You seem a bit stressed.
Yuu: No, this is truly like a dream.

RG1: That girl is cute, isn't she?
RG2: She really is. She's like a princess.

RG1: That guy next to her, though....
RGs: They don't really suit each other.

Yuu: Thank you, Miki-san. I am the happiest person in the universe right now.
(Something like that...)
Mik: You certainly seem to be.
(See talk page.)
Yuu: This is a bit difficult, but I wanted to be happy as Miki-san's knight.

Part 5 -- Inori and Kento

Ino: I wonder where everyone is?
Ken: We'll have to meet up later.
More importantly, if you are scared, Yamabuki-san, I...

Ino: Ah, this monster's face is like an African Crocodile.
Ken: Huh?
Ino: It has the alias "crocodile", but I think the shorter "crocodile" is cute.
(Trans Note: The first "crocodile" is in English, the second is the Japanese, which is "wani.")
Ken: You're not scared by the monsters?
Ino: Now that you mention it... But, the monsters are like animals.
Sorry, I'll try to be more scared, okay?
Ken: No, that's not really....
Ino: Oh, that monster looks like an Abyssinia Jackal.

Ino: Are you okay?
Ken: Uh... yes.
Ino: This is a problem, you look badly shaken. Here, have some water.
Ken: Thank you.
Ino: Also, here's a sweatcloth. If you're feeling sick, I also have medicine. If you want something sweet, I have candy and chocolate. Or you can refresh yourself with mint gum.
Ken: Wow, there's alot of things in that bag, aren't there?
Ino: Yeah, a little of this and that.

Lov: Hey, Bukki!
Ino: Love-chan? Where are you?
Lov: I'm over here! Over here! Yahoo! I'm screaming my lungs out!
(Please see talk page, this one is very complicated.)
Ino: Was it just my imagination?

Commercial Break

Part 6 -- Love and Daisuke

Lov: Where did everyone go?
Dai: You'll find them sooner or later.
Lov: It's boring just being alone with Daisuke for so long.
Dai: Well, sorry for being boring!

Lov: Ah! No, no, that's not what I meant. It's not that I don't like being with you Daisuke, I was just thinking that we all came together...
Dai: It's not like I don't like being alone with you...
Lov: Yeah, because were friends, right?

Dai: You can say that again...
Lov: Huh, what are you sulking about?
Dai: I'm not sulking!
Lov: I don't know what you're sulking or angry about... you're wierd, Daisuke.
Dai: It's because you're wrecking the mood. (Yay! Finally figured out this line. -- Kanmuri)
Lov: Ah, Miki-tan!
Hey, look over there! It's Miki-tan and Yuuki-kun. Hey, Miki-tan!

(Yay dialogue-less montage!)

Lov: Miki-tan and the other's are this way either.
Dai: Hey, wait a sec!
Lov: What's wrong?
Dai: All you've been talking about lately is worrying about the others.
Lov: That's because I'm looking for everyone, I'm worried about them.
Dai: Well, don't!
Lov: Why?
Dai: If you want to find them, you can probably just call them on your cell phone.
Lov: Oh, right!
Lov: I forgot I could use the Linkrun.

Dai: You haven't been listening to me for a while now. I've got something I want to give you.
Lov: Ack!
Lov: Something for me?

Dai: "Puri-pu?"
Lov: Pu-pudding! I want to eat pudding!
Dai: What are you talking about?
Lov: It's no use...
Sorry Daisuke, I just... need to... go to the restroom!
Dai: Seriously!?

Part 7 -- Nakewameke

Wes: I see, so this is an amusement park. However... this is suprisingly fun.

Kid: Mommy, that man is a weirdo!
Mom: Now now, you musn't speak badly of others.

Wes: No way... Have I blown my cover? Well, if they already suspect me, I guess I've got no choice.
I am Wester, a denizen of Labyrinth and servant of Lord Moebius.
Nakewameke, do my bidding!
(Please see notes on talk page about this line!)

Wes: Just like that. More crying, more screaming!
Your cries of terror will feed the fuko gague.

Lov: Sorry, Chiffon, you're really hungry, aren't you?
That's a good girl. Sleep well just like that. Good night, Chiffon.
Gah, I just got her to sleep, and now something's trying to wake her up. Wha--what?!?
Aaah! A panda nakewamake? That dang Labyrinth, they've put the amusement park in danger, darn it!

Mik: Love!
Lov: Miki-tan! Bukki!
Lov: Let's go!
Ino: Yes
Mik: Okay
(Those last two are at the same time.)

3G: Change! Pretty Cure... Beat UP!
Lov: The Pink Heart is the emblem of Love! Freshly picked, Cure Peach!
Mik: The Blue Heart is the emblem of Hope! Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!
Ino: The yellow heart is the sign of faith! Freshly harvested, Cure Pine!
Love: Let's...
3G: Pretty Cure!

Wes: So, you've appeared, Pretty Cure!
Show 'em the black and white, Nakewameke!
(See talk page for notes.)

Mik: Double
Ino: Pretty Cure
M/I: Kick!
Nak: Cut that out!

Dai: What's that?
Lov: Daisuke!
Wes: Oh, you know him, hmm? Interesting... Grab him, Nakewameke!

Ken: Daisuke-kun!
Lov: Daisuke!
Nak: Hmm?
Yuu: Daisuke... Let Daisuke go!
Dai: Yuuki!

Mik: Are you all right?
Yuu: Dammit!
Mik: He really overdid it.

Dai: Argh, let me go!
Lov: Daisuke!
Ino: What do we do? At this rate we won't be able to rescue him.

Mik: If we don't somehow save Daisuke-kun, or at the very least stop its movement...
Lov: Oh! I've got a great idea!

Nak: Hmm? Hmm?
Ino: Over here!
Nak: What?
Mik: Come on, come get us!
Nak: Cut it out!
Huh? Hmm? What?

Lov: Go!
Nak: Cut... it out...
Mik: The water made it unable to move its body!
Ino: It should be easy now.
Lov: Bad things, evil things, fly away!
(I don't know if this was the officially decided-on translation for 悪いの悪いのとんでけ! or not n.n; )
Pretty Cure Love Sunshine!

Wes: Oh well. With this, the fuko gage has advanced.
(See notes on talk page.)
Lov: All right!
Are you all right?
You're not hurt?
Dai: Y-yeah, I'm not.
Lov: Thank goodness.
Dai: Thanks! Pretty Cure!

Part 8 -- After the battle

Love: Hey! Sorry to make you wait!
Dai: You're late, Love.
Yuu: I was worried, Miki-san.
Ken: Where did you three go off to?

Lov: Ah, ummm... It was a bit dangerous, so we ran away.
Mik: Yeah, that's right.
Ino: It was very scary.

Dai: Pretty Cure saved me.
Lov: Oh, I see.
Dai: That Pretty Cure girl was a kind and beautiful girl. My ideal type, different from a "certain person."
Lov: Who is this "certain person?"
Dai: Who knows, maybe one that runs off to the bathroom and leaves her friends behind.
Lov: That couldn't be helped, because we as pretty-
(See notes on talk page.)
Dai: What?
M/I: Nothing!

Mik: Love!
Lov: Sorry!

Dai: To continue the conversation we were in the middle of...
You're a Trinity fan, right?
Do you know about her upcoming live performance?
Love: Yeah, I do. Of course! I've got tickets!
The three of us are going together, right?
Mik: I'm really looking forward to it.
Ino: I'm glad you got the tickets.

Yuu: Is there something wrong, Daisuke?
Dai: Not really...
Yuu: Thanks to you, today was the best! Thanks, Daisuke!
Mik: You're fairly manly, wouldn't you say?
Yuu: Yes, I did it!

Mik: Ah, over there! Well, I'm leaving now.
Lov: Yeah, see you later, Miki-tan!

Dai: Miki-san...
RG1: Look at that couple.
RG2: An incredibly beautiful girl and guy.
RGs: They're perfect for each other!

Yuu: Miki-san has a boyfriend.
Dai: It can't be helped. You were able to make some great memories at the end.
Kao: Ah, youth. Oh well, selling is good too, because I'll never fall in love.
Dai: I completely give up!

Ken: This is the 100th consecutive defeat.
The card's complete, isn't it?
Kao: Here's this in exchange for your 100 stamp card. Here's a new card. Get alot of stamps, okay?
Yuu: If it's gonna be like that, I'll just stuff my face. Old man, give 'em to me nonstop!
Kao: Old man?
Dai: Old man, one more for me!
Kao: Not old man, Mister.
(See talk page.)

Ending Theme

Part 9 -- Preview

Lov: Games, juice, curry, donuts, hamburger.... Everyone's favorite things are disappearing, and causing the children to cry. Because of this, those who do this are completely unforgivable! Huh... what? Mom? Where are you? Mom's disappeared too!
Fresh Pretty Cure!
Disappearing Hamburger! Protect your favorite things!
We'll get happiness with everyone!