DokiDoki Precure Episode 33

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Translation: Kanmuri

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Mana: And now, it's confession time!

Aguri: What's that?

Alice: I do believe that's when you confess about the person you like.

Makoto: Eh? Someone we like!?

Mana: It's just not a sleepover with out confession time.

Cheryl: That practice....

Davi: Sleepovers are fearsome indeed!

Mana: Let's start with Alice!

Cheryl: A selfishe?

Alice: No, that would be my father.

Other girls: Huh?


Part 1

Alice: Father! Welcome home!

Seiji (Alice's father): Oh, Alice!
I see you're growing up splendidly.

Alice: Three months wouldn't make {\i1}that{\i0} much of a difference.

Mana: It's been a while, sir. {Mana is using a bit more respectful language than the casual language she usually uses with her friends and peers. Trying to convey respectful language like was used for friends' parents when I was a kid. --Kanmuri}

Seiji: Mana-kun, you and Rikka-kun look to be in good spirits.
Oh, and who might you be?

Alice: They are Kenzaki Makoto and Madoka Aguri.

Makoto + Aguri: Nice to meet you.

Seiji: Wonderful! They're so beautiful enough to debut as a world-class unit!

Alice: By the way, father, I know you've just come back from overseas...

Seiji: But an urgent matter has come up, has it?
Since I have a banquet with the Prime Minister to attend to tomorrow, can you handle it in my place?

Alice: That would not be a problem.

Seiji: I appreciate it. I have to fly to Switzerland after that.
Take care everyone!

Makoto: The Prime Minister...

Aguri: Switzerland...

Makoto + Aguri: Incredible...

Title: Alice's Papa Appears! Sleepover at the Yotsuba House!

Aguri: You certainly have a jovial father.

Lance: Alice's papa is the president of the global Yotsuba Group. {世界中に支社を持つ = has branches across the entire world => global; also in Ep 4 we went with "Yotsuba Group" for Yotsuba Zaibatsu --Kanmuri}

Makoto: Do you even know what a "president" is?

Lance: Nope.

Makoto: But Alice, isn't is difficult to always be helping out your father with his work?

Alice: Sure it is, but it's also fun.
After all, it's for the sake of my dream.

Aguri: Your dream?

Alice: Yes, my dream is to bring smiles to face of everyone the world over.

Lance: Awesome!

Alice: That I have that attitude is thanks to Mana-chan.

Mana: Really? What'd I do?

Aguri: I want to hear the story behind that.

Alice: Well then, I shall tell you.
It took place when I was yet six years of age.

At that time, I was weak in body and would always play alone in the house garden. {庭 = garden, yard, etc. --Kanmuri}

Mana: Watch out!
You okay?

Alice: Yes.
Um.... Who are you?

Mana: Shh!
Do you like butterflies?

Alice: Yes.

Rikka: Mana!
You're not supposed to just barge in there like that!

Mana: I was chasing that butterfly.

Alice: Oh, sorry.

Mana: It's okay. Besides, it's better this way.
Hey, I know a place where there's lots more butterflies. Wanna go there with me?

Alice: Hm? But...

Mana: Ah, sorry.
Asking you out of the blue is probably a bit much.

Alice: Ah, no...
I want to go with you.

Mana: Let's go then!

Alice: Okay!

Maid: Milady!

Sebastian: Let them go.

Maid: Sebastian-sama...

Sebastian: I will take full responsibility.

Mana: You okay?

You know, I've known about you for a while now.

Rikka: We've seen you from outside the gates from time to time, but you never came out of the garden.

Alice: I've got a weak body and my father told me a shouldn't go out of the house.

Mana: Eh? Really?

Rikka: Have we don't something bad?

Alice: It's fine.
This is the first time I remember having so much fun.

Mana: You okay?

Alice: It's nothing, I'm fine.
Besides, I want to go to lots more places now.

Rikka: Really?

Mana: Alright! Let's go!

Alice: Okay!

Mana: I'm Aida Mana.

Rikka: I'm Hishikawa Rikka.

Alice: I'm Alice... Yotsuba Alice.

Alice (flashback narration): And that's how we met.

After that I would often slip out and go play with Mana-chan and Rikka-chan.

Alice: What is this place?

Mana: Rikka and I built it.

Rikka: It's our secret base!
Though it's not quite complete yet.

Mana: So let's finish it together, the three of us!

Alice: I'll help out!

Mana: It's a promise, then!

Alice: Right!

Alice (flashback narration): However, that day I came down with a fever.

Seiji: I have returned.

Sebastian: Milord...

Seiji: Sebastian, this happened under your watch...

Sebastian: My deepest apologies.

Seiji: Are you okay Alice?

Alice: Father...

Seiji: How did this happen?

Alice: The truth is...

Mana: We haven't seen her at all recently.

Rikka: I wonder what's up?

Sebastian: Milady Alice will not be able to play with you anymore.
Milady will be moving overseas.

Mana: Why is that?

Sebastian: Milord has decided she should move to somewhere that will be a better environment for her than here.

Rikka: When is she going?

Sebastian: Today, even as we speak.

Mana: No way!

Maid: Milady, it's time to leave.

Alice: Okay.
Mana-chan... Rikka-chan... I'm sorry...

Mana: Alice!

Alice: How'd you two get here?

Mana: More importantly, you moving overseas...

Rikka: Why's that happening?

Alice: Because I didn't follow my father's instructions...

Mana: Are you really going to go?

Alice: I was told it's for my own good.

Rikka: You're not gonna help us make our secret base?

Alice: I want to!
But I can't go against my father...

Mana: Alice... Alice, what do you want to do?

Alice: Huh?
I... I...

Seiji: Alice, let's go.

Alice: Father!

Rikka: Mana!

Seiji: What's wrong?

Mana: I'm sorry! But...

Seiji: Who are you?
I see, you're the one who took Alice outside.
Open up, Alice!

Mana: Alice!

Rikka: Alice!

Alice: I... I...
I want to stay here. I want to be with Mana-chan and Rikka-chan!

Mana: Alice!

Seiji: Looks like there's no other option...

Sebastian: Wait...

Seiji: Oh, nice timing. Help me out here.

Sebastian: I'm afraid I can't so that.

Seiji: What!?

Sebastian: My job is to safguard milady's happiness and wishes.
I will take on all who oppose those, no matter who they be.

Seiji: I see, so you're the one who let in Alice's friends.
Interesting. Let's see how well you can carry out that mission!

Servant: Forgive us, Sebastian-sama.

Sebastian: Butler Kenpo third form: Swallow's Tail Dance!

Seiji: Well done, but how long can you keep that up?

Alice: Sebastian...

Mana: How's the situation, Rikka?

Alice: That's...

Mana: The butler gave it to us and said we could figure out the house from it.

Rikka: Okay, I've pretty much got it.

Mana: Alice... Let's go! Outside!

Alice: Yeah!


Part 2

Seiji: Alice!

Seiji: Please search for them. They couldn't have gone far.

Sebastian: Milady...

Alice: I didn't know there was hidden passage there.

Rikka: Apparently this house is full of contraptions like that.

Servant: There they are!

Mana: What do we do?

Rikka: I got it!

This way!


Servant: There they are!

Rikka: There!

Now's our chance!

Seiji: Alice!

Stop right there, Alice!

Alice: Father!

Seiji: Stop!

Alice: Sorry!

Seiji: Alice!

Seiji (inner monologue): Alice... since when could you run so fast?

Mana: Just a bit further!
Awww, man....

Seiji: Alice...

Mana: Please, don't take Alice away!

Seiji: You surprised me. I'm not sure when this happened, but you've become quite healthy and energetic.

Alice: Yes. Since I met Mana-chan and Rika-chan, they've helped me with that. {She's talking about Mana and Rika as Mana-chan-tachi here, just expanding that to Mana-chan and Rikka-chan instead of trying to shoehorn in some awkward translation of "-tachi". Also, "they've helped me with that" was easier than trying to figure out how to put in a more literal translation of 元気をもらいました. --Kanmuri}

Seiji: Hmm... You like these girls?

Alice: Yes. Father, I want to stay here. I want to be with Mana-chan and Rikka-chan.

Sebastian: Milady has changed. She has been much more radiant since she met and started spending time with Mana-sama and Rikka-sama. {Again expanding the -tachi part. --Kanmuri}

Seiji: Alice, this is the first time you've opposed me.
But for some reason, I'm so happy.

Alice: Father...

Seiji: You two, I'm entrusting Alice to you.

Mana + Rikka: Yes, sir!

Seiji: Be that as it may, why would you go so far to help Alice?

Mana: Hmm? Well, isn't it natural to want to help out a friend who is troubled?

Makoto: "Also..."?

Alice: It seems father is leaving.

Lance: Alice--

Davi: A selfishe!

Seiji: Hey you! What's wrong?

Selfishe: To hell with this job! {クソ食らえ is literally "eat poop", and some would TL that as "eat sh*t", but this is a kids' show and I prefer to keep that kind of language out of it. --Kanmuri}
I'm gonna fly where {\i1}I{\i0} want to go!

Mammo: Bel got me with this tacky ring. There's no way I'm letting you get away without causing a ruckus.

Makoto: Mammo!

Mammo: Oh dear, they're here.

Alice: Father's helicopter!

Lance: Lance!

4 Girls: Precure Love Link!
4 Mascots: L O V E

Aguri: Precure Dress Up!

Ai-chan: Kewpietwump!

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

Cure Ace: Love's trump card, Cure Ace!

All 5 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn helicopter...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Mammo: Just try it!

Diamond: Rosetta, you take care of your father.

Rosetta (thoughts): Father...

Sebastian: Milord!
Leave the rest here to me.

Rosetta: Right.

Rosetta (thoughts): I'm glad they're okay.
If you'll excuse me...

Seiji: You...
Who are you?

Rosetta: I'm a Precure. Cure Rosetta.

Seiji: Cure Rosetta...

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Diamond: It's strong!

Mammo: It frustrates me to say this, but my power has indeed been increased.
Finish them off, selfishe!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Heart + Diamond: Rosetta!

Heart: Thanks for the save!

Rosetta: Let's go!

Selfishe: Self...ishe-ishe-ishe!


Heart: Rosetta!

Rosetta (internal monologue): Mana-chan... I remember what you said back then.

Mana (flashback): Also, when I see someone else's happy face, it makes me happy too.

Rosetta (flashback thought): Me too...
I want to be like Mana-chan!

Selfish: Self!?


Mammo: Hey, what are you doing!?

Rosetta: As both a Precure and in my work, I want to see everyone's smiles. I want the whole world to have lots of love and smiling faces.
So come along now and let me nurture the love in your heart!

Mammo: Huh? What?

Rosetta: Rosetta Balloon!
1, 2, and 3!

Each time I look forward to what comes out of the Rosetta Balloon.

Four Cures: Magical Lovely Pad!
Send our power to Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Precure Lovely Straight Flush!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Mammo: What!? I still ended up losing after all!

Seiji: I saw your mother at the opera house in Paris.

Alice: Was she doing well?

Seiji: Yes. She said she'd love to see you at her next performance.

Makoto: Performance?

Rikka: Alice's mother is a famous opera singer.

Makoto + Aguri: Eh!?

Seiji: I'm heading off now.

Alice: Okay.

Seiji: Oh yeah. Can you relay a message for me?

Alice: Hmm?

Seiji: Protecting others happiness is great, but try to not put yourself in too much danger.

Alice: Who's the message for?

Seiji: It's for Cure Rosetta-kun of course.

Alice: Right.

Seiji: Now then everyone, take care!

Mana: Alice, let's head back inside.

Aguri: We still haven't heard the rest of that story.

Alice: Yes, that's right.



Mana: Ai-chan won't stop crying!

Rikka: Maybe she's hungry?
Here's your milk!

Makoto: Maybe she needs her diaper changed?

Alice: That doesn't seem to be the case either.

Aguri: Girls, we have a problem!

Mana: What's up, Aguri?

Aguri: It seems that when Ai-chan is out of sorts, the selfishe get a power boost!

Mana: Eeeh!? How's that work!?

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: Major problem for mama! Fussy Ai-chan!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!