DokiDoki Precure Episode 32

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete



Mana: Whew, preparations complete!
The cultural festival we've been prepping for is finally happening this Saturday, which is tomorrow!
Let's all make this a fun event!

Everyone: Yeah!

Momota: The president's been working really hard.
Nikaidou: Hmph! As long as she doesn't collapse.

Rikka: Nice work!
Mana! Are you okay?

Mana: Huh?


Part 1

Title: Mana Collapses! The Stormy Cultural Festival

Rikka: Overworked, hmm?

Alice: I was truly worried when I heard you had collapsed.

Makoto: To think that you were that exhausted...

Rikka: Come to think of it, there were quite a lot of issues that popped up recently, and she was running around nonstop helping with the cultural festival prep.

Lance: You pushed yourself too hard.

Mana: But I wanted everyone to enjoy the cultural festival, so I just ended up stretching myself too thin.

Makoto: Yes, but you collapsing doesn't help anyone.

Mana: Erk, sorry.

Rikka: Anyway, you have a fever now, so you're going to rest tomorrow.

Mana: Huh? What about the cultural festival?

Rikka: Rest!

Mana: Okay, I got it...

Rikka: Seriously that Mana is totally like the "Happy Prince".

Aguri: Huh? "Happy Prince"? What's that?

Alice: The protagonist of a fairy tale.

Rikka: One that totally fits Mana.

Sign: Ohgai City Library

Books: Left -- [Something]-eating monster {Key part of the title (the "something") is missing to be able to make a good English version --Kanmuri}
Middle -- The Happy Prince
Right -- The Rice Ball Rolls Away {Best adaptation I've come up with of the name おむすび ぽーん that sounds like a kid's book and tries to capture somewhat what of what I think ぽーん means in this context given the cover art. --Kanmuri}

Aguri: "A long time ago in a certain city, there was the statue of a prince that was adorned with jewels and gold leaf."
"The kind-hearted prince, asked a swallow he met to start distributing his jewels to those in the city that were in need."
His own jewels? That certainly does sound like Mana.
"First came the rubies in his sword, then the sapphires in his eyes. However, that wasn't near enough, so he gave away even the gold leaf that adorned his body to the people.
"And then..."
N-no way...

Ira: Whazzat?

Bell: These are Blood Rings. Items possessing great magical power. Try 'em out. You'll become stronger than you've ever seen before.

Ira: Oh really?

Bell: And as of today I've become second-in-command of the Selfishe Army.
You two have become my hands and feet, as it were, so use that power to subjugate the human world.

Mammo: You? Second-in-command?

Ira: What's given you the swelled head?

Bell: It's in your best interests to just do what I tell you.

Ira: As if we're just gonna go along with what you say.

Mammo: You are truly an idiot.
With this power you just gave us...

Ira: We'll mess you up!

Ira: It-it won't come off!

Mammo: You tricked us!

Bell: It's your fault for taking the bait.
Those rings were made from Leva and Gula's Malergy.

Ira: In other words...

Mammo: No way, you...

Bell: Now, kneel before me and pledge your allegiance, if you don't want to end up like Leva and Gula.

Sign: Ohgai Festival 33th (Yes, we should probably fix that to be 33rd in typesetting --Kanmuri)

Alice: The cultural festival has finally started!

Signs: Building behind the girls -- Ohgai Festival
Vendor on the right, pink sign at the top of the booth -- Cotton Candy
Vendor on the right, brown sign on the right-side of the booth - All kinds of crepes

Farther vendor on the left, hanging yellow sign -- Takoyaki

Closer vendor, hanging yellow sign -- Ohgai-style [something] {I can't make out what the "something" is. --Kanmuri}
Closer vendor, lower green sign -- Melon flavor

Ai-chan: Aweshome!

Lance: School festivals are fascinating.

Makoto: Is Mana resting at home?

Rikka: Yeah!
Cheryl's keeping an eye on her.

Woman: Where are the guest slippers?

Rikka: Oh, sure!

Mana: Here you go, slippers.

Woman: Oh, you're a livesaver, thanks.

Mana: No problem.

Rikka: Mana! Why are you here!?

Makoto: Cheryl should have been keeping an eye-

Cheryl: I couldn't stop her.

Mana: I had a good rest last night, so I'm fine.

Rikka: There's no way that's true!

Man: Umm...

Mana: Yes?

Mana: I'm wanting to visit my daughter's classroom, but...

Mana: Oh sure, I can show you there.

Rikka: Hang on, Mana!

Mana: A-Aguri-chan!?

Man: Umm...

Rikka: Ah! Sorry about that!

Sign: Infirmary

Aguri: Don't you get it!?

Mana: Hmm?

Aguri: The Happy Prince exhausted himself in service to the people and fell to pieces.

Mana: Oh...

Aguri: The people depended on him to such an extent that nothing was left of him but his leaden heart.
Leave taking care of things here to me.

Mana: W-wait a sec...

Aguri: You {\i1}must{\i0} rest! I'm going to send for Alice to watch over you.

Jyuujou (thoughts): It's finally happened that I, as vice president, have become the man in charge. Please let things go smoothly.

Female student: Vice President, we've got problems!

Jyuujou: Huh?

Female student: More people are attending than expected, so we've run out of pamphlets.

Male student: Kids are getting separated from their parents in large numbers.

Female student: The restrooms are overcrowded.

Male student: What should we do, Vice President?

Jyuujou: What should we do?

Female student: With out the President here it really is....

Aguri: Mana's not coming!
You people are the cultural festival committee, right?

Female student: Yeah...

Male student: That's right, but...

Aguri: Well then, before relying on someone else for solving these minor issues, you should try to solve them yourselves!
Adequate effort must be expended to resolve all manner of matters.
Does it do you any good to not even try!?
No! It does not!
I couldn't imagine that lot could be so feckless! {I can totally see Aguri using a word like "feckless", w. --Kanmuri}
If this is the way they are, I have to be even more strict!

Rikka: Uh, what happened?

Female student: A passing grade-schooler...

Male student: She was so angry...

Jyuujou: We couldn't really say anything in response...

Makoto: Would you like a refill?

Male student 1: Umm... You're Makopi, right?

Male student 2: Can I have your autograph?

Male student: I want your autograph, too!

Female: Makopi! Over here!

Male: Your autograph, please, Makopi!

Waitress student: Do something about this!

Waiter student: You say that, but...

Aguri: Get ahold of yourselves!

Students: Huh?

Aguri: You are playing the parts of a cafe staff right now, are you not?
Then, keeping that in mind, resolutely handle the situation!

Students: Okay...

Aguri: Hmph!

Alice: It looks like your fever has gone down.

Mana: Well then...

Alice: I think not.

Alice: You still need to rest.

Mana: Aguri-chan...

Aguri: Seriously everyone is hopeless.

Mana: Uh, what have you been up to?

Aguri: Straightening out people at this school.
The students at this school are just like the people in that fairy tale.
They do nothing but lean on the kindness of the Happy Prince.

Mana: I don't really mind, though.

Aguri: That permissive attitude of yours is part of the problem!
At this rate, they'll all become Selfishe; having the attitude of leaving all the troublesome details in the hands of others.
And then what will happen when you break down completely!?
To keep that from happening, they each--one by one--need to become stronger!
It seems you'd like to say something.

Mana: You're probably right that everyone needs to become stronger.
But it's not like I can just do everything all on my own.
I believe everyone has things they can do, and those they can't.
And when those come up, having someone step in and assist them, or help them out; those feelings--feelings like your heart is beating a bit faster, or even skipped a beat--I just feel like they are incredibly precious.{キュンキュン +1}
And besides, I don't really think everyone in the school is always relying on others. I'm sure of it.

Nikaidou: Class 2-2 has a cafe in our classroom. Please come.

Female student: Nikaidou, please put a bit more emotion into it.

Nikaidou: I am...

Male student: Ha ha! Try catching me now!

Male student trio: Say what!?

Nikaidou: Watch out! Get away from there!

Mana: Oh?

Alice: Something...

Aguri: ...just made a huge noise...

Mana: ... didn't it?


Part 2

Female student: Is everyone okay and unhurt?

Male student: Y... yeah...

Jyuujou: What happened here!?

Female student: Ah! President!
It seems the campfire tower has collapsed.

Jyuujou: We can't have the campfire with it like this.

Female student: What do we do, President?

Aguri: You really are a hopeless lot.

Nikaidou: Come help me, Momota.

Momota: Huh? Oh, sure!

Rikka: Nikaidou-kun?

Nikaidou: There's still time yet until the evening festivities.

Rikka + Jyuujou: Hmm?

Nikaidou: The President said so herself...

Mana (flashback): Let's make this fun for everyone!

Nikaidou: That's right... we can make this fun, together!

Jyuujou: Ah...

Rikka: Vice President, help me with this.

Jyuujou: Hmm? Okay!

Male student: Let's do this!

Other male students behind him: Us too!

Male students: Alley oop!

Female student: The softball team will help, too!

Soccer team: The soccer team will lend a hand!

Baseball team: Here comes the baseball team!

Male student: I'll help too!

Female student: Me too!

Male(?) student: I'll help as well!

Kyoda: Carry them nice and carefully!

Jyuujou: We'll delay the evening festivities until the tower is rebuilt.

Momota: Thanks for understanding, Vice President!

Kyoda: This is so exciting!{キュンキュン +1. Not Mana this time, either, w. --Kanmuri}

Aguri: What's this?

Female student: Umm...

Aguri: Hmm?

Female student 1: After what you said to us earlier, we all individually thought about it, and in in lieu of pamphlets, we put up posters with the details of what was in each classroom.

Female student 2: At the gate we handed out name badges to sets of parents and children, so that if the kids get lost, we can get in touch with the parents right away.

Male student: We opened up the restrooms in the gym and that cleared up the overcrowding in the restrooms.

Female student 1: Thank you.

Aguri: Ah, don't mention it...

Rowdy male student: And then that Ueda just lets one loose! Hahaha! What a loser! Hahaha!

Waiter: Umm...

Rowdy male student: Huh?

Waiter: You're disturbing the others, so could you please not talk so loudly?

Rowdy male student: Hmph! Fine!
What's with that!? I'm a customer and should be able to enjoy my tea as I choose!

Ira: Yeah, you should enjoy your tea just as you like to...
I'm gonna grant your wish.
Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Have a break!

Nikaidou: What is that thing!?
We're not letting you mess up the festival!
Go back to where you came from, monster!

Female student: That's right!

Baseball player: We'll fight you! {Was tempted to do "Come at me, bro!" --Kanmuri}

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Rikka: We need somewhere out of public sight...
Ah! Over there!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

4 Mascots: L O V E

Aguri: Precure Dress Up!

Ai-chan: Kewpietwump!

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

Cure Ace: Love's trump card, Cure Ace!

All 5 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Nikaidou: Who and what are you!?

Momota: Wow you're strong!

Cure Heart: I'm Cure Heart. We'll tag in for you now!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn coffee cup...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Ira: Blasted Precure!

Cure Diamond: Ira!
Hadn't you given up on doing stupid stuff like this!?

Ira: Shaddup! Don't order me around!
Selfishe! Time to get serious!

Selfishe: Selfishe!
Self! Self! Self! Self! Self! Self!... {etc.}

Cure Heart: What's this?

Cure Diamond: It feels like...

Cure Rosetta: ...this one has...

Cure Sword: ...a lot more power...

Cure Ace: ...than the previous ones! {Instead of trying to keep the parts of the sentence with the speaker that originally said it in the Japanese, I just translated the whole sentence and split it evenly between the three speakers. --Kanmuri}

Ira: A Selfishe created by this blood ring is five times faster, and ten times more powerful; and his attitude...

Selfishe: Ahahaha!

Ira: ... is 100 times nastier!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Heart: I'm getting dizzy, very dizzy! {目が回る meaning she is getting dizzy --Kanmuri}

Nikaidou: H...hey, are they going to be okay?

Cure Heart: Dizzy! Dizzy! {She repeats the 回る part here, hence the "dizzy" by itself --Kanmuri}

Cure Sword: I'm still reeling from that...

Cure Ace: Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: That's to be expected as she was already a bit under the weather as is.

Cure Rosetta: We won't be able to use the Lovely Pad, though.

Cure Ace: I'll buy us some time!
I don't get motion sick easily!

Sword + Rosetta + Diamond: Cure Ace!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Ace (thoughts): Mana was right.
The people in the fairy tail reduced the prince to just a lead heart.
But the people here at this school are different.

Softball players: Hang in there!

Baseball players: Don't give up!

Cure Ace (thoughts): The love that Mana showed them has taken root in their hearts.

Selfishe: Self!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Ace: I can feel the mutual love.
The beating of hearts... a gentle quickening... {キュンキュン +1}
I know that warmth in their chests.
And also...
Within my own heart as well!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Ace: All their treasured feelings...
I will protect them!

Selfishe: Self?

Cure Ace: Ace Mirror Flash!

Selfishe: Self!

Ira: What's this!?

Cure Sword: That's Ace's new attack!?

Cure Rosetta: A miracle of the Lovely Pad?

Cure Diamond: Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Sorry for the wait! I'm all better now!

Four Cures: Magical Lovely Pad!
Send our power to Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Precure Lovely Straight Flush!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Victim: Huh?

Ira: Today was just the opening volley. Cya!

Momota: They disappeared.

Nikaidou: Who were they?

Mana: Thanks, Aguri-chan.

Aguri: Huh?

Mana: You did so much today because you were worried about me, right?

Aguri: It's possible that in the fairy tale the Happy Prince's love was actually felt by the townspeople.
If everyone were to return the prince's love like happened today, then you wouldn't need to sacrifice yourself, nor would people become Selfishe.

Mana: That would be the best, yes.
Shall we dance?

Aguri: Huh?

Aguri (thinking): To make a future like that, I will fight alongside you in the name of love.



Mana: Sleepover confession time!
Secret things you wouldn't normally talk about!

Alice: Oh, father is coming home.

Rikka: Speaking of Alice's father, that reminds me of that one time.

Mana: Oh yeah, that did happen.

Aguri: What are you talking about?

Makoto: Well, how about telling us that story?

Alice: Well then, shall we start? It's going to be a bit of a long night, it seems.

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: Alice's Papa Appears! Sleepover at the Yotsuba House!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!