DokiDoki Precure Episode 29

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete



Jyuujou: President.
Please check these.

Mana: Okay.{Trying to use a different TL for each 了解. --K}
Basketball team approved.
Volleyball team approved.
The science club's okay, too.

Jyuujou: Now then. Please check these as well, thanks.

Mana: Right!

Cheryl: Whoa, Mana's {\i1}really{\i0} busy.

Rikka: Mana, you've gotta hurry!
It's almost time for you to meet with the advisors.

Mana: Got it!

Rikka: After that, you're subbing on the Kendo team at 4:00 PM.
And then at 5:00 PM we've got meeting with Aguri-chan and the others at Solitaire.

Mana: Roger!

Rikka: Oh yeah, you have to help out at the restaurant today too, right?

Mana: Yeah.
Ah, milk time!
Here you go, Ai-chan!
Drink up!

Cheryl: Mana's so busy, I feel sorry for her.

Rikka: So busy she'd even welcome a helping hand, or paw, from a cat.

Cheryl: A cat's paw...
I just can't do it!


Part 1

Cheryl: Davi-sensei!

DB: Sensei?

Cheryl: Please, you've got to teach me how to transform.

DB: Huh?

Raquel: Trans...

Lance: ...form?

Cheryl: I want to transform in to a human like you.

DB: Why the sudden interest?

Cheryl: In my current form, I can't help out Mana.
I want to become human and help her out.

DB: Ah, I see. Well if that's the case, then...

Raquel + Lance: Davi-sensei!

Raquel: Teach me too!

Lance: I want to be human too!

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: Please!

DB: But when you're in human form, you can't fly, make calls, and possibly other things that you can do in fairy form.

Cheryl: Even so, I want to help out Mana.

Raquel: I want to lend Rikka a helping hand as well.

Lance: Me too!

DB: Gotcha. Let's try, then.

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: Yay!

Ai-chan: Yay!

DB: However, transforming into a human takes a lot of power, so only stay that way for an hour or so at first.

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: Okay!

Title: For Mana! Cheryl's Great Transformation!

Davi: Now then...

Cheryl: Amazing!

Lance: She transformed in the blink of an eye!

Raquel: But I still don't get how she did it.

DB: That's fine. The important thing is a wish from the heart to transform.

Cheryl: A wish from the heart to transform...

DB: Yeah.

Cheryl: I'm gonna try it!

Raquel + Lance: Yeah!

DB: First off, imagine the human you want to be, and then wish really hard.

Cheryl: {\i1}A girl like Mana...{\i0}

Raquel: {\i1}A boy about the same age as Rikka...{\i0}

Lance: {\i1}A cool guy...{\i0}

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: {\i1}I wanna be that!{\i0}{Yeah, this could be a bit awkward, but that's what happens when the verb is at the end and they say it together, while the rest of the sentence is different between them. *sigh* --K}

Raquel: Huh?

Lance: Huh?

Cheryl: Hmm?

Raquel: What's this, I'm a chair?!

Lance: Why a boot?

Cheryl: Why am I a teapot?

DB: Hmm... Try concentrating more on the image you have in mind.

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: Got it!

Raquel: {\i1}This time for sure, into a human!{\i0}

Lance: {\i1}Into a human!{\i0}

Cheryl: {\i1}Into a human!{\i0}

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: Transform!

Cheryl: Yay! We transformed!

Lance: I'm really tiny, though.

Cheryl: Well, you are the youngest.

Raquel: I'm the oldest boy, so why am I shorter than Cheryl?

Cheryl: Why indeed?

DB: You all did quite well for your first time, though.
That being said, since you aren't used to it yet, I want to reiterate that staying in human form for an hour or so-

Ai-chan: Went bye-bye. Went bye-bye.

DB: Hmm?
Those kids...

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: Ta-dah!

Rikka: Who're you?

Cheryl: I'm Cheryl!

Lance: Lance!

Raquel: It's me! Get it?

Mana: Huh?

All the girls: Wha-?!

Mana: You really, really are Cheryl!

Cheryl: Yup!

Rikka: You're really Raquel?

Raquel: That's right.

Lance: We transformed into humans like Davi.

Alice: Incredible.

Mana: I didn't know you {\i1}could{\i0} transform!

Rikka: What a surprise!

Aguri: Could I ask one thing of you all?
Why did you become human?

Raquel: Well... I wanted to be able to do stuff like studying and exercising with Rikka from now on.

Mana: The joys of youth! Nice!

Lance: I want to be able to sing lullabies to Alice.

Alice: I'm happy to hear that.

Cheryl: Oh! Me, me, me! I wanna help out Mana!

Mana: Cheryl...

Rikka: You said you felt sorry for how busy Mana was, didn't you?

Mana: Thank you!

DB: I would hope that their desires, as stated, would be reason enough.

Makoto: As would I.

Aguri: Very well. For the fairies, this is also a sign of maturity.
Please support each of your partners with your human forms as well.

Cheryl + Raquel + Lance: Okay!

Cheryl: Finished!
Here you go, Mana.

Mana: Hmm? Whoa!
That's really well done!
You're a lifesaver.

Raquel: Alright, first off let's finish homework.

Rikka: Ah, I finished my homework at lunch.

Raquel: Huh? Then I'll make dinner!

Rikka: I made it ahead of time this morning.

Raquel: Of course you would.
I'm not able to help you with anything.

Rikka: That's not true at all.
Just being here with me is enough to make me happy.

Raquel: But...

Lance: Alice!
I'll sing you to sleep with a lullaby.
♪Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep....♪

Sebastian: He fell asleep after all, hmm?

Alice: Yes.
He's so cute.
It's like I have a little brother now.

Sebastian: Indeed.

Lance: Alice, hang up the futon...

Cheryl: I'm gonna help out Mana as much as I can today, too!

Mana: Thanks, Cheryl.

Davi: I'm glad you're able to support Mana.

Raquel: I haven't been able to do anything to support Rika.

Rikka: I told you before that just being with me is enough to make me happy.

Raquel: Well then, I'm never gonna leave your side!

Cheryl: I'm gonna help Mana out lots more!
I can't wait for school to be over so I can help Mana out more.

Makoto: Cheryl looks really happy.

Mana: I'm elated too! {キュンキュン +1}

Gula: Now then, what should I chow down on today?

Leva: While you're at it, lure out those Precure so we can ascertain the whereabouts of the Princess.
That Stupid Trio failed in that regard.


Part 2

Cheryl: Yay! School's out!

Raquel: Man, I wanna transform too, but I change into an elementary school kid.

Cheryl: I'll try and do your share of helping out too!

Jyuujou: President, who's this?

Mana: Well...
She's someone I asked to help us out temporarily.

Cheryl: I'm Cheryl!
Pleased to meet you-sharu.{Yeah, this is one of those annoying times when the gobi actually matter. --K}

Jyuujou: "Sharu?"

Cheryl: Ah! Sharu-erm, I mean...
Pleased to meet you!
Now, please assign me a task.

Jyuujou: Well then, try stapling these documents, please.

Cheryl: Leave it to me!
I'm done!

Jyuujou: That was fast!

Cheryl: What should I do next!{You've got the sparkles turned up to 11 Cheryl, dear. w --K}

Jyuujou: Okay then, could you check out the stuff we use for the Cultural Festival?

Cheryl: Sure!
Check! Check! Check!
I'm finished!

Jyuujou: That was quick!
Even so, it's perfect.
I'd expect no less from an acquaintance of the President.
She's a splendid helper.

Mana: I know, right?
Cheryl's always helping me out.

Jyuujou: Also, you two have strong resemblance. Almost like you're sisters.

Teacher: Hey, Aida. Do you have a second?

Mana: Sure, what's up?

Teacher: This needs to be personally delivered to the Second Middle School Student Council President ASAP. Can you go?
It seems to be some documents they desperately need.

Mana: I'll take them. You can count on me.

Teacher: I'll leave you to it then.

Mana: Right.

Jyuujou: But, President...

Mana: Hmm?

Jyuujou: We're going to a meeting about the cultural festival in a bit. And then the volleyball team asked you sub for them.

Mana: That's right!
Ah, man, I wish there was two of me.

Cheryl: I'll take care of it!
I'll deliver this.

Mana: Huh? Umm...

Cheryl: Supporting Mana like this makes me so happy!

Old Lady: Heave-ho. Heave-ho.

Cheryl: What would Mana do?
I'll carry your luggage for you.

Old Lady: Oh! Thank you for your kindness.

Cheryl: Watch out!

Boy's Mother: I'm so sorry!

Boy: Mama!

Boy's Mother: Thanks for keeping him out of harm's way.

Cheryl: You're welcome.
Wait up! Wait! Wait! Wait!
G-Got it back.
Ah! It's already been an hour!
But I can't just give up on helping Mana out!

Mana: Cheryl's sure taking a long time.
I hope she's okay...

Female Victim: {\i1}It must be nice to be on a strong team like First Middle School's.{\i0}
{\i1}All our school does is lose.{\i0}
{\i1}I want to win today, even if I have to cheat!{\i0}
{\i1}But if we don't beat them fair and square, it's a meaningless victory.{\i0}

Gula: Really?
Leva: Why not cheat?

Female Victim: Hmm?

Leva: We're gonna grant your wish...

Gula: twice over!

Leva + Gula: Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Self!

Mana: A Selfishe?!

Rikka: Those two guys again!

Gula: Get 'em, Selfishe!

Leva: Break up the games!

Selfishe: Gunshot Serve!

Davi: I can hear a dark heartbeat!

Makoto: Hmm?

Lance: A dark hearbeat!

Alice: Let's go!

Selfishe: One more Gunshot Serve!

Mana: Everyone, this way!

Rikka: Hurry!

Makoto: Mana! Rikka!

Alice: Are you okay?

Mana: Yeah. Let's go, guys!
Precure Love Link-Cheryl's not here!

Other 3 Girls: Huh?

Davi: Could it be that she's in human form?

Mana: Yeah, she was helping me out with my work...

Davi: If that's so, then she likely can't hear the dark heartbeat.

Mana: I'm gonna go look for Cheryl.

Alice: Right. We'll handle things here.

Mana: Sorry. I'll be back!

Selfishe: Self!

3 Girls: Precure Love Link!

3 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Sword: We'll take you on!

Gula: Then let's start the game!

Leva: Selfishe! Cha cha cha!
Selfishe! Cha cha cha!

Selfishe: Miracle Gunshot Serve!

Cure Rosetta: Precure Rosetta Reflection

Cure Sword: Precure Sparkle Sword!

Cure Ace: This is the end for you!
I'll make your heart race!
Ace Shot!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!
Code Change!

Cure Ace: Huh?

Rosetta: Ace Shot had no effect?!

Gula: This one's two-faced!

Leva: You beat one face, and then you have to fight the other.

Gula: And while that's happening, the first one has recovered.
Because of it's "Code Change" this one can fight forever.

Cure Sword: Now what do we do?

Cure Diamond: It's okay.
We'll just have to hit both faces at the same time.

Cure Ace: That's right.
I'll use my Ace Shot, and you use your Lovely Force Arrow.

Cure Rosetta: But Heart's not here.

Leva: Today is the day that victory is ours!

Gula: Give 'em a victory serve, Selfishe!

Selfishe: Yeah, Miracle Gunshot Serve!

Cheryl: Finally finished that delivery. I'm exhausted.

Mana: Cheryl!

Cheryl: Mana?

Mana: A Selfishe has appeared!
The others are already fighting it!

Cheryl: Huh? But I didn't hear a dark heartbeat.

DB: {\i1}When you're in human form, there may be things you can't do that you can do as a fairy.{\i0}

Cheryl: That's why I couldn't hear it.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault for not paying attention to what Davi said.

Mana: It's not just your fault.
It's mine too.
After all, you were in human form because you were helping me out.
I've got to give it my best for you, now!

Cheryl: Mana...

Mana: Let's go, Cheryl!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!
Gotta hurry!

Gula: Time's almost up for you, isn't it?
We'll be claiming victory here.

Cure Diamond: It's fine, Cure Heart {\i1}will{\i0} be back!

Cure Rosetta: Yeah, definitely.

Cure Heart: Sorry to be late to the party, guys!

Cheryl: Sorry!

Cure Ace: Cure Heart!

Cure Rosetta: We've been waiting for you.

Cure Sword: Let's do this!

Cure Ace: You take the front face, and I'll aim for the back!

Cure Heart: Roger that!

Cure Ace: We've only got one chance!

4 Cures: Precure Lovely Force Arrow!

Cure Ace: I'll make your heart race!
Ace Shot!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Gula: How was that invincible?!

Leva: I don't wanna hear it!

Cheryl: I'm really sorry for the situation I caused.

Lance: You were just trying to ease Mana's burden of busyness.{Yes, busyness is a real word, spelled that way to distinguish it from "business" which while it can be used the same as "busyness", the common connotation of "business" leans extremely heavily toward the meaning of "commercial enterprise". --K}

Raquel: I get how Cheryl feels; those feelings of wanting to help out those you care for.

Mana: Same here.
You see, Cheryl wanting to pitch in and help me really makes me happy.
You know, Jyuujou-kun said we looked like sisters.
Well, I really do think of you like I would a little sister, and I love you like one too.

Cheryl: Mana...

Boy's Mother: Umm, excuse me.
A student from this school took care of us earlier.

Old Lady: And helped me out, too.

Boy's Mother: We were hoping to see her again and thank her.
But we don't know her name.

Boy: She said "Sharu!"

Old Lady: That's right, she did say, "Sharu."

Boy's Mother: Would you happen to know who that is?

Mana: We do!

Alice: She's called Cheryl and is an awesome-

Makoto: -dear friend of ours.

Rikka: She's always helping us out of jams, too.

Mana: We'll pass it along to her.

Boy: Bye-bye!

Mana: Bye-bye!
Cheryl, you're a friend we can be proud of!

Cheryl: Mana...

Others: Yeah.

Cheryl: Everyone...
You can count on me!

Aguri: I see you've all deepened your bonds with your fairies and ascended to higher stage.

Mana: Aguri-chan.

Aguri: The time has come.
You shall now face your final trial.

Mana: Final trial?



Aguri: Please hand over to us the legendary mirror possessed by the Precure of antiquity.{Yes she does say 一万年, which is literally 10,000 years. However 万年 can also just mean "a *really* long time ago", and I think that's what they were going for. --K}

Mana: Nice to meet you-WHA?!
The fairy turned into a dragon!

Alice: She's so huge and cute!

Rikka: Alice, you absolutely {\i1}cannot{\i0} keep her as a pet!

Makoto: She's an unexpectedly rough opponent. Let's go, guys!

Rikka: We also {\i1}cannot{\i0} beat her!

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: The Final Trial! The Legendary Precure!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!