DokiDoki Precure Episode 28

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete



4 Girls: Left, right! Left, right! {This is a localization of the ファイト!ファイト! they're chanting rhythmically here. The purpose of which is to keep everyone in sync as they run. The reason for the localization is for accessibility. Especially for those not familiar with the 和製英語 (Engrish) usage of "Fight!", I feel the usage of it directly in the subs would likely be confusing. Also note, only 4 of them are saying it, Rikka's just panting along behind them, w. Poor Rikka. --K}
Left, right! Left, right!
Left, right! Left, right!
Left, right! Left, right! {Continues in the background while Rikka's complaining. --K}

Rikka: Regardless of the circumstances, isn't running ten kilometers every morning a bit too much?

Aguri: What's that? Did you just ask me to go easier on you?!

Mana: Yeah, yeah, we go it.
In order to save the trump kingdom, we've got to reach an even higher stage!

Makoto: And that's why we're doing endurance training!

Alice: What's more, this is our tenth and final day!

Mana: Oh, that girl's here again.

Aguri: Morimoto-san?

Rikka: Finally, the finish line.

Makoto: You okay, Rikka?

Rikka: No, I'm not okay...

Mana: I'm hungry now.

Alice: Well then, why don't we all go eat breakfast at my house?

Mana: Really?!

Aguri: No way!
We have no time for a break now!

Training Schedule (Typsetting):
{Heading}Endurance Training Schedule{The ?? in the times are because that time, or part of that time, is completely obscured on the screen. Depending on how the typesetting works out, it may be easiest to just typeset the activity names and not the times, or even just drop the typesetting altogether once the circles appear (as they do show exactly what's on the schedule behind them, in the proper order), but that's up to the typesetter. --K}

 7:00 -- Running 10km
8:30 -- Reverse pull-ups
9:30 -- Running high jump
10:30 -- Hurdles
11:15 -- Soccer
12:00 -- Lunch break
12:30 -- Karate
14:00 -- Kendo
16:?? -- Swimming
??:?? -- Mat gymnastics

Aguri: The schedule for our final day of training is packed right up until nightfall.

Booths (left to right - Typesetting):
Fried Squid{イカ焼き -- Not well known, so translated}
Okonomiyaki{お好み焼き -- a type of savory pancake}
Shaved Ice{かき氷 -- This one's an easy decision, translate. Especially since I already did so in episode 26.}
Takoyaki{たこ焼き -- octopus balls}
Yakisoba{焼きそば -- fried soba noodles}

Mana: I thought we were all going to the summer festival together, though.

Aguri: Training takes precedence over that.

Mana: Aw, man...

Makoto: I'm all for training, but...

Alice: Isn't that going a bit overboard?

Rikka: Yeah, yeah!

Aguri: No, we've got to push ourselves as far as we...

Other 4: Whoa!

Mana: Are you okay?

Eru: Aguri-chan!

Others: Hmm?

Eru: Ah, umm...


Part 1

Title: Hearts All Aflutter! Aguri's Summer Vacation!

Rikka: She'll be fine after a short rest.

Eru: Thank goodness.

Mana: We appreciate your concern.

Alice: Are you Aguri-chan's friend?

Eru: Friend? Well, we're in the same class, but...

Mana: What's your name?

Eru: Morimoto Eru.

Mana: Eru-chan, huh...
Hey, what's Aguri-chan like at school?
Tell us! Tell us!

Eru: Oh, sure!
Aguri-chan always has this mature air about her.

Boys: {\i1}Take this!{\i0}

Aguri: {\i1}Your playing dodgeball in the hallway is disturbing others!{\i0}

Eru: It's so cool the way she's able to stand up to other kids and let her opinion be known if she thinks she is in the right, even if they're upperclassmen.

Mana: Just like when she's with us.

Eru: That's why I think she's able to get along with you older girls so well.
But it looks like she's really not interested on others her own age...

Mana: Huh?

Eru: It's not like I think she's deliberately ignoring us or anything, though.
She's able to talk with anyone else very easily, and she's great at group work.
But she doesn't really seem to hang out with anyone outside of that...

Mana: So you'd like to be friends with Aguri-chan, right?

Eru: Huh? Well, I-I don't...

Mana: If that's the case, just leave it up to me!

Rikka: The Happy Prince rears her head again...

Eru: Aguri-chan! Thank goodness...

Aguri: Morimoto-san?

Mana: She stayed here with you because she was worried about you.

Aguri: I'm fine now.
Let's resume our training regiment!

Rikka: Nope! We're not letting you overdo again.

Makoto: It's not good for your body to push yourself when you're not feeling well.

Alice: A rest is needed from time to time.

Mana: And with that said, today's training is over!
How about going to the summer festival with Eru-chan tonight?

Aguri: The summer festival?

Mana: Yeah, there's a fireworks show, and some super special yummy sweets!

Aguri: Super special yummy sweets?!{Aguri, you're so adorable when sweets are involved, w. --K}
Ahem... I'm not going just because you're tempting me with such things.

Mana: How about you, Eru-chan?

Eru: Huh?
I-I'd like to try going if Aguri-chan will...

Mana: That clinches it, then!

Aguri: But!

Mana: It's also important to go hang out with friends.

Aguri: Oh... okay, then.

Mana: Yes! We'll meet up at the stairs on the festival plaza at 7 o'clock, k?

Eru: Okay!
See you at 7 o'clock, Aguri-chan!

Mana: Take care!

Aguri: Why'd you do that?

Mana: Hmm?

Aguri: It's not like I'm against the idea of hanging out with friends.
But right now, I've got something that should be much more important than that.

Rikka: Is that the reason why you haven't made any friends at school?

Aguri: Exactly.

Makoto: I used to be the same way.
Of course, I haven't forgotten about the Trump Kingdom.
But hanging out with everyone has taught me alot.

Mana: Aguri-chan, having friends is a good thing.

Aguri: Okay...

Leva: That blasted Cure Ace!
Even though I'm the more beautiful of the two of us, she's the one who's more flamboyant!

Gula: Hmm, that is frustrating.

Leva: If we could just get rid of her, we wouldn't have to worry about what to do next.

Gula: Hmm, that is frustrating.

Leva: What have you been eating over there?

Gula: Stretchy ice cream.

Leva: "Stretchy", huh?
Hmm? That's it! That!

Gula: You can't have any.

Leva: She can only be Cure Ace for five minutes.
If we can just get her transformation to expire by by stretching out the battle, victory is ours!

Mana: Make sure not to blow your cover as plushies.

Mascots: Of course!

Rikka: Can they really do it?

Makoto: Oh!

Mana: Eru-chan!
Sorry for the wait!

Eru: Umm... where's Aguri-chan?

Mana: Huh?

Stalls (Left side, front to back -- Typesetting):
Candied Apples{りんご飴}
Fried Squid{イカ焼き}

Stalls (Right side, front to back -- Typesetting):
Shaved Ice{かき氷}

Stall Closeup: {Apple Image}Candied Apples{The hanging down signs are probably different types of apple, with prices at the bottom of them. I'm guessing one is probably "Candied Apple" the other "Caramel Apple" --K}

Aguri: {\i1}There's so many yummy-looking sweets here!{\i0}
{\i1}I wanna try them all right now!{\i0}

Stalls (Top, left to right -- Typesetting):

Mana: Found you, Aguri-chan!
We've been looking for you!

Aguri: You're all rather late, aren't you?

Rikka: What are you talking about?
We were supposed to meet at the stairs, weren't we?

Aguri: Huh?

Mana: Now, now...
More importantly, it looks like you put a lot of work into your yukata.

Aguri: Grandmother helped me get ready.

Eru: Your yukata's cute, Aguri-chan!

Aguri: Thank you, Morimoto-san.

Eru: Uh... umm...

Mana: "Eru-chan's" is cute too, right?

Aguri: Yeah, yours is cute too, Eru-chan.

Aguri: By the way, where are these "super special yummy sweets" you talked about?

Mana: Now, now...
Let's have some festival fun first!

Eru: Umm... How about goldfish scooping?

Aguri: Goldfish scooping?

Eru: Got it!
It broke...

Vendor: Too bad.

Aguri: I see... It's called "goldfish scooping" because you scoop up goldfish.

Eru: I really wanted that black goldfish with the bulging eyes, too...

Mana: Well then, just leave it to the "Goldfish Scooping Storm", as they call me.

Vendor: Mine are especially tough!

Mana: Here I go!

Rikka: Where was the "storm" in that?

Alice: Well then, my turn.

Vendor: Can you do it, little missie?

Lance: Whoa, incredible.

Vendor: Plushies don't belong in the water.
Toys are really well made these days, though.

Aguri: I'm next!

Eru: Go for it!

Rikka: Listen, scoop at a forty-five degree angle to the water like you're trying to scoop it out.

Aguri: Got it.
Here I go!

Eru: You're completely soaked, Aguri-chan.

Aguri: You too, Eru-chan.


Part 2

Stall (Typesetting): Shooting Range

Eru: I hit it!

Vendor: Sorry, but you don't get it if it doesn't fall off.

Eru + Aguri: Wha-?!

Makoto: Okay!

Mana: Makopi's aiming for the Makopi playing cards!

Vendor: Here you go, congrats!

Rikka: You can't just aim, you've got to calculate the trajectory, too!

Mana: Hurry up and shoot!

Vendor: Nice job!

Aguri: I will get vengeance for you, Eru-chan!

Eru: Good luck!

Aguri: Here I go!
{\i1}Ace Shot! Bang!{\i10}

Others: Whoa!

Eru: That was amazing, Aguri-chan!

Aguri: Yummy!
But this is just normal shaved ice.
What about the "super special yummy sweets"?

Eru: Wanna try some?

Aguri: No...

Eru: Here!

Aguri: Yummy!!
The bitterness of green tea enveloped by the sweetness of azuki beans, bravo!{Oh Aguri, I love your taste reactions, w. --K}
Try mine too!

Eru: Sure!

Mana: Okay! Let's all try each other's!

Aguri: That's a good idea!

Rikka: She's so frank when it comes to sweets.

Aguri: It's kind of puzzling.
The shaved ice you all shared with me tasted better than that first taste of my own.

Mana: That's because you were eating it together with all of us.

Aguri: With all of you?

Mana: Yup!
A friend of mine said as much, once.

Aguri: Hmm? So by "super special yummy sweets" you meant...

Victim: If they weren't all here, I'd be able to watch the fireworks show all by myself.
But, watching it with everyone else is probably more fun...

Leva: Monopolizing it...

Gula: is perfectly fine, right?

Leva: We're gonna grant your wish...

Gula: twice over!

Leva + Gula: Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Summer festival! I'm gonna scatter all the people!
Have you done your homework yet?

Cheryl: It's a selfishe!

Aguri: Let's get out of here, Eru-chan!

Mana: Let's go, girls!

Other 3: Yeah!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

4 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn summer festival...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Leva: There you are, Precure!

Gula: The target's not with them.

Leva: Hang on, where's Cure Ace?!

Cure Heart: Cure Ace isn't here this time.

Cure Sword: Just the four of us are enough to fight you!

Leva: Cheeky little.... Finish 'em off!

Selfishe: Yo-yo yo!
Target practice!

Aguri: {\i1}The others, they're....{\i0}

Gula: There she is!

Leva: There's the target!

Selfishe: Diecutting!

Aguri: Eru-chan, run!
I'll be fine, run!

Leva: Finish her off now!

Cure Heart: We won't let you!

Selfishe: Self!

Cure Sword: Precure Sparkle Sword!

Aguri: Let go of my hand, Eru-chan!

Eru: No, I won't!
I want to be your friend!

Aguri: Why are so determined?

Eru: You helped me out before, Aguri-chan.

Aguri: Huh?

Eru: When the boys were teasing me about the curly hair I was already self-conscious of.

Aguri: {\i1}Teasing someone about their appearance is an abominable deed!{\i0}
{\i1}You should be ashamed of yourselves!{\i0}
{\i1}Being worried about what other people say is just a waste of time.{\i0}
{\i1}Besides, your hair is very cute.{\i0}

Eru: I was so happy.
That's why, I'm going to save you this time!

Aguri: My simple words were so precious to you...
The love you have is brimming, ready to overflow...
Thank you, Eru-chan.

Eru: Aguri-chan!

Selfishe: Ring toss!

Cure Heart: What?

Aguri: Eru-chan, I've got a secret.
But I can't tell you anything about it.
Even so, will you trust me?

Eru: I trust you! I totally trust you, Aguri-chan!

Aguri: Will you wait for me here with your eyes closed, then?

Eru: Yeah!

Aguri: Ai-chan!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Aguri: Precure Dress Up!

Ai-chan: Kewpietwump!

Cure Ace: Love's trump card, Cure Ace!

Cure Ace: Beauty is the testament of justice.
I'll shoot straight through your heart with a single wink!

Cure Heart: Cure Ace!

Gula: There she is!

Leva: Now for a stretched-out fight that lasts over five minutes!

Selfishe: Yo-yo yo!
Target practice!
Ring toss!

Other Cures: Cure Ace!

Leva: One minute has passed, four minutes until her transformation expires.

Gula: Then the Precure will meet there end, and then we'll yank the Psyche out of the rest of the humans.

Cure Ace: Eru-chan is faithfully waiting for me, and so I'll keep on fighting!

Leva + Gula: WHAT?!

Cure Ace: It's not just Eru-chan, either.
Those who raise a hand to my precious friends, I will return it to them in spades!{Or should I say hearts? w --K}
I understand now why you dragged me along to this summer festival.
I'll have many treasured memories from this time.
But I've also realized that there are those in my life who have treasured memories of me as well.
And those also can impart their power of love to me.

Cure Heart: That's right.
But you see, you're the one who taught us that first, Cure Ace.

Cure Ace: Well, you all managed to teach me a lesson this time.

Selfishe: Self!{Man she must have knocked him into LEO or something if he's just barely coming back down after that dialogue, w. --K}

Cure Ace: Allow me to handle this one, myself.

Cure Ace: Make up! Love Kiss Rouge!
I'll make your heart race!
Ace Shot!

Selfishe: Self!
Love! Love Loooooove!

Gula: Man, that didn't even last 3 minutes.

Leva: Shaddup!
The stretched out fight's a failure!

Aguri: Eru-chan...
It's okay now.

Eru: Aguri-chan!
I'm so glad you're okay.

Aguri: {\i1}My heart feels all warm and fuzzy.{\i0}{キュンキュン +1}



Cheryl: Davi-sensei, we have a favor to ask of you!

Davi: What is it?

Cheryl: I wanna be able to help out Mana!

Raquel: I want to study with Rikka!

Lance: I want to be able to sing a lullaby to Alice!

Cheryl: So we want you to tell us how to transform into human form!

Davi: Got it.
If that's the case, you can count on me!

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: For Mana! Cheryl's Great Transformation!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!