DokiDoki Precure Episode 27

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL Complete -- ED2 TL and romaji are also complete, will need to be timed along with this episode. ED 2 also needs to be TLC'ed and Edited along with this episode --Kanmuri



Gula: Rampage, Selfishe!

Selfishe: What's wrong with parking in an open area?

Cure Diamond: You're in the way of pedestrians!

Selfishe: Bike!

Cure Ace: Why are you having so much trouble?

Cure Diamond: Cure Ace! You've been watching?

Cure Ace: You really shouldn't be having trouble with such a low-caliber opponent.

Cure Heart: As harsh as always.

Selfishe: The pedestrians should just move!

Cure Ace: You're taking way too long.

Other Cures: Huh?

Cure Ace: We'll meet again. Adieu.

Other Cures: {\i1}Huh{\i0}?

Cure Heart: She ran off...

Selfishe: Biiiiiiike!

Cure Rosetta: Let's focus on ending this, girls.

Other Cures: Yeah.

Cure Sword: Love Heart Arrow!

Selfishe: Mach line!

Cure Heart: Huh?! Mach line?!

Cure Diamond: There's no way he could make one of those!
Aim for his tires, Sword!

Cure Sword: Precure Sparkle Sword!

Selfish: Whee! No way that attack's gonna-OOF!
Self! Self...

Cure Heart: Precure Heart Shoot!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!


Part 1

Title: Exposed!? Cure Ace's Weak Point!

Mana: I was thinking she was a bit too harsh, but thanks to Cure Ace, we've all become stronger.

Rikka: But as usual, we don't really know much of anything about her.

Alice: She appears and just as suddenly disappears.

Makoto: Yeah.

Mana: Ah, there it is!
That's where my mom's learning how to perform tea ceremonies, Madoka Mari-sensei's house.

Rikka: "Madoka"?

Makoto: You brought her some sweets, right?

Mana: Yeah.
Papa's special traditional Japanese sweets!
They're going to use them for tomorrow's open-air tea ceremony.

Makoto: Open-air tea ceremony?

Alice: A gathering where they serve tea to guests outside.

Aguri: Coming!

Mana + Rikka + Alice: Cure A-

Aguri: Madoka Aguri!

Mari: I see you've brought the sweets, Mana-san.

Mana: Ah, yeah...

Mari: Thank you.
These will be wonderful for tomorrow's open-air tea ceremony.
Do you know my granddaughter?

Mana: Huh? Your granddaughter?
Cure A-

Aguri: The other day!
We met at the festival.

Mari: Oh, I see.

Aguri: Can I talk with you for a minute?

Mana: Huh?

Aguri: Please don't call me Cure Ace in front of my grandmother.

Cheryl: So you really {\i1}are{\i0} Cure A-

Alice: You live so close, too.

Rikka: I guess we couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Aguri: Before you go any further...
I'm not trying to run away or hide, but right now...
is a bad time to discuss this.
Oh, how about this?

Other Girls: Hmm?

Gula: Gah, I'm so mad right now!

Leva: Please leave the stuff here alone, or we're not going to have a base anymore.

Gula: There's nothing else to eat, though!

Leva: It's true that the Precure have a level of power we haven't seen before.
If this continues, we're going to repeat the failures of Bel and company.
How about trying a combo technique with me?

Gula: Me and you?

Leva: Your wild side fascinates me.

Gula: Wild? I like the sound of that.
I don't mind your silk hat, either.

Leva: Oh, that makes me happy. Well then...

Leva + Gula: Let's try this!

Aguri: I'm glad you came.

Mana: Hello.

Alice: Thank you for inviting us to come today.

Rikka: I'm usually nervous at stuff like open-air tea ceremonies, but this is a great chance to learn more about Cure Ace.

Makoto: Yeah, it is.

Aguri: Please come this way.
Now, I'm going to teach you all how to perform a formal tea ceremony.

Mana: Well, we don't really need to-

Aguri: The Five Precure Oaths!
One of which is...

Other girls: Huh?

Aguri: "Those who are Precure should be first-class ladies."{The on-screen text says the same --K}

Other girls: Really!?

Aguri: Before I serve you tea, please eat your sweets.

Other girls: O-Okay.

Rikka + Makoto: Yummy!

Mana: Would you like to eat it?

Aguri: The soul of the formal tea ceremony is hospitality.
I cannot eat one, as I am the host.

Rikka: She's really cute when she's fawning over sweets, though.

Mana + Alice + Makoto: Yeah.

Mana + Rikka + Alice + Makoto: Ooooo!

Aguri: What do you say before you do that?

Mana: Ah! Umm... thanks for the tea?

Alice: Mana-chan...
"I gratefully accept this from you." Like that.

Mana: Oh?

Aguri: I'd expect nothing less from a daughter of the Yotsuba family.

Rikka: I know there's something I'm supposed to do before drinking, but...

Makoto: I figured there might be, so I studied up on it.
You're supposed to take the tea bowl....
And spin it around!

Davi: That's not how you're supposed to spin it!

Cheryl: It's too big...

Raquel: I can't drink any...

Lance: J-Just a bit more....

Ai-chan: Bitta!{Baby talk for "bitter" since she says にが~ from 苦い or bitter. --K}

Alice: Oh my.

Mana: Ai-chan's not ready for this taste yet.

Aguri: You!

Mana: Sorry! I'll do it right!
My legs have fallen asleep!

Mana: Are you okay, Makopi?

Makoto: Of course!
They've... they've fallen asleep!

Davi: She was faking it.

Mana: Aguri... chan?

Aguri: It's just... you guys were acting so funny.
We'll leave off there for today.
Besides, an open-air tea ceremony doesn't require the same level of formality as in a tea house proper.

Rikka: Were you playing with us?

Aguri: Of course not.

Rikka: Geez!

Mari: You look like you're having fun.

Aguri: Grandmother!
This is the first time Aguri has had friends over for tea.

Other girls: Hmm?

Mari: I hope you can continue to be on good terms with Aguri.

Other girls: Yes!

Aguri: Grandmother...
We're going to go on a walk together now.

Ai-chan; Walk!

Mari: Okay, take care.

Other girls: Wow!

Rikka: It's so pretty!

Aguri: This is a stream famous for its clear waters.
It feels great.

Makoto: It's true!

Alice: It really does feel nice.

Mana: {\i1}When she isn't Cure Ace, Aguri-chan is just a normal girl.{\i0}

Aguri: It may be inexcusable how harshly I've treated you up until now.
But I've wanted you to become stronger, and I've been single-mindedly working towards that.
I'm sure you have questions for me, right?
I'll answer them now.

Rikka: Why were you helping to train us?
It seems like you alone would be enough to defeat King Selfishe.

Aguri: That would be impossible for me to do on my own.

Other girls: Hmm?


Part 2

Aguri: I'm a Precure from this world.
I was fighting the Selfishe until they defeated me.
At that time my partner Ai-chan turned back into an egg, and we were separated.
But one day, Ai-chan appeared before me again, and led me to where you were.

Rikka: So that's what happened for her to wind up at Joe's place.

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Raquel: I've got something I want to ask, too.

Aguri: Go ahead.

Raquel: Why do you grow up when you transform?

Aguri: The strength of my feelings.

Raquel: The strength of your feelings?

Aguri: I want to save the world from being thrown into chaos by the Selfishe from the depths of my heart.
With those feelings, I'm able to change into a mature form.

Cheryl: That's intense...

Aguri: Even as we speak, King Selfish is devouring countless worlds and coming ever closer to his full revival.
In order to oppose that, I wish to stand on the stage of a true Precure and fight together with you all!

Mana: Right!
We've become stronger, too!

Aguri: It's still not enough!
You all can become stronger. You {\i1}must{\i0} become stronger.
You haven't even begun to see how fearsome the Selfishe can be.
My grandmother doesn't know anything about what we've discussed here.
Please, keep it a secret from her.
I don't want to get her caught up in these dangerous circumstances.

Mana: Of course!

Alice: We promise you.

Mana: {\i1}I've got to keep trying harder for Regina, too...{\i0}

Sign - Header: Barbequing Prohibited
Sign - Message: Barbequing, fireworks, and other use of fire are prohibited in the area around the river.
Sign - Footer (in the border at the bottom): ____ Management Office{The underscores represent the part obscured by the woman standing there, and we never do get to see what that part says. --K}

Male 1: This looks like a good place.

Male 2: There we go...

Female 1: Hey, it says that barbeques aren't allowed here.

Male Victim: What's the problem? No one's watching?

Female 1: Yeah, but will it really be okay?

Male Victim: On second thought, we probably should find somewhere else...

Gula: Why {\i1}not{\i0} have your barbeque...

Leva: right here?
We're gonna grant your wish...

Gula: twice over!

Leva + Gula: Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Girls: Wha-?

Cheryl: It's a Selfishe!

Davi: Why's it so big?!

Leva: There you are, Precure!

Gula: Surprised?
This is the manifestation of our combined power, the Combo Selfishe!

Leva: It's twice the size and five times the strength, making it ten times the Selfishe!

Aguri: It certainly is different from the ones we've faced up to this point.
I'll join you this time.
We need to finish it within five minutes!

Other girls: Huh?

Cheryl: Cheryl!

4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

4 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn camp stove...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Aguri: Ai-chan.

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Aguri: Precure Dress Up!

Ai-chan: Kewpietwump!

Cure Ace: Love's trump card, Cure Ace!

Cure Ace: Beauty is the testament of justice.
I'll shoot straight through your heart with a single wink!

Gula: This is our first joint effort!

Leva: We're all in on this!

Selfishe: Let's barbeque!

Cure Heart: S-scorching!

Selfishe: The meat's done cooking!

Cure Heart: M-meat?

Cure Ace: It's a missile!

Selfishe: The veggies are done too!
Eat up!

Cure Rosetta: There's no end to this.

Cure Ace: {\i1}3 minutes left. If we don't finish this by then...{\i0}
Use a group attack!
I'll hold it in place!
Make up! Love Kiss Rouge!
I'll make your heart race!
Ace Shot!

Selfishe: Stoke the fire!

Cure Ace: No way!

Cure Heart: He broke out of the Ace Shot!

Leva: Shouldn't you be worried about yourselves?

Gula: This is payback for yesterday!

Cure Ace: Guys!
{\i1}Two minutes left.{\i0}

Leva: How's that for just desserts, hmm?

Gula: Dessert?
I smell somethin' sweet and super tasty...
Let's go, Selfishe!

Selfishe: Self!

Leva: Huh? Where are you going?!
We're supposed to be working together today!

Cure Ace: In that direction is.... grandmother!

Cure Heart: We've gotta go after them!

Cure Ace: One minute left!

Gula: Here it is!
That wonderful sweet smell.

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Gula: Oh?

Mari: Hmm?

Gula: Yeah, these.
Mmm, yummy.

Mari: What is wrong with you?!
Your shoes are ruining the tea ceremony mat! Have you no shame?!

Gula: Huh? You want me to eat {\i1}you{\i0} too?

Cure Ace: I won't let you!
I'll make your heart race!
Ace Shot!
Oh no! Time's up!

Aguri: Grandmother!

Cure Heart: Stop right there!

Gula: Huh?

Aguri: You guys!

Cure Diamond: What happened to your transformation?

Aguri: I can only stay in that mature Precure form for five minutes.

Cure Rosetta: So {\i1}that's{\10} why you've left so quickly before.

Cure Heart: Count on us! We'll protect your loved ones!

Gula: Selfishe! Barbecue 'em!

Selfishe: Let's barbecue!

Cure Heart: Time to show you the fruits of what Aguri-chan--Cure Ace--has done to strengthen us!

Selfishe: Fire!

Cure Rosetta: Hearts that support one-another!

Cure Sword: Precious memories!

Cure Diamond: Dreams for the future!

Gula: Here, have another!

Selfishe: Self!

Cure Heart: And the strength to stand up again after being crushed!

All 4 Cures: Love Heart Arrow!
Precure Lovely Force Arrow!

Selfishe: Oh!
Love! Love Loooooove!

Leva: Why'd your gluttony have to rear its head like that?!

Gula: Shaddup! Eating is my life!

Female guest: Are you hurt?

Mari: I'm fine.
Thanks to those mysterious girls.

Aguri: I showed you something quite shameful today.

Mana: Not at all!
You were awesome, Aguri-chan!

Other 3: Yeah!

Mana: Here you go, this one's for you.

Aguri: You didn't eat it?
Thank you so much for today.

Mana: Likewise.
I look forward to your guidance in the future.

Aguri: Well then, things are going to get even harsher from here on out!

Other 4: Wha-?

Ai-chan: Kewpie-pi!

{ED - Premiere of ED2!}


Mana: It's Summer!

Rikka: Festivals!

Alice: Wearing yukata!

Makoto: Fireworks!

Aguri: No! We have no time for such frivolities!
We're in the middle of our endurance training!{She says 強化トレーニング, lit: strengthening/enhancement training. Basically training meant to help them improve their fighting skills as Precure. Endurance training was the closest thing that sounded good to me. --K}

Mana: Wha-But we've gotta...

Aguri: I said no!

Alice: I've heard there's a shop at the festival that sells super special yummy sweets though.
That's too bad.

Aguri: Huh? Super special yummy sweets?!

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: Hearts All Aflutter! Aguri's Summer Vacation!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!