DokiDoki Precure Episode 24

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Makoto: Here we go!
♪One, two, three, four.♪
♪Fly!♪{Been a while since we've heard FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY --K}

DB: Tickets for your next concert are sold out.
We've got an offer for an additional performance, though...

Makoto: I wonder if I should keep singing...
This whole time my singing has been to help me find the Princess,
but in the end it was useless.

DB: No way...
It wasn't just for the princess.
You've got legions of fans!
They all enjoy listening to your songs.

Mana: Cure Ace...
She's strong.

Alice: I don't know {\i1}what{\i0} would have happened if she hadn't been there.

Davi: Sword was supposedly the only Precure left in the Trump Kingdom, though.

Rikka: With that being said...
Who {\i1}is{\i0} she?

All: Hmm...

Rikka: Anyway, her civilian form seems to be someone younger than us.{Yeah I chose "civilian form" for 変身前のすがた, which literally means "pre-transformation form". --K}
Maybe a 3rd grader...

Aguri: 4th grader.

Mana + Rikka: Whoa!

Alice: Why, hello there, Cure Ace-san!

Aguri: Hello.
My name is Madoka Aguri.

Mana + Rikka: Uhh...


Part 1

Title: A Shock! Makopi's Idol Retirement Announcement!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Aguri: Ai-chan!
You're as kyoot as ever!{Writing it as "kyoot" is an attempt to bring across the cutesy slurring Aguri does here (でちゅ instead of です) --K}

Ai-chan: Ai!

Aguri: Anyway, you guys...

Mana + Rikka: Yes?!

Aguri: What is this?

Mana: Huh?

Alice: It's a peach roll cake that Sebastian made.

Sebastian: Please, do have some.

Ai-chan: Ai!

Aguri: Thank you.

Mana: Wh-What's wrong?

Aguri: Delicious!
The sponge cake is cooked to a perfect fluffiness,
the cream is rich without being too sweet,
and there's a generous abundance of early-harvest peaches.{Found this explanation of 旬(しゅん) as an adjective applied to fruit ( when researching 旬の桃. Apparently there are three main meanings. 1) The first fruits of the season, very expensive, and the meaning that's been around the longest, from what I understand. 2) Mid-season fruit, when the harvest is greatest. 3) Peaches at their sweetest, mostly used for fish bait. The first definition is the most likely, and fits with the "Alice is stupidly rich" theme, so I went with "early-harvest peaches". --K}
It's all gently blended together into a refreshing early summer feeling.
This is... love's sweet harmony!{Yes, she didn't say "sweet", but I felt there was something missing with just "Love's Harmony" --K}

Mana: Incredible... I've never seen someone say so much after just taking a bite.{Reminds me a little of the "taste reactions" from 焼きたて!! ジャぱん, w. Also, I think this is the most... -.-; we've seen Mana, w. --K}

Alice: You really love sweets, don't you, Aguri-chan?

Aguri: You have enough skill to shame a professional pastry chef.
I could feel the love in your work; that consideration for the happiness of those who would eat it above all else.

Sebastian: I am grateful for your praise.

Aguri: And if I may speak further, the skill with which he smoothly handled the sudden arrival of an unexpected guest--with nary a feather ruffled--speaks volumes to his professionalism as a butler.
On the other hand, are you {\i1}really{\i0} a pro yourself?

Makoto: Huh?

Aguri: I gave a listen to your singing on TV yesterday.
I was disappointed, frankly.

Mana: W-Wait a second!
Makopi's a very popular singer!

Rikka: She has real skills, not just popularity!

Davi: She's also the Trump Kingdom's premier diva!

Aguri: I don't really care what the world at large thinks of you.{知りません here has a connotation of "I don't know, and I don't care." --K}
I just know that I couldn't feel the love in your singing yesterday.
What I felt instead was uncertainty.
Isn't it embarrassing for a pro to have such feelings come through in their singing?

Mana: Makopi's trying her hardest!
In addition to singing, she's a Precure too!

Aguri: She's only half a Precure!
You would have lost to that Selfishe if I hadn't shown up to save you!
Am I wrong in that assessment?

Mana: W-Well...

Aguri: You're doing everything half-heartedly.
If this continues, King Selfishe's victory is all but a certainty!
Thank you for the food.
However, I will be excusing myself now.

Mana: Huh? Wait a second!

Ai-chan: Ai ai!

Mana: Cure Ace!
Makopi, we're looking forward to your next concert!

Makoto: I'm not qualified to be called a "pro".

Mana: Huh?

Makoto: It's just like Cure Ace said.
I've been feeling lost for a while now lately.
Now that we've found the Princess, what am I singing for?
I can't sing properly with such vague feelings.
I'm going to retire from singing.

Mana + Rikka: Whaa-?!

Makoto: I'll announce my retirement at this next concert.

Mana: Wait a second, Makopi!

Rikka: Quitting something like this...

Makoto: I've already decided. I'm going to quit singing, and that's final!

Rikka: Seriously?

Mana: She can't!
Makopi just can't quit! No way, no how!

Students: Good Morning!
Good Morning!

Rikka: Hey, are you seriously doing this?

Mana: Of course!
Starting Operation: Get Makopi to Sing. Let's go!
Makopi, you mustn't quit singing.
Under no circumstances should you qui-Ah!

Makoto: Mana, what are trying to do here?

Mana: Ah, well...
I thought you might reconsider if the Princess told you not to quit.
What tipped you off?{Aside from the PAPER MASK? And numerous other things? w --K}

Makoto: The Princess wouldn't call me Makopi.

Mana: D'oh!

Rikka: No, that's not even the half of it...{Idiomatic phrase which I feel has a similar meaning to the Japanese. Not sure how much it's used outside American English, which is why I'm pointing it out. --K}

Alice: The Yotsuba Philharmonic Orchestra is giving a live performance. Come, sing with them!

Student: What's that?

Makoto: I told you I wouldn't sing!

Mana: The live performance plan failed too...

Alice: I really thought the sounds of the orchestra would have made her feel like singing.

Rikka: No, it seems to have made it more difficult...

Makoto: If we're going to keep beating back the selfishe, I've got to train even more!

Mana: ♪Go to sleep♪
♪Go to sleep♪
♪Against your mother's...♪

Mana: Ah, what do I do?

Mana: Makopi! Ai-chan just won't stop crying.
Will you sing a lullaby for her?

Makoto: I'm not singing anymore. I thought I told you that.

Mana: Why?
Everyone wants to here you sing, though.

Makoto: I'm not just a singer.

Mana: Wasn't it fun though, Makopi?
When you're singing you always look like you're having so much fun.
Also, watching you is fun too. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I do.

Makoto: I don't have time to spare for fun.
Nor for singing...
Mana and the others just don't really comprehend what being a Precure means.

Davi: They all want you to continue singing.

Makoto: Do you feel the same way, Davi?

Davi: I want you to do what you like to do.
I'll support you in whatever that is!

Leva: There we go!

Gula: Tastes bad.

Ira: That's because it's not edible.

Mammo: You don't know about bowling, either? How uncouth.

Leva: I both know about it and play it.
I also know that you need to be searching for the Princess.

Bel: I don't recall taking orders from you!

Gula: Those are King Selfishe's orders.

Bel: Fine, let's go.

Mammo: Hmph, I'll remember this insult!

Leva: Hmm? Interesting...


Part 2

Mana: Huh? Makopi's still not here yet?

Alice: She hasn't contacted anyone either.

Rikka: The concert's supposed to start any minute now!

Alice: Sebastian!

Sebastian: Yes, milady.

Mana: Let's go look, too!

Davi: Makoto...
It's time for the concert to start.

Makoto: You're right, I need to go...
I need to go, and announce my retirement...
If I don't...

Reporter: Is there some kind of pre-performance trouble?
I could just barge into the waiting room and find out!
No, no. That's an obvious violation of the rules.

Leva: Why {\i1}not{\i0} just barge in there?
I'll go ahead and grant your wish.
Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!
Ladies and gentlemen!
I'll be headlining today's performance!
As well as...

Selfishe: I'm a Selfishe!
Are you all feeling selfish?!

Leva: Yay!
Such an unmovable crowd. Expel them!

Selfishe: Expel!

Sign: LOW CLEARANCE{Sign is right above the girls' heads. Alternatively: "WATCH YOUR HEAD"}

Mana: Let's go!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

All 3 Girls: Precure Love Link!

All 3 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Poor, sad, and lovelorn mic...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Leva: Ah, you're here, Precure.

Selfishe: Charge!

Cure Heart: This is Makopi's performance!

Selfishe: Self!

Makoto: It's a Selfishe!

Makoto: Guys!

Selfishe: Precure Barging in Report!
Do you have a lover?

Cure Heart: Huh?

Selfishe: What score did you get on your last test?

Cure Diamond: That has nothing to do with the here and now!

Selfishe: How rich {\i1}are{\i0} you, exactly?

Cure Rosetta: Dunno?
I've never added it up.

Selfishe: Gimme {\i1}real{\i0} answers!

Cure Diamond: What the heck? What's with this barrage of questions?

Cure Rosetta: It's an invasion of privacy!

Cure Heart: Yeah, but this Selfishe is really strong!

Makoto: Guys!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Makoto: Ai-chan? Why're you here?

Ai-chan: What do?{baby talk --K}

Makoto: A Lovie?

Davi: Use it on me!

Davi: Davi! Davier! Daviest!

Ai-chan: Kewpietwump! Kewpietwump-ump!

Makoto: A mirror?

Ange: Sword...

Makoto: Princess! Have you awakened?!

Ange: No, not yet.
I'm borrowing Ai-chan's power to talk with you.
We don't have much time.
Cure Sword, you were singing in this world for me, right?
Your songs and feeling have reached me.

Makoto: Really?

Ange: What kept me from losing hope in this state where I can neither move nor speak was your singing, Sword.
When I heard your singing, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and cheered me up. I am truly thankful for that.

Makoto: Princess...

Ange: I can't wake up yet, but I'm fine now that Jonathan is here with me.
And so, I ask that you sing for yourself from now on.

Makoto: For... myself...

Ange: Like you used to do, while having fun...
When you have fun, it brings me joy as well.
Please sing, Cure Sword!

Ai-chan: Ai!

Davi: The Princess and Mana both said the same thing.
The Princess, Mana, and I--everyone, really--loves your singing.
We want to hear your joyful singing!

Makoto: I...
want to sing!

Davi: I'm rooting for you!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Makoto: Thank you...

Leva: You're finished now, Precure.

Cure Diamond: It's not over yet!

Cure Rosetta: We're not giving up!

Cure Heart: We are absitively, posolutely gonna protect Makopi's concert!{Yes, it's kinda silly slang. But it popped into my head and I just had to go for it, w. --K}

Cure Sword: You guys were doing all this for me...
Thank you!

Selfishe: You're a Precure, so why do you sing?
Does that really have anything to do with being a Precure?!

Cure Sword: I'm a singing Precure!

Leva: Hmm?
What do you hope to gain by singing?
It's not going to get you anywhere.

Cure Sword: It may not be useful, it may even be meaningless...
But... it's fun.
It makes me happy...
I love singing, so that's why I sing!

Cure Heart: I love your singing too!

Leva: Singing just because you want to, that's {\i1}way{\i0} selfish.

Cure Sword: True...
But there's people cheering me on.
So for them, and for myself...
I will sing!

Cures: Ah!

Davi: Ah!

Aguri: I see you've awakened your love, Cure Sword.
A Precure's power comes from love.
Earnestly pressing on for those you care about.
{\i1}That{\i0} is love.

Cure Sword: Love...

Aguri: Your uncertainty was interfering with your power of love.
When you overcame it, a new power came from your greatly awakened love.
Well done.
The Five Precure Oaths!
One of which is, "Love is a gift to be given!"
You bestow love upon the world with your singing.
Please keep it resonating in hearts the world over!

Cure Sword: Sure.

Aguri: Let's go, Ai-chan!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Aguri: Precure Dress Up!

Cure Ace: Love's trump card, Cure Ace!
Beauty is the testament of justice.
I'll shoot straight through your heart with a single wink!

Selfishe: What are your favorite swee-Ah!

Leva: Wait a minute here! This is {\i1}my{\i0} time to shine!
I will suffer no intrusions!

Cure Ace: A conceited performance is bothersome!
Your conduct is lacking in love!
Make up! Love Kiss Rouge!
I'll make your heart race!
Ace Shot!

Selfishe: I can't move!

Cure Ace: Sword, do it now!

Cure Sword: Precure Sparkle Sword!

Selfishe: Self!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Leva: They're pretty good.
This is getting interesting.

Makoto: ♪ flight, from among our dreams, I want to find the most radiant ones.♪ {Makoto is singing in the background behind the next lines of dialogue, and it's in the middle of a sentence when it fades in. --K}
♪Good days are ahead. If we can make brilliant the dreams in each of our hearts, happiness awaits.♪

Mana: Makopi really is amazing!
She can make {\i1}this many{\i0} people smile.

Rikka: Yeah, and the smiles are dissolving the malergy.
Her singing might just save the world after all.

Aguri: Your singing is overflowing with love. Bravo!{I'm interpreting it as she's rhetorically addressing Makopi, hence the "Your". --K}

Makoto: I love to sing!
When I sing, I have fun, and it brings me happiness and joy.
I want you all to feel that way too.
That's why I sing!



Mana: Big news!
Alice's butler's developed an artificial commune!

Makoto: An artificial commune?

Alice: It allows anyone to become a Precure. It's quite the invention.

Sebastian: I am Cure Sebastian!{"I am vengeance! I am the night! I AM CURE SEBASTIAN!" w, gotta use that for 25's release image! --K}
I am here to serve milady in whatever way I can.

Mana: Wow! He really {\i1}did{\i0} transform!

Rikka: Huh? Another allied heroine's appeared?

Mana: Who's that?

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: A Splendid Transformation! The Appearance of a New Heroine!?

Mana: Be still my beating heart!