DokiDoki Precure Episode 22

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Cure Heart: Let's go!

King Selfishe: Regina!

Joe: This way!

King Selfishe: You're not getting away!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Sebastian: Welcome back.
I'm glad to see all of you safe and sound.

Mana: We're back...

Makoto: We've got to get the princess out of there somehow.

Rikka: It has to be the prince's kiss to wake Sleeping Beauty up.{眠り姫 is the common name for "Sleeping Beauty" in Japanese. --K}

Mana: Joe-san! If you would please?{pls2dozo, w. --K}

Joe: Huh? You want me to?


Part 1

Raquel: Nothing's happening!

Rikka: Guess it's not happening like you'd expect from a fairy tale.

Joe: I thought as much!

Cheryl: Be serious!

Lance: This is no ordinary ice.

Raquel: Princess Ann must have clad herself in this armored ice for protection.

Davi: In that case, it's going to be no simple task to get her out.

Makoto: What do we do, then?

Alice: The Selfishe are sure to come and try to take her away again.

Joe: I think it's best if I hide Ann somewhere until she awakens.

Mana: Huh? But where?

Joe: Sorry, but I'd like to keep it a secret from you all as well.

Makoto: Wha-?

Rikka: That's probably for the best.

Ai-chan: Ai!

Joe: Are you coming with me?
There we go...
I'll leave the rest to you all.

Mana + Alice + Rikka: Right!

Title: A debut admist crisis! The New Warrior, Cure Ace!

Rikka: With the princess safe in the meanwhile...

Regina: Man, what should I do now?

Mana: Regina...

Regina: Since I ran away like that, Papa's gonna be livid.
Even if I apologize, I doubt he'll forgive me.

Mana: Regina, do you love your papa?

Regina: Hmm? Yeah...

Rikka: Even though he did such cruel things to you?

Regina: Yeah, 'cause he's my papa...

Mana: I see!
I love you too, Regina!

Regina: Huh?

Mana: I was overjoyed by the kindness I felt from you when you rescued me..

Makoto: I felt it too, myself. Thank you for saving Mana.

Mana: Makopi!

Rikka: Thank you, Regina.

Alice: I felt it as well.

Mana: See? Your feelings of love reached us all!
So I'm sure your feelings for your papa will reach him as well!

Regina: Yeah...

Mana: Now then, let's go home!

Regina: Huh? But where?
I don't have a home to return- waugh!

Mana: My house!
To cut a long story short...
Can she please stay with us for a little while?

Regina: Please.

Grandpa: Someone else you've rescued?

Mana: Yeah...

Grandpa: Incorrigible as ever...

Ayumi: I wonder where she gets that from.

Kentarou: No kidding.
Regina-chan, was it?

Regina: Yes.

Kentarou: You look kinda down.
When this happens, let the food pull you up again!
Go on, eat up!

Regina: Delicious!

Mana: I know, right?
Eating Papa's rice omelette perks you right up!

Grandpa: Hmph, if you ask me, he's still got a ways to go!

Ayumi: Oh really? I think he's surpassed your rice omelette already.

Grandpa: What was that?!

Mana: Now, now...
Let's let Regina be the judge this time.

Regina: Hmm? Me?

Grandpa: Very well. I'm sure Regina-chan will be impartial.

Kentarou: Ayumi wasn't just complementing it because she's my wife...

Ayumi: Well, there is that.

Mana: You got told, Papa!

Regina: {\i1}It's strange. When I look at them my chest feels all warm and fuzzy.{\i0}
{\i1}But still, why?{\i0}
{\i1}Even though it's so warm, it hurts...{\i0}
You're so cute in this picture, Mana!

Mana: Oh really?

Regina: Not as much as me, of course.

Mana: Of course.
What's wrong?

Regina: Well...
I don't think I have any memories of Papa.

Mana: Did your dad not spend much time with you?

Regina: I wonder...

Mana: You don't remember?

Regina: No, I don't.
When I try to remember, everything gets hazy in my head.

Cheryl: That's odd...

Mana: Well then, why not make some new memories with your Papa?

Regina: New ones?
I'm sure I've made him mad, though.

Mana: It's like I said earlier, feelings of love will always get through!

Regina: Really?

Mana: Really!
After all, you were able to tell us how you feel, right?
Your papa just {\i1}has{\i0} to understand.

Regina: Yeah...

Mana: Okay! When things have calmed down a bit, let's go meet him together.

Regina: Huh?

Mana: I want to help you tell him your feelings!

Regina: Yeah!

Mana: Okay, I'm killing the lights.

Regina: I'm gonna sleep with you!

Mammo: Just when I thought we'd gotten rid of that self-centered brat, we're told to go look for her.

Ira: King Selfishe is being way too selfish.

Bel: Yes, but even so it's quite amusing.

Ira: What is?

Bel: Taking Regina after she's started feeling true friendship towards the Precure and turning her evil once more.

Mammo: That really is quite amusing.

Ira: He is truly the king of all Selfishe.

Rikka + Alice + Makoto: Good morning!

Mana + Kentarou: Mornin'!

Regina: I think this might be my first time having a picnic.

Mana: Oh really? It's been a while since my last one.

Mana: Wow!
The ocean!

Rikka: And the weather's perfect!

Kentarou: Okay, last one to the water is a rotten egg!{よし まずは砂浜でかけっこだ! He's saying more literally "Okay! First off is a footrace along this sandy beach." However, given the next scene and the montage that follows, I think this is closest in spirit to what he means by that. Oh and of course, in Precure tradition, what's a beach episode w/o no one actually swimming or wearing swimwear, w. ;) --K}

Mana: So Regina, how's the picnic?

Regina: It's been a blast!
The ocean's got a kinda calming effect.

Mana: Glad to hear it.

Kentarou: Whenever I'm feeling like I've lost my way and can't go any further, I come to the ocean.

Mana: Huh? You do, Papa?

Kentarou: Yeah...
And I say this to myself as I stare out at the endless sky and ocean:
"This ocean connect the world. This sky continues out endlessly into outer space.
So I shouldn't get worked up over such small things, and just keep moving forward even if it's only a little bit."

Regina: Forward... even if it's just a little bit...

Kentarou: Sorry, that came off trying to sound cool.

Mana: That's fine! Papa can be cool, after all!

Alice: I'm sure that's why Mana's mom fell in love with you.

Kentarou: Whoa there...

Regina: {\i1}My heart feels all warm and fuzzy again...{\i0}
{\i1}and yet... it hurts...{\i0}

Mana: Okay, here we go!

Kentarou: Mana!
You okay?

Mana: Yeah, thanks.

Rikka: He's certainly Mana's papa.

Regina: {\i1}It'd be nice if I could get along with Papa that well...{\i0}

Ira: Found ya!


Part 2

Mammo: Regina, time to go home.

Bel: King Selfishe is waiting.

Regina: Papa is?!
But, I don't want to go home right now...

Ira: Let's just go already.

Kentarou: Who are you guys?

Ira: Humans should butt out!

Mana: Papa!

Bel: Where's Princess Ann?

Makoto: Like we'd tell you!

Bel: Oh dear, seems like you're not gonna get it unless I beat it into you.

Rikka: It's okay, he's just unconscious.

Mana: Yeah...
Let's go, girls!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

All 4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

All 4 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

All 4 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Poor, sad, and lovelorn Selfishe...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Bel: Let's go!

Regina: Mana!

Cure Rosetta: Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Regina: Watch out! Mana!
Mana! Guys!

Regina: What? This pain in my chest...
It's the same as earlier...

King Selfishe: It's because you've come to know love.

Regina: Papa!

Cure Diamond: No way! Has King Selfishe been revived?!

Cure Sword: No, that's...

Davi: An illusion that King Selfishe is projecting!

Cure Heart: Regina!
Give her back!

Cure Diamond: Regina!

Cure Rosetta: Regina-san!

Cure Sword: Come back, Regina!

Regina: Papa...

King Selfish: Regina... Love has sprouted in your heart.
You've just bonded with the Precure.
That is why your heart is in pain...

Regina: Love in me?

King Selfish: Cast aside such worthless feelings and return to me.

Regina: No... You told me I was no longer your daughter!
I hate you, Papa!

King Selfishe: I'm sorry...

Regina: Huh?

King Selfishe: Please forgive me. I still need you.

Regina: Me?

King Selfishe: Ah, my cute daughter.
{\i1}My{\i0} Regina.{The italics are to emphasize the "my" as in "you are mine, and _only_ mine" from the だけ of the わたしだけ in this sentence. --K}

Regina: Papa...{Anyone else think this feels like an abusive parent-child relationship? >.< --K}
But I love Mana and the others!
Why don't you understand that?!

King Selfishe: You poor thing...
Don't worry, Regina.
Once you are filled with Malergy, the pain will disappear and you will be much stronger.

Regina: Malergy?

King Selfishe: Come now, take it all in...
This is a present from me to you.

Regina: It's true, the pain's gone...
Ah, I really do love Papa after all...
Those who tried to separate Papa and I were... the Precure!

Cure Heart: Regina!

Regina: Ah, I feel so refreshed.

Cure Heart: Regina?

Regina: I'll wipe you out now.

Ira: Sweet!

Bel: That's is the power that King Selfishe bestowed...

Cure Heart: What happened to Regina?

Cure Sword: I think...
King Selfishe probably filled her with dark power, so she would do as he wished...

Cure Diamond: How cruel!

Cure Rosetta: That's too much!

Cure Heart: Even though Regina loves him so much...
King Selfishe is {\i1}not{\i0} getting away with this!{I was tempted to do "King Selfishe is {\i1}so{\i0} not getting away with this!" instead of "King Selfishe is {\i1}not{\i0} getting away with this!", but that just sounded a bit _too_ valley girl-ish, I think. xD --K}

Regina: What're you saying?
This world only needs Papa and I.
You can all just go bye-bye!

Cure Heart: Regina... please listen!

Regina: You are no longer needed.

Cure Heart: I need you, though!
You are a precious friend!

Regina: Friend?

Cure Rosetta: That's right.
All of us are friends!

Cure Diamond: Have you forgotten just a short time ago when you saved Cure Heart?

Regina: Huh?

Cure Sword: I even came to truly think of you as a friend then.
Try to recall your feelings from then!

Cure Rosetta: Regina-san!

Heart + Diamond: Regina!

Regina: I know!
Friends, worthless things that they are, only causes me to suffer!

Cure Heart: No! That's completely wrong!

Regina: Too bad! I'm not dancing to your tune anymore!

Cure Heart: What can we do?

Cure Sword: If we use the Lovely Force Arrow, we might be able to cleanse her wicked heart...

Cure Diamond: Let's try that!

Cure Rosetta: Mana-chan!

Cure Heart: Got it!

All 4 Cures: Precure Lovely Force Arrow!

Cure Diamond: Cure Heart?!

Cure Heart: I... just can't do it!

Regina: Fool.

Mana: Is everyone okay?

Cheryl: Pull it together!

Regina: It's about time I ended this.
Farewell, warriors of false love, Precure!

Mana: Regina... stop...

Ai-chan: Kewpietwump!

Regina: Who are you?!

Cure Ace: Love's trump card, Cure Ace!



Cure Ace: I am love's trump card, Cure Ace!

Mana: Cure Ace?

Rikka: A new Precure?

Alice: She canceled out Regina's attack.

Makoto: What strength!

Cure Ace: If that surprises you, we've got a problem.
As Precure, you've got to aim for an even higher stage!

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: Bring Back the Love! The Five Oaths of Precure!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!