DokiDoki Precure Episode 21

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Bel: I'll be taking the Princess now.

Cure Sword: Princess!

Joe: Ann!

Cure Heart: Regina!

Regina: Mana...

Bel: Let's go...
Your father is waiting.

Cure Heart: Regina!


Part 1

Ira + Mammo: Cheers!

Mammo + Ira: Ahhhhh!

Ira: The taste of victory is really something else!

Mammo: Once we put an end to you, the Trump Kingdom will be over-and-done!{She's speaking to the petrified princess. --K}
Though it does seem a little sad that we have to part so soon after it took so much for us to meet again.

Ira: Though I should get the credit, since I did the most work.
Bel and Mammo can be my underlings from here on out.

Ira: Anyway, why is she still encased in ice?

Mammo: We can't do anything with her like this.

Ira: Well then, let's try smashing her out.
That's Haaaaaaaaaaard.

Mammo: That's not going to cut it.

Ira: Whoa! Hey that's overdoing it!

Mammo: Let go of me!

Ira: You let go!
Stop it now!
Leggo! Leggo! Ah!

Bel: Here you go.
I guess there's nothing else but to take you back to your father.

Regina: Yeah...


Cure Heart: Regina!

{End flashback}

Bel: Oh, whatever is the matter?

Regina: Nothing.

Bel: Oh really?
Your face said you were thinking about a certain someone.

Regina: There's no way!
No way...

Title: To the Trump Kingdom! To Save the Princess!

Alice: Where are you going, Mister?

Joe: To the Trump Kingdom.
They've more than likely taken Ann to King Selfishe.
We've no time to waste!

Davi: But we've no way to get to the Trump Kingdom.

Makoto: What are we to do?

Cheryl: Things'll be okay!

Raquel: We just have be positive.

Lance: Things will work out somehow.

Ai-chan: Ai! Ai!

Joe: The Royal Crystals!

Alice: What's this?

Rikka: Do they want us to enter that? {Originally I had, "Are they telling us to enter that?" But it just didn't seem to flow right. --K}

Mana: The crystals have shown us the way before.
I'm sure they are now, too!

Joe: Let's go!

Sebastian: I will look after Ai-chan in your absence.
May the fortunes of battle favor you.{This may be too long for ご武運を but I think it sums it up pretty well. This reference explains it fairly well. Basically it means, in the case of a battle, 「頑張って下さい」 or "keep at it/do your best" and 「戦いに勝って生き抜いてください」 or "live through the battle to emerge victorious". --K}

{How about: May fortune be on your side.-B}

All: Yeah

Rikka + Alice: {\i1}There's no room for failure!{\i0}{Split this up like this because there's no way I could think of to keep it one sentence and still properly make the middle parts from Makoto and Joe still fit. And it was important to the meaning that they kept their parts of the shared sentence intact. --K}
{Without fail? -B}

Makoto: {\i1}The Princess..{\i0}

Joe: {\i1}Ann...{\i0}

Mana: {\i1}We'll get her back!{\i0}
{\i1}And then we'll have a proper talk with Regina, too!{\i0}

Cheryl: Cheryl!

All 4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

All 4 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

All 4 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Bel: King Selfishe, we have brought you the Trump Kingdom's Princess.

King Selfishe: Took you long enough!

Trio: We are deeply sorry!

King Selfishe: Now then, Regina.
You are to be commended. You're {\i1}my{\i0} daughter, after all.

Regina: Thank you, Papa.

King Selfish: Bring the Princess before me.

Bel: Of course.

King Selfishe: Once I finish you off, there will be no one left to stop me.
You dare to resist me even in that pitiful state?

Bel: However, the princess is in our hands.
Let's turn all the people in the human world into Selfish next.

Regina: What?
You want to make the human world like the Trump Kingdom is?
Of course.

Regina: But I don't want to go that far, just far enough to get Papa moving again.

King Selfishe: Too complacent!{I originally had "Far too lenient!" --K}
The Trump Kingdom and the human world are but mere appetizers!
The cosmos itself is the main dish!
All of the Malergy of the cosmos is mine!

Bel: Of course, King Selfishe.

Regina: {\i1}No way...{\i0}

Bel: You've been acting strange lately, Regina-sama.
We are selfish.
What happens to the human world is none of our concern, right?
If King Selfishe were to really get serious, both the human world and the Precure would see their end.
Regina-sama, you should be able to say farewell to that meddlesome lot as well.

Regina: Why? Why won't it stop?

Bel: It would be best if those love spreading precure were out of the picture.

Regina: No!!!
Papa, don't touch the human world!

Selfishe: Self?

Ira: What are you saying?

Bel: You're quite brazen to defy King Selfishe!{The sly fox is grinning, *grinning* before he goes into his calculated suckup routine. Man is he smooth, but still doesn't manage to hide all of it. Of course King Selfishe doesn't seem to notice either, w. --K}
Apologizing right away would probably be-

King Selfish: It's too late for that!
Who do you think you're speaking to?!{And Bel's right back to grinning again. --K}

Regina: But!

King Selfishe: Shaddup!
You are no longer my daughter!

Ira: Feh, a Selfishe worrying about others.

Mammo: She's really turned into a fool, hasn't she?

King Selfishe: Remove her from my presence!

Bel: Allow me to handle the cleanup.

Ira: Wazzat? A bird?

Mammo: A meteorite?{"A plane?" w --K}

Bel: No, it's the Precure!{"No, it's Super Man-a!" Also, why is Cure Heart the only one running in the air? w --K}

Cure Heart: Why'd it end up like this?

Cure Rosetta: Is everyone okay?

Cure Sword: Seems like it.

Joe: Looks like we have indeed arrived at the Trump Kingdom.
The real fight starts now.

All 4 Cures: Yeah.

Cure Sword: The Princess should be over there.

Ira: Like we're gonna let you!
You actually came all the way to the Trump Kingdom.
You really are an annoying lot.

Mammo: Did you come here so we could kick your butts?

Cure Rosetta: I'm afraid that's not in our plans at all.

Mammo: Those honest, blazing eyes of yours...
Are quite unpleasant!

Various Selfishe: Selfishe!{Repeatedly, no need to call out each one.}

Ira + Mammo: Get them!

Squid Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Rosetta: Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Sheep Selfishe: Baa!
Baa!{They keep bleating, not writing down all of them. Probably don't need to keep subbing the bleating, either. --K}

Cure Heart: Diamond!

Cure Diamond: We'll handle things here, you go on ahead to where the Princess is!

Cure Rosetta: No time to think about it!
We'll catch up with you later!

Mammo: You are {\i1}really{\i0} annoying!

Joe: Lady, if you'd like a dance partner, please allow me.

Ira: You're not gonna interfere!

Cure Sword: That's my line!
Precure Sparkle Sword!

Sheep Selfishe: Baa!

Other Selfishe: Self!

Cure Sword: Now!

Joe: Take care of Ann for us!

Cure Heart: Right!

Bel: Those two really are useless.
Oh well. You loathsome Precure, whose tongue runs foul with talk of "love" and "friendship",
If you love these ideas so much, then die in their name.


Part 2

Vulture Selfishe: Self! Self!
Ishe! Ishe!

Squid Selfishe: Ishe ishe ishe...

Cure Heart: Regina!
What's wrong? Wake up!

Regina: Cure... Heart?

Cure Heart: Thank goodness.

Spider Selfishe: Self... ishe!

Cure Heart: Magma?! Fly on up ahead of me!

Regina: Right!
I can't, my powers seem to be sealed.

Bel: How unsightly.

Cure Heart: You!

Bel: Showtime!{♪Maji ka maji de maji da showtime!♪ w --K}
Behold, Precure!

Cure Sword: Cure Heart!

Cure Rosetta: Regina-san's with her!

Cure Diamond: What's the meaning of this?

Cure Heart: We'll be up lickety-split, just leave it to me!

Bel: You sure you want to be moving so much?

Regina: The string's breaking, stop!{It's not really a rope, because 1) it's not woven and 2) that sounds odd coming out of a spider, but it's too large to be a thread, so went with "string" instead. --K}

Cure Heart: Right!

Bel: You two are hanging by a single string.
That string is from this spider Selfishe.
In and of itself, it can only support the weight of one person.
It's impossible for both of you to survive.
It may be different if one of you falls into the magma though.

Cure Heart: There's no way we can do that!

Bel: It's because you think of others that you can be betrayed.
It's because you care about others that you fall into such simple traps.
Being selfish really is the best!

Cure Heart: You're wrong! If you can't trust others, you can't be truly happy!

Bel: {\i1}If those two fall into the magma on good terms, that will be a splendid display of how useless "love" and the like are.{\i0}
{\i1}And if by any chance Regina sacrifices Cure Heart to save herself, I'll just cut the string myself.{\i0}
{\i1}That way, I'll secure my position as Selfishe #2.{\i1}
{\i1}And then, sooner or later...{\i0}

Regina: Hey, Mana...
What exactly are you and I?

Cure Heart: We're friends.

Mana: Okay, let's be friends.{Flashback to episode 16 - please check for consistency}
What're you talking about? You're already our friend.{Flashback to episode 17 - please check for consistency}
Mana: Because we're friends! Both you and the others.{Flashback to episode 20 - please check for consistency}

Regina: You're the same as ever, Mana.

Cure Heart: Hmm?

Regina: You see, it seems I've become a little strange since I've met you.
When you're kind to me, my heart skips a beat.
When I see you in pain, I feel like my heart's being crushed.
So, what exactly are these feelings?

Cure Heart: It's the feeling of caring for others, known as "love".

Regina: Love... so that's what this is.
Mana... I love you.

Diamond + Rosetta + Sword: Regina!

Bel: What the?!

Cure Heart: You can't give up!

Regina: But...

Cure Heart: No buts!
This isn't a crisis at all!
Who do you think I am?{"Mine is the arrow that will pierce the heavens!" w --K}
I'm... Ohgai First Middle School's Student Council President!

Bel: Huh?{Bel probably thinks she's got more than a few screws loose, w. --K}

Regina: Is that really that amazing?

Cure Heart: Of course it is!
If it's to bring smiles to the faces of others, the Student Council President can be even stronger than your Papa!

Cheryl: That's right!
Mana's the best in the entire cosmos!

Bel: That's no way that's true!
Now hurry up and fall already!

Cure Heart: Thanks, but no thanks!
It'll be fine!
If the string breaks, we can climb the walls.
If the walls are crumbly, we'll find another way!

Regina: Mana...

Cure Heart: Let's both do this together!

Cheryl: All three of us!

Cure Heart: Ah, sorry.

Regina: Yeah!

Bel: What the?!

Cure Sword: What's that?

Regina: {\i1}Why is... my heart... racing so fast?{\i0}

Ira: So uncool.

Mammo: You're so useless.

Bel: Spider Selfishe!
Finish off Regina!

Spider Selfishe: Self... ishe!
Self! Selfishe!

Regina: Hmph! Since I've got my powers back, you're no match for me!

Spider Selfishe: Self... ishe!

Mammo: If that's the case, swarm 'em!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Heart: Let's get 'em all in one shot!

Diamond + Rosetta + Sword: Yeah!

All 4 Cures: Love Heart Arrow!
Precure Lovely Force Arrow!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

King Selfishe: Hmm?

Joe: I'll be taking Ann back!
Hurry to the door!

Cure Heart: Right!

Regina: I...

King Selfishe: Regina!

Regina: Papa!

King Selfishe: Curse you!
Not only do you have the nerve to defy me, but you've bonded with the Precure!{I also considered "joined up" instead of "bonded", but I think after looking at it again, that "bonded" is the better choice, and better conveys the proper connotation for 心を通わせる of "establishing an emotional bond" --K}

Cure Sword: Are you injured?

Regina: No.

Cure Rosetta: Let's hurry!

Cure Heart: Let's go!

Diamond + Rosetta: Yeah.

King Selfishe: Regina!

Joe: This way!

King Selfishe: You're not getting away!

Lance: We did it!

Raquel: It was a straight-up victory!

Cure Sword: Princess...

Regina: This... is for the best, right?



Mana: We're not letting you have Regina! {あなた達にレジーナを渡さない!}

Rikka: No matter how painful it gets, or how much we get hurt... {どんなにきずついたで苦しくても}

Alice: We've decided to protect her! {守ろうって決めたんです!}

Makoto: So there's no way we're ever going down! {だから、絶対に負けるわけにはいかないの!}

Regina: Mana and the girls are fighting for me. I love my Papa, but I love Mana and the others too! I want to be friends with them forever! {マナたちがわたしのために戦っている。わたし、パパが好き。でも、マナたちのことも好き!ずっと友達にいたいの!}

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: Crisis debut! The New Warrior, Cure Ace!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!