DokiDoki Precure Episode 20

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Sign: Antique Shop Solitaire

Makoto: Where are the crystals?!

Regina: Over here!
I've got all five crystals!

Mana: Regina!

Joe: What's this?!

Regina: Wh-What's going on?!

Makoto: The crystals...

Mana: flew off...

Regina: Wait a sec, what's going on here?

Ira: We dunno either!

Regina: Geez! Follow the crystals!{The final ア in the Solitaire sign can be seen here next to Regina's head. --K}

Mana: Let's go too!

Rikka: Wait!
Go where?!

Sebastian: You appear to be in a bit of a pickle.
Allow me to assist you.

Mana: Sebastian-san?


Part 1

Title: Led by the Crystals! To Where the Princess Is!

Sebastian: The crystals are currently heading northeast at mach 3.

Mana: Whoa.

Cheryl: You can tell that much?

Alice: We can pinpoint their location using our satellite.

Rikka: You make it sound so easy...

Raquel: Who {\i1}is{\i0} Sebastian-san, anyway?{Alfred, of course! w --K}

Lance: Just a Yotsuba Family butler.{"Family" is capitalized here because he's a butler of "The Yotsuba Family" vs. a Yotsuba "family butler", the latter of which makes him sound like a branded commodity, w. --K}

Sebastian: Hmm?
Their signal disappeared.

Alice: What does that mean?{Seems more Alice-y to use the full words instead of contractions here --K}

Joe: Does that mean we don't know where the crystals are now?

Sebastian: Correct.

Makoto: Oh man...

Mana: Let's go check out where they disappeared.

Sebastian: It seems their last known coordinates are in a glacial zone.

Mana: A glacial zone?

Raquel: What kind of place is that?

Rikka: A place that's covered in ice that doesn't melt away even in the summer.

Raquel: It sounds cool and refreshing.

Rikka: I wouldn't say it's cool, but rather a cold and dangerous snowy mountain area.

Raquel: *Gulp*

Davi: What do we do?

Girls and Mascots: Hmm....

Sebastian: Everyone...
Allow me to handle this as well...

Mana: Sebastian-san really is amazing.

Cheryl: He's like a jack-of-all-trades super man!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Alice: Ah, Makoto-san. What's wrong?

Makoto: We've got to find those crystals before Regina and the Selfishe Trio do.

Alice: That's right.

Mana + Rikka: Yeah.

Davi: Speaking of which, that Regina is reprehensible!

Lance: She broke her promise with Mana.

Mana: Yeah, but something seemed wrong with her then.

{Flashback to the last episode}

Regina: Hand over... the crystal?

Cure Heart: Regina?

Regina: No... I don't wanna.
I want my crystal!

{End flashback}

Mana: The look in her eyes was abnormal.

Makoto: She may have just been showing her true colors.

Rikka: I know you want to believe in Regina, Mana.
But the fact remains that she did betray you.

Alice: The next time we face her, it'll have to be without the games we had last time.

Sebastian: The crystals disappeared around the summit of that mountain.
It's too dangerous to get any closer with the helicopter.{Can only make out the first kanji on the sign to the right of Sebastian's head in this shot, which is 食(しょく, food) and I think the last one is 口(くち, mouth). The first two *might* be 食饌(しょくせん). Probably not important enough to worry about, though. The other text is just scribbles at this point. --K}

Rikka: In other words, we'll have to climb that snow-covered mountain from here.

Sebastian: Most certainly...

Innkeeper: You're not really heading for the summit are you?

Mana: We are.

Hanging tags behind innkeeper: (***From right to left***) Draft Beer, Beer, O-something (probably Oden)

Innkeeper: That's a bad idea.
Since olden times, that has been a sacred mountain.
Many have tried to ascend to the summit, but to this day not a single one has made it there.

Mana: Huh? Really?

Sebastian: Not to worry...
The coordinates I've marked on your map are outside of the off-limits area.

Innkeeper: Be that as it may, that mountain is way too rough for young girls.
There's a thousand reasons why-

Makoto: We've still gotta try!
We're certain that something we've been looking for is there.

Innkeeper: It seems you have your reasons...

Makoto: Yes.

Innkeeper: Well then, put your trust in the mountain's legendary light.

Makoto: Legendary light?

Innkeeper: Since olden times, there has been a legend that groups of comrades with faith in each other--or in other words, parties--have been saved by a miraculous light.
I'll be praying for your success.

Everyone: Thank you very much!

Mana: All right, let's go!
Let's have faith in the miraculous light!

Rikka + Alice + Makoto + Joe: Yeah.

Sebastian: Godspeed.

Ai-chan: Yah yah!{Babytalk TL for her はい はい! --K}

Cheryl: Cheryl!

All 4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

All 4 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

All 4 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Inkeeper: The light...

Climber: I don't care it it's "off limits" or not.
I'm gonna be the first man to make it to the summit!

Cure Heart: You okay?

Cure Rosetta: You seem to already be out of breath.

Joe: What? This is nothing...
I am a Trump Kingdom knight after all.{Poor guy, being outmatched by a bunch of 14-year-old *magically enhanced* girls. w --K}

Cure Sword: He probably feels like his abilities as a Trump Kingdom knight are being called into question.

Cure Diamond: Don't push yourself to hard climbing this mountain!

Joe: I-I'm fine!
You can still count on me to jump in when push comes to shove.

Cure Heart: The air's much thinner here.

Cure Diamond: And the temperature's dropped significantly.
We can manage it since we're transformed, though.

Cure Sword: Yeah.
Where's the spot the crystals disappeared at?

Cure Rosetta: The spot marked on the map should be around here...
But I'm not seeing them anywhere.

Cure Sword: They might be under the snow.

Cure Heart: Okay, let's dig!

Diamond + Rosetta + Sword: Huh?

Cure Diamond: In this featureless plateau?

Joe: Regardless of the argument, that seems a bit pointless...

Cure Sword: Where are you, crystals?
If the legend of the miraculous light is really true, please shine for us!

Regina: I see you came as well, Precure!

Cure Heart: Regina!

Ira: We heard your conversation.
The crystals are around here somewhere.

Mammo: If that's the case, we'll go ahead and take them.

Bel: Thanks for finding them for us.

Cure Diamond: Just how cheeky can you be?!

Cure Rosetta: Didn't you listen to what Cure Heart told you?

Regina: Sure I did.
I'm not letting anyone else have the Crystals.

Cure Heart: Ah, Regina...

Cure Sword: What do you plan to do once you have the crystals?

Regina: That's none of your business.

Cure Sword: It most certainly is!
The crystals might just be the key to saving both this world and the Trump Kingdom.
You're not getting your hands on either the Princess or the Crystals!

Regina: Hmph! I don't really care about the Princess.
What I want are the crystals!
The crystals!

Cure Heart: Regina! What's wrong with you?!
You're not acting like the Regina I know.

Regina: Hmph! What do you think you know about me?

Cure Heart: Regina!

Cure Diamond: This conversation is getting us nowhere, Cure Heart!
This girl is no longer our friend.

Regina: Leave here!
The Crystals are mine!

Cure Rosetta: Love Heart Arrow!
Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Regina: Begone! All of you!

Cure Sword: Precure Sparkle Sword!

Cure Heart: Regina!

Cure Sword: Cure Heart!


Part 2

Cure Diamond: Mana!

Cure Rosetta: Mana-chan!

Cure Sword: It's my fault that Cure Heart...

Cure Diamond: Uh uh...
No, Mana ran to save Regina of her own free will.

Cure Rosetta: That's right.
Mana-chan probably still considers Regina her friend.

Joe: At any rate, we've got to hurry and rescue her.

Bel: Ladies and gentleman, what say we call a temporary truce?

Cure Sword: A truce?

Cure Diamond: You're only saying that so you can attack us when our guard is down!

Bel: While that may be true, can you really afford to not go look for your comrade?

Joe: Well, the same could be said for you.
It would be quite the predicament if something were to happen to King Selfishe's daughter, wouldn't it?

Mammo: I really don't care one way or the other what happens to Regina.

Ira: Yeah, but I don't think King Selfishe would hold back when it comes to her.

Bel: Neither side can really afford to be quarreling right now.

Joe: Yeah.
Anyway, let's go look for Cure Heart.

Diamond + Rosetta + Sword: Yeah.

Joe: Come on, we better go too.

Cure Diamond: That's a really deep crevasse.{ -- Interesting etymology there. --K}

Cure Rosetta: We need to proceed with care.

Diamond + Sword + Joe: Yeah.

Cure Sword: Please be okay, Cure Heart...

Regina: Brrr...
What? The crystals?!
They're so pretty...

Mana: Regina! Look out!

Regina: Mana! Look!

Regina: She's the Princess...

Mana: Huh? She is?!
Looks like the crystals have led us to the Princess...

Regina: She's really pretty.

Mana: Yeah.

Regina: Mana...

Mana: Hmm?

Regina: Here...
I'm sorry I broke my promise...

Mana: You're Regina...

Regina: Hmm?

Mana: The Regina I know has come back!

Regina: Wait a second, Mana!

Mana: You really are Regina.

Regina: Of course I am, silly Mana.
But, what do you mean, I "came back"?

Mana: I'm not sure...
But until just a few moments ago, you seemed like a completely different person.
Whenever you looked at the crystals, you would get this odd look in your eyes.

Regina: So, what about now?
No reaction now... I wonder why?
But if she's the Princess, then we've got to let Makopi know right away.
She's been looking for the Princess for a long time.

Regina: What for?
Well... So she can save the fallen Trump Kingdom and its people.

Regina: If that happens, I wonder what's going to happen to my Papa?
She {\i1}did{\i0} petrify Papa.

Mana: Hey, Regina...
I really don't know what's behind all this.
But if your Papa could just restore the Trump Kingdom, then the Princes probably wouldn't have to fight him anymore.
I'm sure we can convince him!
After all, you and I were able to become friends!

Regina: Yeah, but Papa's {\i1}really{\i0} scary.

Mana: Don't worry!
We can bridge the gap between the Princess and your Papa.{Be the go-betweens/mediators, etc. --K}

Regina: Yeah...

Cheryl: Guys!

Cure Diamond: Cheryl!

Cheryl: Mana and I got separated!

Cure Sword: It's okay. Mana's gotta be close by!

Cure Rosetta: Let's keep looking together!

Joe: There's a problem, though.
There's no footholds down there.

Cure Diamond: I've got this covered!
Precure Diamond Shower!

Mana: That's the light of Diamond Shower!

Regina: Huh?

Mana: That means the girls are coming!
Hey! Guys!

Regina: Come on!
No need to shout that loud. I'll just bring them here.
Why? I can't use my powers.

Other girls: Mana!
Mana: Girls!

Regina! They really {\i1}are{\i0} coming!

Regina: So, should I go?

Mana: Huh?

Regina: Wouldn't it be weird for me to go along with you guys?
I broke my promise and did horrible things to you all.

Mana: Well then, let's apologize together.

Regina: Huh?

Mana: However many times it takes to get them to forgive you.
I'll apologize with you.

Regina: Why would you do that, Mana?

Mana: Because we're friends! Both you and the others.
So, until they're able to understand about you too, we'll apologize together!
You're such a fool...
I've never met anyone who's quite as much a fool as you are, Mana...
But the bigger fool is me, the one who betrayed you!
Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!!

Mana: Regina...

Cheryl: Mana!

Mana: Cheryl!

Diamond + Sword: Mana!

Rosetta: Mana-chan!

Mana: Guys!

Cure Sword: I'm glad you're both okay.

Regina: Huh?

Cure Sword: I really can't believe in you.
But if something were to happen to you, it would sorrow Mana.

Mana: Thanks alot! I knew it!
I knew you would come for us!
And then I saw the light from Diamond Shower.

Cure Rosetta: The legend came true after all, about the Miraculous Light!

Joe: And there's yet another miracle...

Cure Sword: The Princess!

Mana: So she really {\i1}is{\i0} the Princess!

Cure Diamond: We found her!

Cure Rosetta: Yeah.

Cure Sword: Princess!

Joe: Ann!

Selfishe: Begone! This mountain is mine!

Mana: A Selfishe!

Regina: Huh?

Ira: Get 'em, Selfishe!

Mammo: Kick the people out and claim the summit for yourself!{Nice dodging, Ira, w. --K}

Selfishe: I'm gonna be #1!

Cure Rosetta: Love Heart Arrow!

Selfishe: I'm gonna be...

Cure Rosetta: Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Selfishe: #1!{Yeah, his sentence is split, swapped around the parts to make sense in English --K}

Mana: Let's go, Cheryl!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!
Regina, stand back.

Selfishe: I'm gonna be...

Cure Sword: Precure Sparkle Sword!

Selfishe: #1!
Ow ow ow ow!
Now, Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Yeah. Let's go, girls!

All 4 Cures: Precure Lovely Force Arrow!

Selfishe: Oh!
Love! Love Loooooove!

Climber: Huh? What happened to me?

Bel: I'll be taking the Princess now.

Cure Sword: Princess!

Joe: Ann!

Cure Heart: Regina!

Regina: Mana...

Bel: Let's go...
Your father is waiting.

Cure Heart: Regina!



Mana: The Princess has been spirited away!

Makoto: They are, without a doubt, taking her to King Selfishe.

Rikka: Oh, man! We've got to go after them!

Alice: But we don't have any way to get to the Trump Kingdom.

All 4 Girls: What do we do?

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: To the Trump Kingdom! To Save the Princess!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!
A new Precure will debut soon!
Look forward to it!

Vertical text - right: A new Precure will debut soon!
Vertical text - left: Look forward to it!