DokiDoki Precure Episode 16

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Bel: Selfishe standup.

Ira: Hey, hurry up and say something stupid.

Mammo: No, you!

Bel: We don't really have an act if no one will play the fool.
You guys are so selfish!

Ira + Mammo: Same goes for you!

Ira + Mammo + Bel: Thank you very much.

Regina: You guys stink.

Ira: Why don't you try doing this if you think you can be funnier?

Mammo: Just once, I'd like to punch that girl.

Bel: Keep it together, that's King Selfishe's daughter.

Regina: That girl was fascinating.

Cure Heart: Precure Heart Shoot!

Regina: Cure Heart...
I'm gonna make you all mine!


Part 1

Title: Regina's Extreme Attack! Mana is Mine!

Mana: You sure have been busy with work, Makopi.

Makoto: Yeah. People liked the movie, so new jobs have been-

Regina: Hiiii Mana!

Mana + Rikka + Makoto: Regina!

Regina: Sorry I caused you so much trouble before.

Rikka: If you were really sorry, the Precure wouldn't be necessary.

Makoto: What are you scheming this time?

Regina: I've really taken a fancy to you, Mana.
I'll let you be my friend!

Makoto: Let her...

Rikka: your friend?{Swapped these to make sense in English. --K}

Regina: Aren't you happy?

Makoto: Why would that make anyone happy?
Precure Love Link!

Rikka + Mana: Ahhh!

Makoto: There's no way I can forgive you!

Regina: What, are you mad?{U mad sis? w --K}

Makoto: Of course I'm mad!
The Trump Kingdom, my home, you destroyed it!

Regina: I know nothin' about that.
That was my papa's doing, not mine.

Makoto: You...

Mana: STOP!

Makoto: Mana, out of the way!

Mana: Can you please calm down first, okay?

Rikka: Before someone comes!

Davi: Makoto, power down for now.

Regina: Mana.
You and I are friends now. Okay?

Mana: Okay, let's be friends.

Rikka: Wait a second, Mana!

Makoto: Why?
You can't be serious about making friends with that girl, can you?

Mana: Yeah, I'm serious.
I was thinking it would be good if I could just make friends with Regina.

Makoto: Unbelievable...
She's an enemy!
You saw yourself the sad and fallen state of the Trump Kingdom!

Mana: Yeah, but something seems different about Regina...

Makoto: What's different?
She's King Selfishe's daughter!

Mana: That's true... but... I can't bring myself to hate her...
Ah! Makopi, wait!

Makoto: I don't understand what you're thinking at all, Mana.

Mana: Ma-Makopi...

Rikka: Mana, we've gotta get to school now.

Mana: Yeah...
See you later, Regina.

Regina: Later!

Mana: Makopi completely hates me now...

Rikka: That's to be expected, wouldn't you say?
You should well know Makopi's feelings on the matter.

Mana: Yeah... of course she'd be mad.

Rikka: Well if you know that, then why?

Mana: Well...

Regina: Hi!

Mana + Rikka: Regina?!

Mana: What's up?

Regina: Let's go play, Mana!

Mana: Huh? I-I can't!
Class is about to-

Regina: Just skip class!

Mana: I can't do that!

Teacher: Good morning, kids!

Kido: Wh-What's going on?{Captions say 城戸, Kido seems to be the most common reading of that kanji compound as a surname. --K}

Teacher: I-It won't open!

Regina: Now class can't happen!

Mana: No!!!
Heading to the restroom for a bit!

Mana: You can't come to school!

Regina: But I'm doing it for you.

Mana: Huh?

Regina: Playing's obviously more fun that studying!
So I came to help you out.
Aren't you happy?

Mana: No, no, no! Regardless, now is a bad time.
We can hang out after school's over, okay?

Regina: Huh? Okay... I'll wait if you say so.

Rikka: Can we stop by the Student Council Room for a bit?
There's some documents I'd like you to sign.

Mana: Okay.

Regina: Mana, school's over now! Let's play!
I've got something to take care of in the Student Council Room first, so just wait a little bit, k?

Regina: Not waiting! I'll fix it for you!

Mana: W-Wait a sec!
How are you planning on "fixing" it?

Regina: Destroy the school.

Mana + Rikka: Huh?

Regina: If I do that, then all those bothersome things will disappear and we can go play immediately, right?

Mana: No, no, no! Definitely not!

Regina: Why not?
I'm trying to help you out.

Rikka: Isn't that a bit backwards?
If you're friends, you should think a bit more about Mana's circumstances-

Regina: I didn't ask for your opinion.

Mana: Rikka? Waugh!

Regina: Let's go!

Rikka: Mana! Geez...

Regina: Come on, hurry!

Mana: Ah! Okay already!

DB: Are you okay with that?

Makoto: Let's just hurry up and go.

Regina: Where should we go?

Mana: Hmm? Don't you have somewhere you'd like to go?

Regina: Not really, I'm fine going where you want to go.

Mana: I-I see... Well then, I'll show you around the town.

Regina: OK!

Mana: Whoa!

Regina: Isn't that easier?

Mana: Huh? Ah... maybe...

Regina: Whatcha' doin?

Mana: Picking up trash.
Ah, there's more over there.

Regina: I'll help!
All better now!

Alice: Mana-chan made friends with Regina-san?
Well, that certainly makes things very complicated, doesn't it?

Rikka: I hope Mana's okay.

Regina: She's fine!

Rikka: Why are you here?

Mana: Regina said she was thirsty, and Alice's tea is quite delicious.

Regina: So, make some.

Alice: Well, I'll certainly make some delicious tea for a friend of Mana's.
Please wait a bit.

Regina: Aw, but I wanna drink it {\i1}now{\i0}.

Alice: Tea takes time to turn out tasty.{I just had to go for this alliteration! w --K}
The amount of time the leaves steep, when you add water to cool it down, and other factors all...{温める in カップを温める is read ぬるめる in this case, which is actually to cool down, in this case by adding cooler water (which is a common usage of the word). Alice trails off here. --K}

Ai-chan: Ai! Ai!

Regina: What's her name?

Mana: It's Ai-chan.

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Regina: She's soooo cute!
You can play together.
Cheryl, if you would please?

Cheryl: Ok!

Cheryl: Cheryl-meryl!

Ai-chan: Ai! Ai!

Regina: Why are you spacing off?
Hurry up and make my tea.

Alice: Huh? Oh, right.

Rikka: So, have you talked to Makopi since then?

Mana: Seems she's busy with work.

Rikka: I see.

Regina: Can you please refrain from talking in such a familiar manner with my Mana?

Rikka: "My Mana" you say? Mana's not a thing.
And furthermore I'm Mana's childhood friend.
Compared to you, Mana and I hanging out is-

Regina: Mana is {\i1}my{\i0} friend.
You've already been discarded.

Rikka: Huh?

Mana: Rikka...

Regina: Let's go, Mana!

Alice: Regina-san, in just a moment the tea will be-

Regina: Don't need it!

Mana: Sorry, girls!

Rikka: What's with her?

Alice: That girl truly cannot be dealt with through normal means.


Part 2

Mana: Makopi!

Rikka: If you want to see Makopi that badly, why not quit trying to be friends with Regina?

Mana: I can't!

Alice: Why would that be?

Mana: I don't think Regina was lying when she said, "We're friends!"
I felt a vivid sensation when she said she wanted to be friends.{So... Mana is now Vivio? w --K}

Rikka: What do you mean by "vivid"?

Mana: Well...

Alice: How is Makoto-san going to understand if you can't explain yourself clearly?

Mana: Ugggh, I dunno what to say.

Rikka: Well, given that Makopi blames her for the destruction of the Trump Kingdom, it's only natural that she wouldn't be able to forgive Regina.

Mana: Yeah...
But is it really that bad to become friends with an enemy?

Rikka: Well, it's not necessarily {\i1}bad{\i0}, but...

Alice: I do think that it's a very difficult thing to manage.

Mana: I wonder how Makopi's doing right now.

Rikka: If you're that worried, how about we go check on her in person?

Mana: Really?! If that's the case...
Will you give this to Makopi for me?

Rikka: OK.

Regina: Hiii, Mana!

Mana: Oh, Regina!

Regina: Let's go eat something yummy!

Mana: Rika, Alice, I'm counting on yo-agh!

Regina: Yummy!

Regina: Mana, this is totally delish!

Mana: I know, right? They have the best ice cream in the area here.

Regina: I'm so glad I made you my friend.
You're quite useful!

Mana: Well, say what you will. I'm just happy to be of service.
There's other delicious flavors, too.
Rika likes chocolate chip, Alice prefers mint, and Makopi's fave flavor is berry.

Regina: Why?

Mana: Huh?

Regina: You're {\i1}my{\i0} friend aren't you?
So why are you thinking about other people?

Mana: Why, you say?

Regina: {\i1}I{\i0} am your {\i1}only{\i0} friend!
So you should only be thinking about me!
Other people are unnecessary.

Mana: Whoa, hang on a sec. You're misunderstanding...

Regina: I know! I'll just get rid of those unnecessary people!

Mana: Regina!

Makoto: Refreshing!

Director: OK!

Crew member: Nice work.
We're going to take a break now.

Davi: You have no calls from Mana.

Makoto: I didn't ask about that!

Rikka: Makopi!
Here, a care package.

Alice: It's Mana-chan's special rice omelette.

Makoto: Why didn't she come herself?

Rikka: Well...

Makoto: She's with Regina, isn't she?
I really don't get Mana...

Rikka: We don't really understand, but Mana doesn't really understand herself, either.

Makoto: Huh?

Rikka: It seems Mana was just following her gut when she decided to become friends with Regina.
Mana's intuition has never been something to take lightly.

Alice: As you saw when you first met, she's the kind of person that would lecture that crab Selfishe. Mana's someone who has more faith in the feelings of her heart than the thoughts in her head, and charges straight after them.

Rikka: But given that she's dealing with the daughter of King Selfishe, it's going to be a hard row to hoe.

Alice: Are you worried too? About Mana-chan, that is.

Regina: Found ya!

Rikka: Regina!

Regina: I should be Mana's only friend!

Crew member: We've got some refreshments from the sponsor!

Regina: I will make you into a splendid Selfishe!

Selfishe: Refreshments Selfishe!

Regina: I'll eliminate you since you're interfering!

Cheryl: A Selfishe has appeared!

Mana: Girls!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Rikka: Let's go, girls!

Raquel: Raquel!

All 3 Girls: Precure Love Link!

All 3 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

Selfish: Have some refreshments! Drink 'em all!
Can't handle my juice?

Cure Diamond: It's not very refreshing if you're trying to force it on us!

Cure Rosetta: That is without a doubt quite Selfishe.
Taking it upon itself to do that...
Love Heart Arrow!
Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Selfishe: Self!

Mana: Girls!

Regina: Hey, Mana.
I've done all sorts of stuff for you, right?
It's your turn now.
Quit being friends with them for me.

Mana: No...

Regina: Hmm? What was that?

Mana: I won't do it! There's no way I'll quit being friends with them!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn refreshments...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Selfishe: You have something to drink too!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Heart: Girls!

Regina: That's your fault Mana. Poor girls.

Cure Diamond: It's not Mana's fault!
I was the one who became Mana's friend; who {\i1}wanted{\i0} to become Mana's friend!

Cure Rosetta: It's our own personal desire to be with Mana.
We've already taken this level of trouble into consideration.

Cure Heart: Diamond... Rosetta...

Regina: Shaddup! Disappear from my sight!

Selfishe: Drink some refreshments!

Cure Heart: You're mistaken, Regina!
Trying to erase people I care for, is not something a friend would do!

Regina: Why are you defying me?
Why aren't you doing what I tell you? Aren't you my friend?!

Cure Heart: It's {\i1}because{\i0} I'm your friend!
I want to be a true friend to you, and that's why I'm being frank with you and doing all I can to stop your mistakes.

Regina: I didn't ask you to!

Selfishe: Self!

Cure Sword: Listen up! If you're friends, you need to listen to each other with open ears!

Cure Heart: Sword...

Regina: Argh! Stop lecturing me!

Cure Sword: Let's go, Heart!

Cure Heart: Yeah!

Cure Diamond: We're OK here.

Cure Rosetta: Indeed.

Cure Heart: Diamond! Rosetta!

All 4 Cures: Precure Lovely Force Arrow!

Selfishe: Oh!
Love! Love Loooooove!

Crew member: Huh?

Cure Heart: Regina...
How about we become true friends?

Regina: What's that? You're spouting nonsense.

Makoto: Do you still want to keep being friends with Regina?

Mana: Even I have my doubts...
But I just can't bring myself to think that she's a bad girl at heart.
When I see her smiling face... the feelings I get from that...
Of course, I think it's only natural for you to be upset!
But I want to do what I can for the Trump Kingdom, too!
So... I...

Makoto: I just can't forgive Regina.
Even if she's your friend.

Mana: Yeah...

Makoto: And those are my true feelings on the matter, okay?

Mana: Hmm?

Makoto: True friends can be frank with each other, right?
So, I tried being frank with you.

Mana: Makopi!

Makoto: Also, your care package of that rice omelette was {\i1}way{\i0} too much!
There's no way a single person could eat that!

Mana: I accidentally made too much.

Makoto: Will you help me eat it?

Mana: Yeah.

Regina: I can't believe her!
She had the nerve to lecture {\i1}me{\i0}!

Cure Heart: How about we become true friends?

Regina: What are "true friends" anyway?



Regina: Give me all the crystals!
Hand them over!

Mana: What's happened to you, Regina?

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:{\i0}

Next episode title: A Shock! The Stolen Crystal!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!