DokiDoki Precure Episode 13

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing


Alice: With regard to that matter, please continue doing as you have been.

Businessman 1: Very well.

Businessman 2: Milady, what about this transaction?{取り引き: dealings, business, transaction, trade, commerce, business deal --K}

Alice: Take some time to feel out the situation, then make a decision.

Businessman 2: Of course.

Businessman 1: And with that settled, today's meeting is now adjourned.

Businessmen: Excuse us.

Alice: Yes?

Sebastian: Mana and the other girls are here to see you.

Alice: How are you doing, Ai-chan?

Ai-chan: Ai! Ai!

Unknown: Ai-chan!{Can't make out who's saying it in the ruckus --K}

Mana: What's wrong, Makopi?

Makoto: Huh?
I was just thinking about the Princess.

Rikka: That's right, we've got to find her as soon as we can.

Mana: It would be nice to have a lead of some kind, no matter how small.

Makoto: A lead, huh?
Come to think of it, the Princess {\i1}did{\i0} like roses quite a bit.

Alice + Rikka + Mana: Roses?


Part 1

Rikka: But liking roses is too common a thing to be a lead on its own...

Mana + Alice + Makoto: Yeah...

Sebastian: Well, speaking of roses, what about this flyer?

Flyer: Rose Lady Contest{"Rose Lady" is the first line, in the ribbon, with "Contest" underneath --K}

Mana: Rose Lady Contest?

Sebastian: A contest to decide the best rose-loving lady.
The winner receives this newly discovered variety of rose, "Royal Yellow".

Makoto: Oh! That's the kind of rose the Princess loves!{She's using past-tense, but in English that has a connotation that the subject (the Princess) is assumed dead. So I made it present tense. --K}

Ai-chan: Kewpie!{Chibi-Chibi, er, I mean Ai-chan does too! Hmmm... I WONDER! w ;) --Kanmuri}

Makoto: But that rose only blooms in the royal gardens.
There shouldn't be any in this world.

Cheryl: It's a mystery!

Alice: Well then, let's compete in that contest and acquire that rose.{Yeah, "get" doesn't really fit お嬢様 speech here, IMO, so I used "acquire" instead. --K}
This rose just might give us a lead on the Princess.

Davi: That's a great idea!

Lance: Another great idea from Alice!{Trying to stay away from the stock さすが TLs ;) --K}

Title: Have We Finally Found Something!? A Lead on the Princess!

Sign: Itsutsuboshi Rose Garden{五星ローズガーデン}

Mana: So this is the rose garden where the contest is being held.

Rikka: It's beautiful.

Mana: I'm sure the Princess will come here since she likes roses so much.

Regina: Who is it that calls for me?{Wrong princess, dear, w. Or is she? xD --K}
I'm pretty as a princess, so I came to grace you with my presence.

Ai-chan: Kewpie!{Interesting that the baby's reaching out to her. --K}

Regina: Oh, she's so cuuuuuute!

Ai-chan: Ai Ai

Rikka: Do you think she might know something about the princess?{もしかして ほんとにこの人が王女さまだったりして -- "Is it possible that this girl actually is the Princess?" Was my original line here, but it just didn't sit right. Makoto knows what her princess looks like, and Regina looks nothing like Marie Ange. Also tried, "I suspect that she might actually be a real princess." But that's assuming all "real" princesses love roses based on the next few lines. --K}

Makoto: Do you like roses?

Regina: Roses? I despise them.
I just simply cannot permit anything to be more beautiful than I am.{She and Cobraja would get along swmmingly. Also, why is no one freaking out about a whole bush of roses suddenly wilting? xD --K}

Rikka: W-Well?

Makoto: Probably not.

Regina: Oh! That's cute!

Mana: Huh?

Regina: Gimme.

Mana: Hmm? Whaaaa-?
Sorry, but I just can't.

Regina: Okay. How about we trade then?
For the peace of this world.

All 4 girls: Huh?

Regina: Just kidding. Well I'm leaving now. I've had my fill of sightseeing.

Rikka: W-What is with that girl?

Mammo: Are you daft?
Going beast mode right after Bel did? Seriously...

Ira: My bad for actually {\i1}trying{\i0} to defeat the Precure.

Mammo: It's pointless if you lose though, right?

Ira: Shaddup.

Bel: King Selfishe's wrath is kindled.
You're the only one who hasn't done it yet, Mammo.

Mammo: Yeah, yeah, I know that already.
I'll defeat those Precure this time for certain.
Beautifully... and savagely.

Announcer: Thank you for waiting.
The first stage of the Rose Lady Contest is a ballroom dance.{Yeah, I'm pretty sure "social dance" is Engrish, and the Japanese Wikipedia page backs me up on that, w. --K}

Mana: B-Ballroom dance?

Rikka: I've never done anything like that before.

Reina: I was certain that some monkeys had wandered in here, but it turns out it was only Alice-san's friends.

Mana: M-Monkeys?

Skinny short-hair groupie: Oh Reina-sama! Calling them monkeys is too mean.

Reina: Oh really? How about Lady Monkeys, then?

Glasses groupie: You're amazing, Reika-sama! That fits perfectly.

Mana + Rikka: {\i1}When people say things like that, Alice goes...{\i0}

Alice: Those abusive remarks about Mana-chan, I must ask you...{Flashback to a flashback originally in episode 4, copied from there. --K}

Makoto: What's wrong?

Rikka: When people badmouth her friends, Alice gets so angry that she forgets herself.
Like when back in elementary school she beat up some guys who bullied Mana.

Alice: You're just as great at cracking jokes as always, Reina-chan.
This is a childhood friend of mine, Itsutsuboshi Reina. This rose garden is hers.

Reina: I'd say I'm more of a rival than a childhood friend.
I am the five-petaled rose of the Itsutsuboshi Group, one more than the four-leaf clover of the Yotsuba Group, Itsutsuboshi Reina!{To explain this one, it's actually a kanji pun on their names. Yotsuba is 四葉 (four leaves), while Itsutsuboshi is 五星 (five stars). What she's actually saying is that the Itsutsuboshi Group is one number more than the Yotsuba Group, and that she's the "rose" of the Itsutsuboshi group. I came up with a translation that hopefully brings that across. --K}

Alice: Are you competing in this contest as well, Reina-san?

Reina: Yes, as I am the most fitting to be called a "Rose Lady".
Wait, by "as well" do you mean that you're competing?

Alice: Yes, all four of us.

Reina: Hmm? Aren't you Kenzaki Makoto?

Makoto: Yes, that's right.

Reina: That's cheating!
It's not fair for an idol to compete!

Makoto: Huh?

Reina: You're used to living in the spotlight, so you're sure to grab all of the judges' attention.

Groupies: That's right! Cheater! Cheating monkey!

Reina: {\i1}I'm sure I've got her this time with how far I went...

Alice: Wait a minute here. This contest is to decide the best lady. Whether she's an idol or not has nothing to do with that.

Mana + Rikka: That's right!

Reina: Hmph, whatever.
I'll crush you with everything I've got.
Let's go.

Skinny short-hair groupie: Reina-sama, with Alice competing, you're going to have some stiff competition.

Reina: Don't worry.
That girl loses it when someone badmouths or jeopardizes her friends.
And she'll be disqualified if that happens.
We'll just have to use even more malicious tactics to make her snap.

Groupies: Right!

Sign: Rose Lady Contest

Mana: This is the first time I've done any ballroom dancing.

Rikka: But I'm somehow managing to dance okay.

Makoto: I'm relying on my training in stage dancing here.

Reina: Why hasn't anything happened yet?

Skinny short-hair groupie: Don't worry.
I cracked the heels in their high-heels earlier.
Anytime now...

Mana: Ouch!

Alice: Mana-chan! Ah! Don't tell me...

Reina: How unsightly. Such an unsightly monkey.
{\i1}Come on, snap!

Mana: {\i1}I see! That was sabotage to try and anger Alice.
I'm fine. And if I do this, see?
I can dance much easier now.
Come on, let's get back to dancing.

Alice: Mana-chan...

Announcer: The next stage is painting.
And... Start!

Makoto: No way...

Rikka: That Reina girl's trying to anger Alice so that she gets disqualified from the contest.
There's probably another trap waiting then.

Alice: Have you finished yet, girls?

Mana: We're almost done.

Skinny short-hair groupie: Oh, I'm {\i1}so{\i0} sorry about that. I was playing around and my hand must have slipped.

Reina: Well, you can't do anything about that now, can you?

Rikka: Cut it out already, you-

Alice: Thanks to your help, my painting is even better now.
I used Pollock's "drip painting" method as a guide.{She's referring to Paul Jackson Pollock -- --K}

Mana: That's awesome!

Rikka: Show us how to do that!

Alice: Of course!

Reina: {\i1}I'll get you next time...{"Next time Gadget, next time!" Missing a cat, though. w --K}

Announcer: The next stage is a piano recital.

Mana: Piano, huh?

Rikka: I'm pretty good at that.

Announcer: First up is Hishigawa Rikka-san.{*facedesk* Yes, he literally uses the Engrish baseball term トップバッター (top batter) --K}

Rikka: Right.

Mana: You can do it, Rikka!

Raquel: Go for it!

Rikka: Just leave it to me.
A cat!
Why is a kitten in there?
And its sleeping so peacefully, too.
I'd feel horrible if I woke it up...

Reina: Oh dear. I've heard that cats and {\i1}dogs{\i0} don't get along.
But apparently the same can be said for monkeys as well.

Skinny short-hair groupie: It looks like you won't be able to play after all.

Mana: Alice may not be mad about this, but I've reached my limit.

Makoto: Yeah.

Mana: Such a gentle tune...

Makoto: All my irritation is just washing away...

Judge: Furthermore, she's re-arranging the tune on the fly to avoid hitting the keys for the part where the kitten is sleeping.

Rikka: That is beyond incredible, Alice!

Reina: Gah! This is so vexing!

Announcer: And now to announce our two finalists.
The first is Itsutsuboshi Reina-san.

Reina: Of course.

Announcer: And the other is Yotsuba Alice-san!

Mana + Rikka + Makoto: Woot!

Ai-chan: Ai! Ai!

Part 2

Announcer: The final stage is tennis!
The winner of this game will be crowned this year's Rose Lady!

Lance: Go for it Alice!

Everyone else: You can do it!

Alice: Yeah!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Announcer: And with one breathtaking rally after another, we're down to a final tiebreaker!{Yes, rally is an actual English term in tennis, not just more Engrish. "A rally in tennis is a sequence of shots within a point." -- --K}
However, if Alice takes this point, she wins!{Also a correct term: --K}

Mana: There was a light in Alice's eye just then!

Rikka: Something was shining over there.

Makoto: Let's go check it out.

Mana: Over there!

Skinny short-hair groupie: There you are.

Medium brown hair groupie: Oopsie! My hand slipped!

Reina: How unsightly! So very unsightly!
The monkeys are mud-soaked now!

Reina: {\i1}Now, that should be enough to get her to flip out!{\i0}
{\i1}Come on! Do it already!
W-Why aren't you getting angry?!

Alice: So I can protect my friends!

Reina: But your friends had horrible things done to them!
Get angry about it!

Alice: For some strange reason, the anger's just not boiling up.

Reina: But why?!

Alice: I really don't know, myself...
But perhaps I have changed a bit, and if so, it's thanks to my friends!

Mana + Rikka + Makoto: Alice...

Reina: What's so great about those mud-soaked saps?

Alice: They are my most shining treasure!

Announcer: She did it!
The winner is Yotsuba Alice-san!

Mana + Rikka + Makoto: Yahoo!

Sebastian: Splendid work.

Ai-chan: Kewpie-pi!

Reina: Well you're a useless bunch.
Get out of my sight!

Groupies: We're sorry!

Reina: Alice didn't beat me on her own strength. It was thanks to those friends of hers.
I wish friends didn't exist!
But the truth is, I really want friends.

Mammo: Why not wipe out all friendships?
I'm gonna go ahead and grant... your... wish.

Alice: Reina-san!

Mammo: Dedicate unto me the darkness of your heart!

Mammo Beast: Mammo Beast's debut!

Mana: That's a... rose?

Mammo Beast: I see, a rose to hedge up the way between friends.{I think this is a pretty good attempt to replicate in English the Japanese joke in Mammo's 「なるほど バラで友達をバラバラにしてやるってことね」 line. I had another one, "I see, a rose to cause friend to rise up against friend." but that didn't match up with her next line, which also has バラバラ in it. --K}

Mana: Let's go, girls!

Rikka + Alice + Makoto: Right!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

All 4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

All 4 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

All 4 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn rose...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Mammo Beast: I don't need a loving heartbeat!

Cure Heart: Crud!

Mammo Beast: Operation: "A Thorny Situation" is a success!
Since I've got these three wrapped up, I've got nothing to fear.
Rosetta has nothing more than a barrier.
W-Wait a sec, did I miss something here?

Cure Rosetta: I made a vow that day.
A vow that I would use these Precure powers to protect those precious to me, my comrades!

Mammo Beast: What are you blabbering about comrades for?
You don't need anything of the sort!

Cure Rosetta: You're wrong, they're vital.
Until I met Mana, I didn't have any friends.
So I'd wished for them for forever.
And as those feelings grew, whenever I heard someone badmouthing friends, I'd get so angry that I'd forget myself.

Mammo Beast: What are you rambling about?

Cure Rosetta: But I've become a Precure along with Mana-chan and the others, and experienced all manner of things together.
And the bonds of our friendship have become even stronger!
We have also certainly forged a deeper mutual trust for each other.
To the point where the hurtful words of others outside our group fall on deaf ears.

Heart + Diamond + Sword: Alice...

Mammo Beast: And what of it?

Cure Rosetta: It is precisely because I can hold onto these true bonds of friendship that I will not falter.
And I will use all of this just power to protect those same friends!{"just" as in "justice" --K}
Love Heart Arrow!
Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Mammo: Hah! What can you do with just a barrier?!

Cure Heart: Thanks, Rosetta!

Cure Diamond: Precure Diamond Shower!

Cure Sword: Precure Sparkle Sword!

Cure Heart: Precure Heart Shoot!{( ´・‿-) ~ ♥ Manawink™}

Reina: H-Huh? What was I...?

Mammo: I won't forget this!

Alice: Here you go.
Do you feel anything from the Princess?

Makoto: Not yet.
But it's thanks to you, Alice, that I have this rose now. Thank you so much.

Alice: No at all... everyone helped out.

Makoto: That's the first time I've seen you go all out, Alice. You were amazing!

Mana: Makopi just praised Alice.

Rikka: We hadn't even done that yet.

Lance: Alice was really cool today!

Cheryl: It was heart-stopping excitement!{キュンキュン +1}

Davi: The Precure are getting stronger and stronger.

Raquel: Such strong hearts!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!
Ah! Ai!

Mammo: Hmph! Those blasted Precure!{She has a bandage on her hat! wwww --K}

Bel: Welcome to the club, Mammo.

Ira: I'd love to take a couple days off and dress like I'm on a vacation.

Regina: If you want some rest, I'll give you an eternal rest.
That is, fire you.{"Out of a cannon, into the sun." --K}

Ira: Huh?

Bel: Who's the brat?

Mammo: You're acting high and mighty!

Regina: Well, that's because I am.

Mammo: And who might you be, then?

Regina: Me? I'm Regina.
King Selfishe's daughter.



Mana: This is bad!{大変!}
Rikka, she's-{あの六花が}

Cheryl: Become a deviant!{グレちゃったシャル!}

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:

Next episode title: Torn between a dream and a promise! Rikka is deeply troubled!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!