DokiDoki Precure Episode 12

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Mana: At any rate... {Jumping into the middle of a conversation here. --K}
I never thought Ai-chan would be the one to save our butts.

Cheryl: It seems that Ai-chan's a very reliable pinch hitter.

Rikka: Yeah, but we can't just rest on our laurels here.

Makoto: Yes, we need to find the Princess soon.

Mana: You're right.

Jun: Pardon me!

Mana: Wh-What?

Jun: A-Aida-senpai!

Mana: Y-Yes?

Jun: Please make me your apprentice!

Makoto: A-

Mana: Apprentice?


Part 1

Mana: Hmm... So you're Saotome Jun from Class 1-A, right?
Ah, sorry for stealing your chair, Yashima-san.

Yashima: No prob.

Jun: Y-Yes!
I've come here to ask to be your apprentice.

Raquel: What's an apprentice?

Davi: Someone who stays by the side of someone they admire in order to learn from them.

Rikka: Another one...

Makoto: Another?

Rikka: There's plenty of kids who look up to Mana.
This actually isn't the first time this has happened.

Mana: So why do you want to be my apprentice?

Jun: It's because of what happened yesterday.

Jun: S... so... heavy...

Mana: Are you okay?
Let me help you.

Jun: Huh? You don't have to...

Mana: Where to? The library?

Jun: Um, yeah.
Ah, no. I don't want to trouble you.

Mana: It's fine. Just let me handle it.

Jun: You were so trustworthy and reassuring, just like a prince on a white stallion.

Rikka: This has nothing to do with white stallions.

Jun: I want to be a man of strong will and body, just like you!

Rikka: And Mana's not a man, either.

Jun: Please! Let me be your apprentice!

Mana: Okay.

Makoto: She said yes.

Jun: Really?

Mana: Yeah.
I'll be more than happy to help if I can.

Jun: Thank you very much!

Rikka: Well, this is another fine mess...

Makoto: She didn't turn him down.... Well, that's Mana...

Jun: I, Saotome Jun, will give you my best as your apprentice!

Title: Mana's Decision! I'm Taking on an Apprentice!

Lunch lady: I can't understand you if you all talk at once. Take turns speaking!

Mimura: I'm too late! Looks like I won't be able to buy a yakisoba bun today.

Mana: You want a yakisoba bun?

Mimura: Prez!

Mana: I want one, so let me get yours too.

Hey Lunch Lady! Do you still have yakisoba buns?

Lunch lady: Ah, Mana-chan! You'll have to wait a bit, I'm kinda shorthanded right now.

Mana: I'll help you out then!
Just a minute, okay?

Jun: Huh? But that's not why we're here...

Mana: Hey, coming through. Sorry. Sorry.

Jun: Ah! M-Me too! Excuse me! Excuse me!

Mimura: You okay?

Mana: Okay, what would you like?

Male student 1: I want a mixed sandwich with an orange juice.

Male student 2: Korokke sandwich here!

Female student 1: I want strawberry milk and a ham sandwich.

Male student 3: Chocolate bread and milk!

Female student 2: Korokke sandwich and juice, please.

Male student 4: Pork cutlet sandwich and orange juice.

Mana: Here, a mixed sandwich with an orange juice.
Korokke sandwich, and strawberry milk with a ham sandwich.
Chocolate bread and milk.
Korokke sandwich and apple juice.
Pork cutlet sandwich and orange juice.
And here's your change: 50 yen, 40 yen, and 240 yen.
Please come again!

Jun: That's Aida-senpai for you.

Mana: And we're sold out!
Here you go!

Mimura: Yes! Thank you, Prez!
Come again!

Lunch lady: You were a big help, Mana-chan.

Mana: You're quite welcome.

Rikka: And... what about your bread?
You forgot, didn't you?

Jun: It's great how you freely give away even your own portion to others.
Your kindness knows no bounds!

Mana: Rikka-sama!

Rikka: Yeah, yeah. I'll share my lunch with you.

Mana: What happened?

Jun: Senpai?

Mana: Are you okay?

Injured girl: Yeah.

Mana: Let's get you to the infirmary.

Jun: And she's helping someone else out again...
Let me help you!

Injured girl: I'm sorry, Prez.

Mana: I'm just glad it was something minor.

Male student 5: Ma'am!

School nurse: Oh dear, what's wrong?

Ah, Aida-san, I know it's a lot to ask, but could you take the documents on my desk to the faculty room?

Mana: Sure!

Large male student: What the heck's your problem, slimeball?!

Smaller male student: The heck's yours, slimeball?! {Just copied these lines from Ep 1 --K}

Mana: Hey now, what's going on here?

Jun: It's just one thing after another...
M-Me too!

{Musical interlude}

Sign: Antique Shop Solitaire {Again, only need to typeset the "Solitaire" part. Probably can grab the typesetting for this from Ep 8 and adjust as needed. --K}

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Mana: I'm back again, Ai-chan!

Jun: You even take care of a baby?

Mana: Yeah, would you like to hold her, Jun-kun?

Jun: Okay, I will assist you. {Yes it seems a bit stiff, but that's intentional. Jun's being overly stiff for the situation. --K}

Mana; Here you go.

Jun: Easy there...

She's kinda heavy, isn't she?

Jun: Owowowowow!

Mana: Ah! Stop that, Ai-chan!

Jun: Don't worry, she's not really bothering me that much.
Hey look, Ai-chan!

Jun: Owowowow!

Mana: Ai-chan!

Raquel: Rikka, let's use that.

Rikka: Yeah.

Raquel: Yo! Raquel-roll!

Ai-chan: Kewpie!

Makoto: You look tired.

Rikka: Of course he is. He's been trying to keep up with Mana.

Alice: It's good to eat a sweet treat when one is tired. {Moar お嬢様 speech! --K}
Please, help yourself.

Jun: Ah, thank you.
Wh-What is it?

Mana: You're a really hard worker, aren't you, Jun-kun?

Jun: No, I'm nothing compared to you.
Anyway, today was quite hectic, wasn't it?

Mana: Yeah, but it was still fun.

Jun: Fun?

Mana: Yeah. Don't you feel joy when you receive thanks from someone you've made happy?

Jun: Feel joy...

Mana: Yup!

Jun: {\i1}I'm completely exhausted, and didn't have the strength to notice...
{\i1}I wonder if I really can do it...
{\i1}Become like her, that is...
{\i1}Gotta stop thinking like that. Even someone like me can do it if I keep trying!

Joe: I've got something for such a hard worker as yourself.
Here's a good luck Lovie to help make your wishes come true. {Joe's an equal opportunity pedo, w --K}

Jun: Umm... thanks. {"Note to self: Visit the nearest police box on the way home." w --K}

Joe: Sure.

Bel: Those blasted Precure!

Mammo: He actually used Beast Mode.

Ira: Someone's really getting serious.

Bel: There isn't going to be a later...
You two will need to get just as serious now.

Ira: Yeah, well I've just been playin' with them so far.

Mammo: Yeah. And I'm busy with a mud pack right now.

Bel: King Selfishe's wrath is kindled.{My original TL was "King Selfishe is extremely angry now." but I think that "King Selfishe's wrath is kindled." is a much more amusing line. --K}
Don't think that he's going to let you keep playing around like you have been.

Ira: Well then... If that's the case, guess I'll have to get serious then.{Yeah, seriously gutter ball! w --K}

Mammo: That's cheating!

Ira: That doesn't matter as long as I take 'em out. {Double meaning here. --K}
Precure... I'm so gonna take you out!


Part 2

Jun: Are you going to read {\i1}all{\i0} of these?

Mana: Yeah. I'll often need to reference them during consultations, so I'll glance through them.

Jun: You really are amazing.

Mana: I'll grab the ones up high.

Jun: Sorry.

Rikka: I'm amazed hasn't given up yet.

Makoto: He's really dilligent.

Davi: Yeah, but he seems to be a bit glum.

Ponytail Tennis Player: Incredible! That serve was exactly like the opponent I'm facing in my next match.

Mana: Like that?

Ponytail Tennis Player: Yes, just like that please!

Short Hair Tennis Player: The Prez is amazing as usual.

Jun: That serve. I just can't...

Mana: Good luck with your match!

Jun: Ah! I'll carry that for you!

Mana: But...

It's heavy today, so I'll carry it myself.

Rikka: Alice!

Alice: Good day to you, everyone.
Were you helping Mana-chan out again today?

Jun: Yeah.

Alice: You must have worked hard today then.

Jun: {\i1}"Worked hard" huh?
{\i1}But there was nothing I could...

Short-haired little girl: My hat...

Mana: I'll get it!

Jun: I'll help!
{\i1}I'm short, slow, and weak...
{\i1}No matter how much I stretch myself, I'll never be like her.
{\i1}I wanna be stronger. I wanna be bigger! Even more than she is!
{\i1}Like that'll ever happen...

Ira: Why not be better than her?
I'm gonna grant your wish.

Mana: Jun-kun!

Makoto: You!

Ira: Well, I've got to put some spirit into my fighting once it a while.
Offer up your darkness to me! {Make sure this matches whatever the final version is from Ep 11. --K}

Ira Beast: Huh? What's going on?

Makoto: That's an... elephant?

Rikka: Yeah, an elephant.

Alice: It is indeed an elphant.

Makoto: I-It's cute.

Lance: The elephant really is cute.

Ira Beast: Don't call me cute!

Mana: It's dangerous here, run!

Short-haired little girl: Okay.

Cheryl: Cheryl!

All 4 Girls: Precure Love Link!

All 4 Mascots: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

All 4 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn elephant...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Ira Beast: I don't need your beat!{ドキドキなんて いらねぇよ!}

Cure Diamond: Heart!
He's strong...
Even though he's so cute.

Ira Beast: Stop calling me cute!
Wanna go another round?
I'm warning you, I'm serious today.

Cure Heart: Of course! I've got to save Jun-kun!

Ira Beast: Who says he needs saving? I'm just granting him his wish, see?

Jun: I want to be strong. Big... Burly...

Ira Beast: See? This is what he wants.

Cure Heart: You're wrong! What you're doing isn't what he truly wants!

Jun: But there's no way I can be like you!

Cure Sword: What did you see when you looked at Mana?
Do you think you can become like her just by becoming stronger?
You know that's not true!

Cure Diamond: It's not like Mana could do everything right from the start!
She wanted to be able to help everyone, so she kept plugging away, until she became the person she is today!

Cure Rosetta: It didn't matter what she could or could not do, what was most important was the heart of hers that wished to do all she could for others!
That heart is her true strength!

Cure Heart: You're all giving me too much credit.
I'm always messing up and getting depressed about it.
I'm no more perfect than you are Jun-kun.

Ira Beast: You're wasting your breath. He can't hear you at all.
You're finished!
I-I missed!

Cure Diamond: Why?

Ira Beast: Huh? I can't move my leg...

Cure Rosetta: It's the Psyche!

Cure Diamond: Of course! Jun-kun's heart is resisting him!

Cure Heart: See? It's just like I said.
Even if you can't be just like me, you are still supremely awesome!

Ira Beast: I'm not gonna let you keep up this cheekiness!
Now it's over!

Ira Beast: What?!

Cure Heart: Jun-kun, who's always giving 110%, has got my blood pumping! {キュンキュン +1}
So there's no way I'm letting you keep his heart!
Give Jun-kun back! {Very 怒鬼 faces there -B}

Cure Sword: Love Heart Arrow!
Precure Sparkle Sword!

Cure Rosetta: Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Ira Beast: What?!

Cure Diamond: Precure Diamond Shower!

Cure Heart: Precure Heart Shoot!
Jun-kun's desires to become stronger through hard work...
Such a straightforward wish...
That could by no means come from a selfish heart!

Ira: Blast you, Cure Heart!

Jun: Huh? What was I...?

Alice: You were just taking a little nap.

Mana: Hmm? Something wrong?

Jun: Oh, no.

Makoto: That guy hasn't shown up lately, has he?

Rikka: I wonder what happened with Jun-kun.

Mana: Oh! They're so pretty!
But were there this many flowers in this patch before?

Jun: Have they caught your eye?

Mana: Huh?
Wait, did you grow these?

Jun: Yes, gardening's actually a hobby of mine. {Hey Mana, you should introduce him to Tsubomi! They'd be perfect together! w --K}
I planted some flowers I've raised here.

Rikka: These are {\i1}all{\i0} yours?

Jun: Yeah.
I realized something.
I can't be strong like Senpai.
But I thought it would be great if people could be cheered up by my flowers.
I'm sure this is what I looked for all along.
Ah! I'm so sorry!
I begged to be your apprentice, and then I just suddenly stopped...

Mana: No, you're fine! Amazing even, Jun-kun!
I'm so moved that you're able to put together such a beautiful patch!

Makoto: Think you might want to take on apprentices yourself?

Jun: Huh? Umm... I wonder?

Mana: {\i1}I'm so glad Jun-kun's smiling.

Regina: Oh? So those are the Precure, hmm?
I've found some fun playmates!



Mana: A rose that only blooms in the Trump Kingdom has appeared in our world?
Makoto: That rose might give us a lead to go on in our search.

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:

Next episode title: Have We Finally Found Something!? A Lead on the Princess!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!