DokiDoki Precure Episode 10

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Rikka: Good Morning, Raquel!
Raquel: Good morning.

Rikka: I wonder if Mana's up yet.
We were up late working on Student Council paperwork, so I'd better head over there a little early.

Raquel: You'll make a great wife for Mana.

Rikka: Do you even know what "wife" is?

Raquel: Huh?

Mana: Ohhh, you're my wife?

Rikka: Kinda silly right? {More literally: "Makes you laugh, doesn't it?" --K}

Mana: Yeah, that sounds right.

Rikka: Huh?

Mana: Well you see, a wife is someone who's always by your side, and a partner you can always rely on first, right?
That's you to a T. {Can be spelled either "to a T" or "to a tee", I prefer the former. --K}

Cheryl: I think so too!

Rikka: What are you two talking about?

Teacher: So, we have a new member joining our class today.

Male student 1: A transfer student?

Male student 2: Guy or girl?

Mana: I'm so excited!

Female student: What kind of person, I wonder?

Teacher: Someone you'll all know quite well.
Come on in!

Everyone: Whaaaa-?! Makopi?!

Upper-right during OP: Precure Allstars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart
A big hit - Now playing! {This is the same as eps 07-09 --K}

Part 1

Title: The Transfer Student is a Super National Idol!!

Male student 1: The real Makopi's right there!

Male student 2: Quite a shock, isn't it?

Male student 3: She's gonna be sitting next to me!

Mana: You really surprised me, transferring here and all.

Rikka: It really is sudden, what's up?

Makoto: I was thinking that I need to learn more about this world to help me with finding the Princess.

Davi: And more importantly, she wanted to be with you girls.

Makoto: Davi!

Mana: I'm so excited that you wanted to be with us, that my heart's running laps. {キュンキュン +1}
Welcome to Ohgai First Middle School.

Male student 3: Could they already be acquainted with each other?

Female student: That's our Student Council President and Secretary for you. {CC's give a name of 八嶋 for the speaker of this line, read やしま. --K}

Mana: It seems everyone's staring at us.

Rikka: Are they that enthralled?
Being an idol must be burdensome.

Male Student 1: She looked at us!

Female student: She smiled too! {八嶋 again --K}

Female students: She's so cute!

Mana: Well she is a popular idol, after all.

Rikka: It must be difficult to have to smile all the time.

Davi: You're the only ones she can relax around.
I earnestly ask you to be good friends for her at school.

Makoto: I'll be fine.
I've come to this school to learn all sorts of things.

Teacher: Don't forget to put your names on your tests.

Makoto: My name?

Rikka: Makopi! You're not supposed to autograph the test! Just write your name normally!

Makoto: Huh?
Like this?

Mana: Ah! Makopi, wait a sec!

Makoto: Hmm?

Mana + Rikka: Ah! Makopi!

Male student 1: Makopi's got a broom.

Male student 2: She even looks cute when she's cleaning.

Female student: It looks like she's holding a mic.
I want to hear her sing!

Mana: Makopi! You okay?

Male student 2: Even when knocking over a bucket, she's cute!

Rikka: Yeah, yeah, cute...?

Makoto: Sorry, I'll get that cleaned up right away.

Mana: Huh?

Makoto: In the Trump Kingdom, you do this to summon an auto-cleaner.{Originally had "cleaning robot", but we don't know if these cleaners are tech or magic or what, so trying to leave it as ambiguous as possible --K}

Rikka: I've cleaned it up already, so don't worry.

Mana: Thanks for your hard work today, Rikka.
It seems like Makopi'll take some more time to get used to school. How about we look after her?

All 3 girls: Huh?

Cheer squad captain: Great work today Makoto-san!
Cheer squad membeers: Great work today!

Rikka: Huh?

Mana: Do you know these guys, Makopi?

Davi: Those guys are Makoto's cheer squad.
They're all well-mannered, level-headed young men.

Cheer squad members: Ohhhh! I want an autograph!

Cheer squad captain: You blockheads!
It's Makopi's private time right now! No autographs!

Cheer squad members: Oh, that's right!

Cheer squad captain: Repeat after me our 130 rules and regulations!
First! We will protect Makopi's privacy!

Cheer squad members: We will protect Makopi's privacy!

Mana: They certainly are well-mannered.

Rikka: And they have 130 vows.

Cheer squad captain: Third! We will never betray our comrades!

Paparazzi 1: There's Makopi, alright!

Paparazzi 2: So she really did transfer to this school.

Rikka: Hmm?

Davi: Tabloid reporters.

Paparazzi 1: Look this way.

Paparazzi 2: Smile! Smile!

Makoto: Please go ahead with out me.
I can't let you two get mixed up in this.

Mana: But we were gonna walk home together-

Rikka: I'll distract them.
Mana: Rikka?
Rikka: You two head out the back gate in the meantime.
You're taking pictures right now, but do you have the school's permission?
I'm pretty sure the school would not approve of you taking photos of normal students nor their uniforms.
And more importantly, while Kenzaki-san is wearing her uniform, she's not an idol, but a student.
Leave now, please!

Cheer squad captain: She's right! Don't invade Makopi's privacy!

Rikka: Go now!

Cheer squad captain: Get outta here! {This is heard underneath Mana's next line --K}

Mana: Let's go, Makopi!

Makoto: Right.

Paparazzi 1: Ah! Makopi...

Cheer squad captain: Hey! Shoo already!

Mana: I think we're safe now.

Makoto: Yeah, thanks.

Cheryl: That was quick thinking on Rikka's part, too.

Mana: Yeah, she's really reliable.

Makoto: "Happy is the man who has true friends," as the saying goes.

Mana: I guess you could say that, but Rikka's more my best friend.

Davi: "That's really nice..." is what Makoto's thinking.

Makoto: Davi!

Cheryl: Makoto's frank feelings are cute too.

Mana: Yeah, I'm seriously hnnnnng-ing here. {キュンキュン +1}{Yeah, I went there, w. --K}

Rikka: Hmm?

Alice: Good day to you, Rikka-chan.

Rikka: Alice...

Alice: It seems that Makoto-san's transferred to your school.

Rikka: Ah, so you knew already.

Alice: Yes, but I am worried.
This will be the first time Makoto will have gone to school here.
So she might get a little lost.

Rikka: {\i1}That's{\i0} what you're worried about?

Alice: But I'm happy, because you'll all be able to be together.

Rikka: Yeah, Mana was really happy about Makopi transferring, too.

Alice: Should we stop by Mana-chan's house for a bit?

Rikka: Yeah, I want to know what happened after they left too.

Mana: Ah! Rikka. Alice.

Rikka: Huh? Makopi?!

Alice: Good day to you.

Mana: You know what? Makopi's got today off from work. So she's gonna be sleeping over tonight!

Alice: That sounds like fun.

Mana: I know right?!
So how about the two of you join us?

Rikka: Mom's actually going to be home tonight.

Mana: Awwww...

Alice: I'd love to join you next time.

Mana: Man, I was hoping for it to be like it usually is with Rikka. Eating dinner, then doing homework together and stuff.

Raquel: But she's always busy taking care of you when she does.

Cheryl: Now that you mention it, Rikka is always looking after Mana.

Mana: Sorry for all the trouble.

Rikka: It's nothing.

Mana: Well, stay over next time, k?

Rikka: Yeah. Hmm?
Makopi's fallen asleep?

Davi: She was up late working last night, so I'm sure she's tired.

Rikka: Even at school everyone's attention was focused on her.

Mana: Let's let her sleep until dinner.

Rikka: See you later.

Alice: Rikka-chan, I'm serious about doing a slumber party next time.
I'm sure Mana-chan is looking forward to it.

Rikka: Yeah, you're right.

Lance: Rikka seems kinda down in the dumps right now.

Alice: Girls do have those times.

Lance: What kind of times?

Alice: Times where your chest feels tight, with a burning sensation inside. {This same phrase is used three times in this episode, with this same wording. Once here, a second time in a somewhat more negative manner, and third in a more positive manner. Using the (mostly) same phrasing all three times. Also, there's some other wording during the selfish battle that links in better with this wording. --K}
It's complicated.

Rikka + Rikka's Mom: Thanks for the food. {Mom's name is 亮子, according to captions, but no furigana, orz. --K}

Rikka's Mom: Mmm... now this is happiness.

Rikka: Why do you say that, mama?

Rikka's Mom: Well, I was thinking that I'm truly blessed.
After all, I see lots of things as a Doctor.
But being able to come home and have a chat over dinner with my cute daughter. Now that's happiness.
So, what's up with you, Rikka?

Rikka: Hmm?
Nothing much, same as usual.

Rikka's Mom: Oh?

Rikka: Well, yeah. Today we had a new student transfer into our class.
And she's staying over at Mana's house tonight...

Rikka's Mom: Quite a lot, I see...
When you say "Nothing much", it really means the opposite.

Rikka: You knew...

Rikka's Mom: Of course, I {\i1}am{\i0} your mother.

Raquel: Rikka? Can't sleep?

Rikka: Yeah...
I keep thinking, "What are Mana and Makopi doing?"
Knowing her, they're probably still chatting the night away.
What is this feeling?

Part 2

{And now it's time for yet another episode of "Angry Bowling with Ira"}
Ira: Crapittal! {Yes, a somewhat made up word because it seemed to fit --K} {What about something simpler like "g'dammit"? - B}
Argh, why do things never go the way I planned them?
I've tried so many times, you would think things would work out at least once!

Mammo: Why are you whining like a little boy?

Bel: No, he's right to complain. Expressing oneself when things don't go according to plan, that is quite an important thing.

Mammo: Selfish as always, I see.
No matter how much time passes, you're still just a big kid.

Ira: Hah, you're covered in band-aids.

Rikka: Sleepy...
Oh no!
I'm leaving, Mom!

Rikka's Mom: What about breakfast?

Rikka: Sorry, I don't have time.
I've gotta meet up with Mana.

Rikka's Mom: Mana just called a little bit ago. She said she was going to go on ahead with someone called Makoto-chan.

Rikka: {\i1}Why'd she do that? Did something happen?

Raquel: There they are! I found them.

Rikka: They came here to see Ai-chan.

Mana: Makopi, try feeding her milk.

Makopi: I don't know if I can...

Mana: Sure you can!

Ai-chan: Ai!

Makopi: Here's your milk, Ai-chan.

Mana: Well done! Hey look, Ai-chan. It's Mama Mana and Papa Makopi.

Joe: You two really do look like a Mama and Papa.

Rikka: Mama and Papa, oy...

Alice: And newlyweds, too, I'd say.

Rikka: Oh, Alice.

Alice: Good morning!
I just happened to be passing by.{Yeah.... no. You and Tomoyo both, w. --K}
They seem to be having fun together.
The two of them, that is.

Rikka: Yeah.

Alice: Should we join them, perchance?

Rikka: Yeah.
{\i1}Huh? What's this feeling?
{\i1}My chest feels tight, with a burning sensation inside. {This is the same description uttered by Alice earlier in the episode when she was talking with Lance in the car --K}
{\i1}I've been feeling weird since yesterday...

Cheer squad captain: Man, I'm so jealous.{Captions give his name as 郷田, no furigana --K}
Seriously jealous.

Alice: Who might that be?

Rikka: The captain of Makopi's cheer squad.

Cheer squad captain: Frankly, I want to be on such good terms with Makopi!
No! This is Makopi's private time!
More importantly, this is what I'm supposed to be protecting!
Ah! Ex-Excuse me!

Rikka: I wonder what's the matter?

Alice: I'm worried too.

Cheer squad captain: Unacceptable! Wanting Makopi become friends with me and only me. How impure!
First! We will protect Makopi's privacy!
Second! We will never used underhanded tactics to gain an advantage!
Third! We will never betray our comrades!

Mammo: It's fine to steal all her attention though, right?

Cheer squad captain: Who's there?!

Mammo: I'm gonna go ahead and grant... your... wish.
Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Selfishe!
L O V E! Lovely Makopi!

Raquel + Lance: It's a Selfishe!

Rikka: The cheer squad captain!

Cheryl: There's a dark heartbeat!

Davi: I feel it coming from over there!

Selfishe: Makopi's mine!
I won't allow anyone to get close to her!

Raquel: Is he literally burning up with jealousy? {Horrible pun here, and from my research, a very common play on words it seems... orz --K}

Rikka: I've been feeling the same way.
I've been feeling jealous about how close Mana and Makopi have been getting.
My heart's been burning with envy. {This fits in with the line above, with how this Selfishe works, and with the description of the "tight chest" with the "burning feeling" mentioned multiple times in this episode --K}

Alice: Yes, but that's only natural, right?
You want to always be with your beloved friends.
You want to be the closest to them.
Everyone feels that way.
I've felt the same, too.
Just like you and that cheer squad captain.

Rikka: Really?

Alice: Truely.
However, we certainly cannot permit evil usage of such feelings to create a Selfishe!

Selifishe: My one and only Makopi!
I only have eyes for you!

Rikka: {\i1}I see. Yeah, that's right.
Let's go, Raquel!

Raquel: Raquel!

Rikka: Precure Love Link!

Raquel: L O V E

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!
Stop this!

Selfishe: Self?

Cure Diamond: I won't let you continue to use and abuse the cheer squad captain like this!

Raquel: Raquel!

Cure Diamond: Sparkle for me, Twinkle Diamond!

Selfishe: I can't move!

Mammo: Your love is that limited?
Melt that ice with your burning flames of love!

Selfishe: L O V E! I love Makopi!

Cure Diamond: Ah, the ice!

Selfishe: Makopi!

Mana: Alice!

Makoto: Are you okay?

Alice: We've got a big problem here. That's Makoto-san's cheer squad captain.

Selfishe: Love Makopi!

Mana: Let's go, girls!

Alice + Makoto: Right.

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana + Alice + Makoto: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl + Lance + Davi: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

Cure Diamond: Girls!

Cure Heart: Yeah.

All 4 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love!
DokiDoki Precure!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn cheer squad captain...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Selfishe: I love Makopi!

Cure Sword: I appreciate your feelings, cheer squad captain.
However, you being used like this doesn't make me happy at all.

Selfishe: Who're you? Don't get in between Makopi and I!
L E T S! Let's go, Makopi! {Wen't back and forth on including the apostrophe in "L E T S" and settled on not, since he didn't actually say the apostrophe --K}

Davi: Davi!

Cure Sword: Gleam, Holy Sword!

Selfishe: Love!

Lance: Lance!

Cure Rosetta: Firm and strong Rosetta wall!

Raquel: Raquel!

Cure Diamond: Sparkle for me, Twinkle Diamond!
Now, Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: OK! I'll handle it!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Cure Heart: Let my feelings reach you! My Sweet Heart!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Cheer squad captain: Huh?

Mammo: Good grief, I'm nearly drowning in love here.

Cure Sword: You and Heart really make the best duo.
I've been jealous of you since we met.
You have complete faith in each other, like only best friends do.
I don't know if I as a late-comer can ever become as close as you are, but I want to.
I want to become best friends with all of you.

Cure Diamond: Sword...

Cure Rosetta: I've felt the same myself.
I want to get closer to all of you.
To be heartfelt friends.

Cure Diamond: Rosetta...
{\i1}Everyone feels the same way...
{\i1}With that same tightness and burning in their chest. {Here's the third instance of that line, this one with a more positive connotation. --K}
You two are talking nonsense. We're already great friends!
But, I do understand your feelings.

Cure Heart: Yeah!

Mana: Hey, how about sleeping over at my house next weekend?

Alice: A slumber party would be a grand idea!

Rikka: Seconded!
Let's all eat dinner, and do homework together!

Davi: Makoto's thinking, "That sounds like a blast."

Makoto: Davi! Haven't I told you over and over again to stop blabbing my true feelings?!



Rikka: That's funny. The game should be over by now, but Mana's not here yet.

Alice: She's a substitute on the softball team, and she shouldn't stand them up seeing she is made of responsibility.

Makoto: I'm certain something's happened to her.

Mana: Sorry, everyone, I've got something I must do.
Wait for me! I'm coming to rescue you, Ai-chan!

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:

Next episode title: Awaken! A New Precure Power!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!