DokiDoki Precure Episode 07

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



{Recap from episode 6, make sure this matches. --K}
Cure Rosetta: Who might you be?
Bel: There's no need for me to tell you my name.
After all, this will be the last time we meet.
Good riddance, Precure.
Very soon, light shall no longer fall upon this world.
As it now belongs to us, the Selfishe.

Mana: Rikka! Alice! You're okay!
What about Makopi?

Alice: Lance-chan and the other fairies are gone, too.

Upper-right during OP: Precure Allstars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart
A big hit - Now playing! {"Now playing" is used in the US when marketing a movie that is currently showing in theaters, like 公開中 is used here. --K}

Part 1

Rikka: Over there... what's that?
Mana: {\i1}Every fiber of my being is screaming at me to get out of here! {A bit liberal, yes, more literally, "Alarm bells are going off in my chest. I shouldn't be here!" --K}
We should run!

Makoto: That's not necessary.

Mana: Makopi!

Makoto: King Selfishe is currently in a deep slumber.
He won't come attack you.

Alice: King Selfishe?

Rikka: How do you know that?
Who exactly are you?

Makoto: My name is Cure Sword, the Trump Kingdom's last warrior and guardian.

Mana: The Trump Kingdom? Its last warrior?

Title: Battle on the razor's edge! Good riddance, Precure!!

Cheryl: Mana!

Raquel: Rikka!

Lance: Alice!

Lance: Where is everyone?

Raquel: Hide!
The Trump Kingdom is under the complete control of the Selfishe.
If they find us, we're done for.

Cheryl: We fell right into the Selfishe's trap, and were sent back to the Trump Kingdom.
On top of that, we got separated from Mana and the other girls.

Lance: What do we do?

Raquel: I don't know either.

Davi: Calm down!
Don't start crying yet.
We need to figure out a way to get back to the other world as soon as possible.

Raquel: Umm....

Cheryl: Who are you?

Davi: I'm Davi, Cure Sword's partner.

Cheryl: Nice to meet you, I'm Cheryl!

Raquel: I'm Raquel.

Lance: I'm Lance.

Davi: Let's put off the introductions for now.
Our highest priority right now is joining back up with the Precure.

Cheryl: That's easier said than done.

Davi: Think about it! At a time like this, where would those girls head to?

Cheryl: Oh, the Princess's palace!

Lance: Yeah, that's the most prominent building. {lit: That stands out the most. --K}

Raquel: Let's go!

Cheryl: Hey Davi, how long as the Trump Kingdom been like this?

Raquel: We were sent off to that other world right after being born, so we don't know much.

Davi: The Trump Kingdom was a land of eternal peace.
Thanks to Princess Ange, the people had smiling faces every day.


Marie Ange: Are you comfortable with the hymn services yet? {祈りの歌の儀式は もう なれましたか? 祈りの歌 = song prayers = hymns, 儀式 = rituals, rites, (religious) services, etc. --K}

Cure Sword: I've still got a ways to go.
I still get nervous in front of a large crowd, and I'm not very good at weaving words.

Marie Ange: I for one, love your singing.
When I hear your singing, it has a wondrous power to warm my heart.

Cure Sword: I don't have quite the words to express this properly, but thank you very much, Your Majesty.

Marie Ange: I don't mind if you call me "Ann" when it's just the two of us.

Cure Sword: Thank you, Your Majesty.

Davi: Then one day, they suddenly attacked us.
They were King Selfishe's underlings!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Davi: But the Princess didn't give up hope, and personally led the charge against the Selfishe!

Soldier: Cure Sword-dono! {Should we try and translate -dono? If so, best I've got right now is "ma'am". --K}
Cure Sword-dono... The Princess...
The princess fought valiantly to seal King Selfishe.
However, inside that petrified body of his, a weak flame of dark energy known as "Janergy" continues to smolder. {The "weak flame" was added, and is being used metaphorically and not literally, to help clarify and justify the use of the word "smolder", which is the TL of くすぶっている. Also, I just went with a literal romanization of ジャネジー as "Janergy" since the term is explained in-context here. --K}

Cure Sword: I couldn't save them...
Any of them... {Repeat of these lines from ep 1, with different footage. --K}

Soldier: The princess exhausted her power, and so has taken refuge inside the palace.
Please return there immediately, you are the only warrior left!

Marie Ange: I can't let the tragedy that has befallen the Trump Kingdom happen again.
Please, search for the legendary warriors, the Precure!

Mammo: Hide and seek is over now.
Come, you too must now offer your soul to King Selfishe!

Cure Sword: Are you alright?
Marie Ange: Cure Sword! You came!

Mammo: What can you hope to accomplish by yourself?
This kingdom is already doomed to destruction.

Cure Sword: We can rebuild this kingdom time and time again, as long as we never give up hope!

Marie Ange: Cure Sword...

Cure Sword: Let's go, Your Majesty!

Mammo: Dangit! {Yes, more polite than "dammit"/"damnit", this is a kid's show. ;) --K}

Bel: What's up?

Mammo: The princess jumped into the mirror!

Bel: Running away, is she? {With a connotation of "And she thinks she can actually get away?" --K}

Cure Sword: Your Majesty!

Marie Ange: You must escape on your own, Cure Sword!

Cure Sword: You mustn't give up, Your Majesty! Don't let go of my hand!
Your Majesty!

Marie Ange: Count on me following after you later. So you must...

Cure Sword: Your majesty!!

Makoto: I realized I had been separated from the princess, and let myself be carried to your world. {There's a connotation here of her going with the flow of the liquid medium in the space between worlds. Of the current of that liquid carrying her to the other world. --K}

Rikka: So, the reason you became an idol...

Alice: Was to find your princess?

Makoto: I had nothing left but my singing.
I thought that surely she would recognize me if I just kept singing.
However, I haven't been able to find the princess.
And no matter what I've sung, she hasn't responded.

Mana: Well then, let's look for your princess together.
It might be impossible by yourself, but with all four of us together I'm sure we can find her.

Alice: Mana-chan?

Rikka: What are you talking about?

Mana: That Mammo lady is also trying to find where the princess is.
I'm sure there's a reason why the princess being found by her would cause problems.

Makoto: When a Selfishe is created and while it is rampaging, Janergy is released.
They're gathering Janergy so they can revive King Selfishe.

If we can retrieve the princess before that happens, he can be completely sealed away this time.

Mana: See?

Rikka: So, if all we do is focus on purifying Selfishe, that can only slow his revival, hmm?

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Bel: The Trump Kingom is already crawling with Selfishe.
Those girls really shouldn't be able to last very long there...
But I guess I better go check on things just to make sure.


Part 2

Selfishe: Frog off! {This is the sound they're making in the water. They're saying 帰れ!over and over again, which is, of course, a horrible かえる (frog) pun. "Ribbeat it!" is too long, going with "Frog off!" instead. Thanks for the suggestions, K-o-R! --Kanmuri}
Frog off!! {This one is when they start jumping out of the water toward the girls.}
Frog off! Frog off! Frog off! Frog off! {The Selfishe keep saying this over and over again as they jump around and chase the girls.}

Rikka: Why are there so many of them?

Makoto: The people were all turned into Selfishe. I'm the only here that wasn't.

Selfishe: Frog off! Frog off! Frog off! Frog off!
{Girls panting as they run and turn a corner.}
Frog off! Frog off! {Some Selfishe run into each other at the turn and start arguing.} You frog off!
Frog off! Frog off! {A couple more are still following.}

Mana: Jump!

Rikka: Huh? No way, no way, no waaaaaaay!

Mana: Makopi!

Selfishe: Frog off! Frog off! Frog off! Frog off!

Makoto: You need to leave me behind and run!

Selfishe: Frog off! Frog off!

Mana: I don't want to run away.
I'm gonna defeat King Selfishe and return peace to the Trump Kingdom!

Makoto: What can you possibly accomplish on your own?!

Alice: But she's not on her own.

Rikka: It is said that the Happy Prince gave of himself.
We too must shoulder each other's burdens.

Makoto: Please stop, what happens to the Trump Kingdom should be none of your concern.

Mana: Do we have to have a reason to help out a friend?

{Episode 2 flashback}

Cure Sword: Why did you...

Cure Heart: I shouldn't need a reason to save someone.

{end flashback}

Makoto: {\i1}She's completely unassuming. Such a strong girl.

Mana + Rikka + Alice: Alley oop!

Selfishe: Frog off! Frog off! Frog off!
Frog off!

Mana: Here they come!

Selfishe: Frog off! Frog off!
Frog off! Frog off!
Frog ooooooff!

Alice: Oh my...

Makoto: Umm...
You saved me.
Thank you.

Mana: You're welcome!
So, what do we do now?

Alice: Well, we're not going to find a way back to our world just by running helter-skelter.

Rikka: It'd be best if we could at least meet up with Raquel and the other fairies.

Makoto: Inside the palace there's a magic mirror.

Mana: A magic mirror?

Makoto: When we fled from the kingdom, we used it as a spacetime door. {Yes, spacetime w/o a space or dash is a valid spelling. --K}
If we pass through it again, it should take us back to your world.
Davi and the others are probably headed there.

Mana: Let's go.
Makopi, please show us the way to the palace.

Alice: There certainly are alot of mirrors.

Makoto: The magic mirror should be in here.

Bel: You're a bit late.
Is this what you're looking for?

Makoto: The magic mirror!

Bel: This is the sole key linking the Trump Kingdom with your parallel world.
If you were still alive, I was pretty certain you were going to show up here.
Do you really intend to pick a fight with me?
Even though there's no chance at all you'll win?

Mana: We won't know unless we try!

Bel: Sorry, but this is game over.
Now you'll never be able to return to your world.

Makoto: {\i1}My last hope just vanished.
{\i1}Now I'll never be able to see the princess again.

Bel: You can sit here and rot away along with this mistressless palace.
{Cue evil laughter}

{Cue Mana laughing in the face of evil}

Bel: Huh?

Mana: If you thought that was going to break our spirits, you're quite mistaken!

Bel: What?!

Mana: You have the power to send us here to the Trump Kingdom.
And you've just proven to us that you have the ability to freely move through spacetime.
If the mirror's gone, we'll just have to convince you to send us back.

Bel: Are you really under the impression that you can make me do as you say?

Mana: Of course!

Rikka: Where does that confidence of hers come from?

Alice: That's Mana-chan for you.

Makoto: Well, you've got me beat.
Let's head back to your world.

Mana + Rikka + Alice: Right.

Bel: It seems you won't understand unless you experience it first-hand.

Cheryl: Mana!

Mana: Cheryl!

Alice: Lance-chan!

Lance: Alice!

Raquel: Rikka!

Rikka: You're all okay!

Davi: I thought I'd never see you again.

Makoto: Davi, I'm never giving up again.
I'll keep fighting the Selfishe until the day peace is returned to the Trump Kingdom!

Mana: Let's go!

Rikka + Alice + Makoto: Right.

Cheryl: Cheryl!

All 4 girls: Precure Love Link!

All 4 fairies: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

All 4 Cures: Resonate, our heartbeat of love! {ひびけ 愛の鼓動! First full group roll call! ^_^ Will likely need to discuss this. I used the same pattern as for Cure Berry's Fresh attack, which was 響け!希望のリズム and translated as "Resonate, rhythm of hope!" --K}
DokiDoki Precure!

Bel: Even if you've transformed, it's not going to make a bit of difference.
This will be the end for you.

What's that? Trying to swat a fly with that punch?

Your kick's way too light.

Cure Rosetta: Firm and strong Rosetta wall!

Cure Heart: Rosetta!

Bel: What's wrong? Are you finished already?

Cure Diamond: These random one-offs aren't working.
We need to combine our powers and our feelings.

Cure Heart: Combine our feelings?

Cure Sword: I'll distract him.
You hit him with your attacks while he's open.

Cure Heart: Huh?

Cure Sword: Come on!

Cure Heart: Got it.

Cure Sword: Gleam, Holy Sword!

Bel: What are you aiming at? {alternatively: "Where are you aiming?" --K}

Cure Diamond: Sparkle for me, Twinkle Diamond!

Bel: I can't move!

Cure Heart: Let my feelings reach you! My Sweet Heart!

Bel: Curse you! You managed to drain this much Janergy from me...

Cure Diamond: How is he so tough?!

Cure Rosetta: Look over there!

Cure Diamond: Hey, that's....

Cure Sword: The magic mirror still lives!

Cure Heart: Let's go!

Bel: Running away, are we?

Cure Sword: We're not running away.
We'll be back for sure!
Along with the princess, we'll rebuild the Trump Kingdom!

Bel: Crud! You blasted Precure! {Again, I used "crud" instead of "crap" as the latter is more offensive --K}

Mana: Ow-ow-ow!

Alice: Where...?

Rikka: Apparently we've made it back, it seems.

Makoto: The way back to the Trump Kingdom...

Mana: Don't worry.
We'll find another way back, together.

Rikka: We've got to find the princess.

Alice: And take back the Trump Kingdom.

Makoto: Please, lend me your help, girls.

Mana: Yeah, we'll all work on this together!



Mana: Makopi, try holding Ai-chan!
Makoto: Huh? I'm no good with babies!

{\i1}DokiDoki! Precure:

Next episode title: Goo-goo ga-ga! A mysterious baby is born!! {きゅぴらっぱ~! ふしぎ赤ちゃん誕生!!}

Mana: Be still my beating heart!