DokiDoki Precure Episode 06

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Makoto: ♪So no matter how far we may be separated, we can still be one♪ {make sure these lines match final versions from ep 5}
♪La la la la, la la la la♪
Here we go!
♪One, two, three, four♪

Director: Okay, that's a wrap.
Male crew member: Good job.
Female crew memeber: Nice work.

DB: Nice job, you did well.

Makoto: Thanks.

DB: Makoto? Something wrong?

Makoto: Same as always, no problems here.
If I keep singing like this, will it ever reach her? {Yes, it uses あの方, but English doesn't have a true gender-neutral pronoun, and it sounds unnatural to use "them" instead. We know from research and later in the episode that あの方 is female, so using "her". --K}
How do I find her?

DB: Hey, Makoto. We've got a job offer.
{Makoto turns and looks at her.}
Seems you'd be visiting a restaurant and making some food there.
It's okay to have some non-signing jobs from time to time, right?

Makoto: Okay, but I have one condition.

DB: Condition?
Upper-right during OP: Precure Allstars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart
Premieres Saturday, March 16th

Part 1

Title: Whoa! Makopi's coming over to my house!?

Mana: Huh? What's going on?
A TV report?! {テレビの取材!?}

Rikka: Impressive.

Kentarou: I know right?
Well, it was decided kind of quickly. They said it just had to be here, and as the 2nd-generation chef of the Pig's Tail restaurant, I couldn't very well turn them down. {Yeah, playing a bit loose with this one. Need to play with it more, not quite sure about it. Plz 2 dozo, Mag. --K}

Mana: You'll be fine, Papa. Your food's the best in Japan!

Grandpa: You're not there yet in my eyes.

Ayumi: Now, now Dad, let's talk about the idol that's coming and greet her with smiles.

Rikka: An idol?

Mana: Who's coming?

Ayumi: Hmmm... I think it was...

Makoto: Hello.

DB: Good morning.

Mana: Makopi!
I'm so happy that you came to my house!

Makoto: I'm just here for work. This is your house? {ツンツン}

Mana: Yup! I'm Aida Mana.
Please just call me Mana.

Rikka: I'm Hishigawa Rikka.

Director: So we're going to run through a rehearsal just like it was tomorrow's shoot. {The captions label him as ディレクター later on in the episode, that's why I'm using that instead of "Cameraman". --K}

Kentarou: R-Right!

Makoto: Thank you.

Mana: You can do it, Papa.

Kentarou: So, today's challenge is to make our signature rice omelette.
First we prep the ingredients.

Makoto: We'll need to finely chop up the onions and carrots, and thinly slice the bacon and mushrooms.

Kentarou: Can you wash the carrots now?

Makoto: Yeah.

Kentarou: W-Without dish soap, okay?

DB: I'm really sorry, this is the first time Makoto's ever cooked.

Ayumi: We'll have to cut her some slack since it's her first time, right? Just 'cause of that...

Kentarou: How about cutting up the bacon now?

Makoto: Cutting...
Here I go.

Director: Makoto-chan, this isn't kendo.

DB: I'm so sorry, this really is the first time she's ever cooked.

Ayumi: We'll have to cut her some slack since it's her first time, right? Just 'cause of that... {Yes, she's saying the same exact thing both times. --K}

Director: {this line overlaps Ayumi, and is not in the captions} Okay we're moving on, next!
Oh yeah, let's try cracking the eggs. Yeah, the eggs!
{whispering} Let's go for the low-hanging fruit. {ハードル下げて}

Makoto: Cracking now.

Rikka: That wasn't intentional, was it?

Mana: I don't think so.
Makopi's got such a serious face right now.
Makopi, you should treat food with lots of gentle care.

Makoto: Huh? This is food?

Rikka: I wonder what she thought it was?

Grandpa: What kind of food can she make if she doesn't even know that eggs are edible!
Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Mana + Rikka: Grandpa!

Ayumi: Dad!

Director: Well, I think that's it for today. Let's all do our best for the shoot tomorrow.

Producer: Man, that was frustrating.
Think Makopi will actually show up tomorrow?

Director: Shouldn't we make some contingency plans?

Kentarou: Well, that was certainly a surprise. That she was that bad at cooking, that is.

Grandpa: How bad she was at cooking wasn't the problem.

Ayumi: You want her to put her heart into her cooking, right?

Mana: Her heart?

Grandpa: For instance, as you face the cutting board, putting thoughts of those who are going to eagerly eat it in to your work. {Wow, this one was difficult to phrase right. 一度 まな板に向かったら とことん食べる相手を思って作る --K}
That is what cooking is about.

DB: Sorry for what happened back there.
I'd thought that since our schedule had been so packed with signing, that would have been a nice change of pace.

Makoto: No, that was my fault.
I should have read up a bit more about cooking before going.

DB: Why'd you pick that place?
You knew, right?
How it was that girl Mana's house?

Makoto: I just wanted to see what kind of life they were living.

DB: Is that really all?

Makoto: Yeah, that's all. {ツンツン}

DB: So, what should we do about this job?
It might be best to just cancel it.

Alice: Oh, Makoto-san was here, you say? {adding the "you say" for the お嬢様 flavor --K}

Lance: That's surprising.

Raquel: I'm sure she was just here to check us out.

Rikka: No, I don't think that's quite right.

Mana: I wonder if Makopi's okay.
She kinda messed up.

Rikka: Not just kinda.

Mana: She probably was depressed by what Grandpa said.

Cheryl: You really do care about Makopi a lot, don't you?

Mana: I'm gonna go find her!

Rikka: Wai- Mana!

"I'm gonna go find her," you say, but do you have any idea where she might be right now?

Mana: Now that you mention it.... no.
Oh, but with that letter from her manager, there was her business card-

Alice: Well then, we should probably try calling her first.

Mana: Yeah, you're right.
Though I hate to bother her again.

Huh? Makopi?!

Thank goodness you came back.

Makoto: What is it?

Mana: Umm... Would you like to try practicing making a rice omelette together?
There's a few tricks I can show you.

Makoto: Practice...
I came back because I wanted to get so I could cook properly.
You'll help me with that?

Mana: Yup! Truth is, I'm really happy you came back.

Alice: Mana's been sitting here worrying about you.

Makoto: This is just because I don't like giving up halfway through a job. {"D-Don't get the wrong idea! I-It's not like I want to be friends or anything!" You're not fooling anyone, Makoto. w --K}

Mana: Of course. But that still makes me very happy.

Mana: Okay, go ahead and try.

Makoto: Okay, let's get cracking. {Am I a bad person for that TL? w --K}

Mana: You're probably using too much force. {more literally: "You're probably putting too much force into your shoulders/torso." --K}

Makoto: Force?

Mana: Watch this.
Eggs don't take that much force to crack open.

It's kind of a "tap tap crack" rhythm.

Makoto: "Tap tap crack"?

Mana: Yup!

{These next two are at nearly the same time}
Mana + Rikka: Yahoo!
Makoto: I did it!

Alice: Splendid!

Mana: One more time, Makopi?

Rikka: Go ahead.

Mana + Rikka: Yippee!
Alice: Perfect!

Mana: Carrots are a "chip chip ch-ch-chip" rhythm. {Yes, "chip" and then "chop", they're (somewhat) synonyms, and as close to each other as the corresponding Japanese. --K}

Makoto: "Chip chip ch-ch-chip"

Mana: Onions are "chop chop ch-ch-chop"

Makoto: "Chop chop ch-ch-chop"

Mana: Yeah, yeah, just like that.

Alice: You really do catch on fast.

Raquel: I'm even more convinced she's Cure Sword now.

Rikka: Something like this tells you that?

Mana: Here, use this.

Makoto: Thanks.

Mana: Okay, next we'll try slicing the bacon.

Rikka: I'll go ahead and get the rice ready, k?

Alice: I'll prepare the seasonings then.

{scene change - Now it's time for "Angry Bowling with Ira"}

Mammo: You're completely hopeless when things go badly, aren't you?

Ira: This is your fault!
You're the one who lost to them this time!

Mammo: I didn't lose to them, I just let them win.

Bel: That's bad.

Mammo: This is bad?

Bel: No, not that.
It seems King Selfishe is angry.
He's not gonna just let us be for much longer.

Mammo: You should try harder!

Ira: You should be trying too!

Mammo: Huh? What are you talking about? {Yeah, they continue arguing behind Bel. --K}

Bel: Oh brother. Looks like it's finally time to make an appearance.


Part 2

Director: We're recording now. Action! {Yeah, "Action!" instead of お願いします。 --K}

Makoto: Here I go.

{These italic lines here are all thinking, not speech}
Makoto: Chip chip ch-ch-chip

Mana + Rika + Alice: Chip chip ch-ch-chip

Makoto: Chop chop ch-ch-chop

Mana + Rika + Alice: Chop chop ch-ch-chop

Makoto: Tap tap crack

Mana + Rika + Alice: Tap tap crack

Producer: It's amazing that you improved so much in just one night, Makopi.

Makoto: Thank you very much.

Director: Okay, let's keep rolling for the last segment.

Makoto: Right.

Alice: All that remains is for her to wrap up the chicken and rice in the eggs. {Could use "All that's left" but I thought "All that remains" was more お嬢様. --K}

Rikka: That's the most difficult part.

Mana: Come on, Makopi!

Makoto: Those girls helped me so much last night, I've just got to see this through for them.

{these two lines are at the same time}
Rikka: Well done!
Alice: Impressive!

Mana: You did it, Makopi!

Director: It's huge!

Mana: Sorry about that! I accidentally prepared enough ingredients for four helpings.

Director: Ah, don't worry about it.
Since there's so much, please let me film you all eating it together.

Mana: Okay. Makopi! Let's put the finishing touches on it.
Here you go.

Makoto: What's this?

Mana: Here's what you do with it.
Squeeze it out like this, k?

Rikka: That's definitely Mana's style.

Alice: That's lovely! {♪Oh woooouldn't it be loverly?♪ --K}

Mana: If you do this, it makes it taste even better!
Ah! Rikka and Alice, you help out too!

Rikka + Alice: Okay.

DB: Thank goodness Makoto's smiling again.

All 4: Let's dig in!

Mana + Rikka: Delicious!

Alice: Truly scrumptious! {Yes, I went with a fancy word for the お嬢様 flavor. --K}

Makoto: It really is good!

Ayumi: Even though it was her first time cooking. {Yes, still first time, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be echoing/mirroring her comments from the previous day. --K}

Grandpa: Well, it's a rice omelette that the for of them poured their hearts into making.
There's no way it would turn out badly.

Makoto: My heart...
Now that I think about it, I've always been putting my heart into my singing.
Wanting to see her smiling face once more...
But lately, I've been so restless from being unable to find her, that I haven't been able to put my heart into my singing.

Mana: Makopi? What's wrong?

Makoto: I just remembered something important.

Mana + Rikka + Alice: Something important?

Makoto: Yes, thanks to you three.

Mana: Makopi...

Producer: Adolescence is a wonderful time, isn't it?

Boom operator: Yeah, but I can't stop thinking about how delicious that rice omelette looks.

Director: I'd rather be eating that handmade rice omelette instead of just filming it.
Wish I could just drop this camera and go eat.
No, a job's a job, I've just got to hang in there.

Ira: Why not just go pig out? {:8D}

Director: Huh? What was that?

Ira: I'm gonna grant your wish.
Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Om nom, I'm starving, oink!

Kentarou: What's that?

Cheryl: There's a dark heartbeat!

Rikka: Coming from the kitchen, isn't it?

Selfishe: Om nom nom...

Adults in the doorway: What's that?!

Sebastian: It's dangerous here. Please head outside.

Ayumi: But the girls are still inside!

Sebastian: Don't worry, they've already taken refuge.
Please hurry.

Ayumi: Okay.

Mana: Let's go, Cheryl!

Cheryl: Got it!

Rikka: Raquel, we're going to.

Raquel: Roger!

Alice: Lance-chan, are you ready?

Lance: Of course!

{Henshin taimu!}

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Raquel: Raquel!

Rikka: Precure Love Link!

Raquel: L O V E

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Alice: Precure Love Link!

Lance: L O V E

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn pig...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Ira: Ya know, today... today...
I'm gonna make ya'll black and blue!

Cure Rosetta: You again?

Rikka: He shows up as incorrigible as ever.

Ira: That's my line.
Get 'em, Selfishe!

Selfish: Om nom... Oh, this too...

Ira: Stop eating and squash 'em!

Cure Heart: Ah, the restaurant!

Cure Diamond: He's eating it...

Cure Rosetta: Why how uncouth!

Cure Heart: You're gonna get a stomachache from eating that.

Selfish: Om nom nom nom!

Cure Heart: He's growing!

Cure Rosetta: So it really is true that if you feed them well, they'll grow up big and strong.

Cure Diamond: This is no time to be impressed!

Selfish: Ri-Ri-Rice omelette! I want to eat that rice omelette!
I want to eat that rice omelette! Rice omelette!

Makoto: Davi!

DB: That's the expression I've been waiting for.

Davi: Davi!

Makoto: Precure Love Link!

Davi: L O V E

Cure Sword: The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

Cure Heart: Makopi's Cure Sword!

Cure Sword: I, Cure Sword, will sever your ambitions with my saber of love! {Since this is the first time we've seen her chastisement phrase, we need to discuss and possibly massage it. Also, if you decide to change it Mag, please put the original in a comment. n.n --K}

Cure Rosetta: It was her after all.

Cure Diamond: You finally decided to reveal yourself to us.

Davi: Davi!

Cure Sword: Gleam, Holy Sword!

Selfish: Om nom?!
Ove'lay! Ove'lay Oooooove'lay! {Pig latin, since they're making a pig joke with ラブ~ ラブ~ ラ~ブ~! --K}

Director: Huh?
I remember being hungry, but what happened after that?

Ira: Blast, you'll pay for that!

Cure Heart: Makopi!
You really were Cure Sword after all!

I'm so excited! {キュンキュン +1}

Cure Sword: I couldn't just watch, that's all. {Still ツンツン I see... also Cure Heart uses GLOMP... it's not very effective. --K}

Cure Rosetta: We've been waiting for this moment.

Cure Heart: Yeah.
We want to be your comrades.

Cure Sword: I feel the same way...
That's why I came here.
Thank you.

Bel: I've been waiting for this moment.
Waiting for the time you four would all be together.

Cure Rosetta: Who might you be?

Bel: There's no need for me to tell you my name.
After all, this will be the last time we meet.
Farewell, Precure.
Very soon the light will no longer fall upon this world.
As it now belongs to us, the Selfishe.


Mana: What is that silhouette over there?
Makoto: That's King Selfishe.
Let me tell you about what happened to this kingdom.

DokiDoki! Precure:

Next episode title: Battle on the razor's edge! Farewell, Precure!! {Yes, that first line is a bit liberal, but I'm curious what Magenta and Rika think of it as a translations of ぎりぎり戦い. Other than that, best I have is "Close battle!" which isn't sounding as good to me right now. --K}

Mana: Be still my beating heart!