DokiDoki Precure Episode 05

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing



Makoto: Here we go!
♪One, two, three, four.♪

Rikka: "Idol Kenzaki Makoto:"
"Her debut single is already a million-seller hit in just its first week on sale."
"A diva who is a quickly rising star in the entertainment world."
Is this girl really Cure Sword?

Alice: Yes.
The day that Cure Sword appeared at Clover Tower the number of people who ascended to the observation deck and the number of those who descended do not match up. There is no trace of Makoto-san or her Manager having returned from the observation deck.

Rikka: Yea, but just that's...

Sebastian: No, there's more. Their fingerprints, shoe size, DNA taken from samples of their hair, etc. all match.

Rikka: You've even done forensic analysis?!

Mana: Makopi's Cure Sword!
That she's both an idol and a Precure is just too amazing.
I shouldn't be dawdling here!

Rikka: Hey, where are you going?!

Mana: I'm gonna go see Makopi and talk with her again.

Rikka: Do you even know where to go?
Not to mention that she's a celebrity.
You're not going to be able to meet up with her that easily.

Alice: If that's the problem, I'll take care of it.

Part 1

Bel: There's a 4th Precure now?!

Ira: Man, they just keep showing up one after the other.
Sooner or later, there's gonna be 100 of 'em at this rate.

Bel: You should take care of it before it gets that bad.

Ira: Why aren't you doing anything about it?

Bel: I'll get serious about it if there's 1000 of them.

Ira: Why you-

Mammo: Even if there's just 4 of them, if they band together they're going to be a nuisance.
I was planning on letting her run around until she could give me a lead to the princess.
But it looks like I'll have to crush her before she joins up with the others, doesn't it? {In this part, thanks to the vagueness of Japanese, it's not specific if she's talking about just Sword, or the other Precure as well, but I'm assuming just Sword.}

Title: No way! She's Cure Sword??

Alice: It seems that Makoto-san is recording a music show here today.

Sign: Yotsuba TV

Cheryl: A TV station?

Sign: Yotsuba TV

Rikka: How are we going to get in?
W-Wait Alice!

Guard: Welcome.
Alice: Good day to you.

Mana: Oh, you can just walk right in.
Good day to you.

Guard: Stop there please.
Unauthorized personnel are not allowed beyond this point.

Alice: It's okay. Those two are my friends.

Guard: Ah, I beg your pardon.

Rikka: What's going on?

Alice: This is one of the businesses that my dad manages. {Yes, "dad" because she used 父(ちち) by itself, and not something more formal.}

Mana: Yotsuba TV

Rikka: We should have realized that when we saw the name.

Makoto: ♪La la la la, la la la la♪
Here we go!

Mana: This song?

Makoto: ♪One, two, three, four♪

Director: Ok! That was good.

Makoto: Thank you.
Looking forward to the real thing. {本番, could use "actual performance" instead of "real thing"}

Mana: I-It's Makopi!

Alice: She certainly is a charming individual, isn't she?

Rikka: We didn't just come to watch. We need to confirm if it's her or not.

Alice: That's true.

{Akward silence....}

{And why is Mana gone from the shot? ;)}

Rikka: So, what's the next part of the plan.

Alice: There isn't one?

Director: Okay, let's move on to the next rehearsal.

Alice: Don't worry. I'm sure Mana-chan will think of something.

Rikka: M-Mana?
I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry.

Sign: Top - Dressing Room 23 {控室 is "waiting room", but given the mirror, etc. and the fact that she's there between rehearsal and her performance, I think "dressing room" is the more appropriate translation.}
Middle - Music Xanadu! {ミュージック・ザナドゥ!}
Bottom - (Miss) Kenzaki Makoto {Translating 様 here as "miss", it's in parentheses because it's over there on the side in smaller print, and may or may not want to have that as part of the typesetting}

Makoto: What's my schedule after this?

DB: In an hour, you have a fashion magazine photo shoot.
After that you have a guest performance on a radio show.
On the way there you have 5 interviews in the car.
In the evening, there's a meeting about your album.
Oh and please have a message for your fan club's newsletter by the end of the day.
Oh yes, could you please sign these while we're waiting?

Makoto: Right, I'll start right away.

DB: Things have been just a bit too busy lately, haven't they?

Makoto: I'm fine.
I'm doing this all for the one who is waiting for my song.

DB: That's right. I'll go buy us drinks.

Makoto: I have no spare time to be tired in.
What's up?
Did you forget your wallet? {Or purse. Didn't see her carrying around a purse, though.}

Mana: Excuse me.

Makoto: You're... that girl from back then.

Mana: That's right. I'm Cure Heart. {Yeah... way to be extremely, overly direct, Mana. w}
Please be my comrade!
A lot has happened since then.
I even have two other comrades now.
I've always looked up to you, because I've thought that it was awesome that even though you're really cute, you still look so gallant when you sing.
When I found out that an idol like that was also a Precure, I was truly impressed!
If you were to be our comrade, we'd have the strength of a hundred people- no of ten thousand!

Mana: Ummm....
You are Cure Sword, are you not?

Makoto: What are you talking about?
Do you understand exactly where you are right now?
You're at a TV station.
A place where us professionals broadcast our dreams to you while you're sitting there sipping tea!
You can't just come in here and start spouting off your desires willy-nilly. {Yeah, this is a bit liberal. Just a tad, w}

DB: What's the ruckus about?

Rikka: Found her!

Alice: You really did come to Makoto-san's dressing room.

Makoto: I have an important performance now.
Will you please leave at once?

Rikka: Mana, let's go.

DB: That surprised me. That she would just suddenly walk in here, that is.

Makoto: She's still taking it in. {どうかしてるわ あの子, which I believe is 同化してるわ あの子}

DB: Yes, but you can certainly feel her excitement about you.

Rikka: Geez, what are you doing? Just walking in uninvited on your own like that.
Before we realized it, you'd already wandered off.
You should have thought a bit more about it first-

Alice: Rikka-chan.
Please don't criticize her so much.
She's already feeling quite guilty about it.

Mana: I... always thought that I could make friends with anyone just by shaking their hand.
I thought that was even more true when it came to Precure. That befriending each other was just a matter of course.
But, I forgot something very important.
If you don't understand each other's feelings, you can't become friends.
Makopi's an idol, and singing is very important to her.
And yet, I got in the way of those earnest feelings.

Alice: Mana-chan...

DB: It seems you understand now.
Kenzaki Makoto is always quite earnest.
So her songs resonate in your heart.

Rikka: You're...
Alice: her manager.


Part 2

Sign: On Air {本番中, yes this is a recording and not a live broadcast, but I assume they'd just use the same light for both, since the studio could be used for both recordings and live shows.}

Announcer: Next up is one that's quickly rising up the charts. Kenzaki Makoto-san with "Song Bird"!

{Insert song - partial}
{Tried to keep the English words she actually uses mostly intact.}

♪Song bird♪
♪La la la la, la la la la♪
♪Blue sky, bright and clear♪
♪Singing a hopeful phrase to myself♪
♪One voice, can you hear it now?♪
♪This melody that continues for eternity♪
♪Let the seeds of the words I convey to your hearts, sprout into smiling faces♪
♪The tones that resonate from your headphones...♪

{Song lyric captions end, and song fades out to flashback dialogue}

DB: She's a bit awkward, so she often can't help coming across like that.
But she's got a precious wish of hers that she puts into her singing.
And when people hear her singing, it brings smiles to their faces.
So she's got to try her hardest, and show the best performance she can.
Haven't you felt the same?

Mana: Yes, yes I have.
I would like to apologize to her.

DB: Okay then, I'll make some time for it.

Mana: Thank you!

{Insert song resumes}

♪... this love I wish for you to feel♪
♪So no matter how far we may be separated, we can still be one♪
♪La la la la, la la la la♪
♪One, two, three, four♪

{song fades again}

Female victim: What gives? Both the director and the cameramen are entranced by her.

{song again}

♪Don't worry♪ {Yeah, "don't mind" is 和製英語}
♪If you get down, singing together will bring happiness...♪

{fades again}

Female victim: I'm not giving up the top idol spot to her!
The spotlights and everyone's attention are both mine.
But, I can't win against such unrestrained singing and dancing.
I need to practice more.

Mammo: It's fine, you should be the only one basking in everyone's attention.

Female victim: W-Who's there?

Mammo: I'm gonna go ahead and grant... your... wish... {not sure how else to represent the deliberate pause between mora in あ・げ・る, except for ellipses}
Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Crowd: Hey, what's that?

Cheryl: It's a Selfishe!

Rikka: Why's a Selfishe here of all places?

Mammo: Now, take her out!

Selfishe: Selfishe!
I'm number one!

Mana: Makopi!

Selfishe: I'm a star. A huge star! {You said it.}

Guy in the crowd: R-Run!

Mana: We've got to save Makopi!

Rikka + Alice: Right!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Rikka: Precure Love Link!

Raquel: L O V E

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Lance: Lance!

Alice: Precure Love Link!

Lance: L O V E

Cure Rosetta: Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

Selfishe: Self?

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn star...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Mammo: Well then, take them out!

Selfishe: You three... are a new idol group, aren't you? {Yes, the selfish says "idol unit", but that's Engrish}
You've gotta pluck the sprouts while they're still young.
This industry is.... quite harsh!
Cheeky newbies, I see. But remember well now the true brilliance of a star.

Cure Heart: I can't see!

Selfishe: I'm not handing over my star rank to anyone!
I am the only true star!
Rival Crush! {could be "crash" too, but I think "crush" fits better}
Erg... self?

Makoto: Why are you doing this?!

Cure Heart: I won't let anyone interfere, because this is a performance that's important to you.
I want your song that brings smiles to people to reach them!

Selfishe: Self!

Mammo: I really hate sultry weather. {Wha? Talk about random. わたし 暑苦しいの苦手なのよね}
Hurry up and crush them already!

Selfishe: Selfishe!
The brilliance of a star!

Cure Diamond: Cure Heart!

Selfishe: Move it!

Mammo: What's the matter? You seem to be unable to land a hit. {or "You seem to be incapacitated."}
Now, finish them off!

Selfishe: Newbie buster!

Mammo: Wh-What?

Cure Rosetta: By any chance, would she be...

Cure Heart: Cure Sword!

Mammo: So you finally showed up. Selfishe!

Selfishe: The brilliance of a star!

Mammo: Could she actually see it?

Cure Sword: I didn't need to be able to see to dodge that attack.

Selfishe: I am.... number one!

Cure Sword: Davi!

Davi: Davi!

Cure Sword: Gleam, Holy Sword!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Female victim: Huh? What was I...?

Cure Diamond: She's strong.

Mammo: Grr, I'll get you for this!

Cure Heart: Umm.... thanks.

Cure Sword: I just didn't want to let a Selfishe keep rampaging like that.

TV (MC & Assistant): Music Xanadu!

MC: This week's started out with a bang as well. {Meh, not happy with this line, but going on.}

Mana: Hey, there's Makopi!

Rikka: Looks like they were able to finish recording.

Mana: Thank goodness.
But I still didn't get to apologize to Makopi.

Envelope: Miss Aida Mana

Mana: DB?

Alice: Oh, that's the name of Makoto-san's Manager.

Mana: It's...

Large sign behind Makoto: First Line - Kenzaki Makoto
Second line - Fan Appreciation Day

Male fan: Please keep doing your best! {Yeah, sounds akward.}

Makoto: Thank you.

Male fan: Woot!

DB: Next person please.

Makoto: You...

Mana: I just came today as a fan.
Sorry about earlier.

Makoto: Whatever, it's fine now.

Mana: Um, I realized something.
Just like your singing, I have important "performances" of my own I have to do.
I can't be as cool as you are, but still I want to try hard and give it my all-out best shot.

Makoto: And what is it that you want to do, exactly?

Mana: To protect everyone's smiles.
Will you shake my hand?

Makoto: The next person's waiting...

Mana: Thank you!
Oh, here. My dad made these peach buns. They're really delicious, so you should eat them as soon as you can.

Makoto: Peach.... buns?

Rikka: Well that looks like it went well.

Alice: But I've still got some reservations about Makoto-san.

Rikka: Same here.



Mana: Makopi's going to be shooting a cooking show at my house! {Which happens to be a restaurant.}

Makoto: Let's break a leg. {Yeah... I fished for something for her quick よろしく that made sense in the context. This is reaching a bit. Could also do, "It's a pleasure." Considering they still aren't quite friends yet, however, I wasn't sure about that one. >.>}

Mana: Makopi, you don't use dish soap to wash vegetables!
Ah! Don't crush the eggs!

Alice: That is quite amazing!
She cut all the way through the cutting board, too!

Mana: That's Makopi for you!
Wait, that's not something to be proud of!

DokiDoki! Precure

Next episode title: Whoa! Makopi's coming over to my house!?

Be still my beating heart!